Top 10 Advanced Wrist Watches

Advanced Wrist Watches

There is a famous quote, “Time and Tide wait for none”. This saying has proven to of much significance in the 21st century. Whether it is a town or a city, school or office, people run just to reach their destinations on time. Punctuality is the most important quality which each of us should have to survive in this fast running world. Time values those who value it.

To be on time, the most necessary thing is watch. The invention of watch dates back to somewhere in the 14th century. At that time, there were spring powered clocks. Later, the electronic watches were discovered which were run on battery. The forms of wrist watches slowly revolved and today, the watches run on advanced technology. Let us have a look on Top 10 Advanced Wrist Watches .

10 Azimuth SP-1 Mecanique

Top 10 Advanced Wrist Watches
Azimuth SP-1 Mecanique –Photo via

On number 10, it is one of the most modernized wrist watches, Azimuth SP-1 Mecanique. It has a background of a space. The earth is shown on the left side of the dial and the beautiful blue colored base makes the watch a unique one. The earth rotates after every 1 minute.

This watch has a shiny stainless steel body with sapphire crystal screen. It consists of 3-dimensional minute hand and leather strap which gives a comfortable feel on the hand. This wonderful watch is water-resistant and it also has jumping hour display.

9 I’m Watch

Top 10 Advanced Wrist Watches
I’m Watch — Photo via

A multipurpose wrist watch and unique looking watch, I’m Watch is next on the list. It has big dial to watch time clearly. It consists of a touchscreen display of a resolution 240*240. I’m Watch works efficiently with Blackberry and iOS devices also. If you want to store important data on this watch then it has 64 MB RAM and 4 GB ROM.

I’m Watch consists of 600mAh battery which provides about 48 hours back-up. You can get all the notifications and updates on your social media sites. You can also get the number of missed calls and messages on the screen.

8 Phosphor E-INK

Top 10 Advanced Wrist Watches
Phosphor E-INK — Photo via Youtube

The next unique wrist watch on the list is Phosphor E-INK. It consists of E ink displays and strap of different bright colors. Inside the watch, there is an E-Ink electronic paper which gives a different look to the screen.

This watch comes in 2 backgrounds, white in black and black in white background. The time of different countries are shown on the screen. There are functions such as stopwatch and alarm. You can also set a display of calendar on the screen.

7 Sony Smart Watch

Top 10 Advanced Wrist Watches
Sony Smart Watch– Photo via

Sony Smart watch is one of the most exquisite wrist watches in the world. This watch runs on any of your Android devices. This watch has many purposes such as Twitter feeds, SMS and many more. It has a silicon wristband which is available in many bright colors.

Sony Smart watch has a lovely dial which shows time very precisely in day and night. It is water resistant and once when a person wears Sony Smart Watch on his wrist, he will definitely gain attention of everyone.

6 Tread 1

Top 10 Advanced Wrist Watches
Tread 1 — Photo via

A technologically advanced wrist watch by DEVON, Tread 1 is one the number 6 of the list. It has a big square shaped dial which shows clearly the time. This watch runs on compact micro step motors which provide the exact time. The mechanical parts of the watch and the silver body give it a classy look. It has a silent mode also which does not create much sound of the watch.

Tread 1 has a rechargeable lithium polymer cell which gives a beautiful backup. The body of this watch is made from surgical-grade stainless steel. It was also nominated for the Gran Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve.

5 HM4 Thunderbolt

Top 10 Advanced Wrist Watches
HM4 Thunderbolt — Photo via

A classy watch with engine developed by Laurent Besse and Beranger Reynard, HM4 Thunderbolt is next on the list. It appears like binoculars with minutes on the right dial and power reserve indicator on the left dial. This watch consists of 311 components and 50 jewels.

The length of HM4 Thunderbolt is 52mm and width 54mm. The silver and sparkling body of this watch is the main feature of this beautiful watch. The watch has the look similar to A-10 plane.

4 Samsung Galaxy Gear

Top 10 Advanced Wrist Watches
Samsung Galaxy Gear — Photo via Youtube

This is one of the most wonderful wrist watches in the world. With a smart dial and many features, Samsung Galaxy Gear is a unique watch. It has a large touchscreen as well as camera on the strap. This watch works smoothly on all Samsung devices.

It can also recognize voice commands. It has voice memos also. You can chat with your friends and see all the latest updates on Facebook and Twitter, send emails on Gmail, chat in Hangout and many other online activities.

3 Polar RS600CX

Top 10 Advanced Wrist Watches
Polar RS600CX — Photo via

This water is specially designed for athletes and runners. It displays accurate time as well as the distance covered by the runners. Polar RS600CX has amazing dial with beautiful design. You can get many details clearly on the screen due to a wide display.

You can also know your heart beat rate and it consists of a long lasting battery. If you want to save large part of your battery then you can use the function of low-power mode. It is water-resistant.

2 Seiko Astron

Top 10 Advanced Wrist Watches
Seiko Astron — Photo via

Seiko is one of the most popular watch brands in the world. This watch shows different time zones with the help of the satellites. It displays times of different countries Seiko Astron has shiny silver stainless body with black dial.

This watch has GPS controlled time zone adjustment and a calendar. There is also an Airplane Mode in the watch. It is a royal looking watch with classy design and look.

1 HD3 Slyde

Top 10 Advanced Wrist Watches
HD3 Slyde — Photo via

On number 1 of the list, it is HD3 Slyde which is made by Jorg Hysek. The body is made from black PVD steel and rose gold. The watch runs on 3 battery indicator lights. It consists of 3.8V lithium polymer of 250 mAh capacity. You can also adjust the brightness of the watch by the light sensor. It is the most advanced watch made up till now by the creators.

These watches will continue to be in the list of favorites of many watch lovers even after many years.

Top 10 Advanced Wrist Watches


1. HD3 Slyde

2. Seiko Astron

3. Polar RS600CX

4. Samsung Galaxy Gear

5. HM4 Thunderbolt

6. Tread 1

7. Sony Smart Watch

8. Phosphor E-INK

9. I’m Watch

10. Azimuth SP-1 Mecanique


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