Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide

Nothing beats the fun of playing an android game on your android phone and enjoying it endlessly for hours. Your phone thus becomes your gaming pad and you get to enjoy a variety of android games. This technical advancement is certainly a boon for all the gamers who would otherwise visit a gaming parlor to enjoy their favorite games. Today, gaming on mobile has become the most convenient option for all of us. Whether it is killing our boredom or distressing ourselves, these android games are helping us every time.

As a result, a number of games are there to entertain us. Some of these games are free of cost while others demand a little of cash to enjoy them. Today, a number of successful android games have been released on the android phones and they are getting a lot of attention. Want to know the best android games that the gamers of the world enjoy the most?

Here are the top ten android games worldwide 2017:


10 Teen Patti Gold:

Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide
Teen Patti Gold-Photo via

This is the best card game to play on all your android phones. This game is also known as flush or flash and is considered to be the tenth best android game in the recent time. To put it simply, this game is nothing but the easiest version of Poker and could be played easily even by a naïve. Teen Patti Gold origins from India and have easy rules to follow.

The game involves betting and it is played legally in some of the countries. The entire setup is that of a real casino thing along with a number of impressive visuals and technical features. This game serves as the best choice for all the card game lovers.

9 NBA2K17:

Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide
Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide-Photo via youtube

Now you can actually play and enjoy basketball on your mobile phones. Thanks to android, NBA2K17 is considered as the ninth best android game in the recent time. This game comprises of everything that you would want to see. This one is a first-rate mobile basketball game which has everything that would surely make you feel as if you are playing basketball in real.

The game comprises of some expanded gameplay features as well as physical controller support that makes it much more entertaining and easier to play. There are several modes in the game such as MyCareer mode, Off Day Simulator as well as EuroLeague feature.

8 Game of War: Fire Age

Game of War Fire Age-Photo via Game of War Fire Age Wiki – Wikia

This game was launched in the year 2013 and is considered to be the eighth most amazing game available on android. The amazing multiplayer game is free of cost and this is what makes all the gamers drool over this game. Published by the famous Machine Zone, a lot of preparations and campaigning were carried out to launch this game and as a result it was launched pretty successfully.

The concept of the game includes a war in between the player and the environment in the ambience of a fire age. The players can also battle against the players. The graphics of this game are spellbinding and you will surely love it as you start proceeding towards different stages.

7 Critical Ops:

Critical Ops-Photo via youtube

This amazing game is considered as the seventh best game available for all the android users. Critical Ops is the newer generation of the ever existing first person shooters and it is considered as one of the best games in its respective genre. As soon as this game proceeds to different levels, it keeps on getting more thrilling and exciting.

The online multiplayer feature of this game lets you play this game with all your friends and to further compete with them as well. Not only this, you can also create a community and can play against other. The updated quality of the game, graphics and sound system everything in this game is worth admiring.

6 Clash of Kings:

Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide
clashofkings-Photo via

Clash of Kings is referred to as the sixth best game available on android in the present time. In fact, this game is considered to be one of the most popular games of the present era which includes all the fun, thrill as well as excitement. The raging attackers, the troops and the war – everything about this game is highly exciting.

The best concept of this game is that it doesn’t include any kind of loss of gain effort for hit or the run resources. Thus, you can also enjoy an interesting fight game without paying any charge. All the features included in this game are promising and the entire graphical setup of this game is a thumbs up.

5 Castle Clash Age of Legends:

Castle Clash Age of Legends-Photo via juragan online – blogger

This amazing game is considered as the fifth most amazing game for all the android users in the present times. A lot of people and gaming buffs consider this game as the best strategy game that they have played so far. The craze of this game is so popular among the people that more than 100 million downloads of this game have already been done.

A number of people claim that this game is the most addictive game and as you start playing it, you keep on getting addicted towards the same. This game is an amazing blend of fast paced strategy as well as excellent combat along with classic marathon proportions. This game is highly thrilling, realistic as well as a game of fast paced battles.

4 Clash Royale:

Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide
Clash Royale-Photo via

The best free mobile strategy android video game which happens to be the fourth best game for all the android users is Clash Royale. This game has been developed and published by the famous Supercell and combines everything at one place, thereby creating a paradise for all the gamers. This game happens to be a perfect blend of collectively card games, multiplayer online arena as well as a tower defense.

There are different levels under which you can indulge in a lot of fun and excitement. The agenda of this game is nothing but destroying the opponent’s tower as much as one could. As a player, there are a number of perks available in the game such as upgrading the power, donating the cards and increasing the same and much more. This game is highly indulging.

3 Candy Crush Saga:

Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide
Photo via GameRevolution

The entire world swoons over this game. Candy Crush Saga is considered as the third best android game available for all the android users. You must have often seen a lot of Candy Crush suggestions on your Facebook handle. Thus, this clearly depicts the popularity of this game on a global level. The android version of this game is however more promising than its Facebook version.

This game comprises of different candies as well as different colors and your target in the game is nothing but matching these candies into a particular format. However, you must escape from the one dangerous candy that acts as a bomb. This candy destroyed your eight candies and is a threat to your entire arrangement. Play this game and you will surely get addicted to it.

2 Temple Run 2:

Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide
Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide-Photo via Temple Run 2

The sequel of the famous Temple Run, Temple Run 2 is considered as the second most amazing game for all the android users out there. This game was released in the year 2013 and since then it is running endless on a number of mobile phones. This game is also considered to be the most downloaded game for it is a game full of fun, thrill as well as excitement.

Published and developed by the famous Imangi Studios, this game has everything that will keep thrilling your nerves. Also, the new version of this game comes with a lot of difficult challenges including mine tracks, jets on fire, sharp turns, waterfalls and much more to look for.

1 Subway Surfer:

Subway Surfer Photo via youtube

This is the best game for all the android users. This game is interesting, playable and highly addictive. Subway Surfer is considered as the best game in the present times. This game is interesting and highly indulging. In fact, Subway Surfer is also considered as the most downloaded game. This game is developed by Kiloo, SYBO games as well as a private company situated in Denmark. Apart from Android, the makers have also availed this phone on Windows, Kindle and iOS as well.

So far, this game has been updated for quite a time and has proven to be an amazing game that is well equipped with a number of amazing features as well as graphics. The major objective of this game includes collecting the coins in order to win rewards. At every stage of the game, it keeps on becoming all the more interesting and amusing. Being a game lover, you must start playing this game right away.


Which is your favorite game, eh?

Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide

  1. Subway Surfer
  2. Temple Run 2
  3. Candy Crush Saga
  4. Clash Royale
  5. Castle Clash Age of Legends
  6. Clash of Kings
  7. Critical Ops
  8. Game of War: Fire Age
  9. NBA2K17
  10. Teen Patti Gold


Top 10 Best Android Games Worldwide

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