The 10 Hottest Female Chefs

Hottest Female Chefs

The 10 Hottest Female Chefs

Culinary skills are certainly god-gifted for not everyone possesses the same. The beautiful artistic hands of the women when blend the ingredients together create some of the most delectable, tasty and orgasmic dishes that could tempt anyone towards them. Moreover, the presentation of the food that these chefs cook adds more to the already existing tempting piece of food. The minds and hands behind these beautiful and delicious food are not just artistic, but beautiful as well. Today, the world is full of some of the most renowned female chefs who have been creating some of the most toothsome dishes for their guests and viewers. These women do not just cook food, but they live food.

Apart from being so passionate and skilful about their art of cooking, these women are breaking the internet by their good looks as well. Yes, many of them have started their own channels on the television and internet and the audience watching them is certainly going head over heels about their culinary skills at the first place and their gorgeous looks at the second. Usually, gastronomy is referred to be a male-dominating business but these women are making a huge difference both in terms of collecting the viewers towards them and further creating a huge fandom for themselves. These ladies are good looking ladies who are not just confident about their skills of cooking the best of meals, but confident about carrying themselves at their beautiful best.

Following is the list of the top ten best female chefs who are creating a sensation on the TV screen because of their hot appearance and amazing culinary skills.


10 Rachael Ray:

Rachael Ray–Photo via

In today’s world, Rachael Ray is considered as the tenth hottest female chef of the world. Her culinary skills speak about the beauty of the food along with its rich taste. Certainly, because this is what she cooks. Born and brought up in New York, this lady started off her culinary business after entertaining a few jobs and employment opportunities in the business of nourishment. After collecting some experience, she started off her famous ’30 Minutes Meals’ classes on the television where she could interact with the world on the global platform.

Since then, she has been appearing in a number of Food Network shows and there is no looking back. She has written a number of cook-books and even introduced her own magazine. She has been awarded with a number of awards ad today she has a huge fan-base for herself. She is a gorgeous woman for sure.

9 Shelley Hillesheim

The 10 Hottest Female Chefs
Shelley Hillesheim–Photo via

Shelley Hillesheim is considered to be the ninth hottest female chef present in the world today. Her idea of working as a chef is certainly different from all other women chefs for she centers health and fitness on the first place and shares the recipes of the same with her audience so that all her audience could inculcate the same in the daily routine of their fitness and health regimen.

She founded ‘A Nourished Life’ with a major aim to spread information and awareness about the cooking which is rich and healthy in terms of nutrients. Not to forget, this beautiful chef has been a professional athlete in her hey days and she certainly has the figure to die for.

8 Dylan Lauren

The 10 Hottest Female Chefs
Dylan Lauren–Photo via

Dylan Lauren, the beautiful daughter of the renowned clothing designer Ralph Lauren is referred to as the eighth hottest female chef of the world. Nobody has ever thought of this beautiful lady to enter in the field and business of gastronomy but she certainly happened to make a difference out of her passion for cooking and presenting it in the most beautiful manner. At present, she is the founder and the owner of the Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York that happens to be the largest candy store of not only the country, but of the entire world.

Her store sells more than 7,000 differently flavored candies that are diverse from each-other. Coming to the overall appearance of this beautiful lady, Dylan is a highly confident woman who is not just passionate about culinary but possess some of the most gorgeous looks and a real hot body.

7 Eden Grinshpan

The 10 Hottest Female Chefs
Eden Grinshpan–Photo via

Mostly considered as a world traveler, Eden Grinshpan is referred to as the seventh hottest female chef of the world. Her idea of working with food is slightly different from all other women as she keeps traveling and the first place and then syncs her culinary skills with the places where she travels. The global fusion food that she styles and creates is simply mind-boggling.

She is a graduate from the London’s Le Cordon Bleu and today she has created a successful name for herself in this entire business of gastronomy. She travels the world, she meets locals and discuss about all kinds of food with them so that she could revive the food culture around the world. She is a pretty lady and a beautiful mind.

6 Padma Lakshmi

The 10 Hottest Female Chefs
Photo via NY Daily News

This multi-talented Indian-born woman is not just the sixth hottest female chef of the world, but also happens to be a cookbook author from America, a TV host, a model as well as producer. Her journey of success has a number of shining stories. She had been awarded with the ‘Best First Book’ award for her book Easy Exotic. She has been the host for a number of reality programs and has received a huge admiration for her overall appearance.

This dusky beauty is a highly artistic cook and all her cook books have made a successful global choice among all the passionate cooks and chefs. She has been the host of a number of food shows where she appeared at her beautiful best showing her amazing screen appearance, beautiful dusky complexion and a confident smile.

5 Nadia Giosia

The 10 Hottest Female Chefs
Nadia Giosias–Photo via Pinterest

She is the host of Cooking Channel’s comic drama Bitchin Kitchen and Food Network Canada’s and is currently considered to be the fifth hottest female chef in the business. Her TV shows have been a great success because of which she has created a huge fandom for herself. Her idea of cooking is pretty exclusive and this is what differentiates her from the rest of the chefs.

This versatile woman is not just a famous cook and a great producer of cooking shows, but a beautiful and a hot personality as well. Her overall appearance on the screen is simply mesmerizing, whether it is her dress sense or a beautiful body language.

4 Grayson Schmitz

The 10 Hottest Female Chefs
Grayson Schmitz–Photo via sheknows

Her forte of cooking is the Italian as well as French cooking style and she certainly excels in the same. She is considered to be the fourth hottest female chef of the world. A graduate from the Culinary Institute of America, she sought motivation in the different styles of cooking and gradually created a space for herself in the business of cooking and gastronomy.

She has held some of the most prestigious kitchens of America for more than 15 years where she has created a huge name for herself, experimenting in different food items and sharing the same with all her viewers. She is a highly professional and skilful cook with some of the most gorgeous looks and a beautiful screen appearance.

3 Chef Jenn

Chef Jenn–Photo via

This Argentinian female is considered to be the third hottest female chef of the world. She has created a huge sensation for herself when she appeared on the screen topless while sharing some of her cooking experience. Thus, this hot lady is not just a good chef, but a very bold personality as well.

She knows how to attract the attention of her audience towards her show and she never fails to justify it every time she makes a screen appearance for herself, whether it is going topless or covering her vital parts with a piece of cloth. She teaches her cooking lessons in Spanish. Today she has gathered a huge fandom for herself throughout the world.

2 Lanshu Chen

Lanshu Chen–Photo via

This beautiful lady from Taiwan is considered to be the second hottest chef of the world. She is seemingly gorgeous and a hot lady who is not just good-looking but a highly talented chef at the same time. She learnt her beautiful cooking and culinary skills from National Taiwan University and later moved to Paris where she took the passion of her cooking to another level of superiority.

This beautiful lady has worked in a number of renowned restaurants where she imbibed the art of cooking and culinary including meals from all rounds of world as well as pastries and desserts. She has won a number of awards and titles of her culinary and cooking skills.

1 Catherine McCord

Photo via Aloha

Who had thought that she would give up her career of super-modelling to enter into the field and business of cooking? Catherine McCord is referred to as the hottest female chef of the world today. She started off her career as a model when she was 14 years of age. She had been voted as one of the sexiest women of the world by the famous FHM magazine.

She then turned her world upside down when she quit modelling and started off her business in the field of cooking. Today, she owns a website called which directs all the busy parents to cook quickly for their little kids. She has been voted among the top bloggers as well.


Who is your favorite female chef?

The 10 Hottest Female Chefs

  1. Catherine McCord
  2. Lanshu Chen
  3. Chef Jenn
  4. Grayson Schmitz
  5. Nadia Giosia
  6. Padma Lakshmi
  7. Eden Grinshpan
  8. Dylan Lauren
  9. Shelley Hillesheim
  10. Rachael Ray






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