10 Most Scariest Places in the World

10 Most Scariest and Haunted Places in the World

Fear – almost everyone wants to run away from this word. Fear is natural. There are certain fears and phobias in the nature and life of a person. The fear of failing, the fear of not living to somebody’s expectations, the fear of failures – all these could be normal. However, what falls on the spookier side is the fear of ghost and spirits. Ghosts do exist. This land is full of the places where one may experience various strange and deadening encounters.

These places are much more strange and adventurous than any landscape of aliens. Following are the ten scariest places on the earth. We recommend you to go at your own risk.this are our frecked 10 Most Scariest Places in the world.

10  Pluckley, Kent

10 Most Scariest Places in the World--Pluckley Ghost
St. Nicholas Church in Pluckley, Kent

This place is a small village located in Britain and is among the scariest places of the earth. Pluckley is located very close to Ashford in Kent. A number of stories are entertained by the people of this village. It is also said that during the night various ghosts keep on wandering in this area and give rise to unwanted nuisance.

According to the locals from nearby colonies, these ghosts shout in loud and mourning voices which is very unpleasant to the ears. They cry loudly in different parts of the night. Considering these stories, the government has limited this area from the reach of the tourists. Heedless of this, the adventurous ghost-hunters keep on visiting the Pluckely village to expose and learn about the facts.

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9 Riddle House, Florida

Riddle House, Florid
Riddle House, Florid—Photo via flickr.com

One of the spookiest place that has garnered a lot of attention even from the media is the Riddle House. Located in the Palm Beach Country in Florida, the Riddle House is one of the scariest places on the earth. In fact, to know more about the ghostly facts, the famous Ghost Adventures team has traveled to this place. The construction of this home was made in the year 1920 when it was owned by Mr. Karl Riddle. It is said that Mr. Riddle along with Joseph, his employee committed self killing in this home.

Thus, their souls are said to be wandering here and there in the house. Various commercial ghost tours are carried out at this place where the guides tell the stories of all the paranormal activities experienced by them in the building. The truth behind the mysterious death of the master and the employee hasn’t been revealed yet. The furniture of the house is scary as well.

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8 Bell Witch Cave

Bell Witch Cave
Bell Witch Cave—-Photo via historytrekkershoppe.com

This place is very dark and black. It is said that a person namely John Bell was killed along with his family at this place. Thus, the spirits of this cave are notorious and they keep on torturing all the youngsters and people of the nearby colonies. Because of the fear of the ghosts, the people have started to build their accommodation miles away from this scary and dark cave.

This cave is full of negative ambience. According to the visitors, even the small pieces of rocks of this cave are cursed and therefore they are not allowed to carry any residue of the cave along with them. Various technological tools have tried to capture the strange happenings and paranormal activities carried out in this cave, but all in vain. This cave is dreadful as hell.

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7 Moundsville, West Virginia

Moundsville, West Virginia—Photo via en.wikipedia.org

Another scary place existing on the planet earth that would fox all the fear out of you is Moundsville. Located in West Virginia, this place entertain a history for 120 years now. During then, it was used as a land to captivate all the violent criminals of that time. The criminals captivated were put without any food, water or facilities for a plain purpose of teaching them a lesson.

The interiors of this building were scary as it is and a number of criminals lost their lives because of that fearful vibe. The spirit of those notorious criminals would wander here and there in the building. The prison was closed in the year 1995 when it was found that these spirits have started haunting the surroundings. Strange voices of crying are encountered here.

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6 Stull Cemetery

StullCemetery–Photo via supernatural.wikia.com

This one is the spookiest cemetery ever known and is considered as one of the most fearful places of the earth. The Stull Cemetery is a small town located in Bumfuck. An abandoned church is located next to this cemetery that if seen would surely give you chills. This place is a home for a number of strange tales and paranormal activities. Activities like witchcraft, supernatural activities and ghosts keep on surrounding this place. It is believed that twenty people used to reside in this town in the 20th century. The duo of father and the son lost their lives in an accident and were buried in the farm field.

The mystery behind their death has never been solved. Some believed it was just an accident while to others it was due to the some ghostly activity. This place remains the most fearful place of the US since then.

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5 The Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation

This place is considered as the ghostly inhabitant. This place of the USA is considered as one of the most dreadful places of the country. According to some people, this place was built on the burial ground and since that period it had become a deadly point. It is also said that around ten murders have taken place here that makes this place all the more spooky.

The ghosts of the Myrtles Plantation kill the children and the ladies and they go away. According to a few visitors a woman with long tresses wanders in the streets in the dark nights. Not only this, the body of this woman is also seen hanged with the trees. While others say that this woman also gets alive as a normal human being. Considering these facts, this place has been closed for the outsiders.

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4 Helltown

Haunted Road : Helltown

Helltown is located in Ohio in the Northern Summit Colony. The locals of this area associate it with various hauntings and Satanists. In the early 70s, the houses located here were torn town to take a form of an amusement park. There are dark wooden landscapes in this town that look scary as hell. According to the locals, the spirits of the people whose houses were torn down keep on wandering in this town.

This town is certainly not fit for the tourists or visitors to visit. There is a room for the ghost-hunters who visit here and try to expose the hidden secrets. A number of ghost-hunters have already lost their lives during their stay in this dreadful town.

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3 The Island of the dolls, Mexico

The Island of the dolls, Mexico
The Island of the dolls, Mexico: Photo via en.turizmglobal.com

The creator of the dolls wouldn’t in his wildest of dreams have thought the dolls to be scary and fearful. Located in the south canals of Mexico, the Island of the Dolls is the spookiest place and is the home of hundreds of mutilated and terrifying dolls. The trees of the forest here are originated with the heads of the dolls.

This spooky phenomenon has now become a natural process here. It is believed that a little girl lost her life in this island and her dead body was found in the canal located nearby. Thus, it is her soul that creates these doll heads naturally from the trees. No wonder, this place is one of the most dreadful places of the world.

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2 Shades of Death Road

Shades of Death Road
Shades of Death Road—Photo via silentthrill.wordpress.com

Located in New Jersey, in the United States, the Shades of Death Road is considered as one of the scariest places on the earth. This road entertains a number of mysteries that haven’t been solved as of now.

According to some of the visitors, they saw various white and black and spirits wandering in and close to the road. Also according to some of the theories the murdered highway men would kill the passersby on the roads especially the passengers who cross the road in the dead of the night. Another place, Ghost Lake is located off the road which is also considered as a place full of activities.

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1 Gettysburg Battlefield

Hampton Battery F Monument, Gettysburg Battlefield

This place is considered as the scariest place. This battlefield was once a site of the battle of Civil War. A number of warriors were killed here. According to a study, over fifty thousand soldiers lost their lives during the bloodshed that took place here. The Devil’s Den situated nearby the field was a place where the dead bodies of these soldiers were buried. It is believed that the spirits of these soldiers still cry and mourn over the war-history. Being a site of one of the bloodiest civil war, this place is considered as the scariest place on the earth. The ghostly history keeps on haunting this place every now and then. The visitors have complained a number of paranormal activities carried out here.

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10 Most Scariest Places in the World

Sr No. 10 Most Scariest Places
1 Gettysburg Battlefield
2 Shades of Death Road
3 The Island of the dolls, Mexico
4 Helltown
5 The Myrtles Plantation
6 Stull Cemetery
7 Moundsville, West Virginia
8 Bell Witch Cave
9 Riddle House, Florida
10 Pluckley, Kent

These places are scary as well and they will surely extract the hell out of you. Some of these places are abandoned while the other places are open to the public in fractions. These places certainly make us realize that the spirit and the ghosts do exist. The paranormal activities of these places will surely give you chills. These places are surely not worth a visit for all the faint-hearted folks.



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