Top 10 Best Dubstep Artists in 2017

Top 10 Best Dubstep Artists in 2017

Top 10 Best Dubstep Artists in 2017: Music is a remedy. This remedy has many forms. There are n numbers of different genres and sub- genres of music. Different people prefer to hear different kinds of music. Some like soulful songs, some prefer country music while some are a fan of EDM.

Of late EDM has emerged as one of the most popular music genres. Youths specially, enjoy EDM. The fast paced music is the heat beat of any dance party. Today, almost all the night clubs rely solely on EDM and the crazy dancing crowd loves it.

Dubstep is a very popular genre of EDM (electronic dance music). It found its roots in South London.  This form of music was incepted in late 1990s. It is related to the other styles like 2- step garage, techno, dub, broken beat, reggae, jungle, and drum and bass.

The origin of this popular form of music can be credited to the emergence of Jamaican sound system party scene in early 1980s. Since then this music genre has come a long way. More and more musicians are experimenting with it and adopting it as their signature. This UK music form has flown across the world and today, the fans of dubstep are scattered across the globe.

Dubstep features percussion patterns and sparse, syncopated drums along with bass lines containing sub bass frequencies.

There are many lovers of this music form and the artists that are versed in it. Due to the immense love for this music form, the artists who play this music have an immense fan following.

This list contains 10 such artists who are phenomenal at this music genre and have earned a good name among their fans. These artists are doing superb in the field of dubstep.

Here are the top 10 best dubstep artists of 2017 who are creating waves in the world for their amazing music:

10 Zeds Dead

Zeds Dead–Photo via mixmag.net

On number 10 are the very popular dubstep duo, Zeds Dead. This popular dubstep duo hails from Canada but, their popularity is not limited to Canada. They have a fan following across the world.

Zeds Dead have many amazing songs to their credit. They have produced many popular numbers. For the sake of their fans, they have produced many numbers for free. The two members of this dubstep duo are Zachary Rapp- Rovan, also known as Hooks among his fans and Dylan Mamid, also known as DC.

Their list of popular works comprise of living dead as an EP, bass mentality as a track, lost you, fresh beetz album and many more to add to the list.

The duo is working on “DeadBeats” currently. Their name is inspired from the popular movie “Pulp Fiction”.

9 Rusko

Top 10 Best Dubstep Artists in 2017
Rusko–Photo via YouTube

Chirs Mercer, popularly known as Rusko, has gained the 9th spot in the list of top 10 best dubstep artists in 2017.

Rusko was born on 26th of January 1985 and is native of the United Kingdom. Rusko is a Music Performance graduate. He gained a good foothold in the music industry around 10 years ago.

He has remixed many hit songs of many hit artists including the likes of Cold Shoulder, Adele and Prodigy’s Take Me to the Hospital.

Rusko is quite popular among the dubstep lovers across the world.

8 Tyler Ward

Top 10 Best Dubstep Artists in 2017
Photo via blog.mellylee.com

Tayler Ward is a popular name in the music industry. He has also marked a great present online by Youtube. He has many followers on social media and also in the real world. Tayler was born on 12th March 1988 in aurora Colorado. This 28 years old artist has ventured into music quite early in his life. He began his training in music at a very tender age. He gave many hit numbers to the music industry. Today, he is one of the most sought after dubstep artists in the world.

His famous works include everybody’s got somebody but me, hellow EP, the album honestly, et al.

7 Skream

Top 10 Best Dubstep Artists in 2017
Skream–Photo via xlr8r.com

On number 7 is Skream.

Skream was born as Oliver Dene Jones on 1st of June, 1986 in the United Kingdom. He is touted among the best dubstep artists of all times. He has done some of the most phenomenal work in his career.

His tracks have made it to the UK singles charts and have succeeded in making a mark in the heart of his fans. His songs have been used in a famous television series. He has also worked with the artists like La Roux and Kelis.

The success of dubstep as a popular genre can be credited to Skream. He is the one who has popularized this genre among the music lovers.

6 Modestep

Modestep–Photo via soundspheremag.com

This is a three member band hailing from London, the United Kingdom. This is counted among the most popular dubstep artists.

The three members of the band are Pat Lundy, Josh Friend and Tony Friend. Three of them came together to form Modestep in 2010 and till now this dubstep band has gained immense success. They have managed to gain a huge fan base. Fans across the world have well received all the work of this excellent band.

Some of the most amazing work by this band includes London Road, a compilation of festivals and tours of the band and the evolution theory.

We keep Modestep at number 6 in the list of top 10 bets dubstep artists in 2017.

5 Benga

Top 10 Best Dubstep Artists in 2017
Photo via Planet .Mu

On number 5 is Benga. This dubstep artist is a native to the United Kingdom.  He was born on 28th of November, 1986 as Adegbenga Adejumo in Croydon England.

Benga began his stint in the music world when he was quite young. He has given his blood and sweat to music and it is because of his efforts that dubstep has attained massive height in the music industry dominated by many other genres.

Benga is known for his innovation. He always comes up with something new and unique to enthral his fans.

4 Skrillex

Top 10 Best Dubstep Artists in 2017
Photo via Electronic Beats.net

Skrillex is a known name throughout the world. He was born on January 15, 1988 in the United States of America. He has taken the world by storm with his power packed, full- on energy performance. Skrillex has 6 Grammy Awards and a massive fan following.

Skrillex is a favourite at night clubs. The high decibel music by Skrillex is loved by the youngsters. This makes his number 4 in the list of top 10 best dubstep artists in the world.

3 Flux Pavilion

Photo via http://electronicalife.com/

Joshua Kierkegaard G. Steele, popularly known as Flux Pavilion is a leading name in the genre of dubstep. He was born in Towncester, the United Kingdom.

This dubstep artist has earned a big name in the whole world with the Kony campaign. His track I Can’t Stop is one of the most popular tracks of all times. His track managed to grab a spot in the top 10 hit in the UK singles chart. He is also a famous songwriter and a Disc Jockey.

His fan list contains many big names in the industry including the likes of Christina Aguilera and many famous radio DJs.

We are keeping Joshua Kieerkegaard G. Steele, aka Flux Pavilion on number 3 in the list of top 10best dubstep artists in the whole world.

2 Excision

excision artist–Photo via Fanart.tv

Excision is Canadian artist who was born as Jeff Abel.

He is a big name in the world of music. He is known for his power packed, high- intensity music. He has ventured in dubstep about 10 years ago and has made it big.

His loud music is always high on bass and this has become his signature style and the fans are crazy for this style.

It would not be wrong if say that he has inspired many new DJs to venture into this music genre. He is undoubtedly one of the best dubstep artists in the whole world.

1 Knife Party

Top 10 Best Dubstep Artists in 2017
Knife Party artiist–Photo via EDMSauce.com

Knife Party is the ruler of the dubstep domain.

Knife Party is a band formed by Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen. Rob was born on 5th of November and Gareth was born on 16th of October, 1982. This duo is the nothing less than the best.

This Australian band has emerged as the best dubstep band. This band has been active for some years.

Both Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen were a part of the group Pendulum. They have always gained rave reviews for all their work. They have always made the best music in this genre. They have a huge fan following across the world. There are many big names in the music industry who are also a big fans of Knife Party.

Undoubtedly, Knife Party deserves to be on number 1 in the list of top 10 best dubstep artists in the whole world.

Top 10 Best Dubstep Artists in the World

No. Top 10 Best Dubstep Artists in 2017
1 Knife Party
2  Excision
3 Flux Pavilion
4 Skrillex
5 Benga
6 Modestep
7 Skream
8 Tayler Ward
9 Rusko
10 Zeds Dead

All these dubstep artists are a pioneer in their arena. They are nothing short of the best. They have always entertained their fans by offering the best music and will do the same in the coming years.

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