10 Popular German Car Companies

German automobile companies are well known for designing some brilliant automobiles. These brands entertain a history of creating some high-end vehicles with amazing looks and more amazing performance. These brands are based on the principle of ‘function over farm’. This is the reason why the German cars are preferred over many other automobile brands of the world.

They are high as to quality as well as functionality. Thus, all these reasons together make these German car companies as the leader of the production of automobiles in the world. Their annual output touches a whopping amount of 6 million. Following are the ten most popular German car companies of the world.

10 Gumpert:

Car Companies
Gumpert – via carlogos.org

Gumpert is considered as one of the most popular German brands of the world. Today, this brand has renamed itself as the Apollo Automobil. This supercar company is headquartered in Altenburg. The founder of this brand is Ronald Gumpert who also once helps the eminent position of the director of Audi Sport.

This brand was founded in the year 2004 and is still working in full-fledged today. This active manufacturer of automobiles has successfully built its empire in the shortest period of time. This brand has made a number of cars of different kinds that have also marked a number of appearances in the Top Gear. Gumpert cars are good as to their looks as well as performance.

9 Isdera:


Isdera is one of the oldest car manufacturing brands of Germany. This brand of automobiles is headquartered in Hilfesheim, Germany and it still happens to be one of the most popular German brands of car production in the world. The founder or parent company of Isdera is Eberhard Schulz. This brand is officially known by the name of ‘Ingenieurburo fur Styling, Design und Racing’.

One interesting thing about this brand is that Isdera is one of the oldest German car companies that were owned privately. This brand mainly lays down its focus on the production of the sports car and are designed and manufactured by a small and a skilful team of craftsmen. Isdera was founded in the year 1969 and is still working in full swing in the production of some of the superior cars of the world. One very interesting thing about the cars produced by this brand is that one of these vehicles have marked their appearance in a very famous video game called ‘Need for Speed II’ that was released in the year 1997.

8 Bitter Cars:

Bitter Cars
Bitter Cars

Erich Bitter Automobil GmbH, popularly known as the Bitter Cars are considered as one of the most popular German brands of automobiles of the world. This brand manufactures high-quality sports-luxury automobiles that are superior as to both- appearance as well as performance.

Presently headquartered in Schwelm, this automobile brand established itself in the German markets in the year 1971 and is still considered as a top-notch brand. Interestingly, the founder of this automobile brand is a former racing driver turned automobile importer, Erich Bitter. The Bitter cars are luxurious and sporty. Although their popularity throughout the world are not very similar to those of other German automobile brands, yet this brand still stands out to be one famous brand of automobiles that has its roots in Germany.

7 Alpina:


This automobile company is based in Buchloe in the district of Bavaria, German and is considered as one of the best German automobile brands of the world. Interestingly, Alpine works very closely with the giant BMW and all their processes are very much integrated with the production lines of BMW.

This brand is considered as one of the oldest brands of Germany since it was founded in the year 1965. Alpina has been recognized as an automobile manufacturer that is in contrast with the other performance giants that are aftermarket tuners by the Ministry of Transport of Germany. Since it has been given a well recognition by the Ministry of Transportation of Germany, this brand delivers a superior performance. Alpina was founded by BurkardBovensiepen. The activeness of this brand hasn’t faded and therefore it is still working with its parent, BMW for the manufacture of its own cars.

6 Adam Opel AG:

Adam Opel AG
Adam Opel AG

This German brand is based in Russelsheim, Hesse in Germany. Adam Opel AG is a popular German automobile brand which also happens to be a subsidiary of the General Motors Company. This company is not only limited to the production of the cars. On the contrary it works right from the beginning – from its design, engineering, and manufacturing to its distribution. This brand also produces various kinds of passenger vehicles as well as light commercial vehicles.

The vehicle parts produced by this company are distributed in the regions like Asia, Europe, Africa as well as South America. The vehicles designed by this brand are also sold under the brand named Buick in the US, China, Mexico and Canada; Holden in Australia and New Zealand as well as brand named Vauxhall in the UK. This brand is considered as one of the oldest brands of automobiles of Germany and finds its inception in the year 1862.

5 Porsche:


Almost everyone is acquainted with this brand that produces numerous luxury cars. This brand is considered as one of the most high-end brands of the world and is a global name today. Porsche also happens to be one of the oldest brands of automobiles that find their inception in Germany. Porsche, the high-end luxury automobile company was established in the year 1931 and its popularity is still left untouched.

The headquarters of this brand are located in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany. This luxurious brand of automobiles was founded by Ferdinand Porsche and that’s where the name of this brand has been extracted from. Despite of being one of the oldest brands of automobiles of Germany, Porsche is equally active today and produces various good looking car that are not only superior as to their looks, but performance as well. This brand mainly specializes in producing super cars, hyper cards, sports cars, sedans as well as SUVs. Some of the most amazing and popular models of this brand include the Cayenne, 918, Macan, Panamera, Boxter and Cayman.

4 Volkswagen:


Volkswagen is considered as one of the oldest car producing brands of Germany. At the same time, this brand is one of the most popular German automobile brands of the world. Headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany, this company producing automobiles that fit every budget. The parent company of this brand happens to be the same as that of Porsche (Ferdinand Porsche). Earlier, Volkswagen produced the cars that were entirely luxurious in nature.

The budget of these cars were so high that only one German could afford them out of 50 other Germans. However, the scenario is changed today and this brand has availed its cars in every budget. Volkswagen today is considered as the car of the people. The popularity of this brand is not only limited to its native country, but this brand is equally very famous in the whole world. Today, this brand happens to be a model of success. It has successfully managed to acquire the brands like Skoda, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, SEAT, Bugatti as well as Lamborghini.

3 BMW:


BMW is considered as one of the oldest brands of Germany that produces various high-end automobiles of the world. Established in the year 1916, BMW is currently headquartered in Munich, Bavaria. The founder of this classy brand is Franz Josef Popp. BMW stands for BayerischeMotorenWerke.

This brand mainly works on its engine and produces numerous cars that deliver the most brilliant performance. It puts a lot of efforts into the quality as well as looks and therefore turns itself into an epitome of excellence. Different styles of cars produced by BMW include sports cars, luxury cars, passenger cars, pickup trucks as well as SUVs. The most famous as well as top-end models of this brand include BMW-X vehicles.

2 Mercedes Benz:

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz defines class, elegance and luxury. This brand is considered as the second most popular German automobile brands of the world. This brand was established in the year 1926 and is presently headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany.

The founders of this brand Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler have gifted the world with this classy automobile brand that has existed in the automobile market for more than a century and has successfully sustained its position and popularity today. Mercedes Benz is known in the automobile industry for the production of limousines that are elegant, high-end and super classy. All the automobiles produced by this brand are a blend of beauty and performance. Mercedes Benz C-class, S-class as well as limousine cars are the most famous automobiles in the market today.

1 Audi:


Audi happens to be the oldest automobile brand of the world which finds its inception in the year 1909. At the same time, this brand is considered as the most popular German automobile brand of the world. Headquartered in Inglostadt, Germany, Audi was founded by August Horch.

This brand produces, designs, engineers and distributes its cars at its best. The sales of the cars of this high-end brand have never fallen on a lower scale. In fact, they keep on growing with every new release of the car. The sales of Audi increased by 8.3 percent in the year 2013. The major areas where the sales of this car are carried out in full swing are Africa, Eastern Europe as well as Middle East. Every model of Audi exhibits panache.

10 Popular German Car Companies

Sr No. Names
1 Audi
2 Mercedes Benz
4 Volkswagen
5 Porsche
6 Adam Opel AG
7 Alpina
8 Bitter Cars
9 Isdera
10 Gumpert

These German brands are considered as the most popular automobile makers of the world. They speak luxury and deliver high performance anywhere and everywhere.



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