Top 10 Best Pencil Brands

Pencils in a way are necessary in our life. Pencils are basically a tool used to write or draw or color. It is comprised with a thin layer of graphite in the shade of black or grey and this graphite can simply be erased and re-written. As students or professionals pencil is very much essential and finds it very useful. The customary writing pencil used is HB pencil and the letters H stands for Hardness and the letter B stands for Blackness thus referring to HB pencils which is most commonly used. There are various types of pencils available and all have different uses, different sharpness, boldness, clarity.

Over the years there are several modifications made to pencils, the most commonly used is the pencil in the cylindrical form with a thin core of graphite enclosed within, mechanical pencils are similar to this but this one has an easy replaceable lead of graphite, or pencil which has an eraser attached to it, graphite and clay mixing, wood holders, leads, bendable, etc. There are among 177 brands available for pencils, one can decide which to use based on the quality, or price, or the purpose of the use. The top ten pencil brands that fabricate the best pencils are below:

10 Ozark pencils (United States)

Ozark pencils are one of the best pencil brands known for its production of high-quality color pencils. Ozark Company has various models of pencils like Marquette 137 no.1 with eraser and metal ferrule, E1Res 242 consisting eraser, Blue 702 which has no eraser and many others as such. It’s one of the brands which have pencils with thick leads which enhances the letters, drawings and texts. It is one of the trustable companies founded in 1911 among others.

9  Palomino pencils (United States)

Palomino pencils
Palomino pencils

Palomino is a high-end pencil brand which has an amazing collection such as Palomino imagine pencils, Blackwing exclusive is the first pencil, Blackwing original pencil that comes in four body colors like black, white, grey, and red multicolor. Palomino Blackwing pencils also has seven different editions of pencils, in which the seventh edition is in golden body.

The other models consist of Forest, golden bear and many more. The most famous is the Palomino Blackwing faber pencil which is truly good-looking pencils compared to others. During their release the graphite pencils received a lot of praise. Palomino has replacements eraser with three different colors. This brand was established in 2003 in California, dedicated to top notch target writing product to students, teachers, musicians, artists, etc. In 2012 it started with a whole new production.

8 Chikyu pencils (Japan)

Chikyu pencils
Chikyu pencils

Chikyu pencils were founded in 1918 as the Japanese Pencil Co., this company merged with five other companies, it was known as Chikyu Enpitsu in 1947 (Globe Pencil), and in 1991 again the name was changed to Chikyu (Globe) co. Chikyu pencils come in different body colors like blue, pink, yellow, white, red, etc.

Chikyu pencils consists of some of the best models like Chikyu enpitsu 6000, Globe No 230 which has two ends to it with two colors, Chikyu 380H pencil, Chikyu 830HB pencil, Globe 200HB pencil, Globe pencil 501 which has an eraser on the end, Globe 220HB pencil, Chikyu 8000HB pencil, Universal 585 No.2 pencil with yellow body and an eraser, Gold and Black 9400HB pencil and others.

7 Tombow pencils (Japan)

Tombow pencils
Tombow pencils

Tombow Pencils also a company from Japan found in 1913 consists of products that cost to some extent high, but at the same time are very much trustworthy. Tombow is a company which produces pencils with plastics, pure wood and other good quality materials which is the reason why they are costly compared to other pencils.

Tombow pencils are available in several colors. Tombow pencils are also very good looking like mono HB pencil that is white in color and has floral design to its end, then mono 2H pencil which has white and black stripes to it, etc.

6  Staedtler pencils (United States)

Staedtler pencils
Staedtler pencils

Staedtler Pencils in Australia, Germany was established in 1835 found by J.S. Staedtler; but it has a long history to its company production which can be linked back to 1662 to Friedrich Staedtler who was a pencil making craftsman. It is one of the most well known company, the pencils produced by this company comes in many different forms like round shape, triangle shape, hexagonal shape, and jumbo triangle shape.

It is one of the brands that consist of different size, colors, and shapes of pencils, like the carpenter pencil which is has abstract color of black and white and is jumbo in size. Each of its pencil has a different logo on it like Globe Trotter Kopierstift 933 Weich pencil has the logo of two globes, then Luna pencil and Kosmo pencil has the half moon Logo, the elefant has the elephant logo, etc.

5 Apsara pencils (India)

Apsara pencils
Apsara pencils

It was established in the year 1958. It has its own kind of elegant design, which has super dark graphite and a comfortable grip, its most commonly used in Indian states. It has a lead of 0.5mm and the most known models are 1H, to 9H with grey body. This brand consists of pencils with reasonable price and various options of pencils.

Some of its models are Apsara Platinum pencil, triangle metallics pencil, Platinum RT pencils, JOI pencils, Triga pencils, POP pencils, Steno pencils, Absolute pencils, etc.

4 Nataraj pencils (India)

Nataraj pencils
Nataraj pencils

Nataraj Pencils is also a brand of Hindustan Pencils Ltd which is the biggest manufacturing organization in India established in 1958, which is one of the high-end pencil manufacturing companies. This brand is known and its products are available in about 50 countries.

It consists of models like 621 Pencils, Bold pencil, Pixy Pencils and Petals Pencils; it has a much known common feature that is red color with black stripes which comes with and without eraser.

3 Columbia pencils (Australia)

Columbia pencils
Columbia pencils

This company started its production in the year of 1940s, in Sydney, Australia. It’s one of the high quality companies for pencils. It has a very long history and could be traced back to the year 1919. G.H. Horton is the founder of Columbia Australia in 1931, which had secured the production in Australia, and was licensed with Columbia Ribbon & Manufacturing Company, New York.

That’s how it started distributing its product all over the country. It’s started its mass production of pencils in Australia. It comes in different colors, and has several models such as Aristoc, Cadet 500, Color Sketch DK. Blue, Columbia 500, Copperplate, Formative, little john which is very thin, and many more.

2  Linton pencils (United States)

Linton pencils
Linton pencils

Linton pencils were founded in 1930 in Lewisburg, USA. This company produces pencil with various amazing models that are attractive to children the most, some of the models are Blondie that comes in pink color, then Popeye, Dagwood, which has an animated drawing to the end of the pencil, other models are consolidated, bonded lead, custom, draftsman, titanic, whistle bait 448 No.2 that is light pink in color and a teal green eraser on the end, and many more.

1 Adel Pencils (Turkey)

Pencil Brands
Adel Pencils

This brand was founded in 1969 and is one of the best high-end brands. Adel is the founder and leader and in partnership with several Turkish Instrument Manufacturing Companies. It specializes in wood-cased pencils; it also produces pencils through popular wood at its Giresun plant found in Turkey. This brand is well known in among 30 countries all over the world and the price of it is also reasonable. It has models like fish pencil HB, Dermotograph 1700, Common 1111, Mercanli 2160, Star 1127 etc.

Top 10 Best Pencil Brands

Sr No.Pencil brands ( Country name)
1Adel Pencils (Turkey)
2Linton pencils (United States)
3Columbia pencils (Australia)
4Nataraj pencils (India)
5Apsara pencils (India)
6Staedtler pencils (United States)
7Tombow pencils (Japan)
8Chikyu pencils (Japan)
9Palomino pencils (United States)
10Ozark pencils (United States)

Pencils are one necessary product we use in our day to day life, especially for students, and the best thing about pencil is that it is erasable and easy to re-write. So choosing the best pencil is quite important, one can choose a pencil based on its sharpness, boldness, thickness, thinness, darkness, fadedness, smoothness, etc. But not just the graphite (inner core) is important but the appearance of a pencil is too, the color of the pencil’s body, design of it, etc, is also a thing to keep in mind while selecting a pencil, specially for kids as writing, sketching isn’t always a happening thing for them, so with such pencil they would be interested in writing.

With this the price of the pencil also matters, based on the purpose of application the price should be kept in mind like the carpenter’s pencil, copying pencils, golf pencils, stenographer’s pencil, etc. Pencil is the most essential instrument in learning; pencils are used every day in classrooms whether it is for drawing, writing, counting, grammar, poetry, science, assessments, etc. In a way we can say that we can’t learn without a pencil. Pencil is one of the simplest things but is one important tool so why not choose accordingly, thus the list of pencils shortlisted would help you with it.

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