10 Most Beautiful Canal Cities in the World

There are many cities in this whole world which are tagged as the most beautiful cities, but these canal cities are in an altogether different league. They are drop dead gorgeous. The extensive canals in these cities make them stand out in the crowd. The locals feel blessed that they stay here, while the tourists across the world come and enjoy amidst the beauty of these canal cities. Presenting to you, the 10 most beautiful canal cities in the world.

10 Most Beautiful Canal Cities in the World

10 Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China


Photo credit by www.china.org.cn

The historic city of China is immensely beautiful. The biggest attractions of this city are the canals and beautiful gardens, a few of which are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city has fifteen small canals and is located near the Grand Canal. This canal is about 1200 mile long and is the longest man made canal in the world. The Grand Canal was built from 518 to 618. This historic city is a great introduction to the old culture and architecture of China.

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9 Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium

Also known as the “Venice of North”, Bruges is a mediaval town located in Belgium. UNESCO has designated this place as a World Heritage Site. The beautiful canals in this town cross all the major parts of the town. The chain of canals in Bruges is known as ‘Bruges Egg’. The city is beautiful. The best way to have a look at the old and rich place is to hop in a boat which will take you across the city. It just takes 30 minutes to go around the city and soak in the beauty all around.

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8 Cape Coral, Florida, U.S

Photo credit by jeremysposato.com

Cape Coral is situated in Florida in the United States of America. The city is famous for its waterfront which is around 400 mile long. The man- made canals were dug in 1970s. The water in this canal is enough for the purpose of irrigation and this system also safeguards Cape Coral from floods. There are many saltwater as well as freshwater lakes in this city.

7 Annecy, France

Annecy, France

Photo credit by www.blendspace.com

This city is charming and drop dead gorgeous. It is flooded with stunning views as far as your eyes can see. Also called as the Venice of the Alps, Annecy is situated in France’s Haute-Savoie region. This classic French city is located at the shore of one of the cleanest lakes in the whole world, the Annecy Lake.

The city harbor is lined up by many famous eateries that serve the most delicious and finger- licking delicacies. One thing that grab the eyeballs is the Canal du Thiou. Do not go back without paying a visit to Palais de l’Isle, that was constructed in the 12th century.

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6 Birmingham , England

One of the places the Prime Minister of Barbados may visit in central Birmingham. Pix Bould story Dolan.
Photo credit by www.dailymail.co.uk

The 2nd most populous city of England is a home to about 1.9 million peoples. Going by the overall length, Birmingham has more canals than Venice. Talking about the history, the canals were made to serve the industrial purpose of the city. They were used to transport goods across the city and also to other towns.

The first canal was dug in the year 1769. It connected Birmingham to Wednesbury town. During the 18th century, Birmingham had 174 miles of canals. But, today only 100 miles of canals that are navigable, are left in this city. The canals now remain crowded with tourists. The cruises through the canals take you to the picturesque city.

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5 Alleppey, Kerala, India

Alleppey, Kerala, India

Photo credit by www.tripadvisor.in

Situated in Kerela, a southern state of India, Alleppey is proud of this country. There are scenic views spread all across the city. It is also called as the  ‘Venice of East’. The city houses an extensive network of lakes, lagoons and rivers. The magnificent Kerela backwaters contain about 1,500 km long network of lakes, canals and rivers. The Vembanad backwater is the most popular among them. This is also the largest lake in Kerela with a surface area of about 2033 sq. kilometers.
In order to enjoy the beauty of this city, you can take a ride in speedboats or houseboats. The cruise through the canals will give you a closer look of the breathtakingly views of the city.

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4 Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Photo credit by www.touropia.com

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. The city is built on fourteen islands in the Lake Malaren. The enormous Stockholm archipelago connects this city to the Baltic Sea in the east. It connects as many as 30,000 large as well as small islands and flaunts the title of the largest archipelago in Sweden.
If you want to go around the city, boating is the best option. You can also try fishing and swimming in the crystal clear deep blue water of the city. Stockholm is also on e of the greenest cities in the whole world. It has twelve large beautiful parks and is also popular for recycling processes.

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3 St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia

Photo credit by www.thirdyearabroad.com

It is the 2nd largest city in Russia. The beautiful and intricate network of canals connects River Neva to the Baltic Sea. Going through the beautiful canals is the best way to have a look at the bygone era of Russia. This expedition will take you around the magnificent palaces, grand mansions, museums and churches across the city. Do not miss to visit the Moyka Canal. The biggest highlight us the White Night Festival, which is held every summer to celebrate shopping and music.

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2 Giethoorn, Netherland

Giethoorn, Netherland

Photo credit by www.bunchofbackpackers.com

This little village is breathtakingly beautiful. Situated at the Overijssel province of Netherlands, Giethoorn is separated by many canals that are connected via small bridges. Also known as the ‘Venice of the Netherlands’, this little village has more than one hundred and eighty bridges. The village is totally car- free, you can go around sailing or cycling. Going across the village via noise- free boats and cruises is an amazing experience. The noise- free boats of this village are called as ‘whisper boats’.

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1 Venice, Italy


Photo credit by beautifulplacestovisit.com

This beautiful canal deserves to be on number one spot. The city is gorgeous and is made up of one hundred and eighteen islands. The islands are connected via bridges. There are as many as 170 canals and 400- foot bridges n Venice. The city is very popular among the tourists. The city receives around 50, 000 visitors per day. It is also the largest car- free place in Europe. The transportation across the city takes place through rowing boats or gondolas. Venice has more than 350 gondolas. The largest canal is the Grand Canal which is about 3,800 meter long.

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