10 Things You Can Do To Enjoy Liechtenstein

The Liechtenstein is a state between Austria and Switzerland. It is one of the favorite destinations of tourist in Europe. The Liechtenstein is having one of the best environment, good tax laws, marvelous hillsides with beautiful forest cover. It has an 160 square kilometers area and population is around 37,000.

Schaan is the largest town in Liechtenstein and Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein. It has one of the lowest unemployment rate in the world which is around 1.5 %. There are many small farms and land under cultivation found here. There are many small farms and land under cultivation found here.

10 Things You Can Do To Enjoy Liechtenstein

10  Winter Fun in Malbun

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Malbun is a famous place in Liechtenstein to have fun in winter, there are many nice resorts here. Malbun is located in Liechtenstein’s Alpine, which is above 1600 meters of sea level. Winter sports is one of the exciting thing done here.  In Saminatal Valley one can enjoy the beautiful snow conditions here. Apart from that there are many formations of slopes and ski lifts here. Superb terrains of all abilities are maintained for skiers, there are three lifts build which can carry skiers up to 2000 meters of height.
There are even some exciting offers given to the kids like beginners programs for skiers. For its nice facilities and friendly activities, Malbun has even received the Swiss Tourist Board award. Really, Malbun is really worth visiting place in winter.

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9 Country Castles: Schellenberg

Country Castles Schellenberg
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Schellenberg is a location where you can find one of the oldest castles. The bigger castle was built in  1200, the Upper Castle known as Obere Burg t and it has a mediaeval castle type look. The smaller castle was built in 1250, the Lower castle (Untere Burg). These both of the castle went into poor condition in the 16th century.  There is another castle which at a little far distance was built in 12th century, that castle is Schalan Castle, which is also known as Wildschloss.
Lords of southern Germany owned these amazing Schellenberg castles.These castles looks very beautiful from both inside and outside. The people visiting this castle are really stunned by this beautiful and artistic view.

8 The Towns of Nendeln and Eschen

The Towns of Nendeln and Eschen
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The Nendeln and Eschen towns are beautiful places in Liechtenstein. In 1836, Roman Villa had led to the foundations of Nendeln and it has old craft workshop there. The main attraction of the tourists here is glazing area, clean room, old-style stoves and stoneware cutlery. The tourist are really attracted by the great art and like to visit this place every year.
Eschen is particularly small area with the area around 10.3 sq.km.  Eschen was used to display amazing Holy Cross Chapel and to show the beautiful local art. There marvelous scenarios in the surrounding areas of Eschen.

7 Schaan and the Liechtenstein Festival

Schaan and the Liechtenstein Festival
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Schaan is a city very near from Vaduz . This town is well known for the Roman fort foundation. Schaan is one of the old town. There are many DoMus center with beautiful art and is having a local history. Even one can find a Typewriter Museum and coppersmith’s workshop. Schaan has many well-marked trails of small and big difficulty. Maria zum Trost is also located here which is a pilgrimage church since 18th century.
Liechtenstein festival, is a celebration of food, music and entertainment. Liechtenstein festival is celebrated here with a great enthusiasm. This festival is always attended by some stars every year. Drinks and food are available with great enthusiasm. Even the small and big performances given are center of attraction.

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6 Triesenberg’s Culinary Delights

Triesenberg's Culinary Delights
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Triesenberg’s is very near from Vaduz, it is located very beautifully in the alpine valley. Here one can easily find gorgeous vistas from the village’s small inns and cute chalets. Triesenberger Wochen a food festival is held in the October month of each year. In the Walser region, the hotels provide traditional Various guests are invited in the Triesenberg’s to enjoy the regional cooking in the Triesenberg’.
Restaurants like Edelweiss, Guflina, Kainer and Kulm  serves very delightful dishes .

The delicious dishes consists of ‘Öpfelchüachli’ (apple-flavoured doughnuts)  and pasta-like ‘Chääschnöpfli’. Autumn is the best season to visit Triesenberg. The atmosphere here is really pleasant and calm. This place is really one of the must visit destination here.

5 Hiking the Historical Eschnerberg Trail

Hiking the Historical Eschnerberg Trail
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This Historical Eschnerberg Trail was made between 1972 and 1975. The Historical Eschnerberg Trail which is around 15 kilometer long connects the towns of Scellenberg and Bendern. The Eschnerberg Trail is main attraction of hikers as they enjoy the Ratikon massif, adventurous view of Rhine Valley and Alvier chain of mountains. Hikers are very excited to visit this place. The wooded slopes, attractive valleys and  mountain peaks are attracting the hikers from all over the world. The charming setting of villages and towns, with great alpine settings has made this place a very adventurous and beautiful place.
There has been a prehistoric settlement of Malanser and Lutzengütle here, this is the main highlight of fun trail. The surrounding Mountain View and Rhine view are very spectacular. Apart from that there are many scenic views of mountains of Three Sisters (Drei Schwestern).  The Princes’ Way Hike is one of the popular trail.

4 Gutenberg Castle

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Gutenberg Castle lies to the south of Liechtenstein and Balzers village is below it. The hill on which the Gutenberg Castle is located is about 70-meter- high, this hill is very old. Visitors visit the castle from nearby villages. The existence of the castle hill is been traced since Neolithic Period. Several Archeological facts have been uncovered which includes Mars von Gutenberg figurine. The Gutenberg Castle has rose garden and chapel, there are even cultural events and there is lot of fun along with theatrical performances and concerts.
Gutenberg is well preserved and survived till present as compared with the other castles. Gutenberg Castle can be easily visited as a museum by general public.

The castle is easily accessible by road and street as I is on the hill. This place is really an amazing place to visit. Tourist from all around the world never misses this Castle.

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3 Liechtenstein National Museum

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Liechtenstein National Museum is one of the superb place to visit in Liechtenstein .  It is situated in Vaduz. The museum was built in 1438. It was a custom house, the seat of the government and a princely tavern. In 1998-2008, the work of renovation of building was carried out. This happens to be one of the most visited places by tourists.
The place displays good religious art and weapons, with country’s history and prehistory. There are 42 exhibit rooms and three buildings. This is one of the most searched place across the world. People are really delighted by watching its beauty.

2 State of the Art: Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

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Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is situated in Vaduz. It shows many beautiful modern artwork. He collection includes things from 19th century, which includes works and sculptures collection since 19th century.  The Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein are having great work like Arte Povera. Te Museum of Modern Art and Kunstmuseum St.Gallen together acquired of Cologne-based Rolf Ricke. The exhibitions include Otto Freundlich, Leiko Ikemura, Gary Kuehn, Gottfried Honegger collections.
The Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein  of state from contemporary and modern art. The building of Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein by Christian Kerez, Heinrich Degelo and morger  was completed in November 2000.  In this way, the beautiful  State of the Art: Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein has been very famous acroos the world.

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1 Liechtenstein’s Capital City: Vaduz

Liechtenstein's Capital City Vaduz
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Vaduz is the capital city of Liechtenstein. It is one of the beautiful site to see in Liechtenstein and in the world.  Vaduz is the rarest capital of any country, as it does not have any railway station or airport. The Schaan–Vaduz station is around 2 kilometers from the city of Schaan. The places like Neo-Gothic parish church and Town Hall which were built around 1873 can be easily seen from here. Vaduz castle is also one of the center of attraction in this place.
This beautiful Vaduz castle can be easily seen from outside, but viewing this castle form inside is not allowed to general public. This place is one of the best places to visit in Liechtenstein, with its adventurous and beautiful scenario. This is one of the most visited places by tourists in Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein is always been a tourist destination marvelous trails, beautiful mountain settings, winter and ski activities, great castles and exciting museums.


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