The World’s 10 Biggest Foods Ever Made

Cooking large quantities of food has never been an easy task, but in order to break the Guinness World Record, countries, associations and companies join forces and cook in unimaginable portions. Everything to enter the Guinness World Record: monstrous paellas, giant hamburgers, limitless sushi rolls and kilometres of hot dogs. These record–breakers do not get any reward for their achievements, but they state that the mere fact of having a recognition for breaking a world record makes the effort worthwile. What are the biggest foods in the world?Take a look at this article and you will discover it for yourself.

The World’s 10 Biggest Foods Ever Made

10 Limitless Sushi

The World's 10 Biggest Foods Ever Made
Limitless Sushi ( image via )

The longest sushi roll measured 2,521 meters and was achieved by Sushkof Restaurant in Russia in December 2011. Over 60 chefs used 1,500 kilos of rice, 500 kilosof cucumbers, 14,000 pieces of seaweed, 20 kilos of smoked salmon, 30 kilos of tunnafish and 25 kilos of sesame for this monster meal. Over 20 liters of soya sauce were used to season this massive dish. The previous record was held bya group of Japanese cooks, who created mosaics of toast and sushi. The biggest one was presented at Expo2010 in Shanghai and consisted of 8,374 pieces of sushi including salmon, cod and shrimp. Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the largest sushi mosaic (41.99 meters) and was achieved by the Young Entrepreneurs Group of The Ono Chamber Of Commerce & Industry and The Ono Chamber of Commerce & Industry (both Japan) in Ono, Fukui, Japan, 31 January 2015.

9 The largest sausage

image via
image via

Once again, the hot dog is no prophet in its own land. On this occasion, New Zealand and not the United States was responsible for cooking the largest hot dog to date. This huge hot dog was topped with a whole grain mustard from France, garlic and herb mayonnaise, mixed baby greens, maple syrup marinated and fruitwood smoked uncured bacon, cherry tomatoes, expensive moose cheese from Sweden, dried cranberries, basil

olive oil, pear–‐cranberry, coconut balsamic vinaigrette, and ground peppercorn. The hot dog bun weighed approximately 150 kilos and was longer than 72 meters long. The hot dog itself measured over 203.8 metres and weighed approximately 120 kilograms. According to the company, 100 liters of ketchup and 120 liters of mostard were used for this dish.

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8 The Easter Egg

The Easter Egg
The Easter Egg ( image via )

If there is a festivity that Argentineans really enjoy, that is Easter. In 2015, tens of thousands gathered in Bariloche (Argentina), as a local company unveiled the biggest Easter Egg to date. The local authorities affirmed that 8,000 kilos of chocolate were used to make the egg, which stood 8.5 meters high. The adventure required the specialized work of 26 artisans during 525 hours.

All this effort to beat the record previously held by the Belgian city of St. Niklaas, where a local company managed to create a huge Easter Egg in 2015. This Easter Egg stood 8.32 meters high and was made with over 50,000 chocolate bars.

7 An unforgettable “asado”

An unforgettable "asado"
An unforgettable “asado” ( image via )

Who better than Argentineans to organize the biggest “asado” barbece to date? In 2011, the Argentinean town of General Pico won the Guinness World Record for the largest asado in the world. Over 90 grills were used and 13,700 kilos of meat were cooked. The event was organized by a local enterprenour who joined forces with other colleagues and friends to break this World Record. The previous Guinness Record was held by Uruguay. In a field of Montevideo a group of neighbors took to the grid 12,000 kilos of meat, which were monitored by 1,252 professional and amateur cooks.

6 The giant taco

The giant taco
The giant taco

No one better than a Mexican to cook tacos. A company in the state of Nuevo Leon, a well–known Aztec country, made the world’s biggest tortilla intended to feed over 10,000 people. It measures 20 meters long and was one meter wide. This giant taco was the idea of a local company that celebrated the opening of a new branch by cooking this colosal taco.The company affirmed that over 20,000 people witnessed the cooking of the taco. Eight grills were used to cook the meat and a staff of 80 people were involved in the process which lasted more than six hours. This dish included 200 kilos of beef and was stuffed with onion, cilantro and 100 kilos of beef and chicken. This huge taco included literally thousands of pieces of chicken, beef and pork, along with tons of beans, cheese and onions.

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5 King Doughnut

King Doughnut
King Doughnut ( image via )

The Guinness World Record for the biggest doughnut was awarded to the fast– food chain DzDonut Kingdz. In 2007, Australia’s largest retailer of doughnuts, Donut King, baked the World’s Largest Doughnut in order to celebrate The Simpsons Movie’s DVD release. It was created from over 90,000 doughnuts, using half a tonne of pink icing and 30 kg of sprinkles. This huge doughnut was baked at the branch’s backyard and contained more than 1,000 kilos of sugar and weighed around 3,000 kilos and required the work of around 40 people. Experts estimate that this pastry contained more than 2 million calories.

4 Traditional Italian pizza

Traditional Italian pizza
Traditional Italian pizza ( image via )

In 2012, a group of Italian cooks decided to break the record set by a group of Colombians. The surface area of the pizza was 1,261.65 square meters and was presented at the Fiera Roma, in Rome, Italy. The pizza was named “Ottavia”, a word of Roman origin for “eighth son”, as a homage to the first Roman emperor and was 100% gluten–‐free. The gluten–‐free company DzSchärdz sponsored this event, which aimed at educating and raising awareness about this chronic illness. The big pizza covered an area of 1,200 square meters and was made up of 5,234 sheets of dough, and cooked on site (in Hall 12of the new Fiera diRoma , within the exhibition Arts & Crafts ). 4,000 kilos of tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, 190 liters of oil, 675 kilos ofmargarine, 250 kilos of salt, 125 kilos of Parmiggiano cheese and balsamic vinegar were used in this record breaking pizza. Previously, this record was held by a Colombian company, which managed to cook the biggest Hawaian pizza. In a Bogotá neighborhood, a groups of over 20 cooks prepared this pizza using over 240 kilos of ham, 100 liters of tomato sauce, 500 kilos of cheese and 600 kilos of wheat. This huge dish measured over 192 sq. meters and was quickly eaten by around 12,000 hungry neighbors.

3 The monster burger

The monster burger
The monster burger ( image via )

Burger fan, you say? A restaurant in Sidney broke this record after cooking a Dzmonster burgerdz containing over 81 kilos of meat and needing more than 6 cooks to oversee the whole process. Four men had to transport the dish from the kitchen into the dinning area and flipping this huge burger required four men using two steel sheets. The final dish, served with a 60 kilos bun filled with llettuce, eggs, bacon, cheese and tomatoes weighed more than 965.5 kilos, breaking the previous world record attained by a Michigan restaurant. A packed restaurant was there to witness the event including the city mayor who took a bite of this Dzmonster burgerdz. This dish can be ordered at any time for this reasonable price: 1200 dollars.

2 An oversize cheesecake

An oversize cheesecake
An oversize cheesecake ( image via )

Do you have sweet teeth? The Guinness World Record for the largest cheesecake was first awarded to a Mexican neighborhood and later to an English café. However, in 2013, this record was broken at the annual Cream Cheese Festival held in Lowville, N.Y. This festival annually produces America’s largest cheesecake, event sponsored by Philadelphia cheese and Kraft Foods Group.

With an estimate weight of 3,130 kg, this cake fed over 24,500 portions.Over 2,000 kilos of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, along with 1,000 kilos of jam were the main ingredients used in this cake. According to the organizers, 10,000 attendees ate some cake, and the remaining servings were donated to the Lowville Food Pantry and The Watertown Salvation Army Soup Kitchen.

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1 The biggest paella ever

The biggest paella ever
The biggest paella ever ( image via )


Paella is regarded as Spain’s national dish, which usually consists of white rice, green beans, meat (chicken and rabbit), white beans, and seasoning. This typical Spanish dish entered into the Guinness Book of Records and, of course, was prepared in Spain. More precisely in the popular neighborhood of Moratalaz, in the Spanish capital. A group of friends met in March 2012 and broke this World record. A local rice producer sponsored the event and provided the group with enough rice to cook this huge dish. The dish prepared by more than a hundred people, required 6,000 kilos of rice, 12,000 kilos of chicken, 2,000 kilos of vegetables, 1,100 liters of oil and 275 kilos of salt. The pan used to cook the rice was made of naval steel, and weighed more than 23,000 kilos and had a diameter of 21 meters. The cooking lasted for over 13 hours and reports say that the paella fed the whole neighborhood.



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