10 Most Expensive Police Cars in the World

Most Expensive Police Cars

Well, here comes a list about the countries which provide their policemen the most expensive cars. The list of top 10 most expensive police cars in the world goes below:

The best people on a vigilante mission are the policemen of the countries. To ensure the security of their city’s or country’s people,  they are kept updates with the latest technologies and gadgets, latest high tech and efficient weapons and are skilled to be the best to keep the wrong ones behind the bars. Maybe they lack sometimes in technology and speed from the criminals, but that mostly happens when the policemen are less in numbers and the criminals are the dominating ones. But when the policemen reach there as soon as possible, they are now able to counter attack or put the measures to get them behind the bars. To keep this speed, the government of different countries also provide these policemen with cars, sorry, super cars. Yes, they provide them with those fast beasts which a normal guy dreams to ride.

Lucky enough are they, yet these expensive toys in the hands of policemen help them to serve the nation in order to maintain the peace in the country. To ensure that they need to be fast and these super cars, these beasts are first and foremost known for that.

10 US – Dodge Charger Police Interceptor: $46,000

US – Dodge Charger Police Interceptor—Photo via financesonline.com

A challenge to you would be to go out of the speed limit in the US and the challenge will be accepted by the policemen of this country when they will light up blue and red lights and become your tail. Soon enough you will lose the challenge because you won’t be that fast as these ones. These cars are known as the Charger Police Pursuit. United States have these cars as the fastest one and in any case you won’t be able to outrun them.

Many models have been launched for the police and the modification with time keep going on making it fast enough and evolving the newer version better than the previous ones. The current version of these cars has the powerful V8 engine that gives the car a horsepower of 292 and the top speed of 147 mph. Nobody wants a car like this chasing them.

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9 Australia and UK – Lotus Exige Cruiser: $84,000

Australia and UK – Lotus Exige Cruiser
Australia and UK – Lotus Exige Cruiser—Photo via thuglifer.com

Two countries, Australia and UK feed their policemen for speed with Lotus Exige Cruiser and they are properly in nutrition after this. This car plays a chasing game, a monster having horsepower of 220 and the top speed of 140 mph costs per car $84,000.

The drivers of these cars are well trained and chosen from hundreds of policemen to be fit enough to steer them. The tough selection and extreme trainings is proven when they sit on the driver’s seat of this car. This car is a threat to any problem maker in the city and it’s hardly possible to run out of them unless you just fly all of a sudden, well then they have choppers for that. Basically you aren’t in a safe mode once you are in the eyes of these cars.

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8 Austria – Porsche Carrera 911: $95,000

Austria – Porsche Carrera –Photo via financesonline.com

When we were kids, we had a remote controlled car which drove fast enough and the model was a Porsche Carrera. That car has fantasized many kids for its beauty, performance, classy name and those remote controlled dreams which probably all of them won’t be able to make it come true. However, policemen of Austria own this vehicle for chasing purpose. A Carrera 911 has a top speed of 186 mph and it is one of the fastest cars in the world. The engine has 6 cylinders which are intended to just boost this car with huge speed.

This car is even now a dream of many people. The trained policemen of Austria might be a subject of jealousy for the guys of Austria.  This car costs $95,000 for one, surely this price demands performance and this car is not at all unsatisfactory.

7 Abu Dhabi – Nissan GT-R: $100,000

Photo via blogs.yahoo.co.jp

Here comes the Nissan GT-R, a car with ravishing looks and boastful features costs $100,000 for a single car. One of the most expensive cars in the car fleet of police of Abu Dhabi, they are mainly used for public relation and promotional purposes only.

These cars are deployed on the streets either as car for undercover operations, typical business of police, or as a pursuit vehicle. But if required in urge, these cars are also deployed for chasing purposes because every car just bends down in front of its blinding speed. The beast when unleashed is used to bring any rival or criminal on knees. Hence, Nissan GT-R scores 7th position on the list.

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6 Qatar – Porsche Panamera: $175,000

Qatar – Porsche Panamera
Qatar – Porsche Panamera—Photo via financesonline.com

Another Gulf Country which owns a supercar for the policemen and have one of the largest fleet of such super cars in their backyards. The Porsche Panamera, and also Porsche Cayenne, both sit in the garages of the policemen and are ready to be on a vigilante mission any time. This is because the government of Qatar holds shares of Porsche, so bringing such super cars on duty is not a big deal for them.

The policemen of Qatar also have motorcycles of BMW which is another beast to threaten any criminal. Hence, Porsche Panamera that rolls in Qatar costs $ 175,000 per specimen and comes on 6th number on the list.

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5 South Africa – Lamborghini Gallardo: $248,000

South Africa – Lamborghini Gallardo
South Africa – Lamborghini Gallardo—Photo via guysgab.com

Now is the turn for the Ooh Lala of cars, the Lamborghini Gallardo. Well-known super cars of the world and famous for its design, looks, price, and of course the most important, speed. This car increases heartbeat of any teenager, or an adult because it is one of the favourite cars of the youth. This car is sleek, fast and has outraging V10 engine designated to bring a horsepower of 570 and goes up to 202 miles per hour. This car is made to outrun anybody in the South Africa.

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4 United Aram Emirates – Ferrari FF: $300,000

United Aram Emirates – Ferrari FF
United Aram Emirates – Ferrari FF—-Photo via bollywooddubai.co

Another car in UAE, for sure UAE is one rich place, because police cars are the supercars, so it’s obvious that the government holds huge money to provide best services for the safety of its citizens. This car is tremendously fast and powerful, but it won’t be used for the chasing purposes. It’s used for the patrolling of tourist spots around the city. But, on the need basis, this too can be used to bring things under control.

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3 England – Lamborghini Murcielago: $380,000

Most Expensive Police Cars: Lamborghini Murcielago, $380,000 – England

Another Lamborghini on the list, another Lamborghini model which is heartthrob for youth, the Lamborghini Murcielago is one another super car used for the hot pursuit purposes. This car is used for serving England and it looks even prettier when it is modified, repainted and prepared for police use.

This car holds a V9 engine that has 10 cylinders which give this beast a roar loud enough and a horsepower of 550 and the top speed is 200 mph. Another hard chance for the criminals of England to run on roads without getting caught, because this is another hard spot for them as this car doesn’t let anyone go off their clinches. Hence, England comes on the number three in the list of top ten most expensive police cars in the world.

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2 Germany – Mercedes-Benz Brabus Rocket: $580,000

Germany – Mercedes-Benz Brabus Rocket
Germany – Mercedes-Benz Brabus Rocket—-Photo via emercedesbenz.com

The top car manufacturers in the world has the permanent entry for Germany, because Germany is known for manufacturer of many super cars and it is not at all a doubtful thing that it won’t use these cars for their own security purposes. Yes, Germany uses a Mercedes-Benz Brabus Rocket for their policemen and this car is another beauty and a beast combo.

This car has a freaking 6.3L V12 Bi-turbo 800 Engine which makes this car a rocket on the road with the top speed of 228 mph. This car costs $580,000 for a single one and is worth a penny when it chases any problematic thing on the roads. Hence this car scores second position on the list.

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1 Dubai Police – Bugatti Veyron: $4 Million

Dubai Police – Bugatti Veyron $4 Million
Dubai Police – Bugatti Veyron $4 Million—Photo via digitaltrends.com

Now is the time for the undisputed king for bringing the most expensive car on the vigilante purposes, Dubai, which uses a wondrous beast on the road, the Bugatti Veyron. A car known to be the fastest in the world, a car known to be the most expensive in the world, a car known to be the prettiest in the world is a car used by the policemen of Dubai to chase any criminal in ‘its’ world. Runs at an astounding speed of 267 miles per hour at its best, however, this car is not used unless very urgent, it is currently used for display of the wealth of Dubai. But, that does not mean that they won’t start its engines on the need. This car is such a beast that nothing is faster than this one on the road.

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10 Most Expensive Police Cars in the World

Sr. No Expensive Police Cars
10 US – Dodge Charger Police Interceptor: $46,000
9 Australia and UK – Lotus Exige Cruiser: $84,000
8 Austria – Porsche Carrera 911: $95,000
7 Abu Dhabi – Nissan GT-R: $100,000
6 Qatar – Porsche Panamera: $175,000
5 South Africa – Lamborghini Gallardo: $248,000
4 United Aram Emirates – Ferrari FF: $300,000
3 England – Lamborghini Murcielago: $380,000
2 Germany – Mercedes-Benz Brabus Rocket: $580,000
1 Dubai Police – Bugatti Veyron: $4 Million

So these are the most expensive cars in the world, if you are a policemen, we pray you ride one like those as soon as possible.


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