The 10 Best Tourist destinations in New Zealand

New Zealand is indeed one of the most beautiful places for everyone in the world to visit. This island is filled with dense forests, snow clad mountains, environment conscious government to maintain the natural bounty and also some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The mix of existence of modernized cities and villages which preserve the Maori culture is something worth witnessing in New Zealand.

If you are planning to give a visit here, this article is a must read for you as it will give you an information about the must see attractions of New Zealand.Have a look.

Map of Tourist Attractions In New Zealand


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The 10 Best Tourist destinations in New Zealand

10 Coromandel Peninsula

coromandel peninsula

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This Peninsula located in the north-east of New Zealand is famous for its white and golden sand beaches which are so clean and pure that they look absolutely dazzling along with the crystal clear blue sea waters. This coast has got some of the most amazing scenery and nature which is perfect for those who want to spend a calm and peaceful vacation amidst the nature. You should also check out the hot water beach, where you can dig your own pool in the sand and enjoy in the hot springs.

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9 Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park

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The Abel Tasman National Park is located on the northern tip of New Zealand’s South island and is on the bucket list of each and every hiker in the world as it hosts some of the most amazing trekking spots. You have to reach here by boat or place, as vehicles are not allowed over here. This mountain terrain place will also make you a witness to blue penguins, oyster catchers and wood pigeons which are some of the rarest birds in the world.

8 Sky Tower

Sky Tower

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The Sky tower is a telecommunication observation network tower which is situated in the largest city of New Zealand. It is 328 meters high, making it the tallest free standing structure in the Southern hemisphere. It has become a very iconic structure now and is one of the most famous tourist attractions too. The tower also offers a revolving restaurant from where you can have a view of the entire city. This place should be visited at night, to see it all lit up, along with the most amazing night views of the city.

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7 Napier Art Deco

Napier Art Deco

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Napier is a small city in Hawke’s Bay which is located on the North Island’s east coast. It is most famous for its attractive vintage architecture, which was previously destroyed in 931 because of an earthquake. It was rebuilt later in order to preserve the beauty of the most amazing architecture in the world and tourists all over the world visit here to get the feel of vintage life of the colonial Era. Every February, an event is held in order to celebrate the style, beauty of the vintage art and other memories, and picnics and other events are organized.

6 Kaikoura


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Kaikoura is a small coastal town located of the south island, and is most famous oro its amazing beaches and even more famous for the seafood it offers IT is a world famous place and is on the to-visit list for every seafood lover in the world. Apart from this, you can easily spot dolphins, seals, sperm whales and albatrosses near the shore, while indulging in the taste of amazing crabs and crayfish. You can have some of the most amazing nature trails in the forests of islands, as they are totally untouched by any external exploitation.

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5 Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier

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Glaciers are always beautiful, but the Franz Josef Glacier, which is located in the Westland national park, Southwest is one of the world’s most beautiful yet easily accessible glaciers as the visitors can walk easily up to the foot of the glacier. They also have the option of booking a helicopter ride to witness the beauty of it. Tourists who have fascination for easy level adventures can have a perfect time over here.

4 Rotorua


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Rotorua is one of the most famous thermal wonderland in the world as it is filled with natural geysers and hot springs at numerous locations in the city, most of which are within National Parks and Reserves. The natural eruptions of steam and hot water are too amazing to see and these hot springs are also famous for their colourful appearance, especially in the shades of orange, green and brown. The Lady Knox Geyser is one f the most famous ones here. There are also some private organizations who give you the chance to enjoy in natural hot water tubs.

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3 Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park

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The Tongariro National Park is the first national park in New Zealand which is known for the natural surprises it offers. The park has diverse ecosystems which include lakes, active volcanoes, dense untouched forests herm fields and desert like terrain all at one place. You can trek up to the Taranaki Falls, which is the most beautiful spot in th national park. You can also get to see the lava line of volcanic eruptions which happened centuries ago.

2 Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands

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Being one of the most popular holiday destinations in New Zealand, the Bay of Islands has 144 unique set of islands with some of the most amazing sandy beaches in the world. You can easily spot whales, dolphins and big marlin over here. It is also one of the most popular places for sailing yachts and see the mixture of fishing and sports. You can have a relaxed time over here and go back all rejuvenated because of the beauty and charm of nature.

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1 Milford Sound

milf sound

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The Milford Sound is situated in Fiordland National Park, that too at the most accessible end of it. This place boasts one of the most beautiful coastal sceneries in the world and also some of the most mighty and beautiful snow clad mountains in the world. If you are visiting New Zealand, you cannot afford to miss visiting this place.

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