10 Most Hardest Languages to Learn For English Speakers

Learning a new language and to speak it with fluency as well as with proper grammar is not always easy, it is very easy to say a word of different language, its comparatively tough to frame some sentences but it’s very tough to write essays on that. Especially speakers who are comfortable or have their mother tongue as English only, it’s even more tough for them to learn a language which used different accent, different alphabets than Roman, different grammar structure. In short we would like to say that the most difficult language to learn for an English speaker would be a language which supports different sets of alphabets, different type of grammar and the ways to frame a sentence. If any English speaker managed to learn a language of such type then its kudos to them.

If one wants to learn a new language and is an English speaker, his attraction would be towards the language which used same set of grammar, alphabets, and same writing format as English, but if s/he challenges himself to go out of the box and make themselves learn a language which is not even close to English formats, then we must say he might have faced a lot of difficulty. Below are 10 languages which are hardest to be learnt by English speakers.

10 Most Hardest Languages to Learn For English Speakers

10 Polish

polish sighn

ja słyszeć już. ty dostać mieć nowy praca.
(I hear already. you get have new job)

Polish sign (Photo credit: www.disability.uw.edu.pl)
Polish is a language that consist more exceptions than rules. Every new usage seems to be a mistake in Polish grammar but actually it’s another way to write it and hence is said to be an exception. If anyone needs to be fluent in it s/he needs to practice it regularly and note the exception or have knowledge about the new usage.

Polish is still easy to learn because it has familiar Roman alphabets, but it has 7 cases which is not easy to understand and also is not the way language is used always, that is, there are some other ways too in which polish language is used but all they say is that it’s another kind of an exception, this all could seem tough but it is still less mind boggling than the above ones

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9 Estonian


Estonian grammar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The rigid case system of Estonian language makes it tougher to learn as it consists of 14 cases which is no less than a challenge to understand and implement, also the exceptions, grammar and rules makes Estonian a hard language for English speakers to have command on.

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