Top 10 Best Selling Tower Fans In The Market

Tower Fans

Tower fans are the best to have compared to Air conditioners in many ways. They are very compact and sleek, first of all, which is why you can slide them into any area where other units of fan won’t be able to fit. They are also energy efficient, which is another reason why they are selling so much. An air cooler consumes 100 watts of energy and air conditioners about 500 watts, whereas, a tower fan consumes less than 50 watts for an average rated fan. So just think how much energy as well as utility or electricity bill you will be saving, by using a tower fan.

Also if you are worried about the noise, a tower fan could have, then don’t fret, as the modern ones are designed in such a way that you will get a blast of cool breezing air alongside remarkable quietness, and would ensure you with a pleasant and sound sleep. There are also air filtration along with ionizing features built in, with many of these tower fans. This built in air filters removes any toxic allergens from environment, plus the air ionizers refreshes the air in a very natural manner. With both features present in tower fans, gives you a healthy and clean atmosphere, which means they are very environmentally friendly as well. So select the best one from the list below of top 10 best selling tower fans in the market:

10 Miallegro 1760 Air Ionizer Tower Fan

This tower fan comes with a remote control and it oscillates internally. This tower fan has a very unique and sleek design to it which will go with any room décor. It purifies air and gives you that amazing cooling with elegant style.


It is very compact so it won’t take too much of space in your room, which is just great. The size of it doesn’t affect its range of airflow, it gives wide oscillation. Some of the other features to look for in this tower fan are its 3 different speed settings, auto shut off, plus ergonomic design.

9 Oster OT16RBS-049 Tower Fan

It has that great sleek design that will go along with any office or home décor. It is flexible and easy to move to the place where cooling is required. It comes with remote control for that great accommodation. It is not too noisy and has an appealing outline to it.


It comes in black and silver color with power of 40 watts and has a programmable eight-hour timer to it, which will provide one with good sleep. It is not that expensive as well and you will be saving quite on utility bill.

8 Kelvinator KTF-051 Tower Fan

This tower fan will keep the room cool plus well circulated, with its 78 watts’ power it offers you with that great cool breeze for long period of time. It has an elegant and stylish design to it which will blend along with your room.


The compact design of this tower fan gives you the dimension to place it anywhere effortlessly. It is very long lasting with good quality, and comes in white color. It has 4-star rating to it and lots of great reviews.

7 Victory Tower Fan

Victory tower fan will keep the room well circulated and will provide that cool breeze. It is compact in size and can be kept in any corner of the room, and would blend well in any décor of home or office. This tower fan is by Orient brand and name of the model is Areta. It comes in matt black or white color.


It has 4-star rating and a lot of great reviews. The quality of this fan is just amazing, and would last for long period of time. The power range is of 68 watts which will keep the room cooler for longer time. It has 3 different types of speed setting with 4-way air deflection that is automatic.

6 Nova Tower Fan

It has a built in air ionizer which will be helpful in killing unwanted bacteria and allergens of other kinds. It gives you that clean and fresh air which will keep you fresh. It has a slim and sleek design to it, and is very compact so you don’t have to worry about where to keep it. It comes along with remote control with 5 settings, so you can adjust the speed as per your requirement.


It is great to have in countries where heat is just unbearable, as it has powerful motor which can rotate within the range of 5000 to about 26000 each minute. If you have a large space, then this tower fan is sufficient and efficient enough to throw high air to high range of distance. It comes in 2 colors that is silver and black, along with one-year of warranty.

5 Hybrid Tower Fan

This is 37 inch taller in height and has a hybrid design that provides you with that amazing powerful output. The airflow of this tower fan can reach within a distance of 25 feet, with the coverage of wide oscillation. It operates noiseless and provides that great cool air, even when the room crowded.

It has 3 types of speed settings which is very comforting and has 30 percent of more airflow. The only drawback to this is it not having remote control, other than that it is a great tower fan to consider from.

4 Crane Natural Breeze Tower Fan EE-5608

This tower fan is fast, energy efficient, and has a decent, elegant look which will go quite well with any type of room design easily. This tower fan doesn’t take too much of space in your room, so you don’t have to worry about that. You can place it around any corner of the room and it will look good.

It has a built in LCD screen through which you can effectively set the temperature. Along with this it has a remote control, and also some very convenient features such as setting it on sleep timer. It is noise friendly and operates peacefully.

3 Lasko 2511 Tower Fan

It is low in price range comparatively to Dyson brand, with more strong and powerful range of air flow. It has a unique and stunning design, with it being compact in size with big blades tower fan. Even when it is kept at a distance, it gives efficient cooling. It comes with an amazing touch operation and is good in quality.

You can set this on different timer with the timer facility that is programmable. It has a metal plus plastic design to it which gives it a strong finish with attractive look. It is a high quality product but only lacks with no remote control feature. It gives 1-year warranty as well.

2 Bionaire BT150R-049 40 Watt Slim Tower Fan

It has a modern and elegant design to it which will go very well with your home décor or office. The oscillation has a wide range which provides cooling in a wide area and is 96cm in height. It also reproduces a nice cool breeze of air with its normal breeze, plus rest mode feature, that will keep you cool in all circumstances.

It will look stunning and impeccable in your house or office. It is efficient in changing static, warm air with nice cooling along with tender invigoration. It is very compact in size and sleek which would also be efficient to have in a small room.

1 Dyson AM07

This tower fan is code free and looks very stylish, along with this it also handles air sufficiently. Products by Dyson are just best, thus this tower fan has the best quality. It provides you with uninterrupted air flow which is both powerful and cooler. In few minutes this tower fan will leave your room very cool.

With this, there are 10 types of setting available for controlling speed and the temperature in this tower fan, whereas normally tower fans only offers 5 or less than 5 speed settings that is low speed, medium speed, and high speed. There are three colors available, they are black, blue, and white, plus a 2 years’ warranty. It has elegant design, with one touch of oscillation for having that smooth airflow, and also is entirely remote controlled. It is easy in cleaning, and takes only about 15 seconds for complete cleaning. Though it is very expensive but surely worth your money.

You can select the best tower fans as per your usage with performance and design of it. Many tower fans provide you with generous amount of features to select from, and this list of top 10 best selling tower fans in the market, would help you decide certainly.

Top 10 Best Selling Tower Fans In The Market

  1. Miallegro 1760 Air Ionizer Tower Fan
  2. Oster OT16RBS-049 Tower Fan
  3. Kelvinator KTF-051 Tower Fan
  4. Victory Tower Fan
  5. Nova Tower Fan
  6. Hybrid Tower Fan
  7. Crane Natural Breeze Tower Fan EE-5608
  8. Lasko 2511 Tower Fan
  9. Bionaire BT150R-049 40 Watt Slim Tower Fan
  10. Dyson AM07



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