Top 10 Best Milk Brands in the World

From our childhood, our mothers have been telling us that milk is the healthiest drink for health and we have been drinking it on a regular basis. Today, milk has become the part of our routine. Milk as well as all the milk based products are very useful to us in a number of ways. Apart from being the healthiest drink, milk can be converted into a number of by-products.

These by-products are scrumptious and healthy as well and almost everyone looks forward to enjoying the milk in one way or the other. Thus, with such increasing demands of milk all over the world, a number of companies are today commercializing this field. The industries are looking forward to flourishing an outstanding business in this field. Various companies and industries have already started earning huge profits. Here are the top ten best milk brands in the world.

Top 10 Best Milk Brands in the World

10 Hood:

 Milk Brands

This dairy brand was founded as a service of milk-delivery in the year 1846 by Harvey Perley Hood and is considered as one of the most experienced and oldest dairy companies of the world. Apart from milk, this company also produces products like cultured foods, frozen desserts, non-dairy drink, specialty drinks and many more. Hood is based in Lynnfield in Massachusetts.

This brand covers everything that serve as the major dairy needs. Various branded products like Southern Comfort Eggnog, Lactaid, Fiber One Cottage Cheese and Milkshakes, Stonyfield Farm Organic Milk as well as Almond Breeze Almond milk are processed by this brand under its respective license. Hood is considered as one of the biggest dairy brands of the world.

9 Darigold:


This American dairy and agricultural marketing co-operative is headquartered in Seattle and is considered as one of the top milk brands of the world. Darigold Inc. today is owned by more than 500 dairy members on the NDA (Northwest Dairy Association). Founded in 1918, this company produces an extensive range of different dairy products that also includes milk in the pouch.

This company successfully makes the sales of two billion dollar per year. Thus, this huge turnover clearly exhibits us the stories of its success. The rates of all the dairy products produced by this brand are more than reasonable. The milk production in this company exceeds 8,600,000,000 pounds per year on an average.

8 Stonyfield Farm:

Stonyfield Farm
Stonyfield Farm

Mostly referred as Stonyfield, Stonnyfield Farm is one of the top milk producing companies in the world today. This USA based company drives all its consumers in its own amazing way. It is an organic yogurt maker situated in Londonderry. Samuel Kaymen founded this company in the year 1983 as one organic farming school. The business of the farm kept on flourishing and today this brand serves as one of the top ten milk companies of the world. It makes organic yogurt which has number-one selling all throughout the United States.

Stonyfield also owns a number of brands such as YoToddler, YoBaby, Oikos and YoBaby. All the organic products produced under this company are very reasonable as to their price. The customer base of this company is very strong and a majority of customers today prefer this brand as their favorite organic dairy products farm. The chairman and CEO of this company is Gary Hirshberg. He also happens to be the former president of the company.

7 Wegmans:


One of the major and the most popular of all the brands in the United States is the Wegmans. Headquartered in Gates, New York this company also happens to be one of the oldest dairy production companies of the area. What’s more interesting about this company is that it entertains its hundred different branches that operate in New York only.

Since this company happens to be a very old dairy company, the reliability level of this company among the customers when compared to other dairy brands is stronger. Established in the year 1916, this company produces fresh milk and dairy products that are amazing as to the taste and reliable as to the quality. Apart from a flourishing business in the United States of America, Wegmans is one of the most preferred milk and dairy products brand in several countries of Europe.

6 Nestle:


Formed in the year 1905, Nestle is a name that doesn’t need a descriptive introduction since everyone is well acquainted with this brand. It is considered as the most reliable and the loved brand of all the dairy products. It has established a huge market throughout the world and is still striving ahead on the paths of success and satisfaction.

The revenue of this company has reached to $91.6 billion according to the analysis. Nestle not only offers milk and dairy products but also entertains the sale of various nutrition based products, especially in the developing countries of the world. The products produced by this brand includes different produces like ice-cream, dairy products, pet foods, frozen food, cereals, snacks, confectionery, medical food, baby food, breakfast food, etc.

Today, this company operates its business in 194 countries with around 447 factories all throughout the world. The company employs over 339,000 employers on an annual basis. Nestle has also made a majority of corporate acquisitions like Findus, Libby’s, Crosse & Blackwell, Gerber and Rowntree Mackintosh.

5 Shamrock Farms:

Shamrock Farms
Shamrock Farms

Founded in the year 1922, the Shamrock Farms are considered as one of the top ten milk producing companies of the world today. Apart from being one of the top ten milk producing company, this company is also considered as the largest co-operated and family-owned dairy in the whole Southwest region. This dairy entertains a unique antique touch that makes it one of the distinctive names if we compare it with other dairy companies.

This company produces as well as distributes an entire range of dairy products to its customers. Interestingly, this dairy company entertains a cow as a mascot. This cow is known as Roxie. The Shamrock Farms have been based out of Phoenix, AZ. This dairy entertains the production of the most sought-after dairy products throughout the world.

4 Safeway Inc.:

Founded in the year 1915, this brand is considered as one of the biggest and the famous names of the milk production throughout the world. It is also referred as the second leading network of supermarkets in the northern area of the United States. On the whole, this company has flourished around one thousand three hundred thirty-five centers only in the regions of the central United States. This leading supermarket chain produces various milk and milk products and distributes them all over the country.

These products are healthy, delicious and are really affordable. The empire of Safeway Inc. is one of the largest business empires in terms of the supermarkets and dairy companies. Its corporate center is situated in Pleasanton, in California. Apart from the United States, this company has already established around hundred and ninety-five centers in the country of Mexico. This brand is considered as one of the most reliable brands of the country. Considering the revenue generated out of this company, this brand is referred as the 11th largest retailer in the US.

3 Dean Foods:

milk brand
Dean Foods

One of the biggest milk brands that is serving the major population of the United States on a regular basis is the Dean Foods. The dairy products produced by this company have today become as the important parts of all the kitchens of the United States of America. The milk and milk products produced by this company are fresh and tasteful.

This company has already been successful in building various high-end production plants and is currently planning to establish a whole new set-up for manufacturing in almost all the countries of the United States of America. Apart from being one of the most successful names in the United States of America, the Dean Foods are equally famous in the United Kingdom and their milk and milk products are consumed by a majority of people. Dean Foods entertain its manufacturing plants not only in the United States, but also in the countries like Holland and Belgium.

2 Organic Valley:

Organic Valley
Organic Valley

Another name which is synonymous to fresh milk and milk products in the Organic Valley. Established in the year 1988, this company is located in La Farge Wisconsin in the United States of America. The milk and products produced under the name of this company are fresh, organic and tasteful in nature.

This company originally is nothing but a co-operative unit of all the organic farmers. This company has made a huge name for it ever since its inception and the turnover of this company has reached to a major one billion dollar which is very much ahead to all its competitors. This company not only produces and sells its products in the United States, but the Asian countries like China and Japan as well.

1 Borden Milk Products:

Borden Milk Products
Borden Milk Products

On the top is the Borden Milk Products which is considered as the most renowned name of the United States in the field. This company entertains famous Hollywood celebrity. Selena Gomez and many other names as its brand ambassador.

The marketing strategy of this company is more than impressive and its products are reliable and fresh. This brand never compromises on the quality of all the products produced by it and therefore it is undoubtedly the best brand as to the production of milk and its by-products all throughout the world.


These companies are the most reliable companies of the world that entertain all the quality-rich products along with whooping turnovers.

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