Top 10 Most Beautiful British Women

Top Ten Most Beautiful British Women

London, Big Ben, Stonehenge, British museum and the palace of Westminster, these are the things that pop into your head when hear the name Britain or Great Britain but only a few people truly understand the depths  of Britain’s tradition and culture and witness its true beauty. One of the infamous things Britain is known for is its gorgeous women. A person’s beauty is not only dictated by their visual appeal but also by other features of their character such as charisma and of women in particular are attributed to more than one feature, it is judged based upon visual appeal, fitness, character, friendliness and of course intellect. Everyone is beautiful is beautiful in their own and most if not all women in this list are beautiful in most people’s eyes. So, just in case you wanted to compare the most beautiful British women for yourself, here is our list of the top ten most beautiful British women.

10  Holly Peers

holly peers
holly peers – image via

The Manchester born English glamour model was born in 30 July 1987. She began her modeling career for The Sun’s Page Three in 2009, after which she appeared in other infamous magazines such as Nuts Magazine and Loaded Magazine. She also featured in Page Three calendars in the years 2011 and 2012.

She is best known for her huge F-cup, all natural breasts. Before her modeling career Peers participated in multiple beauty pageants in Manchester. Peers was the 6th entry in “Nuts 100 sexiest Babes 2010. She is outspoken about her fandom of Manchester city and has even appeared on the team’s T-shirt as a soccerette.

9  Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook
Kelly Brook – image via

The Piranha 3D actress was born on 23rd November 1979 and along with being an actress is also a model and a TV presenter. Her birth name was Kelly Ann Parsons, and she was born in Rochester, Kent. She started her modeling career at the age of 16 by which time she had already won a beauty competition due to which she got multiple modeling opportunities such as Bravissimo, a lingerie company for large breasted women. She soon caught the eye of Daily Star tabloid, which featured her as a Page Three girl. She also went on to top the ‘FHM 10 sexiest Women in the World’ 2005.

Her debut was in the film Sorted in which she played a minor role. Her most infamous work was her role in School for Seduction in the year 2004.

8  Lena Headey

Lena Headey
Lena Headey – image via

You are god damn right Cersei Lannister is on the list; we would want to piss off the queen, now do we? At the age of 17, Headey was noticed after her performance as a pupil at Shelley College and was featured in the film Waterland, after which she did a small role in The Remains of the Day and was nominated for eight Academy Awards. Her first big gig was her role as Katherine in The Jungle Book in 1994.

She started to rise in fame after her role in The Brothers Grimm alongside co-stars Matt Damon and Heath Ledger. And yes, who could forget her role as Queen Gorgo in the movie 300. She later went on to achieve mainstream success as Cersei Lannister in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

7  Lucy Mecklenburgh

Lucy Mecklenburgh
Lucy Mecklenburgh – img via

The English actress, glamour model and entrepreneur was born in Havering London on 24 August 1991. She was born as Lucy Olivia Mecklenburg. She is best known for her self-role in the British reality TV series The Only Way Is Essex.

She was introduced in the year 2010, as the girl who applies for fashion related job for Lauren G. Later she started a relationship with Mark Wright, which did not last long, she then started dating Mario Falcone. She was also featured as herself in TV series Tumble and Keep It in the Family. Mario and Lucy were engaged before she was in the relationship with gymnast, Louis Smith.

6  Rachel Hurd-Wood

Rachel Hurd-Wood
Rachel Hurd-Wood – image via

Rachel is an English model and actress. She was born in South London on 17 August 1990. Because of her love for dolphins she has considered becoming a marine biologist, but couldn’t go through with it. From the years 2006 – 2008, she has attended Sixth-form Godalming College for GCE Advanced levels with Philosophy, Art and Psychology. She also takes enthusiasm in participating in various charitable events.

She began her acting career at the year 2002 in the film Peter Pan. She has also been featured in films and TV series such as Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Silk Stocking and Tomorrow, When the War Began.

5  Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale – image via

Kate like most of the children, chose her parents footsteps and followed their career path to be an actress. Any her stunning looks and beauty made her career choice a successful one. Starting as a minor character in a TV series she soon became a sensation and with it came the string of opportunities. After a successful career in England she moved to USA in search of a ‘Hollywood breakthrough’.

With the help of her boyfriend she starred in his first movie The Last Days of Disco in 1998. And even won London Critic’s Circle film award for the same. Her Hollywood life just took uphill path from then on. She has won many awards for her acting and appeared on the covers of many popular magazines. Some of her noticeable works include starring in films like The Face of an Angel, Absolutely Anything, Underworld: Rise of Lycans and many more.

4  Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke – image via

This famous actress is known around the world by the name “Khaleesi” for playing the role of Daenerys Targaryen in famous HBO series Game of Thrones. She first appeared under the limelight from various plays in London theatres which was soon followed by a couple of commercials. Emilia soon started becoming famous for her beauty and facial expressions.

Her first TV appearance was back in 2009 as Saskia Mayer in Doctors. Her acting career flourished after casting as ‘Mother of Dragons’ ironically she did a funny chicken dance to get that role. Emilia even won three Emmy awards for her role in Game of Thrones. She even starred in the movie Terminator Genisys. According to Esquire she is the sexiest women alive.

3  Emma Watson

Emma Watson
Emma Watson – image via

Emma Watson is a beautiful woman whose beauty is defined by her smile and eyes. Originally from Oxfordshire this actress/model earned popularity by portraying Hermione Granger in the famous movie series Harry potter. Some of the hit movies she acted in are The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Bling Ring and Noah. She is even funny too! This was shown worldwide when she acted as herself in the comedy hit This Is the End. Emma, even though was a famous actress by 2014 she did not shy back from getting a bachelor’s degree and got it from Worcester college, oxford.

She is also a famous female activist and part of UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. Emma Watson has won Young Artist Awards in 2002, Phoenix Film Critics Association Award in 2003, National Movie Awards in 2007, and three times Teen Choice Award winner in 2011. She will cast in the upcoming fantasy movie Beauty and the Beast.

2  Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley
Keira Knightley – via

Keira Knightley was born in 1985 and is a fulltime actress since her childhood. Since her father was an actor she got into many local productions and once her beauty and skills were showcased she began acting on televisions. She is believed to be dyslexic because of which even though she got the role of Sabe in Star Wars: Episode 1 her voice was dubbed by Natalie Portman.

Her Hollywood breakthrough was when she was casted in the film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. She earned worldwide recognition for her role and got positive reviews from critics around the world. Keira during the period of 2008-10 even appeared in independent films like The Edge of Love in which she even became a singer. She currently holds 6 Teen Choice Awards and 2013 Hollywood Film Awards for Best Supporting Actress.

1  Cheryl Ann Cole

Cheryl Ann Cole
Cheryl Ann Cole – image via

Cheryl is considered the most beautiful British women and its clearly evident with her deep eyes, perfect smile, amazing body and beautiful hair. She was the member of girl group Girls Aloud and had as much as twenty top titles, six platinum albums and 1 Brit Award. Even as a single artist Cheryl won many awards and nominees. She even won the Glamourous Women of the year Award twice including no 1 sexiest women in the world.

Top 10 Most Beautiful British Women

Sr No. Names
1 Cheryl Ann Cole
2 Keira Knightley
3 Emma Watson
4 Emilia Clarke
5 Kate Beckinsale
6 Rachel Hurd-Wood
7 Lucy Mecklenburgh
8 Lena Headey
9 Kelly Brook
10 Holly Peers

That’s the list of the top 10, English women are considered very attractive around the world and it’s even more enhanced with the accent that they have which is adored and considered attractive around the world. All the women in the list are considered international beauties and with the cool and smartness they have along with their beauty, they have conquered the world of TV, movies and Modelling.



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