10 Countries With Surprisingly Cheap Food

10 Countries With Surprisingly Cheap Food

Food is life. Almost everyone loves eating the delicious variety of food. However, the most challenging thing or so to speak, the struggle that comes forth in the life of a food lover is balancing his variety of food with his budget.

Everyone looks forward to tasting different varieties and styles of food. Any person who considers himself a food-lover must have known the difficulty that comes forth while trying these styles of food. Not every kind of food offered by the hotels and restaurants is cheap. Some of them may cost you a penny, while all the other delicacies might exceed your budget. Fortunately, there are a number of countries that offer the most relishing food without costing you a bomb. Thus, visiting these countries, you can easily enjoy the great quality of food offered by the hotels and the restaurants here without wasting or exceeding your budget. Thus, if you are a travel freak and at the same time a person who entertains a great penchant for the cheap and delicious food, you must visit these countries to firstly explore them and secondly, tasting the different kinds of most delicious food prepared in these countries.
Here are the ten countries that entertain the sale of surprisingly cheap food.

10 Sri Lanka

10 Countries With Surprisingly Cheap Food
Food in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful coastal countries present in the world. The country of greenery and exotic location is also very popular for its curries as well as spicy food. The spices grown here are very exotic in nature.  The land of Sri Lanka is also very much known for its food habits, especially rice as well as prawns. A majority of the Sri Lankan people serve rice as their main course. Sea food is one of the most preferred foods of Sri Lanka.

The main feature of food habits of Sri Lanka is boiled or steamed rice which is finely served along with a curry of fish, beef, mutton, chicken, goat, etc. Other curries made with lentils, fruits as well as vegetables are also very famous. If you are traveling to Sri Lanka, you can eat all these above mentioned delicacies in the best of price. A three-course meal for two people in a good restaurant of Sri Lanka will cost you only $14.

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9 Vietnam

Vietnam food
Vietnam food–Photo via uyenluu.com

This land is renowned for its crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches as well as rich Buddhism culture. Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia and is one of the most beautiful spots of the world. The food available here is not very spicy in nature. Thus, it is ideal for all kinds of eater who look forward to eating the food which is not so spicy.

You can dine on the delicacies like fresh vegetables, rice as well as noodles that are utterly delicious as to their taste in any plush or upscale restaurant of Vietnam. The best thing about the food here is that it is not going to cost you a bomb. A delicious three-course meal at Vietnam that includes noodles, rice, bread rolls as well as fresh vegetables will cost you only $13. This meal can easily fill the tummies of two people.

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8 Philippines

Photo via en.wikipedia.org

The tropical climate of this country makes it one of the most beautiful spots for vacations and holidays. All kinds of fruits as well as vegetables available in Philippines are very rich as well as fresh to their taste. A number of locally prepare cuisines are found at Philippines that are certainly worth a try. These cuisines are very tasteful and flavorsome. At the same time, all these food items at this beautiful land are not too expensive in terms of their price. If you are exploring Philippines and are wanting to taste the authentic flavors of this place, but are really low on budget, you need not worry at all since the authentic Philippine three-course meal for two people will cost you only around $12.

The most staple food of this region is rice. Hot steamed rice is often served with vegetable, meat or fish. Not only this, the leftover rice is fried nicely along with garlic to turn it into yet another mouth-watering breakfast snack called sinangag.

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7 Malaysia

Malaysia foods
Traditional Malaysian Food

Malaysia is often known for a lot of things out of which the local cuisine is one important part. In fact, the local Malaysian food is considered as one of the best cuisines of Asia. The regular meal of Malaysia includes a blend of interesting spices, fresh vegetables as well as mouth-watering seafood.

NasiLemak is a popular dish of this country which is prepared with rice that are steamed with coconut milk as well as pandan leaves which give the rise an amazing flavor. This one is the national dish of the country.

A delicious three-course meal in Malaysia for two people will not cost you a bomb, but a really affordable $12. This makes Malaysia one of the top ten countries with the cheapest food.

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6 Indonesia

Photo via mottorestaurant.wordpress.com

Indonesia is another nation of Asia which is mainly known for its delicious and amazing food. The locals here love dining on hot and spicy food. The standard or the level of ‘hot and spicy’ food in Indonesia is much higher than what is served in other nations of the world. Like the most of the Asian countries, rice is the staple food of Indonesia.

The meals here include the regular food like fresh chicken, vegetables as well as rice that are cooked in the authentic Indonesian style. The best thing about this country is that it offers all these varieties of food at extremely cheap rates. A full three-course meal at Indonesia for two people is priced only at $11.

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5 Bangladesh

bangladesi food
Photo via bengalimusicandfood.weebly.com

The most staple food of this country is rice. A majority of people consume rice as their main course in Bangladesh. In fact, this country is the biggest producer of rice in the world. Apart from this, the supply of vegetables, chicken as well as fish is also very plentiful in this country. This is the reason that Bangladesh produces one of the best foods in the world.

If you are a vegetarian, Bangladesh is surely a paradise for you. A number of fresh and exotic vegetables are available here all the time. The most common vegetables grown in this country are tomato, potato, cauliflower, beans, radish, cabbage, peas, carrot, eggplant, pumpkin, drumstick, etc. A delicious three-course meal in Bangladesh for two people costs only around $11.50. The food available here is extremely delicious.

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4 Moldova


This place is rich in all the exotic plants as well as variety of animals. It uses a lot of fruits, nuts, berries as well as mushrooms in all its cuisines. Some of the most rare and amazing food items are found here that you can certainly dine on if you are ever visiting to this place. The food is experimental and worth tasting. At the same time, the food served here is one of the cheapest food of the world.

A meal for two people at Moldova will cost you only for $12.50. The food at Moldova was influenced by various Turkish and Greek cuisines years ago. Later the food culture here incorporated the elements from the nations like Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, etc. If you are traveling to Moldova, we suggest you not to miss on tasting the famous maize that is served with sour cream, fried meat as well as the famous Moldovan cheese called Brinza.

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3 India

India thali
indian thali —Photo via expatliving.sg

India is a land of great food. India is a land of spices. India is a land of various mouth-watering flavors. Every part of this country has one specialty or the other whenever it comes to the food culture here. The food culture of this land is very rich and extremely delicious. The food here is filled with amazing flavors as well as spices.

The Indian food varies from state to state and region to region. The dishes here are so exotic that you just can’t get enough of tasting them. From the delicious vegetables to various non-vegetarian dishes like meat, chicken, beef or the extremely delicious sea-food, India serves everything as its deliciously best. At the same time, the food served here is more than affordable. A super-delicious meal for two people in India would cost you only for $7.50.

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2 Pakistan

Pakistani food –Photo via www.aryzauq.tv

This country may not be known to the world for its food, but the food served here is extremely delicious. At the same time, the Pakistani food is very cheap and can be easily afforded by anyone. The food served here is full of different flavors as well as spicy. The food habits in Pakistan differ from region to region. The regional influence is one major factor to distinguish the food habits of the people in Pakistan. Overall, the Pakistani food is very delicious and sapid. A three-course meal in Pakistan for two people will cost you only $9.50. The different food varieties of Pakistan are worth a taste.

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1 Nepal

Nepal foods
Nepali foods—Photo via guidenepal.weebly.com

Nepal serves the cheapest food in the world. The food habits of this country are full of flavors that are majorly influenced by China as well as India. However, the Nepali cuisine is less spicy than the food served in India. According to the culture of Nepal, the food and all the eating habits are divine and therefore the food should be eaten in a very joyful and jolly manner.

The staple diet of a majority of the citizens of Nepal include dal, bhat and tarkari. The momos are also one of the popular foods of this country. The best thing about the food available here is that you can get a proper three-course meal here at just $5.70.

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10 Countries With Surprisingly Cheap Food

Sr No Chepast Foods in Country
1 Nepal
2 Pakistan
3 India
4 Moldova
5 Bangladesh
6 Indonesia
7 Malaysia
8 Philippines
9 Vietnam
10 Sri Lanka

So the next time you visit these places don’t very about the budget of your food since you can avail the most of the meals here at highly affordable prices.



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