Top 10 Amazing Animal Predators in the World

Top 10 Amazing Animal Predators in the World

Animal predators are the animals that prey on other animals for their food. Majority of the animals are found in the forests or isolated areas away from human reach. They need flesh of other animals to feed on and known predators include lions, leopards, bears etc.

Here is a list of Top 10 Amazing Animal Predators in the World:

10. Tarantula

Top 10 Amazing Animal Predators in the world
Top 10 Amazing Animal Predators in the world—Photo via Amdro.com

Tarantula consists of group of hairy and big arachnids, which belong to Theraphosidae, a family of spiders. About 900 species of the family have been identified successfully. Most spices of the family don’t harm humans and are also kept as pets by many.

They are invertebrate like arthropods and rely on exoskeletons for muscle support. The body of a tarantula comprises of 2 parts, opisthosoma and prosoma. These two parts are connected by pedicel and is considered to be a part of prosoma. The size of a tarantula varies from small as a nail of a finger to as big as dinner plate. It ranges from 2.5-10cm with legs of 8-30cm. The big species might weigh more than 85gms and the biggest of all, found in Brazil and Venezuela weight up to 170gms. These species are found in United States mainly in Central and South America and also in Whole of Africa, parts of Asia and Australia. They are also found in Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy and Portugal. The small ones prey insects and arthropods, but big ones might prey on mice, snakes, lizard and birds.

9. Black Mamba

Top 10 Amazing Animal Predators in the world
Black Mamba–Photo via Unilad.co.uk

Black Mamba is venomous snake found in parts of Africa in sub-Sahara. The colors of the snake vary from dark brown to grey, but are not of black color. They are the longest specie, indigenous to continent of Africa. A mature specimen attains a length of 2mtrs and sometimes 3mtrs. Specimens of 4.3-4.5mtrs are also found.

The habitat of the snake usually is woodlands, savannah, regions of dense forest and rocky slopes. They are considered as ambush predators and usually prey hyrax, birds, mammals and bushbabies. It has a strong digestive system and can digest the food in 8-10 hours. Even though its name is black mamba, it is not black on the outside but its mouth is black on the inside.

8. Piranha

Top 10 Amazing Animal Predators in the world
Piranha-Photo via NationalGeographic.com

Piranha is a freshwater fish and omnivorous. They belong to the Characidae family and are found in rivers of South America. The fish is known for its powerful jaws and sharp teeth. To date, new species are discovered and the range is estimated to be less than thirty to over 60.

The fishes are indigenous to Amazon Basin, Orinoco, rivers of Guiana, Paraguay- Paraná and Säo Francisco River. The piranha is normally 14-26cm in length, with some species of length of 43cms. In bony fishes, piranha has the most powerful bite and according to the body mass, black piranha produces a very forceful bite. They are known for feeding at dawn and at dusk and lurk around in search of small passing animals. They often hunt large preys like horses, sometimes humans and capybaras in groups.

7. Eagle

Eagle–Photo via shushi168.com

Eagle is common name given to raptors of Accipitridae family. They are a part of several genera groups which are not closely related. The 60 species known are from Africa and Eurasia, just 14 out of them are found- 2 in North America, 9 in South and Central America and 3 in Australia.

Eagles are powerful, large birds with heavy beaks and heads. The smaller eagles also have longer and broader wings and faster and direct flight as compared to common buzzard or hawk with a red tail. The smallest specie called as South Nicobar serpent eagle weighs about 450g and 40cm in length.  Different genre of eagles prey upon different animals like fish, other animals in water, birds and snakes. Bald Eagle has flown with a weight as heavy as 6.8kg and can some eagles are known for preying animals heavier than them, but then they it at the site or take pieces.

6. Hyena

hyena–Photo via ComicVine.GameSpot.com

Hyena belongs to the Hyaenidae family of carnivorous mammals. They have low diversity, still are vital and unique components of African ecosystem. Although, hyenas are closer to viverrids and felines phylogenetically, but in behavior they are similar to canines; both canines and hyenas are cursorial, non-arboreal hunters that hold their prey with their teeth instead of their claws.

The hyenas with spots kill their own prey 95% times, whereas, the ones with strips are mainly scavengers. Hyenas have a very typical physic with long forelegs and comparatively shorter hind legs, making a slope on its back. They have a massive wolf like body and have a short and thick neck.  Their parts are used as medicines and foods including Muslims, where they consider it as halal.

5. African Wild Dog

African wild dog Photo via Reference.com

The African wild dogs are found areas of Africa in sub-Sahara. They are biggest in the African family and are member of Lycaon genus. They are known for their hyper carnivorous diet and are classed by IUCN as endangered. Currently, out of 6,600 adults, only 1400 are fully grown. The dogs are believed to be very social and live in packs. Once female grow fully, they scatter from the pack instead of males and carcasses are first fed by the young ones.

The dogs are solidly built and bulky in African canids. The dogs have a shoulder height of 60-75cm and weighs 20-25kg. The females are believed to be 3-7% smaller as compared to males. The fur on the dog is quite different from other canids with stiff bristles and no under fur. They also lose their hair with age and most of the old dogs are almost naked. The common prey of dogs found in east Africa in Thomson’s gazelle and Impala, kob, reedbuck, springbok and lechwe are targeted by the dogs found in southern and central Africa.

4. Raccoons

Top 10 Amazing Animal Predators in the world
Photo via TheTreeCenter.com

Also called as North American raccoon or just coon is mammal of medium size and is native of North America. They belong to procyonid family and largest amongst them with 40-70cm in length and weighs about 3.5-9kg. The mammal has a grey coat with dense under furs, which help them keep warm in cold weather. The 2 unique features about raccoons are the front paws that are extremely dexterous and the facial mask.

The diet of a raccoon mainly consists of nocturnal with 40% invertebrates, 27% vertebrates and 33% plants. The habitats of the animal are mixed and deciduous forest but are also found in mountainous range, urban areas and coastal marshes due to its adaptable behavior. They prey on animals which are easy to catch like fishes, bird eggs and amphibians. During the winters, the activity of the animal reduces drastically as finding food is impossible in snow cover.

3. Wild boar

Wild boar—Photo via ldsmag.com

Also called as Eurasian wild pig or wild swine, is native to North Africa, Greater Sunda Island and Eurasia. Its high number, wide range and adaptability have made it classed by IUCN as animal of least concern.

The wild boar has a massive and bulky with short and thin legs. The animal has a trunk which is massive and short with underdeveloped hind quarter. The males have an average weight of 75-100kg with 75-80cm of shoulder height and body length of 150cm, whereas, the females have an average weight of 60-80kg, shoulder height of 70cm and body length of 140cm. They are versatile omnivores with food of 4 types including: 1- roots, bulbs, tubers, 2- berries, seeds, nuts, 3- bark, shoots, leaves, 4- insects, fish, bird eggs, earthworms, snakes etc.

2. Wolverine

Top 10 Amazing Animal Predators in the world
Wolverine Photo via NationalGeographic.com

Also called as skunk bear, quickhatch is one of the biggest land-dwelling animals of Mustelidae family. The animal is muscular and stocky carnivore and resembles small size bear. The animal is solitary and is known for its strength and ferocity and ability to catch prey bigger than its size. They are mainly found in the areas of boreal forest, alpine and subarctic tundra of Northern Hemisphere with majority in Canada, Alaska, Nordic countries in Europe and in western part of Siberia and Russia.

They usually prey mammals of small and medium size and are recorded for killing adult deer which is much bigger in size. The preyed animals include squirrel, marmots, volves, shrews, caribou, beavers, rabbits etc.

1. Fossa

fossa-Photo via animals.sandiegozoo.org

It is a carnivorous mammal, which looks somewhat like a cat and is native to Madagascar. It belongs to the Eupleridae family closely relating to the family of mongoose.

It is the largest mammal on Madagascar Island with adults of 70-80cm length and weighs 5.5-8.6kg. They are known for hunting small and medium size animals and the diet of both the sexes are same. The prey animals include marmots, roe deer, mule deer, moose, elk, weasels, coyote etc. They are mainly found in the areas of Canada, Siberia, Alaska, Russia, Baltic countries, China, Mongolia etc.

Top 10 Amazing Animal Predators in the World

Sr No. 10 Amazing Animal Predators
1 Fossa
2 Wolverine
3 Wild boar
4 Raccoons
5 African Wild Dog
6 Hyena
7 Eagle
8 Piranha
9 Black Mamba
10 Tarantula

All the animals on the list are very dangerous and are normally not found in the urban areas. Although, most of them are not man eaters, but they have the ability to attack humans and can be a threat to them.


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