10 Adorable and Unique Animal Friendships

10 Adorable and Unique Animal Friendships

Some of the people consider animals as senseless creatures, but these unusual friendships between animals, would show how considerate, sensible, and loyal they are to each other. These animals would most certainly melt our heart. Animals are the cutest gift we have, they make the best pets. They stay loyal, even when humans are not, animals would stand by your side no matter what. They are loving and caring, not only to humans, but they adapt this to other animals as well.

Many animals as we see, are sociable, at least to their own type, but occasionally we get to see such unusual relation and connection between different species of animals. These friendships they have among other species of animals, is adorable, they make us look at life from an entire new perspective. If they can be friends, then we humans can also be, rather than discriminating and being racist at times. So let’s take a look at such 10 Adorable and Unique Animal Friendships, which will certainly melt anyone’s heart:

10 Cat and Gorilla

Ten Adorable and Unique Animal Friendships
photo via Daily Mail

One such unusual friendship is seen between Gorilla and Cat. Gorilla named Koko, is actually a primate who is studied the most in history. They have discovered a lot by examining upon her. The handlers who have been examining her, have said that she has shown some of the astonishing ability, as she is able to understand language through sign, which she was taught.

With the use of sign language, she is able to create terms on her own for understanding new ideas and terms. With the use of signs she has adapted a lot, for example referring to a ring as finger bracelet. In the year 1984, Koko asked and insisted upon, having a cat as her pet. She selected grey kitten, whom she called All Ball. She was nurturing and treating All Ball as if it was a baby Gorilla. If this kitten was parted from her then Koko would be distressed. Koko grieved upon All Ball’s death, who died in a car accident, which she represented by using signs for frown and sad. After this incident she has had many other pets.

9 Sheep and Elephant

Ten Adorable and Unique Animal Friendships
Ten Adorable and Unique Animal Friendships

The elephant which was named Themba, became an orphan, when she was just a calf, as his mother died. He was then found by rangers and rescued. He was then facilitated at Shamwari Reserve, South Africa, and was taken care of. As Themba was just a calf, he was kept in a cage, in order to protect and keep him safe from all other animals.

But elephants are known to be social animals, and in order to not isolate him, they kept a sheep named Albert in the cage with him. This companionship which was offered to Themba, turned out to be amazing. Initially you could see them chasing each other, but later they build a bond and were seen to be sleeping together in night time. Themba was then introduced to other animals and Albert was taken out from the cage, but before Themba was to be released out, he got a disease in the intestine.

8 Tortoise and Hippo

Photo via digyourowngrave.com

Hippos are known to stay along side to their mothers, which is for at least four years. But this Hippo named Owen, got parted from his mother and father, during a tsunami which washed Hippo towards sea. He was rescued by some wildlife rangers, who took him to animal sanctuary, which was in Mombassa in Kenya.

His handlers thought that it was time, that Owen shared his habitat with Mzee, who is a hundred years old ancient tortoise. Mzee who is a male, was considered as a mother by Owen, and there was a very strong bond seen between them. They would sleep together, bathe together, and also Owen was see to be licking Mzee’s face. He was very protective towards Mzee and wouldn’t let any other animal approach him. Until Owen was presented with other hippos, he stayed with this tortoise till 2007.

7 Goose and Deer

10 Adorable and Unique Animal Friendships
Goose vs deer | by McQueenzoltan Goose vs deer | by McQueenzoltan

In the year 2011, an unusual and adorable friendship was seen, near a Forest Lawn Cemetery, that is in Buffalo. This friendship was seen between a deer and nesting goose. It is one of the adorable and cutest companionship, which is so rare. So this Canadian goose has laid eggs, and was incubating them in one of the urn.

After some point of time, this male deer, started guarding the goose. So whenever anyone tried to approach the nest of this female goose, deer would interpose and protect it to avoid any threat. This rare behavior of deer, was seen to be continued till 3 weeks, when finally, the goslings had hatched. After the babies were able to move around, deer went off to the forest.

6 Labrador and Cheetah

10 Adorable and Unique Animal Friendships
Labrador and Cheetah–photo via dailymail.co.uk

Cheetah was named Kasi and Labrador as Mtani, were raised at the Bush Gardens in United States. In their youth, it was very fun to see their rare friendship with each other. This was one of the most adorable companionship, between a Cheetah and a Labrador.

But as they got into adolescence, Cheetah named Kasi, started to have an interest in other female Cheetahs, who were in the nearby pen. This has not affected their friendship, even though Kasi gives more time to other Cheetahs. They visit many other places and schools together.

5 Elephant and Lab

10 Adorable and Unique Animal Friendships
photo via twentytwowords.com/

Well we all may first see the difference in their size, which is quite extreme, but they are still friends. They actually have the cutest names, where elephant is called Bubbles and lab as Bella.

Bubbles was found and rescued in Africa from the Ivory poachers, and was taken to U.S. Safari Reserve, and Bella was actually left here at the Safari Reserve by one of the contractor. They look great together, and its fun to see them do different things together.

4 Kitten and Crow

10 Adorable and Unique Animal Friendships
10 Adorable and Unique Animal Friendships–hypedojo.com/

This unusual friendship between kitten and crow was seen in Massachusetts, where the kitten was seen to be in some distress, and this kitten had walked on the Collito Family’s property. They were very concerned, about the kitten as they thought that she won’t be able to survive for long, but actually this cat was nursed by a crow.

This crow would bring worms to this starving kitten, would keep the kitten safe. The crown was named as Moses and Cat as Cassie. In a short period of time, they had become very popular on internet, as the Collitos used to upload videos of them on YouTube.

3 Dog and Wild Fox

10 Adorable and Unique Animal Friendships
Dog and Wild Fox photo via BoredPanda

This is quite an unbelievable friendship, and many would wonder how. This friendship took place, when the dog named Tinni, had gone for a walk along with the owner of the dog Torgeir Berge. Here the dog met Fox who is named Sniffer

Even with such difference in their social situation and breeding, they are inseparable. Torgeir Berge, keeps taking pictures of these two friends while they play. This friendship has inspired Berge to create a story book of them, and whatever money is gathered, would be used to fight to stop fur trade.

2 Duckling and Labrador

10 Adorable and Unique Animal Friendships
dogandduck-photo via witn.com

Isn’t this the most adorable friendship? They look the cutest together. Duckling who is named as Dennis, became an orphan, when the mother of this duckling was attacked by fox.

Luckily, the owner of the Labrador Fred, rescued and found Dennis. They have been partners ever since, and their friendship is a great pleasure to see. It’s not the first time for Fred to help an orphan and take care of it, but also he had adopted one baby deer earlier as well.

1 Dog and Orangutan

10 Adorable and Unique Animal Friendships
10 Adorable and Unique Animal Friendships–Photo via DailyMail

Orangutan who is named as Suryia and dog as Roscoe, share a very unusual friendship, while they were raised along, in a Sanctuary in South Carolina. Orangutan met with Roscoe, when he was wandering around in one of the animal center. The handler thought to adopt this dog, and Suryia was allowed to spend some time with the dog. This gave the primate some sense of friendship, and they are considered to be intelligent, where they usually don’t prefer to stay alone.

Suryia, would be seen to take Roscoe for walks, and also for swim, which is very adorable. Also there are many pictures available online of these two companions, who are seen riding on elephant’s back, who also stays in this sanctuary. They have also become a great subject for a book, which would be used in order to raise some money.

These 10 Adorable and Unique Animal Friendships mentioned below, would certainly surprise you. They are seen to take care of each other, and share a strong bond, which is very unusual.

10 Adorable and Unique Animal Friendships

  1. Cat and Gorilla
  2. Sheep and Elephant
  3. Tortoise and Hippo
  4. Goose and Deer
  5. Labrador and Cheetah
  6. Elephant and Lab
  7. Kitten and Crow
  8. Dog and Wild Fox
  9. Duckling and Labrador
  10. Dog and Orangutan




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