10 Amazing Facts About South Korea

The sovereign state, South Korea’s official name is Republic of Korea. They stay alive in Japanese colonization with soviet interfering. South Korea’s product is our useable in daily routine like LG, Hundai Automobile, Samsung electronic gadgets etc.

South korea’s Gangnam Style is world’s number you tube video till date. Not only in the field of electronics and media there is something more & more we should know about South Korea, so here we come up with some amazing fact one should know about South Korea.

10 Amazing Facts About South Korea

10 Drinking is an important part of South Korea

Drinking is an important part of South Korea
Drinking is an important part of South Korea- via Flicker.com

Drinking is an important part of South Korean’s life. This fact indicates that every individual is having drinking habits in South Korea. This culture did not exist in Korea from decades, although it came in existence in Korean people from 13 century. ‘Hyanguemjurye’ is a culture when lot many people gather and drink. In past they have long custom to drink in holidays and seasonal events. They create a parable drinking alcohol is ritual as when you are drinking with your family members and elder persons you will give them respect and they will respect you for this.
As Korean’s have to follow lot many hierarchy in their routine life specially in workplace, then alcohol will help you tell about your problems in front of your boss; even though if you want to share your personal opinions and personal life to someone else. If you are with your friends or family in Korea then no one will refuse to drink, even everyone has their glass of drink with alcohol on it. If you blank your glass hastily it will become full just as speedily.

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9 Biggest Church in the world (Yoido Full Gospel Church)

Yoido Full Gospel Church
Yoido Full Gospel Church—Photo via palandri.com

In image; Yoido Full Gospel Church (South Korea) 2,500 couples marrying In a single day
World’s largest Congregation with about more the one million members ‘Yoido Full Gospel Church’ is a Pentecostal church of Yeouido in Seoul, South Korea.

David Yonggi Cho is the founder this church in 1958. We can imagine its roots with the fact that on any single day 2,00,000 members will attend services and 2,00,000 to 3,00,000 got this services through TV  or Satellite in the other building.
The church has a very immense workforce to nourish spiritually, the spiritual congregates. This workforce includes 12 Choirs (Singing group), 3 orchestras and hundreds of assistants and missionaries in 67 countries, who can translate these massages to 16 different languages.

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