Top 10 Best Female Bodybuilders of All Time

The female bodybuilding competition was started around 1970’s. The real promotion of female bodybuilding started in the year 1977, it gave an opportunity for women to show their body who are interested in body building. In on 18th August 1978, the bodybuilding competition for female was organized named as “The Best in the World contest”. There are many of the impressive female body builders who can surprise anyone. There are many of the female bodybuilders who look hot and have big muscles.

Here we present you the 10 totally impressive female bodybuilders, which will totally surprise you.

Top 10 Best Female Bodybuilders of All Time

10 Gladys Portugues

Top 10 Best Female Bodybuilders of All Time
Gladys Portugues ( image via )

Gladys Portugues was born on 30th  September, 1957. Her husband is a famous Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. She has two children named as Kristopher who was born in 1987 and Bianca who was born in 1990. Gladys Portugues has taken a big inspiration from Rachel McLish who was Ms. Olympian winner. Looking at Rachel Mclish on television,  Gladys Portugues took the body building seriously. Gladys Portugues was successful in getting the position at top-10 in Ms. Olympia.

Gladys Portugues had even appeared for one time on television and for three times on television.  Gladys Portugues has a very nice body like a body builder. She had good and large muscles which can definitely surprise anybody.

9 Jennifer Broomfield

Jennifer Broomfield
Jennifer Broomfield ( image via )

Jennifer Broomfield was born in 5th September, 1983 and was born in Massachusetts. In the childhood she use to play soccer and do wrestling. While she was a teenager, she had overcome all roadblocks like hanging out friends and enjoying eating outside. She had taken hard path of doing bodybuilding and has successful in making an impressive body. In 2002, when she was a teenager, she started to work out and entered into body building.  Once in an interview she had told that she was always interested in bodybuilding and weight training as most of the people in her family are either athletic at some time and also muscular.

She also admits that in the diet she like to have moderate fat, high protein, low cals and low carbs. Even if she has body with big muscles and big thighs, she definitely looks very hot. Apart from body building she also trains other women in bodybuilding, write papers, study, spending time with friends.  She also like doing modeling and trade shows.

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8 Rachel McLish

Rachel McLish
Rachel McLish ( image via )

Rachel McLish was born in 21st June 1955, in Texas USA. Rachel McLish was working out when she was studying health nutrition and physiology. She was later inspired to enter into bodybuilding after watching the female bodybuilder magazines.  In 1980, McLish became well known when she had won the United States Championships.  After that McLish appeared on the bodybuilding magazine for maximum time than any other woman. After that for four years she was always place in top five ranks.  She had even written the article on weight training for women in New York Times.

McLish had worked in documentary named as Pumping Iron II: The Women in 1985. She even acted in movies like Iron Eagle, Getting Physical and Raven Hawk. She also appeared in the music video of Herb Alpert’s ‘Red Hot’.  Rachel McLish had taken very hard work to build her body. She is having a superb strong body.

7 Brigita Brezovac

Brigita Brezovac
Brigita Brezovac ( image via )

Brigita was born on 24th September,1979 in Slovenia.  When Brigita Brezovac was a teenager, she saw the photos of Anja Langer and Cory Everson, she decided to lift weights and be body builder.Brigita Brezovac wanted to make a career in fitness for the competitions in IFBB, but the judges were not impressed by her body. Hereafter Brigita took the body building seriously. .  In 2001 World Championship, she came in the fourth place Hereafter Brigita had won IFBB Tampa Pro, Europa Battle of Champions and had won to the 10th position in Ms.Olympia .

Brigita Brezovac retired from body building after attending 2013 Ms. Olympia.  Brigita Brezovac is having very nice body, her muscles are very large and overall body is really impressive as it has a very shape of the body. She even looks hot when she is out for parties.

6 Jennifer Rish

Jennifer Rish
Jennifer Rish ( image via )

Jennifer Rish in her teenage was a good gymnast and a kick boxer. In teenage, she had to work on multi-tasks of competing, fitness modeling and as a nurse. She had won many of the body building competition in her times. With her large biceps, triceps and strong body, she had impressed many of them and for them who wish to become body builder.

In June 2008, Kriv Studios had admired her with intense beauty and girl-next-door muscularity. She has a very warm smile and beautiful eyes. She is one of the hot women in the bodybuilding. She look very hot in the tight dress with her impressive figure, long beautiful hair and hot look.

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5 Dayana Cadeau

Dayana Cadeau
Dayana Cadeau ( image via )

Dayana Cadeau was born on 2nd June 1966 in Haiti. Dayana Cadeau is one of the strong competitors over the years for IFBB event. She was successful in getting into 2nd position in Ms. International and Ms.Olympia. She was also successful in getting at the 1st position in lightweight class. Her competition weight is around 135 lb. She is nick named as “The Gift”. In 1997 in Canada cup, Cadeau had won the overall title. In 2011, Dayan Cadeau announced her bodybuilding retirement and joined physique.

Cadeau is considered to be the most successful bodybuilder from Canada. She is the only Canadian who has won Ms.Olympia lightweight.  She had helped tremendously to promote the NPC Dayana Cadeau Classic. She is having a very impressive body nice muscles which can definitely inspire anyone.

4 Nikki Fuller

Nikki Fuller
Nikki Fuller ( image via )

Nikki Fuller was born on 23rd January 1968, in Ohio, USA. Nikki Fuller decided to be a body builder very early in her life, as was very strong physically. She joined the gym and started working out very early and became a very strong contender very soon. While in school Fuller was very interested in sports and was competing in track.  In 1986, she was champion in Water Polo State Champion.  Nikki Fuller had won Ms. International and Ms. Olympia in the year 1992. Further in 1998, she had participated and won in Novice Oregon.

She was even featured on the cover of The Women, which was compiled by Bill Dobbins in a photography book of top female. After 1999, Fuller started paying more attention on Hollywood rather than bodybuilding. She even did several television shows like Ally McBeal, Nikki and Just Shoot Me. She also worked with Dave Chappelle in commercial named Right Guard Extreme. She really had a very impressive body.

3 Yaxeni Oriquen

Yaxeni Oriquen
Yaxeni Oriquen ( image via )

Yaxeni Oriquen was born on 3rd September, 1966, in Venezuela.  It was from 1989, that Yaxeni Oriquen started working seriously on the sport of bodybuilding. In 1993 contests, she had won four amateur. She is the only person to win the body builder competition in the world. She even worked as a fitness nutrition and personal trainer adviser in South Beach at IronWorks. She is a tremendous achiever in the female bodybuilder world.

Yaxeni Oriquen has won Ms. Olympia in 2005 and won Ms. International in 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2008. She has really dominated the list of top bodybuilder female for long period. She is always on the top 10 list in big IFBB competitions. Her competition weigh is around 170 lb. Her strong body has always been a center of attraction wherever she goes and have attracted many of the media for the same.

2 Chyna

Chyna ( image via )

Chyna was born on 27th December 1970 in New York, USA.  She graduated in 1992, from the University of Tampa, majoring in Spanish Literature. In college, she even studied German and French. Chyna is a well-known bodybuilder across the world. Her original name is Joan Marie Laurer. She came into limelight from 1997, when she started performing in World Wrestling Federation (WWF). She is so famous person in the WWF that even most of the children across the world know her. She had even given god performance in 2002 for New Japan Pro Wrestling and 2011 for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Chyna had even appeared for the two times in the playboy magazine for two times. She even appeared in several television films and shows.

In 2000, Chyna had appeared on The Howard Stern Show. She appeared as special celebrity in Fear Factor in 2001. In 2002, was host of Robot Wars: Grand Champions. Further in 2003, she was seen in the celebrity game show. Chyna is really one of the woman bodybuilder of all times. She is rally having awesome strong body.

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1 Iris Kyle

Iris Kyle
Iris Kyle ( image via )

Iris Kyle was born on 22nd August 1974 in Olympia. Among the female bodybuilders, she happens to be the most successful across the world. Iris Kyle is one of the greatest female body builders in the world. From 2006-2010, she has won 5 times in Ms.Olympia.  Her competition weight 160 lb. She attended Benten Harbor High School at Alcorn State University in Lorman. Her major subject was in Business Administration.

Iris Kyle is having a very impressive body across the world. She is the most searched bodybuilder women on the internet. Her powerful muscles has stunned many people. She is really the most remembered female bodybuilder in the world. Her impressive body and effort to achieve that will always be remembered.

These women have strong body and can definitely capable lifting any heavy weight. Probably, these will be the only women in the world who can tell their correct weight publicly.

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