10 Highest IQ’S Throughout History

When it comes to intelligence, there are a lot of argument, then whether this intelligence is inherited or acquired by experience and learning. usually in academic years, the toppers of the class are said to be geeks or nerds. IQ is basically a standardized score which measures the level of intelligence a person has. It indicates that about what percent of populace is more or less intelligent. IQ basically stands for Intelligent Quotient. Many a times being intelligent is better than just simply being beautiful, as it is more powerful. Such Intelligent people have contributed a lot of theories and understanding, which has been very helpful to us.

IQ looks at the ability the individual has that is to think, process, and reason well. Also some of these people who have high Intelligent Quotient, show great contribution to a certain part of the field, not that they are not good with other fields. They are very bright, and sharp minded, some could even solve the toughest algebraic problem in seconds. The general population has the IQ which ranges from 70 to 130, that is the 95% of the population. Whereas, the people with Highest IQ’s is beyond 150. This people have made history, and changed our thinking, and understanding of the world. So let’s look at the Highest IQ’s throughout history:

10 Sharon Stone (IQ of 154)

Highest IQ
Sharon Stone img via http://www.hollywoodreporter.com

Sharon stone is actually an American actress, model, and a film producer. She was born on March 10th 1958, in Pennsylvania, US. She has done several TV shows and movies. She is very famous for her acting career, but along with this her IQ level is of 154. She has achieved many awards, and also nominated for some of the prestigious awards.

But she is not just about beauty, but she is beauty with mind, she is bold, and a very confident actress. Academically she has always been a bright and sharp student. With this she got in to 2nd grade by the age of 5, which is just amazing. At the age of 15, she even got a scholarship from Edinboro University in Pennsylvania, and she accepted it. She studied fine arts and creative arts at Edinboro University.

9 Paul Allen (IQ of 160)

Paul Allen
Paul Allen via http://peekworthy.com

Paul Allen, is a Philanthropist, and a great Business magnate. Also he is famous for the co-founding of Microsoft with Bill Gates. He was born on January 21st 1953, in Washington, US. He has also written a book called Idea Man: A Memoir by the Cofounder of Microsoft. He is also the founder of organizations such as Microsoft Corporation, Vulcan, Allen institute fro brain, apex learning, Vulcan Productions, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Allen Institute for Cell Science, Mojave Aerospace Ventures, Starware, Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, and Vulcan Capital.

In SAT Paul Allen, scored 1600, which is the perfect score, and put him ahead to Bill Gates. He is also the 53rd man being richest in all over the world. He has also been awarded with the greatest honor of all time, in the Washington State University.

8 Stephen Hawking (IQ of 160)

Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking via http://www.braintrainingtools.org

Stephen Hawking, is one of the most famous person, with the IQ score of 160. He was born on January 8th 1942, in United Kingdom. He is an author, theoretical Physicist, Research Director at University of Cambridge for Cosmology, and cosmologist.  He has three children, Robert Hawking, Lucy Hawking, and Timothy Hawking, and is married to Elaine Mason.

He has also written many books such as A Brief History of Time, The Grand Design, The Universe in A Nutshell, My Brief History, God Created the Integers, The Nature of Space and Time, George and The Big Bang, and many more. He has also been awarded many a times, for his contribution to this world. Stephen Hawking has suffered from a disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, which is the disease of motor neuron, which gradually got him paralyzed.

7 Albert Einstein (IQ of 160-190)

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein via http://incredibleweird.com

Albert Einstein for sure doesn’t require any introduction. We all know him very well, for his contribution towards Physics. Albert Einstein came up with the theory of relativity. He was born on April 18th 1879 in Germany, and died on April 18th 1955 in New Jersey, US.

He is also known for his discovery on the laws of Photoelectric Effect.  He also contributed towards the laws of Gravity field. He had never really taken an IQ test, but most of the experts believe that if he had, then his IQ would be between 160 to 190.

6 Kashmea Wahi (IQ of 162)

Kashmea Wahi
Kashmea Wahi via http://www.sciencealert.com

Kashmea Wahi, who being an 11-year-old, from United Kingdom, and born in Mumbai. She got the score of 162 in IQ test, which made her the youngest intelligent students. She says that how much she is overwhelmed by being compared to Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, and how happy she is to be in this league of legends. Out of 162 score she got 162, making it the top score. She took this test of Cattell III B Mensa Test, just to prove to her parents, that she does not needs to be behind books all the time.

Cattell III B Mensa Test has about 150 questions, where the highest score for adults here is 161 and the ones who are under 18 is 162. This test often assesses the IQ with passage of any texts. This test can only be taken on those who are above the 10 years and half age. Her parents were ecstatic by knowing this and said that if she is driven right, she will go well, where they both are consultants of IT Management in Deutsche Bank of London.

5 Judit Polgar (IQ of 170)

Judit Polgar
Judit Polgar via http://www.anonews.co

Judit Polgar is known as the grandmaster of chess, this rank she achieved at the age of 15 years only. This makes Judit the youngest in the history to have received such prestige. When it comes to chess she is considered as the influential woman, all over the world in the history.

Her IQ score based on the test she took at sometime in the young age, is of 170, which is greater than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. This is very impressive to have an IQ of 170 at such young age.

4 Leonardo Da Vinci (IQ of 180-190)

Leonardo Da Vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci img via playbuzz.com

Well the IQ test was invented way after the death of Leonardo Da Vinci, but it is believed that he might have an IQ between 180 to 190. He was born on April 15th 1452, and died on May 2nd 1519.

He is known for interests in painting, architecture, sculpting, music, science, mathematics, geology, writing, cartography, engineering, mathematics, and what not. He is also known as the father of architecture, paleontology, and ichnology. He is believed and considered to be the most intelligent human being in the history.

3 Kim Ung-Yong (IQ of 210)

Kim Ung-Yong
Kim Ung-Yong via http://www.messagetoeagle.com

Kim Ung-Yong was able to speak and communicate fluently just at the age of 6 months. At the age of 3, he went to Hanyang University, as a guest student. By the age of 4 years he also wrote 2 short stories, and poetry.

Well this is not enough, he even went to NASA, and left it by the age of 16 years. He was also offered an enrollment at one of the prestigious University in Korea, which he rejected and pursued a PhD in the field of Civil Engineering. This is a lot of work he has done, and achieved a lot of honor, at such young age.

2 Terence Tao (IQ of 225-230)

Terence Tao
Terence Tao via asntown.net

He is a genius who taught arithmetic, at the age of 2 to one of the 5-year-old, by himself. At the age of 9 years, he also at the university level did mathematic course. Then at the age of 14 years, he appeared for Research Science Institute.

By the age of 16 years, he achieved a degree for both Bachelors as well as Masters. Well it still goes on, by the time he was 20, he completed his Doctorate. Till now in the history, he is the winner of Olympiads with three medals. By the age of 24 years, he was one of the youngest professor, who taught at UCLA.

1 William James Sidis (IQ of 250-300)

William James Sidis
William James Sidis via ohmygodfacts.com

Well this is one of the highest IQ of all in the history, which is between 250 to 300. He had some of the remarkable mathematical abilities. At the age of 6 years, he had attended a grammar school, from which he graduated within 7 months.

By the age of 11 years, he also went to Harvard, where he mastered about 40 types of languages. He was also threatened by some of his fellows in the Harvard University, so for this his parents appointed him for a job of teaching in Texas. This job he left soon and focused on a career in politics.

Such Intelligent people have contributed a lot of theories and understanding, which has been very helpful to us, and some of those with such High IQ throughout history are mentioned below:

10 Highest IQ’S Throughout History

  1. William James Sidis (IQ of 250-300)
  2. Terrace Tao (IQ of 225-230)
  3. Kim Ung-Yong (IQ of 210)
  4. Leonardo Da Vinci (IQ of 180-190)
  5. Judit Polgar (IQ of 170)
  6. Kashmea Wahi (IQ of 162)
  7. Albert Einstein (IQ of 160-190)
  8. Stephen Hawking (IQ of 160)
  9. Paul Allen (IQ of 160)
  10. Sharon Stone (IQ of 154)

10 Highest IQ’S Throughout History

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