10 Countries That Censor The Internet

Countries That Censor The Internet

The most useful invention by man up till now is computer. It is such a device which brings world into a small screen in front of you. Now, again computers would not have been useful if there would not have been internet connection. Internet connection is the nerve on which computers and laptops work. Internet makes it possible for you to reach to each part of the world where actually you can’t reach. Internet is a vast and endless ocean consisting of large information available on different websites.

You can rely on internet for each of your task in routine life such as office work, shopping, watching online movies and shows and lots more. Just as everything else, internet too has some disadvantages and there is also much of information which should not be leaked or revealed. Today, we will study about Top 10 Countries That Censor The Internet because of the risk of leakage of confidential information in the public.

10 Myanmar

Top 10 Countries That Censor The Internet
Myanmar — Photo via ovationdmc.com

Starting with number 10, it is Myanmar. There are lots of laws made by the government of this country to check the online internet activities of the citizens. The websites violating the rules made by the government are banned.

The audiovisual media and many other printed form of information are banned in Myanmar. Certain human rights groups’ sites are blocked here. There is periodical checking on internet activities in cyber cafes. A heavy penalty is imposed on those who perform indecent activities on the internet and social media platform.

9 Turkmenistan

Top 10 Countries That Censor The Internet
Turkmenistan — Photo via asiatravel.agency

There are lots of steps taken in this country to censor internet. They include providing costly internet services, blocking many sites such as Google and Hotmail. A regular monitoring is done on all the internet activities going each day by citizens.

Some of the websites which are detrimental to the peace of the nation are blocked. The person who gains access to some of the objectionable information on internet will get a heavy penalty and also imprisonment of many years.

8 Vietnam

Top 10 Countries That Censor The Internet
Vietnam — Photo via education.kilroy.net

Vietnam is another Asian country where internet is censored. It has some of the strict laws for those who pass the misleading information on the social media sites. The political parties of Vietnam have made certain laws with respect to usage of internet connection.

The citizens have to submit the names of the bloggers who use the services of Google, MSN and Yahoo. Vietnam has passed the law for giving imprisonment to journalists if they take undue advantage of democratic freedom.

7 Tunisia

Top 10 Countries That Censor The Internet
Tunisia — Photo via opensocietyfoundations.org

The next country on the list is Tunisia. There are many websites which are banned such as porn sites, translation services, online documents, mail and much more. The internet service providers have to submit the IP addresses of all the bloggers.

All the internet activities are regularly checked by the central net. The misleading information and mails are filtered by the government. Heavy penalties are kept for those who search any objectionable content on the internet and spread it.

6 Syria

Syria — Photo via sputniknews.com

Syria is one of the most unsafe countries of the world. Wars and many other disasters occur regularly here. A regular checking of online activities is done in all cyber cafes here. The cyber cafes should maintain a register for all those who come for using internet. The timely report of all the internet activities should be provided to the government.

The person who is found spreading any misleading information or content which causes harm to the national security is imprisoned. Syria is one the most dangerous places in the world for bloggers and journalists.

5 China

Top 10 Countries That Censor The Internet
China — Photo via foreignpolicy.com

China has made some of the severe laws relating to the use of the internet. Certain sites are blocked in this country such as porn movies websites, sites which giving the information about the nation’s important matters, government private websites and many other. A regular monitoring is done in case of mails and surfing of other internet information.

Any misleading information and content are removed from the internet. The person who finds illegal information or content on the internet is often punished with imprisonment of many years.

4 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia — Photo via businessinsider.com

Saudi Arabia has some of the most severe punishment for those who gain access to illegal websites. More than millions of websites are blocked in Saudi Arabia such as porn sites, gambling sites, sites which speak badly about the religion and many other misleading data.

The internet activities are checked at a central point. The bloggers should have a proper license from the Ministry of Culture and Information. The imprisonment of 5 years is given to those who break the rules of the government.

3 Cuba

Top 10 Countries That Censor The Internet
Cuba — Photo via

Cuba is a Latin American country where there are strict rules regarding the use of internet. The internet is used through the “access points” which are under the control of government. The online activities are regularly monitored and checked.

The IP addresses of some computers are blocked when there is any misleading information found. The government employees only have the right to upload any information of the internet in this country. The history of all the searched content is checked regularly.

2 Iran

Top 10 Countries That Censor The Internet
Iran — Photo via huffingtonpost.com

Iran has imposed severe punishment on all those who spread misleading information on the social media about the religion. The bloggers and website owners should register themselves first with the Ministry of Arts and Culture. More than millions of websites are blocked in this country such as porn sites and many other websites revealing confidential information.

1 North Korea

Top 10 Countries That Censor The Internet
North Korea — Photo via Youtube

North Korea is on number 1 of our list in censoring internet. The internet access is strictly controlled by government here. The citizens cannot use many websites as they are blocked. Any content prior to be uploaded on internet goes under strict monitoring by government. It is a very surprising fact to know that only 4% of total North Korea’s population uses internet.

These countries have made the laws even stricter now to reduce the number of cybercrimes and illegal internet activities.

Top 10 Countries That Censor The Internet

1. North Korea

2. Iran

3. Cuba

4. Saudi Arabia

5. China

6 Syria

7. Tunisia

8. Vietnam

9. Turkmenistan

10. Myanmar


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