Top 10 Best Marvel Heroes

Best Marvel Heroes

Kids love cartoons and so do we. The cartoon shows, and movies have been the favorite of anyone irrespective of age and choice. The animation industry has always seen a tremendous growth each year with release of new cartoon characters and shows. The creators develop the characters in the cartoon in such a form that you cannot just resist to love them.

The marvel heroes being the protagonists of the cartoon shows are given a beautiful look with powerful weapons and strong built up. They have always made us laugh and feel important. They pass a certain message to all the kids in an explicit manner. Let us have a look on Top 10 Best Marvel Heroes of all time who have been with us since many years.

10 Blade

Top 10 Best Marvel Heroes
Blade — Photo via

Blade is the marvel hero which appears in Blade film series as well as TV series. During his birth, one of the vampires bit his mother due to which Blade is not affected by the supernatural vampire’s bites. He is strong and possesses superhuman power. He is a master in martial arts and perfectly knows many styles such as Capoeira, Jujutsu, Kung Fu and many more.

He can bravely fight with weapons on the street against any enemies. Blade is expert in operating knives and swords. He is also not affected by sunlight, silver or garlic.

9 Daredevil

Top 10 Best Marvel Heroes
Daredevil — Photo via

The next on the list is one of the most popular marvel heroes, Daredevil. He appeared for the 1st time in Daredevil #1. This character is blind in the series but has superhuman abilities and accuracy. He can act just similar to a person who has eyes. He possesses a radar sense and he can also read very well by just touching on the letters of the page with his fingers.

Daredevil also has the senses to hear the person’s heart beat just like a pacemaker. He can even judge the atmospheric disturbance caused around him. He is skilled is investigation and tracking.

8 Nick Fury

Top 10 Best Marvel Heroes
Nick Fury — Photo via

One of the most famous fictional characters since many years, Nick Fury is the member of U.S Army Unit. He has appeared in many TV series and video games. His age is slowed by a serum made by Dr. Berthold. Nick is a strong man even at a growing age. He has one of the cosmetic eyes.

He is also an expert in combat techniques. Nick fury has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do as well as brown belt in Jiu Jitsu. He has bravely fought in many wars such as World War II, Vietnam Conflict and many other missions.

7 Rocket Raccoon

Top 10 Best Marvel Heroes
Rocket Raccoon — Photo via

The fictional character of Rocket Raccoon is developed by artist Keith Giffen and it is seen in Marvel Preview #7. This character is smart and intelligent. He is trained in various tactics. He is also the member of team Guardians of the Galaxy. The appearance of Rocket Raccoon is just similar to normal raccoon.

He has pointed claws and sharp senses of hearing, smell and sight. With his sharp claws, he can easily climb tall walls and buildings. He has 2 laser pistols and many other heavy weapons. Rocket Raccoon is an expert in military tactics and he is also a leader.

6 Peggy Carter

Top 10 Best Marvel Heroes
Peggy Carter — Photo via

The next on the list is the fictional character, Peggy Carter. She is the lover of Captain America. When she was very young, Peggy Carter joined the French Resistance.

She is skilled in fighting in many wars. Due to an exploding shell, she stays with her parents in Virginia. Captain America saves Peggy Carter from villain Doctor Faustus.

5 Jessica Jones

Top 10 Best Marvel Heroes
Jessica Jones — Photo via

Jessica Jones is the former superhero who owned Alias Private Investigations. She goes in coma for many months after which she gets many superhuman abilities. She can fight bravely and can also read mind precisely.

She can lift up even the heaviest objects with ease such as 2-ton police car and big sized Goliath too. Jessica Jones can also fly but later with her growing age, her flying capacity reduced. He is also a god detective and investigative journalist.

4 Thor

Top 10 Best Marvel Heroes
Thor — Photo via

Thor is known by his hammer Mjolnir by which he can fly and change the weather conditions.  He has many superhuman attributes. Thor has founded the superhero team the Avengers. This fictional character has appeared in animated TV series, toys, clothing and many other items.

He is one of the “Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time”. He consumes Golden Apples to live for longer years. E is the strongest in Asgardians. He can track even the fastest travelling objects. He can bear even the blasts and major injuries.

3 Hulk

Top 10 Best Marvel Heroes
Hulk — Photo via

Hulk is one of the most favorite superheroes of children. He appeared for the 1st time in The Incredible Hulk. He is a large sized man with green colored skin. He possesses powerful and strong body. First, he was Banner which got changed into Hulk by exposure to gamma rays in one of the accidents.

He transforms into Hulk when he gets stress. Hulk has been the subject of clothing and collectable items. There are theme parks and attractions created on this character.

2 Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Top 10 Best Marvel Heroes
Iron Man — Photo via

The next on the list is a rich American businessman as well as scientist, Tony Stark. He makes a powerful suit of armor in an injury which he got while he was being kidnapped. Tony Stark makes his suit more powerful with other weapons and devices at his company, Stark Industries.

He uses this suit while fighting against any enemies in the war. He is the protector of the world. Tony Stark has expert knowledge in many fields such as physics, chemistry, computer science and mathematics. He can also deal well in economic matters.

1 Spiderman

Top 10 Best Marvel Heroes
Spiderman — Photo via

Spiderman is the most popular fictional character of children since many years. The character is an orphan raised by Aunt May and Mary Parker. He has faced many struggles in his life right from his childhood days such as financial crisis.

He has spider related abilities. Spiderman holds on to web-shooters and can face any danger in short span of time. He has appeared in many animated series, comic books, and film series.

So, which one do you love the most ?

Top 10 Best Marvel Heroes

1. Spiderman

2. Tony Stark (Iron Man)

3. Hulk

4. Thor

5. Jessica Jones

6. Peggy Carter

7. Rocket Raccoon

8. Nick Fury

9. Daredevil

10. Blade



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