Top 10 Best iPhone apps

Top 10 Best iPhone apps 2017

Top 10 Best iPhone apps 2017

iPhones has the best apps with lots and lots of options to select from. So I am here enlisting the top 10 iPhone apps of that will help you pick the best one. These apps are of different genres, features, and categories which you can choose based on your preference.   Apps are the keystone of Apple’s iOS, and it is many a time difficult to find the best ones out of millions of apps available on iPhone.  It includes of everything from navigation, social web, photo editing, education, business, music, payment apps, games, and news.

Some of these apps are available for free and some for which you have to pay but they are worth to have. It doesn’t matter if you have iPhone 5 or 7, the availability of apps on all iPhones are massive.

10 Word Flow

Top 10 Best iPhone apps 2017
Top 10 Best iPhone apps 2017-Photo via

Word Flow app is basically an iOS keyboard which is designed in such a way that you can use it with one hand with thumb swiping feature. This is a must have app for iPhone while you can just send a message, search, or type with one hand, when your other hand is occupied with burger let’s say.

This app is designed by Microsoft Garage which has bringing us with several apps for mobile devices. Its feature and functionality are just amazing with the comfort of having a radical arc keyboard or curved keyboard which makes it easier to type and swipe. It is a high rated app with many positive reviews. This app comes with the features of the regular keyboard like word recommendation, or autocorrect engines.

9 RunGo

Photo via Phone Arena

This app has the best features among all the running apps as you can explore new routes for running with turn by turn voice navigation which is just great. None of the running apps except for this one provides you with voice navigation where you can create or change the route within seconds and continue running with the voice navigation.

RunGo also records your run statistics like how much distance you covered, elevation, time taken, and pace. It is the best app for those who love to run, travel, jog, and explore. Another thing that is just great is that it is available for free. This app can be used with music on and while you are announcing the direction it would lower the music and again resume your music volume. It also doesn’t require internet data to be on while you are exploring and running.

8 Slack

Photo via Cult of Mac

This app has great rating and a lot of positive reviews. It is available for free and it is amazing as it makes it easier for you to work in a team. So whether you are at home, on the go, or at your desk, this app gives you access to find your team and gets work done with ease.

It makes the communication among team member easier and helps you collaborate in one place which will get your work done. You can share documents and edit within the app and helps you check off your “to do list.” It makes team work pleasant, simpler and more productive, whether you are working in a small or large enterprise. Thus give it a try and you will love it.

7 Audible

Top 10 Best iPhone apps 2017
Photo via Ubergizmo

Love listening to audio books? Then this is the app to have as its functioning is just the best from any other app for audio books. It has an access to many books from which you can select.  You can use this app and listen when offline or when you are on the go.  So give this app a try and start exploring popular non fictions and fictions from various categories such as news, business, wellness, comedy, science, learning, and many more.

You can sync this app among various devices. Also there are options to find the best voice from the award winning narrators who would bring such amazing stories to life. With the Whispersync Technology you get the option to shift from listening to these audio books and reading ebooks available with Amazon Kindle.

6 Dark Sky

Dark Sky–Photo via thatgeekdad – blogger

This is the most accurate app for getting the information related to hyperlocal weather.  This app will tell you exactly when it will start or stop to rain, which is right where you are standing, kind of magical. Download this app now to get the best forecast information and avoid yourself from any bad weather conditions or prepare yourself for it. This app notifies you in several different ways like the last minute notification, daily summary for forecast every morning, or severe weather notification alert for any dangerous conditions.

It uses the technology of state of art which will predict the rain or snow right in the minute, with your exact location, so it is not just for city or state overall but for you, for exactly where you are standing. Isn’t that just great and helpful? You will be receiving detailed information of the forecast, even if the rain is going to start in 14 seconds or a snowfall next week. The service for this app has been built from scratch and this app is used by thousands of people, with the delivery of millions of forecasts each month.

5 PicsArt Photo Studio

Top 10 Best iPhone apps 2017
PicsArt Photo Studio–Photo via iClarified

It is one of the best photos editing application to have. It comes with a lot of features like attractive filters, creative control, image editing tools, and many other fun options to explore with.

On the first page of this app is the online community homepage. It is great tool for editing and enhancing the pictures. Also you can draw and make a collage using this app.  It has a lot of clip arts for sports, travel, nature, birthdays, baby, rabbits, love, mustache, and many more. It has the best rating and reviews so give it a try and you won’t be disappointed with this app.


Top 10 Best iPhone apps 2017
Top 10 Best iPhone apps 2017–Photo via The Verge

Do you feel like most of your time is being wasted with the same repeating online or internet tasks? Then give this app a try. It is a web based service for free, that people uses, which combines multiple tasks together which will create you with an ‘if this, then that structure,’ which is also the acronym for IFTTT.

It comes with different types of pre-built applets which will automatically back up your photos to cloud accounts, or it messages your family member or roommate if you are at any grocery place nearby or it can have your smart lights turn on by itself through this app when you return home.

3 SnapGuide

Photo via Brit + Co

SnapGuide if available for free and it is amazing for the ones who like crafty things. It is a guide for various arts, DIY’s, crafts, food recipes, and technology related tips.

Each of the guides gives you good detailed illustrations and instructions with photos, which will help you, create the best out of what you have. You can look into variety of topics such as gardening, arts and crafts, automotive and many more. You also get to comment, share, like or create your own guide.

2 Letterboxd

Top 10 Best iPhone apps 2017
Photo via Nimblechapps

Well many of us feel tired of picking which flick to watch everytime, if that is the case then use this app which you won’t regret having. It is a cine-file’s diary as well as a social network which allows you to share the reviews of movies and also recommendations among friends.

This will help you updated and also you can keep a log of all the movies you have watched. With that you also have the access to rate it, write a review on it, look for cast crew, and also follow your friends.

1 Patronus

Photo via Business Insider

This app provides you with having a personal security on the hand. It would provide the sharing of location with an improved 911 mobile service which is very handy for the dispatchers to locate you straight away just by using GPS sensors that is available on the phone. As safety comes first and that is what this app provides. Here in this app the trusted contacts are also notified along with 911 of the emergency call. It also has a Lockscreen support which is quite necessary.

With many other such applications available this one works the best and it is an app that you should have for sure. So give it a try as it is for free. There is also a feature ‘on my way’ that would allow its user to share their location along with contacts, so they can keep an eye on the progress on the map link. Also once you reach the destination this app would send a message to confirm your arrival sharing and would stop sharing the location.

Top 10 Best iPhone apps 2017

No. Top 10 Best iPhone apps 2017
1 Word Flow
2 RunGo
3 Slack
4 Audible
5 Dark Sky
6 PicsArt Photo Studio
8 SnapGuide
9 Letterboxd
10 Patronus

These apps work perfectly on iPhones and some of these apps are overlooked but should be given a try for sure, as they are the hidden gems:





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