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    Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017

    Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017

    Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017

    YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms for a number of budding talents today. This internet platform has provided an opportunity to all those interested people to showcase their talent in the form of videos. The YouTube culture is hence taking everyone by storm. A number of people are striving towards creating their own respective channels and posting different kinds of videos on to them. The story doesn’t end here. These people have become overnight celebrities and are earning huge money out of their talent of making videos on different topics.

    YouTubers in India are very active these days. You subscribe to their channel, hit like on their videos and enjoy their amazing video clips made on one topic or the other. These Indian YouTubers are earning pretty good out of their channels. Here is the list of top ten Indian YouTubers of India.

    10 Vikram Yadav:

    Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017
    Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017-Photo via ENSblog.com

    He was studying medicine in the year 2007 and suddenly a wonderful idea came to his recognition. Vikram Yadav would often make the use of internet as well as other online forums I order to seek answer and understand medical issues from all the global experts. Thus, after gaining a lot of knowledge, this man successfully created a channel for himself and to educate all other aspiring medical students.

    Today, Vikram Yadav has made a number of videos on this platform which are related to operations and surgeries and which contains all the ways and means in regard to the conduct of surgical students. Nobody had thought that this platform could be used for this purpose, but the intellect of Vikram did. Today, he is considered as the tenth best Indian YouTuber. He has followers from all rounds of world.

    9 Ranjit Kumar:

    Ranjit Kumar-Photo via junglidonkey.com

    Want to know about the latest phone in the market? Want to know about the latest technical upgrade in your phone? Planning to buy a new phone and cannot decide for yourself? Geekyranjit is all set to help you out. Ranjit Kumar with a YouTube channel called Geekyranjit gives the answer of all your technical problems and questions. Thus, from a small smartphone to some of the most technically advanced electronic devices – you can know about anything and everything you want.

    This man reviews all kinds of technology-oriented products so that you could know in and out about all of them. Whether it is a headphone or any newly introduced technical device – Ranjit is happy to help. He has 864,690 subscribers and is considered as the ninth best Indian YouTuber.

    8 Kanan Gill:

    Most popular top 10 youtubers in India
    Most popular top 10 youtubers in India

    YouTube is the best place for entertainment especially if you are searching for someone or a channel the videos of which always put you in splits. One such perfect stand-up comedian who is considered as the eighth best YouTuber in India is Kanan Gill. This stand-up comedian is highly talented and is sure likely to make you roll on the floor. He is majorly famous for reviewing all the Bollywood movies in his own comic skill and style.

    Kanan has the perfect timing and he is the best in the business. Earlier serving as an engineer, he soon discovered his passion in stand-up comedy and joined YouTube in the year 2008. Since then he has successfully entertained 458,538 subscribers.

    7 Actor Varun Pruthi:

    Actor Varun PruthiPhoto via youtube

    He has defined the concept of a YouTube channel in his own inspirational way and is considered as the seventh top YouTuber from India. Actor Varun Pruthi is known for making social experiment, motivational as well as inspirational videos of YouTube. If you ever visit his channel, the videos that he creates are mostly about helping the weaker section of society, especially the senior citizens as well as the kids and thus, motivating all of us to do the same.

    Thus, Varun Pruthi brings all the suffering faced by these poor people into light and motivates us that serving mankind is equal to serving God. All his philanthropic deeds make him one of the topmost YouTubers from India. Currently, he entertains 836,808 subscribers on his channel.

    6 Sanam Puri:

    Photo via youtube

    His charming looks, amazing appearance and a breathtaking voice will surely make any girl go gaga about him. Sanam Puri is an Indian singer who leads Sanam, a pop band based in Mumbai and his channel Sanam is considered as the sixth best YouTube channel in India. A college dropout Sanam, has always been passionate about singing and making music. Interestingly, he doesn’t entertain any kind of formal training.

    Today, he happens to be one of the most sought-after YouTubers in India whenever the regard of Indian music scene on YouTube is taken into consideration. He joined this circle in the year 2012 and since then he has entertained a huge fan-base. His subscribers have reached a total of 2,084,326 along with 391,621,179 views.

    5 Shruti Arjun Anand:

    Photo via ThatSoWittyShruti Arjun Anand youtubers-

    If the regard of fashion and beauty is taken into consideration, this name must not be forgotten for Shruti Arjun Anand happens to be the fifth topmost YouTuber from India. This lady started posting video about fashion and beauty on her channel when she was in the US. She would upload a weekly video involving fashion along with various beauty and skin tips.

    Thus, if you are looking for any kind of suggestions as to your skin, makeup and hair – forget not to subscribe to her channel. She is a highly talented woman who has gathered around 724,754 subscribers on her channel along with 136,263,735 views.

    4 Sanjay Thumma:

    If you are into cooking and wish to explore a variety of delectable recipes, don’t forget to hit like on his video and subscribe on to his channel. Sanjay Thumma, a professional chef happens to be the fourth best Indian YouTuber who posts videos about cooking and the like. His channel is called Vah-Chef and he also has a running website.

    What’s interesting about his recipes is that all of them are purely vegetarian in nature. Thus, the next time you are inviting all your vegetarian friends for lunch or dinner, do not forget to explore a number of scrumptious dishes suggested by Sanjay Thumma. His channel has 1,119,508 subscribers.

    3 Nisha Madhulika:

    Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017
    Photo via SocialSamosa.com

    Another chef on the list the channel of whose is considered as the top third channel of YouTube India is Nisha Madhulika. The most impressive thing about her videos is that all her cooking manners are very simple and could be followed by almost everyone at home. She started blogging in the year 2007 and later created her own YouTube channel.

    Today, she entertains a team of five members who also help her out during her cooking videos. Her recipes are not just easy, but very scrumptious as well. Today, she entertains a huge number of subscribers extending up to 1,705,765.

    2 Tanmay Bhat:

    Tanmay Bhat-Photo via morningcable.com

    Who doesn’t know All India Bakchod? The co-founder of AIB, Tanmay Bhat is considered as the second best Indian YouTuber of the country today. In fact, he also sees himself in the list of the richest Indian millionaires in the present times. Tanmay Bhat has become a celebrity today. His work is very popular among the youth, however the same has become a matter of controversy time and again.

    He along with his team of AIB keeps posting funny videos on YouTube. AIB has also collaborated with a number of celebrities in its videos. His channel makes sketches, podcasts, web shows as well as other things as to their entertainment of the pupils. Today, AIB has 1,876,404 subscribers.

    1 Bhuvan Bam:

    Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017
    Bhuvan Bam-Photo via Dailymotion

    Who doesn’t know about BB ki vines? In fact, the same has become the topmost YouTube channel in India today, thereby making this name a celebrity in the present world. Bhuvan is mostly famous for all his 18 plus comedy videos. From the script to the characters involved, everything about BB ki vines has taken everyone by storm, thereby leaving everybody in splits. Today, BB ki vines has become the fastest growing channel on YouTube India.

    His fans belong to not just India, but Pakistan as well. Bhuvan started off his journey in the year 2015 and since then his subscribers have reached to a total of 1,721,080 along with 46,596,685 views. He posts some of the funniest and satirical videos that are funny to the extent that they could make almost anyone and everyone laugh out loud. His channel BB ki vines is about BB and some of the funniest incidents that keep happening around him as well as his family. Interestingly, all the characters of his videos are portrayed by Bhuvan himself in different disguises which make these clips funnier and more enjoyable. He is undoubtedly the best in the business.


    Now that you are well-versed with these YouTubers and their channels, which channel have you planned to subscribe to?

    Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017

    1. Bhuvan Bam
    2. Tanmay Bhat
    3. Nisha Madhulika
    4. Sanjay Thumma
    5. Shruti Arjun Anand
    6. Sanam Puri
    7. Actor Varun Pruthi
    8. Kanan Gill
    9. Ranjit Kumar
    10. Vikram Yadav



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    Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide

    Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide

    Nothing beats the fun of playing an android game on your android phone and enjoying it endlessly for hours. Your phone thus becomes your gaming pad and you get to enjoy a variety of android games. This technical advancement is certainly a boon for all the gamers who would otherwise visit a gaming parlor to enjoy their favorite games. Today, gaming on mobile has become the most convenient option for all of us. Whether it is killing our boredom or distressing ourselves, these android games are helping us every time.

    As a result, a number of games are there to entertain us. Some of these games are free of cost while others demand a little of cash to enjoy them. Today, a number of successful android games have been released on the android phones and they are getting a lot of attention. Want to know the best android games that the gamers of the world enjoy the most?

    Here are the top ten android games worldwide 2017:


    10 Teen Patti Gold:

    Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide
    Teen Patti Gold-Photo via http://teenpattigold.com/i

    This is the best card game to play on all your android phones. This game is also known as flush or flash and is considered to be the tenth best android game in the recent time. To put it simply, this game is nothing but the easiest version of Poker and could be played easily even by a naïve. Teen Patti Gold origins from India and have easy rules to follow.

    The game involves betting and it is played legally in some of the countries. The entire setup is that of a real casino thing along with a number of impressive visuals and technical features. This game serves as the best choice for all the card game lovers.

    9 NBA2K17:

    Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide
    Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide-Photo via youtube

    Now you can actually play and enjoy basketball on your mobile phones. Thanks to android, NBA2K17 is considered as the ninth best android game in the recent time. This game comprises of everything that you would want to see. This one is a first-rate mobile basketball game which has everything that would surely make you feel as if you are playing basketball in real.

    The game comprises of some expanded gameplay features as well as physical controller support that makes it much more entertaining and easier to play. There are several modes in the game such as MyCareer mode, Off Day Simulator as well as EuroLeague feature.

    8 Game of War: Fire Age

    Game of War Fire Age-Photo via Game of War Fire Age Wiki – Wikia

    This game was launched in the year 2013 and is considered to be the eighth most amazing game available on android. The amazing multiplayer game is free of cost and this is what makes all the gamers drool over this game. Published by the famous Machine Zone, a lot of preparations and campaigning were carried out to launch this game and as a result it was launched pretty successfully.

    The concept of the game includes a war in between the player and the environment in the ambience of a fire age. The players can also battle against the players. The graphics of this game are spellbinding and you will surely love it as you start proceeding towards different stages.

    7 Critical Ops:

    Critical Ops-Photo via youtube

    This amazing game is considered as the seventh best game available for all the android users. Critical Ops is the newer generation of the ever existing first person shooters and it is considered as one of the best games in its respective genre. As soon as this game proceeds to different levels, it keeps on getting more thrilling and exciting.

    The online multiplayer feature of this game lets you play this game with all your friends and to further compete with them as well. Not only this, you can also create a community and can play against other. The updated quality of the game, graphics and sound system everything in this game is worth admiring.

    6 Clash of Kings:

    Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide
    clashofkings-Photo via gamer-evolution.com

    Clash of Kings is referred to as the sixth best game available on android in the present time. In fact, this game is considered to be one of the most popular games of the present era which includes all the fun, thrill as well as excitement. The raging attackers, the troops and the war – everything about this game is highly exciting.

    The best concept of this game is that it doesn’t include any kind of loss of gain effort for hit or the run resources. Thus, you can also enjoy an interesting fight game without paying any charge. All the features included in this game are promising and the entire graphical setup of this game is a thumbs up.

    5 Castle Clash Age of Legends:

    Castle Clash Age of Legends-Photo via juragan online – blogger

    This amazing game is considered as the fifth most amazing game for all the android users in the present times. A lot of people and gaming buffs consider this game as the best strategy game that they have played so far. The craze of this game is so popular among the people that more than 100 million downloads of this game have already been done.

    A number of people claim that this game is the most addictive game and as you start playing it, you keep on getting addicted towards the same. This game is an amazing blend of fast paced strategy as well as excellent combat along with classic marathon proportions. This game is highly thrilling, realistic as well as a game of fast paced battles.

    4 Clash Royale:

    Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide
    Clash Royale-Photo via feelinstrangelyfine.com

    The best free mobile strategy android video game which happens to be the fourth best game for all the android users is Clash Royale. This game has been developed and published by the famous Supercell and combines everything at one place, thereby creating a paradise for all the gamers. This game happens to be a perfect blend of collectively card games, multiplayer online arena as well as a tower defense.

    There are different levels under which you can indulge in a lot of fun and excitement. The agenda of this game is nothing but destroying the opponent’s tower as much as one could. As a player, there are a number of perks available in the game such as upgrading the power, donating the cards and increasing the same and much more. This game is highly indulging.

    3 Candy Crush Saga:

    Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide
    Photo via GameRevolution

    The entire world swoons over this game. Candy Crush Saga is considered as the third best android game available for all the android users. You must have often seen a lot of Candy Crush suggestions on your Facebook handle. Thus, this clearly depicts the popularity of this game on a global level. The android version of this game is however more promising than its Facebook version.

    This game comprises of different candies as well as different colors and your target in the game is nothing but matching these candies into a particular format. However, you must escape from the one dangerous candy that acts as a bomb. This candy destroyed your eight candies and is a threat to your entire arrangement. Play this game and you will surely get addicted to it.

    2 Temple Run 2:

    Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide
    Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide-Photo via Temple Run 2

    The sequel of the famous Temple Run, Temple Run 2 is considered as the second most amazing game for all the android users out there. This game was released in the year 2013 and since then it is running endless on a number of mobile phones. This game is also considered to be the most downloaded game for it is a game full of fun, thrill as well as excitement.

    Published and developed by the famous Imangi Studios, this game has everything that will keep thrilling your nerves. Also, the new version of this game comes with a lot of difficult challenges including mine tracks, jets on fire, sharp turns, waterfalls and much more to look for.

    1 Subway Surfer:

    Subway Surfer Photo via youtube

    This is the best game for all the android users. This game is interesting, playable and highly addictive. Subway Surfer is considered as the best game in the present times. This game is interesting and highly indulging. In fact, Subway Surfer is also considered as the most downloaded game. This game is developed by Kiloo, SYBO games as well as a private company situated in Denmark. Apart from Android, the makers have also availed this phone on Windows, Kindle and iOS as well.

    So far, this game has been updated for quite a time and has proven to be an amazing game that is well equipped with a number of amazing features as well as graphics. The major objective of this game includes collecting the coins in order to win rewards. At every stage of the game, it keeps on becoming all the more interesting and amusing. Being a game lover, you must start playing this game right away.


    Which is your favorite game, eh?

    Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide

    1. Subway Surfer
    2. Temple Run 2
    3. Candy Crush Saga
    4. Clash Royale
    5. Castle Clash Age of Legends
    6. Clash of Kings
    7. Critical Ops
    8. Game of War: Fire Age
    9. NBA2K17
    10. Teen Patti Gold


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    Top 10 Largest Car Insurance Companies of the US

    You buy an extravagant car from all your life’s savings. You go on a long drive with your loved ones and suddenly your car gets hit by a tree or another car, or something else. Luckily, nobody is injured. But hey! Your car does. This is where a decent car insurance plays a very important role in protecting your car at its best. It is therefore very important for you to get your car insured with the best of the insurance service that could provide you all kinds of insurance services that you have been looking for so long.

    America is well-surrounded with some of the most amazing insurance companies. These insurance companies serve their clients at their best. Not only this, they also tend to add two-thirds of the total market share in the country. These companies know how to keep all their clients happy and they put their best effort forward in doing the same. You can get almost all kinds of services at these insurance companies of America. There are policies, car insurance comparison tool, quotes from multiple companies and many others.

    Here is a list of top ten best car insurance companies of the United States of America.


    10 Erie Insurance:

    Top 10 Largest Car Insurance Companies of the US
    Top 10 Largest Car Insurance Companies of the US-Photo via Erie Insurance

    The Erie Insurance auto insurance service of the country is considered to be the tenth best car insurance service of America. If you are a resident of Midwest, Mid-Atlantic or the southern regions of the country, this insurance service is the best thing that you have always been looking for. Though the availability of this insurance service is restricted, however it is still considered to be one of the most preferable insurance services of the country.

    This insurance service has received a huge admiration from Consumer Reports as well as J.D. Power. Whenever it comes to choosing a great commercial auto insurance service, this name comes ahead of a number of other services dealing in the same field. The entire service covers road service, lawyer fees as well as loss of earnings. Thus, what else would one ask for? There are a number of coverage options to choose from and they also include money towards the rental cars after crash, etc.

    9 Progressive:

    Top 10 Largest Car Insurance Companies of the US
    Top 10 Largest Car Insurance Companies of the US-Photo via www.insunl.com

    This insurance service for cars is considered to be the ninth best insurance service of cars that stretches to the whole of the United States. The variety of discounts and exclusive coverage that this company provides you are not provided by any other company. Thus, this is what makes this company much more sought-after company whenever it comes to choosing a wise car insurance service.

    This company provides you discounts for a number of events, from sharing your monthly bill with it to seeking a discount for choosing an anti-theft device – Progressive has it all. The most important and interesting thing of all is that this company also offers you a pet injury coverage. Thus, even if your pooch is hurt, you must not worry yourself for the company covers all kinds of expenses involved to treat him. This insurance company is highly recommended if you are looking for something which is reliable and satisfying.

    8 Travelers:

    Photo via The Car Database – remkvartir

    Travelers is considered as the eighth best car insurance company whenever it comes to insuring your car or other automobile at the best. This company has become a high profile company over the time and is counted among some of the best names whenever the regard of elite car insurance companies is taken into consideration. Also, this company is one of the oldest car insurance companies that has been working in the filed since the year 1864. Alongside, this company is also considered as the sixth largest home-owners insurance carrier.

    The company also offers you a website using which you can seek insurance and can avail a number of services using a single click. Like other companies, Travelers, too, keeps on offering huge discounts to all its clients from time to time. Today, an insurance coverage of around 13,000 agents is covered by this company. The company has received good reviews from the public as well as J.D. Power, time and again.

    7 Nationwide:

    Photo via www.sunderlandinsurance.info

    Nationwide is considered as the seventh best car insurance company of the States. The best thing about this insurance company is that the insurance provided by this company is not just limited to the cars, but covers to all kinds of auto insurance, home insurance, theft insurance, pet insurance and a number of other services that a person generally looks for. Thus, this company is a one-stop shop for one and all.

    You can take advantage of a number of policies here and this is the reason this company is considered as one of the most preferable insurance companies by a number of people. This company releases a number of discounts on a timely basis and therefore you can make the most out of everything that this company provides.

    6 State Farm:

    Photo via www.sunderlandinsurance.info

    State Farm is considered as the sixth best insurance company whenever it comes to insuring your car and other automobiles. This company was founded in the year 1922 and today it is one of the most successful insurance companies which gets best reviews from the critics as well as a huge customer satisfaction. The best thing about this company is that it offers individual services as well apart from offering physical offices for the people to reach.

    The best thing about this company is its brick-and-mortar stores as well as agents. It also has a mobile app and the people are making the most out of it. State Farms keep on introducing different kinds of discounts on different events to keep all its clients engaged in its services. Their agents are well-trained and their services are simply awesome.

    5 Farmers:

    Top 10 Largest Car Insurance Companies of the US
    Top 10 Largest Car Insurance Companies of the US

    With an 85 years old experience, Farmers is referred to as the fifth best car insurance company working in the United States of America. The entire working of this insurance company is more than simple and better. It provides a number of coverage in its insurance policy and helps its clients throughout its serving term. This insurance service also includes a number of additional features for auto insurance policy. There are a number of additional choices.

    The optional add-ons include small-claim forgiveness, accident forgiveness, new car replacements and many others. This insurance company offers an array of discounts that are open to a variety of professionals including accountants, teachers, doctors, lawyer, architects, engineers, pilots, scientists, police officers and firefighters. The company has received a huge admiration and customer satisfaction as reviewed by the J.D. Power.

    4 Auto-Owners Insurance:

    Auto-Owners Insurance-Photo via MNChoiceInsurance

    Considered as the fourth best car insurance company of the States, Auto-Owners Insurance is something that you must look up to if you are looking forward to going for a service that is hassle-free. This company has been awarded as the best car insurance company for a number of times. From its services to the overall customer satisfaction – everything about this car insurance company is simple a-one.

    Working in the field since the year 1916, this company knows all the needs of all its customers and this is the reason why this company has made all its services more than flexible over the time. Today, the company entertains 6,300 independent agents who are reachable at your single call.

    3 USAA:

    Top 10 Largest Car Insurance Companies of the US
    Top 10 Largest Car Insurance Companies of the US-Photo via myInsuranceShark

    USAA is considered as the third best car insurance company serving in the States. A number of surveys consider it as the best car insurance company that knows how to keep its customers happy and when. The overall satisfaction that this company has received from all its customers has always been 5/5. It offers a high quality service to every aspect that it touches.

    The only setback about this company is that it offers all its services to the members or former members of the military of the United States. Thus, if you don’t belong to this category, you cannot avail the advantages and the services provided by this insurance company at all.

    2 Geico:

    Top 10 Largest Car Insurance Companies of the US-Photo via specialolympicsga.org

    Geico is considered as the second best car insurance company of the United States. This car insurance company is the perfect choice for all those people who look forward to managing their account online over in-person. This insurance company offers lowest prices on all kinds of auto insurance which makes it all the more popular among the people.

    It covers a wide array of policies that include mechanical breakdown, rental reimbursement as well as emergency roadside assistance on the occurrence of any kind of emergency. This company has received an overall customer satisfaction as well as some of the most amazing ratings by J.D. Power.

    1 Liberty Mutual Insurance:

    Liberty Mutual Insurance is considered as the best car insurance company of America. Founded in the year 1912, the company has insured more than 1.5 million vehicles yearly and comes to the top whenever the regard of customer ratings and overall customer satisfaction is taken under consideration.

    This company has been ranked as the topmost car insurance company for a number of times and covers a number of other policies also whenever it comes to insuring your automobiles. It also offers new car replacement, better car replacement as well as deductible fund. Another pro about this insurance company is its 24-hour claims service.


    Which car insurance service are you opting for to insure your car?

    Top 10 Largest Car Insurance Companies of the US


    1. Liberty Mutual Insurance
    2. Geico
    3. USAA
    4. Auto-Owners Insurance
    5. Farmers
    6. State Farm
    7. Nationwide
    8. Travelers
    9. Progressive
    10. Erie Insurance




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    Top 10 Richest Celebrities in India

    Salman Khan

    The celebrities in India are treated and touted as one of the most high-profile citizens of the country. Their craze in the country is even more than that of businessmen, politicians, etc. These celebrities are the renowned actors and actresses of Bollywood, famous sportsmen who have represented the country internationally and many others. These celebrities have a huge fan-following and are considered to be the gods and goddesses by their fans.

    Apart from entertaining a huge fan following, these celebrities also make the highest profits and money. The overall assets and belongings that these celebrities have are making them grow richer by each passing day. They are earning in millions and billions and are considered as the richest celebrities of the country.

    Following are considered to be the top ten richest celebrities of India who are baffling the people by their huge income.

    10 Hrithik Roshan:

    Richest Celebrities in India
    Hrithik Roshan

    The Greek God of Bollywood, Mr. Hrithik Roshan is referred to as the tenth richest celebrity of the country. The total earning of this actor for 2017 include a massive sum of Rs.74.5 crores which is certainly huge. This Indian actor is striving towards earning more and more with each passing day by endorsing a number of national as well as international brands.

    Also considered as the superhero of Bollywood, Hrithik’s career graph is increasing day by day. Ever since his debut, he has given a number of super hits such as Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Koi Mil Gaya, Krish, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and many others. This handsome actor is known for his versatility as well as amazing dancing skills.

    9  Deepika Padukone:

    Deepika Padukone
    Deepika Padukone

    The only female celebrity who is considered to be the ninth richest celebrity of the country is Deepika Padukone. This model-turned actress has become a dream for a number of fans and entertains a huge earning of Rs.59 crores for a year. She endorses a number of brands, both national as well as international. Not only has Deepika won millions of hearts in Bollywood, but has become a popular celebrity in Hollywood as well.

    Her recent Hollywood release XXX: the return of Xander Cage earned fairly well on the box-office. Deepika has won a number of prestigious awards out of her performances. Her role of Mastaani in the movie Bajirao-Mastaani is considered her best role so far. This pretty lady is a beautiful actress and is also known for her amazing fashion sense. She has signed endorsement deals with a number of big names such as Tissot, Vogue Eyewear, Pepsi, Maybelline, Garnier and many others.

    8  Sachin Tendulkar:

    Sachin Tendulkar
    Sachin Tendulkar

    The God of cricket, Mr. Sachin Tendulkar is considered to be the eighth richest celebrity of the country in the present time. The total earnings of this numero uno cricketer in the year 2017 extends up to more than Rs.60 crores. Besides, a number of endorsements and various events add more to his existing earnings and make him the richest cricketer of the country.

    Undoubtedly, his batting skills need no introduction. Although he took a retirement from the International cricket a few years ago, yet nothing stops him from being the most undisputed cricketer of the international cricket. Sachin holds a number of records and this master-blaster is certainly the master of the entire cricket world. Recently, Sachin also launched his clothing line by collaborating with Arvind textiles.

    7  Virat Kohli:

    Virat Kohli
    Virat Kohli

    Another cricketer on the list, Virat Kohli is referred to as the seventh richest celebrity of the country at present. Among all the cricketers, he is considered to be one of the highest paid cricketers of the country. Currently, he is considered as the backbone of the country. In fact, a lot of people and cricket experts consider this cricketer as the future Sachin Tendulkar for the team. He is successfully breaking the records made by the master-blaster.

    Talking about the earnings of Virat, his earnings for the current year extend up to Rs.134.44 crore which is certainly a massive sum of money. Apart from faring well in cricket, Kohli is often seen on the television screen endorsing a number of brands for one product or the other. He is also seen appearing in a number of public events.

    6  Akshay Kumar:

    Akshay Kumar
    Akshay Kumar

    The Khiladi of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar is considered as the sixth richest celebrity of India at present. Almost everyone is acquainted with the acting skills of this versatile actor who has experimented with every genre and proved himself as one of the most successful actors in the industry of Bollywood. In fact, in the recent years, Akshay Kumar has given a number of hits back to back. The total earnings of Khiladi Kumar in the recent year reaches up to a sum of Rs.127.83 crores.

    In the recent years, Akshay has become one of the most popular actors of Bollywood. Not only this, he has become the first choice of a number of A-list directors as well. Not only Akshay is a fine actor, but is also considered as a social-worker who keeps on working for the society in one way or the other. Akshay is also considered as one of the highest tax-payer actor of Bollywood. Thus, all these factors make him a good citizen of the country alongside a talented actor.

    5  Aamir Khan:

    Aamir Khan
    Aamir Khan

    Mr. Perfectionist, Mr. Aamir Khan is considered as the fifth richest celebrity of India in the present time. Thus, apart from being the best actor of Bollywood, he also happens to be one of the richest celebrities of the country. His total earnings for the year extend up to a huge sum of Rs.104.25 crores which is absolutely massive. This brilliant actor, producer as well as director has never disappointed his fans in terms of his performance.

    The recently released Dangal itself speaks about the perfection that this actor puts in to win the hearts of all his fans. Not only is this movie one of the highest-grossing movies in the country, but the same has released in China as well and today the total earnings of this movie have crossed the sum of Rs.300 crores. He owns a beautiful Rolls Royce Ghost, one of the most expensive cars.

    4  M.S. Dhoni:

    M.S. Dhoni
    M.S. Dhoni

    Our favorite Mahi is considered to be the fourth richest celebrity in the country in the present times. The total earnings of Dhoni for the recent year has reached up to a massive amount of Rs.119.33 crores and this also makes him one of the richest cricketers of the country. In fact, in the preceding year, Dhoni was tagged as the 23rd highest paid athlete of the world, being the lone cricketer to get featured on the list.

    The recently released biopic on Dhoni has made him all the more popular among all the movie buffs as well as in the advertisement area. Thus, he is endorsing a number of brands back to back and is often seen speaking about the product on the television.

    3 Amitabh Bachchan:

    Amitabh Bachchan
    Amitabh Bachchan

    The total earnings of Mr. Bachhan for the recent year is Rs.112 crores and this is what makes him the third richest celebrity of the country in the present time. The net worth of this Bollywood celebrity certainly goes beyond counting. This actor doesn’t need any kind of recognition since he has left a huge impact on the film industry and he is considered as the Shehenshah of Bollywood.

    This seasoned actor of Bollywood is considered as the most celebrated actor of the film industry who has won 14 filmfare awards as well as 4 national awards. The fame that Mr. Bachhan entertains can never be put into a few words. He is also a brand ambassador of a number of national and international brands.

    2  Salman Khan:

    Salman Khan
    Salman Khan

    The Bhaijaan of Bollywood, Salman Khan is considered to be the second richest celebrity of the country in the recent time. The total earnings of Salman in the preceding year has successfully reached to a massive sum of Rs.202.75 crores. His recent hits have made him all the more popular among all his fans.

    The popularity of Salman is not just restricted to movies, but television as well. He happens to be the highest paid celebrity on television for his show Bigg Boss. Most of his movies successfully reach the 100 crore club and all these factors collectively make him the second richest celebrity.

    1  Shahrukh Khan:

    Shahrukh Khan
    Shahrukh Khan

    With a total earning of Rs.257.5 crores for the year, the Baadhshah of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan happens to be the richest celebrity of the country in the recent times. SRK is the most popular and seasoned actor of the Indian film industry and his fan-following is not just restricted to the boundaries of India, but extend to a global scale.

    Ever since the beginning of his career, he has given hundreds of successful hits and has also won a numerous of awards. Whether it is his plush accommodation or his collection of some of the most expensive cars of the world, King Khan owns it all.

    Who is your favorite?

    Top 10 Richest Celebrities in India

    1. Shahrukh Khan
    2. Salman Khan
    3. Amitabh Bachhan
    4. MS Dhoni
    5. Aamir Khan
    6. Akshay Kumar
    7. Virat Kohli
    8. Sachin Tendulkar
    9. Deepika Padukone
    10. Hrithik Roshan
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    Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

    Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

    Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

    The universe is full of some of the most intriguing happenings all around it. These mysteries are sometimes solvable whereas sometimes even the hardest of research involving science cannot solve them. Some call it ignorance, for some these are the secrets whereas some consider them as sheer mysteries. These mysteries are unsolved and will remain unsolved no matter how hard people try to solve them.

    Some of these are baffling, some of these are highly intriguing while the others are surely ready to give you chills. Much of the hard work has already been done by plethora of scientists, discoverers, historians, archaeologists, but all in vain. Want to know what these mysteries are all about?

    Here are the top ten unsolved mysteries that happened around the world so far.


    10 Grooved Spheres

    Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World
    Photo via The Argumentative Archaeologist

    The mystery of grooved spheres is counted among the most baffling cases of unsolved mysteries and the research will surely baffle you. A rock named Precambrian is located in South Africa. This rock is 2.8 billion years old. When the minors were digging this rock to discover what’s inside, they came across a number of metal spheres.

    These spheres were mysterious in terms of their very appearance. They are 1 inch as to their diameter and comprised of three different parallel grooves that were etched around the equator. All these spheres were entirely different from one-another. A number of researches have already been done on them, but all in vain.

    9 Amazon Rings

    Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World
    Brazilian amazon rings-Photo via ancient-origins.net

    Another series of ring-shaped ditches are still found throughout the areas of Brazilian Amazon that have remained the question of mystery among the locals and researchers. Even the archaeologists have no clue what these rings are all about. A lot of people suggest that they might be served as burial grounds while to others they are nothing but a form of defense.

    However, nobody has come to any kind of conclusion regarding this particular mystery. Another contention of the people is that they are nothing but the marks left by the UFOs which once landed there before the overall growth of the forests.

    8 Nazca Lines

    Nazca Lines–Photo via Can of Mystery – blogger

    The Nazca lines are nothing but a series of gigantic drawings on the floor of the desert plateau of the province of Nazca in Peru. What makes these drawings mysterious is that no wind happens to blow in this particular region and even if the same blows the strength of the same is not huge enough to create any kind of figures on the sand.

    A number of people believe the myth that it were the members of the Nazca culture who would create these drawings and figures just to entertain themselves and practice their concerned arts. Some of these are straight lines while others are figures of various animals such as monkeys, llamas, birds as well as fishes. Some believe that this is nothing but religious belief. However, nothing has been settled down so far.

    7 The people of Sentinelese tribe

    Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World
    Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World-Photo via youtbe

    Referred to as the most isolated tribe located on planet earth, this tribe is certainly very strange and unusual. The people inhabit in the jungles of North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean and these people are considered to be living in that region for a period of 60,000 years now. What makes this tribe more strange is that they have refused to communicate with every aspect of the western world which would want to reach out to them. Also, they are believed to kill people who try to get too close to them.

    These people speak a very unusual and unclassified language. They also happen to drive away all kinds of research teams that try to reach them. They do it by using their arrows and spears. This tribe comprises of more than 500 people. What is more baffling about this tribe is that they successfully managed to survive the disrupting tsunami of the year 2004 which wrecked each piece of the Andaman.

    6 Mary Celeste

    Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World
    Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World-Photo via express.co.uk

    Mary Celeste was a famous ship that was discovered in the year 1872 on the 4th of December. It was discovered in the Atlantic Ocean, however the condition was abandoned. The ship was abandoned in the sea for a month and the same consisted of food that was found preserved for more than six months. Also, the Cargo which would otherwise have been disrupted was found very intact along with the personal belongings of all its passengers as well as crew members.

    Also, no research could trace the crew and the disappearance is also considered as the greatest mystery of all the time. A number of theories have been formed in context with the ship. Some claim that it was any kind of underwater earthquake while to others it was nothing but alcohol vapors. This ship is also referred to as a ghost ship as it has been abandoned without any stark explanation.

    5 Prehistoric Stone Balls

    Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World
    Prehistoric Stone Balls-photo via wikimedia.org

    Another mystery that is unsolved and that has taken the entire world by storm is the mystery of prehistoric stone balls. In the region of Costa Rica, specifically in the jungles, the presence of hundreds of large stone spheres is widespread. What is baffling is that these stone balls are believed to be constructed by the prehistoric humans. The scientists and the archaeologists were unable to find the solution of this mystery. These spheres are 8 feet in terms of their diameter.

    Some studies suggest that they have been for religious purposes, however no solid evidence has confirmed it as of now. Thus, this entire existence of the ball has remained a mystery to the people. Also, how these stones have been moved up the hills is a question of concern.

    4 Michael Rockefeller’s disappearance

    Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World
    Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World-Photo via Reddit

    Michael Rockefeller was the son of the eventual vice president of the US, Nelson Rockefeller. This man disappeared very mysteriously in the year 1961 while he was searching for tribal artworks in the forests of New Guinea. During his expedition, his boat was overturned and he was left offshore along with his partner. He then decided to swim to the mainland in order to get help.

    However, whether he actually made it to the shore or not has always been a mystery to the people. A number of theories are attached to this sudden disappearance of Michael. A lot of people say that he was simply drowned on to the way to mainland. Another notions suggest that Michael successfully made it to the shore, however he was soon murdered and eaten by the Asmat tribe residing there. Soon, an investigation was launched but nothing got settled.

    3 Code of the Zodiac

    Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World
    Code of the Zodiac-photo via nbcbayarea.com

    Code of the Zodiac is considered to be another serious mystery that a number of people were unable to solve. This mystery involved a series of letters called the code of the zodiac which made encrypted messages. According to theories, all these messages were written by a famous killer who terrorized the residents of San Francisco and California during 1960s and 1970s. This killer called Zodiac who was given this name after the letter that he sent to the news redaction.

    The assumptions stated that the news given to the journalists was nothing but a joke played by this killer. A number of researches and another theories were also claimed. However, no conclusion was made in this context. This killer successfully killed seven people. The police failed to reveal his actual identity.

    2 Area 51

    Area 51 File Photos-Photo via Science | HowStuffWorks

    Another mystery that has never been solved even by the smartest of researchers is the mystery behind Area 51. This US military base that is located in the southernmost part of western Nevada has made a number of rounds and speculations for the people for over a number of people. The government of the United States denied any kind of existence of this military base for a long period.

    Thus, this denial on the part of the government of the States made a number of speculations and created a mystery. A number of theories were made as to this hidden thing. Some of these stated the presence of unidentified flying objects, however no mystery was settled. It is believed that the major purpose of this base is nothing but the testing as well as development of weapons and aircrafts. Some theories also claim that this was the place where tests were performed on the alien species.

    1 Red Rain

    Rain Photograph – Red Rain by Sandro Ramani

    The state of Kerala in India received a red downpour in the year 2001 not for a single day but during the entire rainy season from July to September. This rain was not an ordinary kind of rain, but was red in color. It felt like the blood is being poured from the clouds. The whole atmosphere became an awkward situation and a number of theories were made by the researchers.

    Some believed that it was because of the airborne spores while others claimed that the red colored particles were nothing but extraterrestrial cells. Some believed a supernatural existence while to others it was a kind of curse of God. Nothing has been settled down regarding this mystery.

    All these mysteries will certainly baffle your brain. They remain unsolved till today.

    Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

    1. Red rain
    2. Area 51
    3. Code of the Zodiac
    4. Michael Rockefeller’s disappearance
    5. Prehistoric Stoneballs
    6. Mary Celeste
    7. The people of Sentinelese tribe
    8. Nazca lines
    9. Amazon rings
    10. Grooved spheres
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    Top 10 Hottest Female Roadies

    Bani J

    Whenever we talk about reality shows in India, Roadies is the one that lights up almost all the minds out there. This reality show has crossed more than ten successfully seasons and the same is still continuing its legacy to entertain all the audiences. This show has an outstanding craze among all the young guns and the teenagers who cannot help but wait for the weekends only to watch this show. Roadies has always been the talk of the town among all the school and college going girls and guys and many of them have somewhere thought of themselves being a part of this adventurous reality show.

    Roadies has also been very popular among all the girls and guys for yet another reason – the presence of some of the most beautiful and hot women who have never failed to set the standard high out of their hotness, performance and overall appearance. A number of women in Roadies have won hearts of a number of people and they are still being googled by all their fans who just cannot wait to see or hear about them.

    So, who are the top ten hottest female roadies on the show so far? Here is the list!

    10 Geetika Buddhiraja:

    Geetika Buddhiraja
    Geetika Buddhiraja

    Geetika Buddhiraja was seen in Roadies season 10 and she is considered to be the tenth hottest female roadie of all the time. From her audition to her journey in the show, everything about this female has been mesmerizing. She didn’t fail to charm all her viewers with her fashion sense and style. Not only is she beautiful, this lady is bold and confident as well.

    She has been a part of a few tasks and managed to fare well. However, it is her dashing looks that have made her all the more famous among the people. This lady belonged to team Ranvijay and is considered to be one of the hottest roadies of all the time in these entire twelve seasons of the show.

    9 Diyali Chauhan:

    Hottest Female Roadies
    Diyali Chauhan

    Diyali Chauhan, the beautiful lass from Uttar Pradesh is considered as the ninth hottest female roadie of all the time. She auditioned for the show in Delhi and managed to impress the judges during her particular audition. She lit up the entire journey of season 9 with her beautiful looks, amazing level of confidence and a perfect way to carry herself.

    In the show, Diyali was also seen performing a pole-dance which added more to her existing popularity and impressed the youth at large. She appeared to be faring well in all the concerned tasks that she was a part of and successfully left a bold impression on all the viewers. This pretty lady from UP also resemblance the Bollywood diva, Kangana Ranaut.

    8 Ramandeep Kaur Dhillon:

    Ramandeep Kaur Dhillon
    Ramandeep Kaur Dhillon

    Another entry from season 10 of Roadies who has made it on the list of the hottest female roadies ever is Ramandeep Kaur Dhillon. This Punjabi pataka has led everyone on fire. Be it her performance or her beautiful looks, be it her Punjabi accent or her biker jacket – this lady has been the center of the attraction in both the seasons in which she appeared.

    From her audition to her performance in the show, she had nailed almost anything and everything, thereby leaving a bold reminiscence in the minds of people. Her beautiful curls, her personal dressing style and much more makes her the eighth hottest female roadie of all the time. If you look at her keenly, this lass also resembles Kangana Ranaut to an extent.

    7 Aanchal Khurana:

    Aanchal Khurana
    Aanchal Khurana

    He successfully made a beautiful design on her face using a red lipstick in the auditions while talking to the judges. She gave a big competition to all her co-contestants in the eighth season of Roadies and successfully came forth only to be declared the winner of the show. Aanchal Khurana is considered as the seventh hottest female roadie of all the time. This chick from Delhi was bold enough to beat the boys in the show and to make a big name for herself.

    Currently, she is seen on the Indian television portraying different kinds of roles in different shows. Her presence is mesmerizing and her recognition is certainly a must whenever the regard of all the hot female roadies is taken into consideration.

    6 Bobby Chopra:

    Bobby Chopra
    Bobby Chopra

    Delhi girl, Bobby Chopra from the season 6 of the show is considered as the sixth hottest female roadie of all the time. She auditioned in Delhi and successfully left a great impact on the minds of the judges. She was eliminated in the seventh episode of the show, however that didn’t stop her to become one of the hottest females on the show.

    In the show, she was seen hit by Devarishi, however she managed to settle the situation down very tactfully. She was known in the show for her bold attitude as well as her dialogues. She is a pretty face and has been the talk of the town in that particular season of Roadies for sure.

    5 Anmol Singh:

    Anmol Singh
    Anmol Singh

    She auditioned in Delhi and handled the situation of being called as a ‘snob’ like a pro. Anmol Singh is considered to be the fifth hottest female roadie of all the time. Whether it is her style of speaking or her fashionable hairdo; whether it is her dress sense or her overall presence – she has always been super stylish and super confident in whatever she does. She was beaten by Prabhjot in a wildcard.

    This pretty lady was also seen in another MTV show G-talk, along with her co-contestant and best friend, Shambhavi. She was also seen hosting a travel show. Currently, she is settled down happily in abroad.

    4 Roop Bhinder:

    Roop Bhinder
    Roop Bhinder

    This Punjabi beauty auditioned in Delhi auditions of the sixth season of the show and is considered to be the fourth hottest female roadie of all the time. Her beautiful smile and killer features are more than enough to steal someone’s heart for sure. She was seen gelling up pretty well with Bobby Chopra in the show.

    Roop also made a re-entry in another season of the show. Interestingly, she got married to Mohit Saggar from season 8 of the show. These lovebirds got hitched recently and are enjoying this new phase of life with loads of love and galore.

    3 Ankita Sehgal:

    Ankita Sehgal
    Ankita Sehgal

    Blend wildness, boldness and hotness together to describe this wild child who was seen in the season 5 of the show. Also known as Simran, Ankita happens to be the third hottest female contestant of the show. She was auditioned in Delhi where she blew the mind of both the judges with all her boldness when she was asked to hurl them with abuses.

    Ankita was eliminated very early in the show, however she made a comeback in the Bangkok episode and from there onwards she didn’t stop herself from showcasing her spunk. She became immune back to back for a number of times but was soon eliminated. She has been a storm on the show and everything about her – from her fashionable dress sense to her fearless performance is remembered by all the Roadies fans even today.

    2 Bani J:

    Bani J
    Bani J

    Almost everyone is acquainted with this name. This lady who appeared in the fourth season of the show is considered as the second hottest female roadie till date. Her journey on the show has been marvelous. From being termed as a mad kid to making it to the final of the show, Bani J was the most hated but popular contestant on the show.

    After Roadies, she started working as a VJ for MTV and also appeared in another reality show. Co-incidentally, she again made it to the finale of the show, however didn’t win it. She is currently known for her amazing body workout, fitness and of course, her love for tattoos.

    1 Shambhavi Sharma:

    Shambhavi Sharma
    Shambhavi Sharma

    Without any doubt, she is the hottest female roadie who has appeared so far on the show. Shambhavi auditioned in Delhi where she impressed the judges with her amazing dance moves. She had been the most beautiful roadie and played smart in the entire show. Her accident along with Ayaz is something that people won’t forget. Her journey on the show had been amazing where she was also seen linking up with three different guys and playing her game.

    After Roadies, she was appeared in another show of the channel called G-talk. She also did a television show and a regional movie. Currently, she is married to the son of actor Suraj Berry and has settled down happily in Australia.

    These are the hottest female roadies who had set the entire place on fire out of their killer looks, amazing fashion sense and performance as well. Which one is your favorite?

    Top 10 Hottest Female Roadies

    1. Shambhavi Sharma
    2. Bani J
    3. Ankita Sehgal
    4. Roop Bhinder
    5. Anmol Singh
    6. Bobby Chopra
    7. Aanchal Khurana
    8. Ramandeep Kaur Dhillon
    9. Diyali Chauhan
    10. Geetika Buddhiraja
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    Top 10 Most Dangerous Game Animals to Hunt

    African Bush Elephant

    Top 10 Most Dangerous Game Animals to Hunt

    Animals is considered to be one of the most interesting creation of God. Apart from varying in terms of their appearance, they vary in terms of their habits as well. Some of them are domesticated while the other roam freely in the jungles. Various animals from the latter category happen to be the game animals that are hunted by the professional hunters. These professional hunters mostly hunt on these game animals and pursue their hobby and profession of hunting, thereby taking it to another level of excitement, adventure as well as a lot of thrill.

    Professional hunters find hunting on these game animals very risky as well as these animals are not easy to catch nor easy to tame. Thus, even when you plan hunting on them or actually hunt them, they go on becoming very aggressive and furious in nature. These game animals are the deadly animals which come with all kind of defenses when hunted by their intruders or predators. They are large as to their size and have sharp claws and teeth. They hate humans and leave no stone unturned in harming them on the account of being intruded. Following are considered as top ten most dangerous game animals to hunt.

    10 Leopard:

    Leopard – image via wikipedia.org

    We all are well-acquainted with the fact that leopard is considered as the fastest land animal present on the planet. Thus, this fact itself make this animal the tenth most dangerous game animal to hunt. Firstly, you can never catch a leopard so easily for you can never reach the extreme high speeds that a leopard runs with.

    When the regard of hunting this cat is taken into consideration, you must also keep in mind that hunting it may endanger your own existence as leopard is a very shrewd attacker as well. If not death, this animal will sure cause a number of bodily injuries to your body. This is the reason why a number of hunters don’t prefer hunting on this member of cat family.

    9 Grizzly Bear:

    Grizzly Bear - image via wikipedia.org
    Grizzly Bear

    Grizzly bear is considered as the ninth most dangerous game animal to hunt. These bears are popularly known as brown bears and are considered to be extremely protective whenever it comes to their own self as well as their cubs. They are also considered to be very efficient predators and can kill other animals like the back of their hands.

    These bears are very powerful and their attacks are more than fatal to both the animals as well as humans. If attacked, the grizzly bear can cause serious bites as well as injuries on to your bodies. They are very forceful and bulky in terms of their size.

    8 Hippopotamus:

    Hippopotamus image via wikipedia.org

    Hippopotamus or Hippo is considered as the eighth most dangerous game animal to hunt. Hippo is usually considered as the vicious and aggressive man-killer. In fact, a number of surveys have stated that hippos have killed more humans than any other animals in the regions of Africa. Their mood is mostly unpredictable which makes them all the more dangerous.

    These hippos are highly notorious. Sometimes they decide to stand and fight with their attackers while the other times they just decide to play a ‘hide-and-seek’ game with the hunters. The bite of the hippos is considered to be very deadly that if bitten by its enormous teeth, this bite can easily cut you into half.

    7 Rhinoceros:

    Rhinoceros – img via wikipedia.org

    Rhinoceros or Rhino happens to be the seventh most dangerous game animal in the world whenever it comes to hunting. The giant appearance of a rhino itself makes it dangerous for all the hunters to attack and hunt on this animal. This animal is mostly known for its ferocious nature and belligerence. Also, a rhino is very fast and can easily run up to a distance of 30 miles in an hour.

    You cannot attack on a rhino so easily as these animals are considered to be highly protective in nature. A mother rhino is more protective towards all its children and happens to be highly intolerant if a hunter attacks on them. If a rhino ends up attacking a human, it could cause a number of fatal injuries to a human body.

    6 Polar Bear:

    Polar Bear
    Polar Bear img via wikipedia.org

    Although polar bear is not hunted much by the hunters because of the restricted presence of this animal, yet this animal happens to be the sixth most dangerous game animal that any hunter would want to hunt. This king of ice-laden arctic is dangerous whenever it is being hunted. When attacked this bear can become very furious as well as defensive.

    These bears are generally very furious in nature and their giant appearance is enough to threaten the poachers and hunters. They feed on seals, fish and muskox which make them very strong as well. They are often found stealing scraps of food waste and carcasses when their normal diet is not abundant.

    5 Saltwater Crocodile:

    Saltwater Crocodile
    Saltwater Crocodile – img via wikipedia.org

    The saltwater crocodile is considered as the fifth most dangerous game animal which becomes more than furious on being hunted. This animal is considered as the largest reptile in the world and it easily weighs up to 2,200 pounds and over 6 meters as to their length. This reptile is considered to be very aggressive in nature and also happens to be agile at the same time.

    Hunting on the saltwater crocodile is not so easy because this animal can cause fatal injury when being attacked by the human. Thus, it is to be done with extreme care and you must maintain a safe distance if you are looking forward to hunting on this animal. The sharp teeth of a crocodile can cut a human organ into parts.

    4 Cape buffalo:

    Dangerous Animals
    Cape buffalo img via wikipedia.org

    The fourth most dangerous game animal that a human would want to attack is Cape buffalo. In fact, a number of poachers consider this animal as the most dangerous game animal that they would prefer hunting. This animal is known as the Black Death throughout the regions of Africa and it surely justifies the name that has been provided to it.

    The attacking spree of a Cape buffalo is more than dangerous. The most dangerous thing that this animal embraces is its sharply hooked horns. Thus, when attacked, these horns can cause severe injuries to the humans. These buffaloes are not only aggressive, but very speedy in nature as well. Thus, they can run miles with a great speed. Poaching on them must always be done with a due care.

    3 Wild Boar:

    Wild Boar
    Wild Boar img via wikipedia.org

    A wild boar is considered as the third most dangerous game animal on the planet. According to some of the experienced hunters, hunting on wild boar is the most dangerous thing that they would ever come across. The full-sized wild boar when hunted can even lead to fatal injuries and in some of the most extreme cases, even death.

    Wild boars are very active and agile. They are very speedy in nature and comprise of a razor-sharp tusk. Their mind is quick and this factor also makes them the fourth most intelligent species of animals in the world. When they attack the human beings, they can cause severe injuries. Thus, it is always recommended to poach on these animals with extreme care and under the supervision of a well-experienced and a veteran poacher.

    2 Lion:

    Lion via wikipedia.org

    The king of the jungle happens to be the second most dangerous animal to poach. This animal spends most of its time wandering here and there in the jungles and hunting on the animals for food. Lion is a seasoned predator and it can easily kill all the animals that are five times the weight of itself. This animal is a highly fearless animal and therefore justifies the title of being a king of the jungle very well.

    All these characteristics of a lion automatically makes it the second most dangerous game animal to hunt on. In fact, hunting on a lion is not easy at all. If a lion attacks a human, it can cause some of the most severe injuries. Not only this, a lion can even kill a human by biting his neck.

    1 African Bush Elephant:

    African Bush Elephant
    African Bush Elephant via wikipedia.org

    African Bush Elephant beats lion in becoming the most dangerous game animal which is almost impossible to hunt by the poachers. This animal is considered as the largest mammal on the planet and has zero natural predators. The bulky and giant appearance of this animal makes it impossible for all other predators to attack an elephant or to kill him.

    These elephants usually remain calm and docile in the jungles and they do not usually attack on the human beings unless they are being intruded. When attacked, these elephants can become highly defensive in nature and can lead to some of the most fatal injuries. They can break human bones like the back of their hand and can also cause human death.

    These animals are not easy to hunt on. However, if you are trying, you must always be careful while hunting on them.

    Top 10 Most Dangerous Game Animals to Hunt

    1. African Bush Elephant
    2. Lion
    3. Wild Boar
    4. Cape Buffalo
    5. Saltwater Crocodile
    6. Polar Bear
    7. Rhinoceros
    8. Hippopotamus
    9. Grizzly Bear
    10. Leopard
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    Top 10 Best Selling Beard Trimmers to Buy

    Top 10 Best Selling Beard Trimmers to Buy

    Top 10 Best Selling Beard Trimmers to Buy

    Beard has become the latest trend in terms of men’s fashion today. The concept of ‘No Shave November’ isn’t just restricted to the month of November and more and more guys are involving themselves with this hot trend. Beard has a number of styles and these men are certainly not shying away in sporting these styles in every possible form. Thanks to the range of some of the most amazing beard trimmers that these men have started styling their beards using their own hands and now they certainly do not need barbers or any special visit to the salons to get their beards done.

    So what all things you must keep in mind while buying a perfect beard trimmer for yourself? The features like battery life, power, value for the product as well as the practicality that it fetches you are the most important characteristics that you must keep in mind while choosing the best beard trimmer. The markets today are flooded with the best brands of beard trimmers that provide you the best of all the worlds. These trimmers are powerful, good in quality, easy to clean as well as easier in terms of their use.

    Want to know the best beard trimmers for your beard? Following are the top ten beard trimmers that you must plan on buying:

    10 Panasonic ER-GB80

    Top 10 Best Selling Beard Trimmers to Buy
    Top 10 Best Selling Beard Trimmers to Buy-Photo via Panasonic

    Panasonic has always been one of the most reliable brands whenever it comes to choosing electronics as well as grooming products. The Panasonic ER-GB80 is referred to as the tenth best beard trimmer that is available in the markets today. Some of the guys consider this trimmer as the best trimmer as it has everything that they usually look for.

    This trimmer has been designed for your tip-to-toe grooming and hence you can use it to serve other purposes as well. The entire procedure of trimming using this trimmer is more than comfortable. There are three length attachments that provide an extensive personalization to your style and hence you can style your beard up in any manner you want. There are 40 different adjustment settings ranging between 1mm and 20mm. This tool is waterproof, cordless and has an amazing battery life as well.

    9 Remington MB4560

    Remington MB4560–Photo via ebay

    This beard trimmer by Remington is considered as the ninth best beard trimmer that anyone would ever want to buy. The most amazing feature of this trimmer is its amazing touch-screen technology that hasn’t been incorporated in a number of trimmers as of now. You can easily adjust the length ranging from 0.4mm to 1mm using your fingertips.

    The blades of this trimmer have been designed using a titanium coating. There is a lithium powered battery which extends the overall life of this trimmer to an hour. Thus, this kind of trimmer fulfills all your demands and gives you a worthy shaving experience for sure.

    8 Wahl Best Beard Trimmer

    Top 10 Best Selling Beard Trimmers to Buy
    Wahl Best Beard Trimmer–Photo via dirtsac.wordpress.com

    The best beard trimmer by Wahl is considered to be the eighth best beard trimmer in the markets today. Some of the people consider it to be the best trimmer for it is very easy to use and highly efficient tool that fulfills all kinds of beard experiments of a person. The trimmer comprises of a lithium-ion battery which can last up to a period of 157 hours. Thus, this feature makes this trimmer as the longest running trimmer in the market.

    This model bags an excellent stainless-steel body along with blades and therefore comes with impressive looks as well. There are six different adjustable options. Another best thing about this product is that you can easily charge it up using an AC adapter.

    7 Andis 4775 GTX T-Outliner Trimmer

    Top 10 Best Selling Beard Trimmers to Buy
    Andis 4775 GTX T-Outliner Trimmer–Photo via wallmart

    This trimmer by Andis is considered as the seventh best trimmer available in the markets today. So, what makes this trimmer as one superior trimmer? Well, this beard trimmer promises you a salon-like trim, thereby giving you an awesome trimming experience for sure. This professional trimmer is used by a number of professionals at their salons and therefore there is no doubt as to the quality of the product that it guarantees.

    The T-blade with curved edges as well as carbon-steel blades that this trimmer has provide you an ultimate trimming experience without leaving any kinds of irritation, bumps or ingrown hairs on your face. The only drawback about this trimmer is that it doesn’t come with adjustments and therefore works on a single mode only.

    6 Conair Battery-Operated Beard Trimmer

    Top 10 Best Selling Beard Trimmers to Buy
    Conair Battery-Operated Beard Trimmer–Photo via Walmart

    This trimmer by Conair is considered as the sixth best beard trimmer for the men today. This trimmer trims your beard just like the back of your hand, thereby giving you a clean shaving or trimming experience. The powerful stainless steel blades incorporated in this trimmer trim all the hairs properly without causing any kind of irritation.

    This trimmer also comprises of 5-Position adjustable comb along with three jawlines blending combs. The multi-use handle makes this trimmer an easy-to-use product for you. Not only this, you can shave the hairs of your ear and nose as well. It also comprises of cleaning brush, lubricating oil, mustache comb and a storage stand.

    5 Braun BT5070 Beard Trimmer

    Braun BT5070 Beard Trimmer–Photo via Amazon

    The Braun BT5070 Beard Trimmer is referred to as the fifth best beard trimmer available in the markets today. In fact, this particular product by the brand is considered to be the most powerful beard trimmer produced by it. The powerful dual battery system that it features is able to adjust all kinds of tough beard conditions to give you a clean and an even trimming experience.

    There are ultra-sharp stainless steel trimming blades which can trim your beard in the style you want. This trimmer also has an adjustable beard comb which features six different settings and altogether aim to provide you a perfect trimming experience. The product is very easy to use and could be used even on the small hairs of your light stubble. Thus, what else would anyone ask for?

    4 Babyliss Super Stubble

    Top 10 Best Selling Beard Trimmers to Buy
    Babyliss Super Stubble-Photo via Amazon

    The Super Stubble Trimmer by Babyliss is considered to be the fourth best beard trimmer available in the markets today. This one is considered to be one of the most premium models manufactured by the company which comes with a number of amazing features. The most useful feature that this trimmer comprises of is the floating contouring head. This particular feature matches all your facial curves to eventually provide you a comfortable and a perfect trimming experience.

    The trimmer doesn’t cause a number of snags and therefore is very easy to use and handle. Another important and remarkable feature about this trimmer is its amazing battery life. If charged completely, this trimmer can work effectively for a period of 80 minutes. This trimmer also comes with a guarantee extending up to three years which makes it a durable product as well.

    3 Gillette ProGlideStyler

    Gillette ProGlideStyler–Photo via Walmart

    The ProGlideStyler by Gillette is considered to be the third best beard trimmer in the markets today. It comes with 3-in-1 grooming technology and therefore provides you everything that you have been looking for. The product comes with sharp blades that are finely coated to give you a smooth as well as less snaggy cut.

    Another interesting thing about this product is that it has been aided with the Braun technology. Thus, this product gives you the best of both the worlds. Both these technologies pair up to make this product all the more effective as to its use as well as high in terms of its quality. There is a Snowplow Comfort Guard feature to maintain maximum blade contact.

    2 Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade

    Top 10 Best Selling Beard Trimmers to Buy
    Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade–Photo via Amazon

    This beard trimmer is considered as the second best trimmer available in the markets today. This product has been made available worldwide and the sale of this trimmer reaches up to 90 different countries. This beard trimmer comes with an 8-foot cord which makes it distinct from all other trimmers available in the markets.

    The cord feature incorporated in this product gives you a professional salon-like trim and an opportunity to style your beard in a number of ways. This trimmer can also be used to trim your head hair as it cuts the hair very precisely. The powerful and high-speed motor attached to this product makes it a quicker and more powerful beard trimmer.

    1 Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200

    Top 10 Best Selling Beard Trimmers to Buy
    Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200–Photo via Philips

    The best product on the list is the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 which is certainly the best thing that you will find to trim your beard. The unique design, the internal vacuum and an amazing technology promise to give you a clean shaving experience every time you begin to trim with this product.

    There is an integrated vacuum system incorporated in this product that provides you a fine shaving experience cleaning 90 percent of your stray hairs. The amazing lift and trim technology of this product also comes with self-sharpening blades that guarantees you a smooth and a trimmed look even in the bushiest of hairs.

    Now that you are well acquainted with all the best trimmers, it’s your turn to pick the choicest beard trimmer for yourself.

    Top 10 Best Selling Beard Trimmers to Buy

    1. Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200
    2. Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade
    3. Gillette ProGlideStyler
    4. Babyliss Super Stubble
    5. Braun BT5070 Beard Trimmer
    6. Conair Battery-Operated Beard Trimmer
    7. Andis 4775 GTX T-Outliner Trimmer
    8. Wahl Best Beard Trimmer
    9. Remington MB4560
    10. Panasonic ER-GB80





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    Top 10 Most Dangerous Scorpions of the world

    Indian Red Scorpion

    Top 10 Most Dangerous Scorpions of the world

    They may look very tiny, however their sting is considered to be the most dangerous and deadly sting of the world. They are more dangerous and threatening than the spiders. The scorpions are referred to as one of the most dangerous animals of the world. Considered to be the members of arachnid class, the existence of the scorpions on the earth isn’t very new. They are the ancient insects that have been living on the planet for more than 400 million years today.

    Some of these scorpions are tiny in size, while other are very huge and they easily weight up to 2 feet. However, the most common thing among all the species of scorpions is their venom. The venom of the scorpions is considered to be more poisonous than any other sting or venom of an animal. In some cases, their sting can lead you towards death. The following species of scorpions are considered to be the most dangerous scorpions in the world.

    10 Spitting Thicktail Black Scorpion:

    Most Dangerous Scorpions
    Spitting Thicktail Black Scorpion ( img via wikia.com )

    This scorpion is referred to as the tenth most dangerous scorpion on the planet. They are the natives of South Africa and reside in the jungles there. Interestingly, these scorpions also happen to be the largest specie of scorpions in the world and some of them easily measure up to 15 centimeters or 6 inches as to their length. The pincers of these scorpions may look very small. However, they are very powerful. The sting of these scorpions cuts the life out of the people.

    Their spitting thicktail is considered to be the most dangerous thing about them. The dose of sting that these scorpions have is very lethal in nature. These scorpions produce two different kinds of venoms both of which are considered to be equally poisonous. The spitting thicktail of these scorpions can easily spit venom up to a distance of 1 meter.

    9 Yellow Fattail:

    Yellow Fattail
    Yellow Fattail – via alchetron.com

    Yellow Fattail is referred to as the ninth most dangerous scorpions throughout the world. They belong to the group of Androctonusaustralis. These scorpions are known as the man-killers and they do full justice to their name. Their sting is considered to be one of the most dangerous things that could ever happen to the mankind. These scorpions are native to Southeast Asia and North Africa and are found in abundance in the forests there.

    The most dangerous part of their bodies is their tail which is likely to produce all the venom inside them. Their contact with the humans have become very common now and every year a majority of human fall prey to their lethal sting. The sting of these scorpions is considered to be very fast-acting as it reaches in the central nervous system in no time. The same can lead you towards the diseases such as paralysis.

    8 Emperor Scorpion:

    Emperor Scorpion
    Emperor Scorpion img via wikipedia.org

    The Emperor Scorpion is a specie of scorpion that has been termed as the eighth most dangerous scorpion of the world. The Emperor Scorpion is dreadful and very dangerous. This scorpion happens to be a native African scorpion and is found in most of the jungles of Africa. This specie of scorpion is also termed as one of the largest species of scorpions in the world the venom of which will bring you in a lot of pain. However, the venom is still milder than all other species of scorpions.

    These scorpions are long living and they can easily live up to eight long years when compared to other species. The black shiny body and the pincers on this scorpion are easily visible. These scorpions are very lazy and laid back and therefore are not in an aggressive mood every time.

    7 Arizona Bark Scorpion:

    Arizona Bark Scorpion
    Arizona Bark Scorpion via http://www.pest-weed-free.com

    Belonging to the group of Centruroidesexilicauda, the Arizona Bark Scorpion is considered to be the seventh most dangerous specie of scorpions in the world. In fact, they are considered to be the most threatening scorpions in the region of North America. As evident by their name, these scorpions are a native to the deserts of Arizona and are mostly found in the regions of California and Utah. Their sting is very dangerous and their venom is very neurotoxic in nature.

    The pain caused due to the venom of these scorpions is similar to that caused as a result of electric shocks. The more serious cases, the body of a person becomes subject to numbness in the body, diarrhea, severe vomiting and in some cases even death. A lot of people have already fallen prey to their attack. Fortunately, the same has been controlled today.

    6 Arabian Fattailed Scorpion:

    Arabian Fattailed Scorpion
    Arabian Fattailed Scorpion img via haydensanimalfacts.com

    Another fattailed scorpion that is considered to be the sixth most dangerous specie of scorpion in the world is the Arabian Fattailed Scorpion. These scorpions are the native to all the Arabian countries namely Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran as well as a few regions of North Africa. The overall size of these scorpions range up to 3 inches.

    Their daily diet includes the insects such as spiders, small rodents as well as lizards. These scorpions are considered to be very aggressive in terms of their nature and are often in the attacking mode. Their venom is considered to be very fatal. In the most severe cases, their venom can cause death.

    5 Tanzanian Red Claw:


    Tanzanian Red Claw also known as the red claw scorpion is considered to be the fifth most deadly scorpion of the world. This specie of the scorpions is a common name for the Pandinuscavimanus and is considered to be a very deadly specie of scorpions. Although the sting of this scorpion is considered to be similar to that of a bee, the venom that it spreads into your body is very speedy.

    The sting of this scorpion is considered to be very dangerous for the children. Because of the low immune system a majority of children often suffer from a number of allergies out of the bite of this scorpion and in some of the cases they become submissive to death.

    4 Brazilian Yellow Scorpion:

    Brazilian Yellow Scorpion
    Brazilian Yellow Scorpion via .ibtimes.co.uk

    Brazilian Yellow Scorpion are considered to be the fourth most dangerous scorpion of the world. As the name suggests, these scorpions are the native to Brazil. At the same time, they are also found in a majority of other regions of South America. This specie of scorpions is considered to be the most dangerous specie of South America. The sting of this scorpion apart from being fatal, is equally painful.

    The mildest cases where the venom of these scorpions attack the humans include a rapid heartbeat and nausea. But as soon as the poison starts spreading in other parts of the body, the problems such as hyperesthesia begin to develop in the human body and the body becomes very vulnerable and sensitive to even the slightest of touch.

    3 Gormar:

    Gormar via pinterest.com

    Another specie of scorpion that has been termed as the third most dangerous specie of the scorpion is the Gormar. The Gormars are solid black in color and their length extend from 4 to 5 inches in most of the cases. They are a little weighty if compared to other species of scorpions. The dense exoskeleton present on their bodies make them different from all other scorpions.

    So, what makes this scorpion a third deadly scorpion in the world? The sting of the Gormar is considered to be very fatal for the human beings. Their sting is so fatal up to the extent that it can kill a person within a duration of ten minutes. These scorpions are mostly found in the tropical rainforests and the environments which are more jungle-like. They are deadly indeed.

    2 Deathstalker:

    Deathstalker via youtube

    Deathstalker belongs to the family of Leirusquinquestriatus and is considered to be the second most dangerous scorpion throughout the world. When you look at this scorpion, you won’t believe it to be termed as the second most dangerous scorpion as it measure only up to 2.5 inches long. The pincers of this scorpions look puny and are considered to be very toxic for the human beings.

    These scorpions are considered to be the second most dangerous thing happened to the mankind as the attack of these scorpions can cause the death of a human being in no time. Even if a person survives, the overall health of him becomes tainted and he becomes prone to a number of infections and allergies.

    1 Indian Red Scorpion:

    Indian Red Scorpion
    Indian Red Scorpion via pinterest.com

    The most dangerous scorpion in the world is the Indian red scorpion. The red appearance of this scorpion is itself considered as a warning to the mankind. This scorpion is a native to India and is found in abundance in the different regions of India, Sri Lanka, Nepal as well as Pakistan. Measuring up to a length of 4 inches, the sting of this animal can cause death within minutes.

    The sting of this scorpion causes a number of illnesses such as sweating, convulsions, pain, vomiting, etc. and the same attacks the heart and lungs of a person. Thus, at first a person falls prey to these illnesses and ultimately becomes a subject to death.

    These scorpions are deadly. You must stay away from all of them!

    1. Indian Red Scorpion
    2. Deathstalker
    3. Gormar
    4. Brazilian Yellow Scorpion
    5. Tanzandian Red Claw
    6. Arabian Fattailed Scorpion
    7. Arizona Bark Scorpion
    8. Emperor Scorpion
    9. Yellow Fattail
    10. Spitting Thicktail Black Scorpion
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    The 10 Hottest Female Chefs

    The 10 Hottest Female Chefs

    The 10 Hottest Female Chefs

    Culinary skills are certainly god-gifted for not everyone possesses the same. The beautiful artistic hands of the women when blend the ingredients together create some of the most delectable, tasty and orgasmic dishes that could tempt anyone towards them. Moreover, the presentation of the food that these chefs cook adds more to the already existing tempting piece of food. The minds and hands behind these beautiful and delicious food are not just artistic, but beautiful as well. Today, the world is full of some of the most renowned female chefs who have been creating some of the most toothsome dishes for their guests and viewers. These women do not just cook food, but they live food.

    Apart from being so passionate and skilful about their art of cooking, these women are breaking the internet by their good looks as well. Yes, many of them have started their own channels on the television and internet and the audience watching them is certainly going head over heels about their culinary skills at the first place and their gorgeous looks at the second. Usually, gastronomy is referred to be a male-dominating business but these women are making a huge difference both in terms of collecting the viewers towards them and further creating a huge fandom for themselves. These ladies are good looking ladies who are not just confident about their skills of cooking the best of meals, but confident about carrying themselves at their beautiful best.

    Following is the list of the top ten best female chefs who are creating a sensation on the TV screen because of their hot appearance and amazing culinary skills.


    10 Rachael Ray:

    Rachael Ray–Photo via www.rachaelrayshow.com

    In today’s world, Rachael Ray is considered as the tenth hottest female chef of the world. Her culinary skills speak about the beauty of the food along with its rich taste. Certainly, because this is what she cooks. Born and brought up in New York, this lady started off her culinary business after entertaining a few jobs and employment opportunities in the business of nourishment. After collecting some experience, she started off her famous ’30 Minutes Meals’ classes on the television where she could interact with the world on the global platform.

    Since then, she has been appearing in a number of Food Network shows and there is no looking back. She has written a number of cook-books and even introduced her own magazine. She has been awarded with a number of awards ad today she has a huge fan-base for herself. She is a gorgeous woman for sure.

    9 Shelley Hillesheim

    The 10 Hottest Female Chefs
    Shelley Hillesheim–Photo via http://communityexpert.com

    Shelley Hillesheim is considered to be the ninth hottest female chef present in the world today. Her idea of working as a chef is certainly different from all other women chefs for she centers health and fitness on the first place and shares the recipes of the same with her audience so that all her audience could inculcate the same in the daily routine of their fitness and health regimen.

    She founded ‘A Nourished Life’ with a major aim to spread information and awareness about the cooking which is rich and healthy in terms of nutrients. Not to forget, this beautiful chef has been a professional athlete in her hey days and she certainly has the figure to die for.

    8 Dylan Lauren

    The 10 Hottest Female Chefs
    Dylan Lauren–Photo via serendipitysocial.com

    Dylan Lauren, the beautiful daughter of the renowned clothing designer Ralph Lauren is referred to as the eighth hottest female chef of the world. Nobody has ever thought of this beautiful lady to enter in the field and business of gastronomy but she certainly happened to make a difference out of her passion for cooking and presenting it in the most beautiful manner. At present, she is the founder and the owner of the Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York that happens to be the largest candy store of not only the country, but of the entire world.

    Her store sells more than 7,000 differently flavored candies that are diverse from each-other. Coming to the overall appearance of this beautiful lady, Dylan is a highly confident woman who is not just passionate about culinary but possess some of the most gorgeous looks and a real hot body.

    7 Eden Grinshpan

    The 10 Hottest Female Chefs
    Eden Grinshpan–Photo via .fromthegrapevine.com

    Mostly considered as a world traveler, Eden Grinshpan is referred to as the seventh hottest female chef of the world. Her idea of working with food is slightly different from all other women as she keeps traveling and the first place and then syncs her culinary skills with the places where she travels. The global fusion food that she styles and creates is simply mind-boggling.

    She is a graduate from the London’s Le Cordon Bleu and today she has created a successful name for herself in this entire business of gastronomy. She travels the world, she meets locals and discuss about all kinds of food with them so that she could revive the food culture around the world. She is a pretty lady and a beautiful mind.

    6 Padma Lakshmi

    The 10 Hottest Female Chefs
    Photo via NY Daily News

    This multi-talented Indian-born woman is not just the sixth hottest female chef of the world, but also happens to be a cookbook author from America, a TV host, a model as well as producer. Her journey of success has a number of shining stories. She had been awarded with the ‘Best First Book’ award for her book Easy Exotic. She has been the host for a number of reality programs and has received a huge admiration for her overall appearance.

    This dusky beauty is a highly artistic cook and all her cook books have made a successful global choice among all the passionate cooks and chefs. She has been the host of a number of food shows where she appeared at her beautiful best showing her amazing screen appearance, beautiful dusky complexion and a confident smile.

    5 Nadia Giosia

    The 10 Hottest Female Chefs
    Nadia Giosias–Photo via Pinterest

    She is the host of Cooking Channel’s comic drama Bitchin Kitchen and Food Network Canada’s and is currently considered to be the fifth hottest female chef in the business. Her TV shows have been a great success because of which she has created a huge fandom for herself. Her idea of cooking is pretty exclusive and this is what differentiates her from the rest of the chefs.

    This versatile woman is not just a famous cook and a great producer of cooking shows, but a beautiful and a hot personality as well. Her overall appearance on the screen is simply mesmerizing, whether it is her dress sense or a beautiful body language.

    4 Grayson Schmitz

    The 10 Hottest Female Chefs
    Grayson Schmitz–Photo via sheknows

    Her forte of cooking is the Italian as well as French cooking style and she certainly excels in the same. She is considered to be the fourth hottest female chef of the world. A graduate from the Culinary Institute of America, she sought motivation in the different styles of cooking and gradually created a space for herself in the business of cooking and gastronomy.

    She has held some of the most prestigious kitchens of America for more than 15 years where she has created a huge name for herself, experimenting in different food items and sharing the same with all her viewers. She is a highly professional and skilful cook with some of the most gorgeous looks and a beautiful screen appearance.

    3 Chef Jenn

    Chef Jenn–Photo via www.bizjournals.com

    This Argentinian female is considered to be the third hottest female chef of the world. She has created a huge sensation for herself when she appeared on the screen topless while sharing some of her cooking experience. Thus, this hot lady is not just a good chef, but a very bold personality as well.

    She knows how to attract the attention of her audience towards her show and she never fails to justify it every time she makes a screen appearance for herself, whether it is going topless or covering her vital parts with a piece of cloth. She teaches her cooking lessons in Spanish. Today she has gathered a huge fandom for herself throughout the world.

    2 Lanshu Chen

    Lanshu Chen–Photo via www.chinatimes.com

    This beautiful lady from Taiwan is considered to be the second hottest chef of the world. She is seemingly gorgeous and a hot lady who is not just good-looking but a highly talented chef at the same time. She learnt her beautiful cooking and culinary skills from National Taiwan University and later moved to Paris where she took the passion of her cooking to another level of superiority.

    This beautiful lady has worked in a number of renowned restaurants where she imbibed the art of cooking and culinary including meals from all rounds of world as well as pastries and desserts. She has won a number of awards and titles of her culinary and cooking skills.

    1 Catherine McCord

    Photo via Aloha

    Who had thought that she would give up her career of super-modelling to enter into the field and business of cooking? Catherine McCord is referred to as the hottest female chef of the world today. She started off her career as a model when she was 14 years of age. She had been voted as one of the sexiest women of the world by the famous FHM magazine.

    She then turned her world upside down when she quit modelling and started off her business in the field of cooking. Today, she owns a website called Weelicious.com which directs all the busy parents to cook quickly for their little kids. She has been voted among the top bloggers as well.


    Who is your favorite female chef?

    The 10 Hottest Female Chefs

    1. Catherine McCord
    2. Lanshu Chen
    3. Chef Jenn
    4. Grayson Schmitz
    5. Nadia Giosia
    6. Padma Lakshmi
    7. Eden Grinshpan
    8. Dylan Lauren
    9. Shelley Hillesheim
    10. Rachael Ray




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    Top 10 Of The Craziest World Records

    Top 10 Of The Craziest World Records

    We always try to do things which is beyond limits, as we as human, love to try new things, every now and then, whether it is extremely sensible or completely insane. Every year we get to see a new record being set, and some of these records are filled with the weirdest hobbies performed by wackiest people. But such weird hobbies, have won them a title in Guinness World Records.

    This book of records has given us a lot of entertainment, as these record holds of people who have spent a lot of time to make this happen, whether it is craziest or the most exceptional record, they are in this book of record. Even if it is the most outstanding hobby or not, many of us wouldn’t dare to do it, and these people have actually done it. So below is the list of 10 of the craziest world records, which would certainly creep you out:

    10 Longest Fingernails

    Top 10 Of The Craziest World Records
    Top 10 Of The Craziest World Records–Photo via GuinnessWorldRecords.com

    Many of us have difficulty growing our nails, after a certain point of time, we just prefer to cut them, mostly because of hygiene reasons. After a certain time, we tend to have difficulty performing any task, with long nails, and thus will cut them. They are hard to maintain, and would break after some time. But Lee Redmond has made this possible.

    Lee Redmond who is from Spain, had been growing her nails, since 1979, and has the longest nails in the world record. She carefully got her nails manicured so that they don’t break that easily, and that the hygiene is maintained. Her nails, if you see, grow in straight curved manner, as mostly if the nails are that long they curve and curl up.  Her nails were recorded to be of 28 feet 4.5 inches, which is 8.65m, in the year 2008. But in the year 2009, she met with an accident, and lost all of her nails, that she carefully had been growing. Luckily this accident happened after she got it into world record, otherwise her hard work would have been wasted.

    9 Longest Time of Full Body Contact in Snow

    Top 10 Of The Craziest World Records
    Top 10 Of The Craziest World Records–Photo via earthtripper.com

    Well we all know, how terrible winter cold can get, and especially if there is snow. When there is snow, we spend most of our times covered in full length clothes, hats, winter coat, and gloves. Holding snow balls with mere naked hands, it gives us chills, and after some time we can’t hold on to it. Such case is different for Oleksiy Gutsulyak, who is from Ukraine.

    Oleksiy Gutsulyak is known to hold the record of having direct and full body contact in snow, which he accomplished in the year 2013, in City Park of Kolomyia, Ukraine. He achieved such title with stripping down to bare skin, and staying under the snow, that is fully covered with it, for unbelievable 60 minutes and 8 seconds. He got out as it had become too cold after that.

    8 Most Hula-Hoopers in One Spot

    Most Hula-Hoopers in One Spot
    Most Hula-Hoopers in One Spot

    How fun are hula hoops? They are bundle of joy, and its so pleasant to see anyone being able to do it remarkably. Hula Hoops, are certainly the best entertaining activity, especially for children, it is a great way to engage them in their leisure time, which actually could turn out to be their talent. It is not easy to be able to balance hula hoop around your waist and swirl. It requires great amount of balance, strength, endurance, motor coordination, and more.

    Such activity took place in the year 2013, which happened at Thammasat University Stadium present in Bangkok. This was considered as a world record as about 4,843 people gathered, and took up this task, which went on for about 7 minutes. Also this was in unison, and it is a little crazy, having so many people performing it together.

    7 Most Naked People on a Roller Coaster

    Most Naked People on a Roller Coaster–Photo via Guinness World Records

    Roller Coasters are fun ride to have. They give us extreme pleasure, and we enjoy it. Well many are certainly scared of it, but most of the people enjoy it, and is the best ride at any amusement park, which one has to try. Each of the amusement have different length, and types of roller coasters, which are of great thrill. But imagine a group of people, going for roller coaster ride with being fully naked.

    This certainly is true, which happened in the year 2010, Southeast, England. There were around 102 riders, and set the world record. The whole ride was filled with naked people. No one else has beaten this world record till date, which is mostly because no amusement park is going to give permission for this, and also where would you find 103 people who would want to be without clothes, on roller coaster ride.

    6 Deepest Underwater Cycling

    Deepest Underwater Cycling–Photo via Daily Mail

    Many of us are fond of cycling, it’s a fun activity, and also a means of transportation for many people. Cycling is fun, and it is great for exercising purpose as well, it helps in keeping you fit. Many of the people can perform various stunts with cycle, and it’s a pleasure to watch, but what would make it crazier is riding it underwater. This crazy thing has actually been done, by peddling cycle underwater for 855m which is 2,805 feet and 1 inch.

    Homar broke his own record, which was before fours years to this, which was 767 meters that is 2516 feet and 4 inches. Another person to be in the world record for underwater cycling is Vittorio Innocente from Italy, who rode cycle on July 21st 2008, underwater which was at the depth of 218 feet and 2 inches that 66.5 meters. This was submarine cycling, and no one seems to be as committed as he is when it comes to cycling underwater.

    5 World’s Fastest Toilet

    Top 10 Of The Craziest World Records
    World’s Fastest Toilet–Photo via AOL.co.uk

    This would definitely make you feel bizarre, but this has actually taken place, and is in the world record. This is like having a motorcycle or a side car being hidden under the toilet sit. Well if you are stuck in between traffic, and the stomach gets upset, then it becomes a very unpleasant experience to wait till you get there.

    But a plumber actually built the fastest and functioning toilet, under which there is a 140cc powerful engine. There is also water in it and can be flushed as well. This bizarre invention is by Colin Furze, who managed to beat the earlier record of 42.25mph, with 55mph in the year 2013.

    4 Most Fried Rice

    Top 10 Of The Craziest World Records
    Most Fried Rice–Photo via WorldRecordAcademy.com

    This would make anyone feel hungry. Well we all have heard of world’s largest pizza, burger, dosa, etc. but fried rice hardly. This task was taken by 52 of the chefs, who have set their foot in world record, with this. This was held in a fair at Costa Rica, on February 2013.

    This huge amount of Catonese type fried rice was served to more than 7000 people, and it weighted up to 3000 pounds. This was made with the use of one pan, and to make this possible a large size gas was crafted, which was specially for this record challenge.

    3 Largest Airplane Eater

    Top 10 Of The Craziest World Records
    Largest Airplane Eater–Photo via Top 10 – blogger

    This is unimaginable, have you ever thought that a person would be able to eat an airplane? We may ask ourselves, if that is even possible, but yes it is. This is one of the craziest record, noted. The person who holds such record and is the only person to do so, is Michel Lotito.

    He made this possible by eating a large size airplane. He is also known to have eaten Cessna 150, which took him 2 years to dismantle it and he actually chew the parts, and then swallowed them. No one has been able to beat this record of his.

    2 Man with Most Piercing

    Top 10 Of The Craziest World Records
    Man with Most Piercing–Photo via BitRebels.com

    Isn’t this really bizarre and crazy. There is a man who has got a tile in world record book, for having the most piercing done. The pain of getting 5-6 piecing is scary, but Rolf Buchholz, has got total of 453 piercings.

    This took place in the year 2010, where he presented himself by having about 278 piercing around genital area, and around lips where he has about 158 piercings. Along with this he has piercings around his nose, nipples, tongue, and eyebrows. All of these are sensitive areas but he has done it.

    1 Man with Tattoo

    Top 10 Of The Craziest World Records
    Photo via SkinArts.com

    This man is fond of getting tattoos, and has spend a lot of hours with several tattoo artists. He has got a lot of colored tattoos on his body, and this is something he likes. His name is Lucky Diamond Rich, who is from Australia.

    By being so indulge with this, and spending so many hours around it, he decided to cover up the entire body with black ink. His whole body is covered with this black ink now, and no part of his body are left out.

    The Guinness Book of World Record holds of the most remarkable, as well as the most insane achievements, which many have accomplished over time. Below is the list with 10 of the craziest world records:

    Top 10 Of The Craziest World Records

    1. Longest Fingernails
    2. Longest Time of Full Body Contact in Snow
    3. Most Hula-Hoopers in One Spot
    4. Most Naked People on a Roller Coaster
    5. Deepest Underwater Cycling
    6. World’s Fastest Toilet
    7. Most Fried Rice
    8. Largest Airplane Eater
    9. Man with Most Piercing
    10. Man with Tattoo