10 Most Beautiful and Amazing Beach Resort in Greece

Greece is known for its beauty and the islands surrounding it. It has some of the most wonderful beaches in the world which is famous for its turquoise blue water. Visitors and tourists come there from all over the world to enjoy the scenic beauty of Greece. Tourists have recently increased in Greece due to the fall in prices as Greece is considered to be one of the struggling economies. Due to this struggle Greece tourism industry has reduced the price in order to attract traffic and increase their income.
Travelers often find it very difficult to search for places in Greece due to the large number of islands and beaches spread all over the place. It is very confusing to choose from among them the best beach where you can go with your family and friends as all are equally equal and beautiful.
So to help travelers to choose among these beaches, the following are the list of beaches that is considered to be the best among all of them. The list will help to give you a slight look in the types of beaches you can choose from and the specialty provided by it. Most of the beautiful and luxurious beach resorts are situated in the islands called Crete, Kos and Rhodes.

10 Most Beautiful and Amazing Beach Resort in Greece

10 Nana Beach Resort

nana beach
Photos of Nana Beach Hotel-Photo via www.beleontours.com

The first in the list No 10 is the Nana beach resort which is equally known for its beauty as the other beach resorts of Greece. This resort is situated in the Crete island of Greece which is on the Cretan sea. It is surrounded by all types of attractions and places which will help attract tourists. It is situated in a well known place of Crete Island and is surrounded by markets and fun activities which tourists can enjoy.

Photo via www.panoramio.com
Photo via www.panoramio.com

The most well known palaces of Crete like the ruins of the Minoan, the palace of Malia and the Knossos palace is located around it.
This beach hotel provides its tourists with some of the amazing facilities which will allow the guests to stay there comfortably. It all has some recreational activity area for the kids where they can enjoy themselves if they don’t want to go out. There are other facilities like a pool area, amphitheaters, spa, volleyball court and a health club.

It is built over a large area with a total of seven pools, two theaters and other facilities where the guests can relax and enjoy themselves. One can enjoy the scenic beauty of Greece as well as the activities provided by the resorts.

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9  Atlantica Kalliston

Photo via flicker.com
Photo via flicker.com

It is known for its historical surroundings and beauty. This hotel is situated near Chania which is known as a historical town. This hotel is also located in Crete Island. This hotel is made keeping in mind the romantic beauty enjoyed by the adults and couples. The rooms are made in such a way from where the guests can directly reach the pools from the terrace. These rooms are known as swim-up rooms. There are in total five pools in the resort in which three are outdoor pools, one indoor pool and one is hydro-massage pool.

Atlantica kalliston
Photo via www.bgoperator.ru

There are other facilities provided for the guests such as a spa room where the guest can relax themselves and give a beautiful treatment to their bodies. There are facilities like a sauna, a gym and a place for steam bath.

So the Atlantic Kalliston resort seeks to provide a total holiday mood to their guests ranging from scenic beauty to other exotic facilities. If you want a romantic holiday with your partner in Greece then this is the right place to opt for.

8 Elysium Resort and Spa

Elysium Resort and Spa
Elysium Resort and Spa-photo via www.agoda.com

This is another great and beautiful resort in Greece which is known for its relaxing facilities. This resort is located on Kallithea beach in Rhodes and is known as a modern beach resort. It has a lagoon-style swimming pool and a hydro-massage pool for the guest to relax after their hectic journey. Both the pools are outdoor pools but separated from one another. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful blue water of the Kallithea beach giving an additional relaxing option to the guest.

Coast of Kallithea Beach
Coast of Kallithea Beach -Photo via www.trover.com

There is a fitness centre for the guest to maintain their regular fitness activities. Other facilities available are spa, aerobic and water aerobic classes, golf and tennis court. So there are all kinds of activities available in this resort from aerobic lovers to game lovers.

Note-It is the ideal place for any kind of people as they can enjoy whatever they like. No other resort will provide all types of activities in such a reasonable rate.

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7 Palazzo Del Mare

Palazzo Del Mare
Palazzo Del Mare-Photo via www.onthebeach.co.uk

It is one of the most luxurious hotels in Greece located in Kos Island. It is a hotel that will give you and your partner some private atmosphere. It is a hotel that will give you some different facilities and atmosphere which you can’t get from other beach hotels. There are swim-up rooms where you can have a direct access to the swimming pool of the hotel. There are even indoor swim and hot tub area where you can relax with your partner and spend some private moments.

Photo via www.panoramio.com
Photo via www.panoramio.com

There are facilities like gym, tennis court, spa and a playground for children. So it is the perfect beach resort for couples as well as for the families.

6 Silva Beach Resort

Silva Beach Resort frecked.com
Silva Beach Resort-Photo via www.hersotels.gr

it gives you a total resort atmosphere and a perfect holiday mood to your family. It is situated in the Crete Island which is 30 minutes from Heraklion international airport. This hotel gives a perfect traditional look of a Cretan village with stone walls and piazzas.

There are bar facilities which include a beach bar and a romantic bar where you can have some fun time with your partner. It is a four star hotel which provides you with breakfast, lunch and dinner facility along with the hotel charges. The resort is very close to places like museum; cave, etc where the visitors can go for sightseeing. Other facilities are volleyball court and pool side dinner where you can eat as well as play.

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5 Sgouros Hotel-Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos Frecked.com
Agios Nikolaos-Photo via www.tui.nl

Sgouros Hotel is also located in the Crete Island near Agios Nikolaos to provide you and your family a perfect beach view. The hotel is just a few minutes away from the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel is presented in a European style and offers a bathroom, refrigerator and a balcony in each and every room. There are even discounts provides to the visitors especially those who come with a family. Mostly discounts are given to children under certain age.

Other facilities of the hotel include air conditioner, television, hairdryer, internet, etc for each room. There are rooms ranging from small to very large ones depending on the number of people in a family. All kind of amenities and needs are located very near to the hotel.

4 Iti Louis Grand Hotel Corfu Island

lti louis
Iti Louis Grand Hotel Corfu Island Photo via www.discovergreece.com

It is one of the most beautiful resorts of Greece because of its greenery and scenic beauty. This hotel is situated on the foot of a hill and Ionian Sea flowing beside it gives the hotel the most amazing look. It is the perfect place where you can stay with your family and spend a valuable time.

Corfu Island
Corfu Island-Photo via www.beyondspacesvillas.com

This hotel is on the Corfu Island where the water of the sea is clear enough for you and your family to take go and has fun. Visitors can experience the traditional believes and custom of Corfu village and can also try some of the speciality of the island like the Cumquats and Tiganites.
Thus this hotel is a complete mixture of traditions, believes and enjoyment.

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3 Istron Bay Hotel

Istron Bay hotel
Photo via www.mouzenidis-travel.ru

Finding some beautiful place in Greece to spend some time with your family and friend? Then this hotel is the perfect place you can choose for your loved ones. It is situated on the hill from where you can have a look at the beautiful blue water of the Istron Bay. It provides its visitors a peaceful environment where they can just go and relax themselves free from the busy life.

There are clubs and other activities for kids as well as adults. Istron hotel has its own private beach where the visitors can spend some private time with their family and friends. You can have a look at the sun rise early in the morning from the hotel while having your breakfast. It is a perfect hotel for all nature-lovers as the hotel is surrounded by beautiful pink flowers and olive trees.
If you are a nature lover then this is the right choice for you as it provides all kinds of natural beauty surrounding it along with sailing and kayaking.

2 Galazio Kalyves villas

Galazio Kalyvesvillas
Galazio Kalyves villas-Photo via nostosstudios.com

It is a villa or an apartment perfect for a group of 2-7 people who wants to spend some private time together away from home. You can rent the whole villa for your family so that no one can disturb you in that special moment. It is also located on the Crete Island on Kalyves Bay. The villa has bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen and all are made in European style to give the tourists some touch of the European culture. There are private pools for each villa and free Wi-Fi facility to offer the guests their own personal moments. The villa is surrounded by sand and beautiful blue water of Kalyves Bay where you and your kids can have some fun time. There are restaurants surrounding the villa where you can get some Cretan style food.

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1 Aegean Plaza Hotel

Photo via www.aegeanplaza.gr
Photo via www.aegeanplaza.gr

Lastly there is No-1 in Our Frecked list a Plaza hotel which provides you a look of a Santorini which are found in the Cyclades island groups. The specialty of this hotel is that it is situated on the black sand beaches of Kamari Beach. The hotel provides a modern look with a central pool area where one can go and relax. There are all kinds of rooms available from small to large families. There are swimming pools, Jacuzzis, Greek style restaurants and American style breakfast available for the guests.

So now you don’t need to search much for beautiful resorts if you are playing a holiday in Greece. These lists of name will help you find some of the best resorts in Greece where you can enjoy the clear blue water of the sea.


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