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Top 10 Best Skateboard Brands in the world

Top 10 Best Skateboard Brands in the world

Top 10 Best Skateboard Brands in the world:Skateboarding is one type of a sport which many love and is also very difficult sport as it is all about balancing, once you get a grip of this and master it, it’s not going to be difficult at all for you. It’s a very fun loving sport, riding on a long board across the streets, park, hill top or slopes, campus, etc. requires your ability to balance, and the technical tricks to move around. On this skateboard, the wheels are nailed to the bottom of the board. Everyone skateboards because of different reasons, for some it is just the fun of it, for some its freedom, creativity, pulling some cool stunts, a simple transportation, art form, etc.

Skateboard first took place in between 1940s and 1950s, where no one has an idea about who invented the first board, but it is known that during the water waves, California people thought of doing something about it. With this skateboarding definitely have many benefits like it makes you physically fit, as it requires balance, and then it also is very goal orienting that is adapting to different skills and tricks. It helps develop creativity as you learn to do something unique with your skate board. These  skateboards are made from hardwood obviously as it has to take your weight upon it, as well the tires have to be of standard quality, the boards are usually made of maple wood most of the time and glue, there are also other composites in it such as foam, aluminum, Plexiglas, nylon, fiberglass and many other materials. These skateboards after the production are designed using colors, different graphics, screen-printing, etc. Below are some of the best 10 skateboard brands popular in the world:

10 Plan B skateboards ( United States)

Plan B skateboards ( United States)-Photo via riabitani.ho46.com

Plan B skateboards is a new brand in the skate board industry, but yet has created its impression in the field, it is a very well known brand for skateboards now a days. Pan B company is owned by two professionals that is Colin McKay and Danny Way, both being professional skateboarders themselves. This company sells many other products along with skateboards like hooded jumpers, jeans, wheels, jackets, etc. The quality of this brand is highly good thus being a new brand, it considers the material used in the skateboard are the best, they use wood with seven layers that is produced in the most detailed manner and has highest accuracy. The design of the skateboards is also amazing, many of it having the brand name mentioned on the board.

9 Alien Workshop Skateboards (United States)

Alien Workshop Skateboards (United States)-Photo via Surfdome

Alien workshop skateboards are one of the best skateboards available, originally started in Daytan, Ohio, United States. This brand is one of the most praised by everyone, with unique designs and shade and has the best quality, the price of the products by this brand is very reasonable.

Also these boards are light and strong, that makes easier for skateboarders to do tricks powerlessly, and it’s the coolest and the best of all with the smooth grind and pop.

8 Almost Skateboards (United States)

Almost Skateboards (United States) Photo via surfdom.com

Almost Skateboards have their basis in El Segunda, California, United States, which was founded by professional skateboarders Rodney Mullen, and Daewon Song. This company uses hardwoord and ply and carbon fiber for construction, it is famous for the durability and the quality which is the best among the skateboards.

This brand is loved by all the skateboarders for its long lasting effect and being at a reasonable price and it doesn’t matter if you jump high or move fast around, it’s a very long lasting skateboard.

7 Zero Skateboards (United States)

Zero Skateboards (United States) photo via surfdome.com

The skateboards by Zero are absolutely fabulous and phenomenally designed. This company is one of the oldest and has maintained its prestige and reputation even after so many years. People are crazy for this brand, they simply love it. This company is located in the Carlsbad, California, United States and this brand was founded by Jamie Thomas one of the Professional Skateboarders.

This brand was then distributed by Dwindle Distribution Company in 2014 by Thomas. It is one of the leading brands in the skateboards and is famous across Canada, America, and Europe. This brand has some amazing graphics; most famous is the skull graphic and also awesome pop.

6 Doomsayers Skateboards (United States)

Doomsayers Skateboards (United States)-Photo via eaby
Doomsayers Skateboards (United States)-Photo via eaby

Doomsayers Skateboards are founded by Omar Salazar in 2002 based in Sacramento, California, United States, who also is a skateboarder. Omar Salazar had been through a terrible knee injury, and had to stop skating thus he gave all his time and focus to the very famous Doomsayers Company.

This company went through many ups and down but still stands in the top 10 list. This skateboard is very smooth in riding and has got some stunning designs, and colors to choose from.

5 Habitat Skateboards (United States)

Habitat Skateboards (United States)
Habitat Skateboards (United States)-Photo via Surfdome

Habitat Skates was founded by Joe Castrucci in the year 2000. This brand manufactures skateboards of the best quality, flexibility and they have the best graphics and designs. They are extremely light weight, and has high dynamics, thus the performing abilities becomes outstanding, they have some very unique designs and shapes and textures, in fact the best art of all skateboards, they are very attractive looking. It did go through a downfall but survived it very well like nothing had happened.

4 Hammers Skateboards (United States)

photo via ChutingStar
photo via ChutingStar

The Hammers Skateboards were has its roots established in the year 2014 by Jim Greco, which is very well known. The boards by these brands are quite funky and have that punk style that skateboarders would love to have, also has some stunning graphics, photography with vivid colors; it adds graphic t’s line in bold. People find it very lucky to have these skateboards in this age and day.

3 Palace Skateboards (United Kingdom)

Photo via Surfdome
Photo via Surfdome

Lev Tanju is the founder of the Palace Kingdom in the year 2010, based in London, United Kingdom. The Palace skateboard has one unique logo, which is very popular and it’s kind of like a shame if you haven’t seen it yet being a skateboarder.

This brand is one of those that’s very much interested in high fashion among the skateboards and holds that unique place in the list. It’s one of the brands that have not started its production in the United States.

2 Supreme Skateboards (United States)

Supreme Skateboards
Supreme Skateboards -Photo via dontpaniconline.com

Supreme Skateboards was founded by James Jebbia in the year 1994. It is one of the oldest companies among other skateboards still holding its position in the top.

This brand has made skate-boarding the best today; it definitely has many lovers as well as haters. The logo of this brand is very much based on Barbara Krugers art propaganda. This brand is not that cheaper and has given some great edits like the Cherry, Red Devil, Swoosh, etc.

1 Antihero Skateboards (United States)

Photo via QuoteAddicts.com
Photo via QuoteAddicts.com

Antihero Skateboards was founded by Julien Stanger in the year 1995, also being one of the oldest brands. Skateboards by this brand are made with high quality and distributed by Delux Distribution and has several varieties like Anti-hero, Venture, Krooked, Real, Spitfire, etc.

These boards are the best and you won’t be disappointed with this choice as it has great strength, shape, power, fine concave, pop, etc. They use the best quality wood, and have a great solid feel to it.

Top 10 Best Skateboard Brands in the world

 No.Top 10 Best Skateboard Brands in the world
1Antihero Skateboards (United States)
2Supreme Skateboards (United States)
3Palace Skateboards (United Kingdom)
4Hammers Skateboards (United States)
5Habitat Skateboards (United States)
6Doomsayers Skateboards (United States)
7Zero Skateboards (United States)
8Almost Skateboards (United States)
9Alien Workshop Skateboards (United States)
10Plan B skateboards ( United States)

So there are many more skateboards to select from but hope this helps you select based on your preference but you need to consider some of the important things before selecting a skateboard such as the toughness, strength of the skateboard for example.  The price of the skateboard also should be made note of which buying one, more of if you are a beginner. You should see if the skateboard you are buying is fully built or custom built, or else you will have to upgrade it time by time. Also the design and the durability of the skateboards have to be considered like the type of material was being used like the maple wood, bamboo, plywood, etc. some of the boards are also made of aluminum that can be quite expensive unlike the one which are made of plastic and wood.

The shape of the skate board is another factor to be noted as if the shape is not right then you will be limited with few tricks, so consider a board that has  concave shape, or convex, or radical, as it will surely improve the smoothness while performing any tricks. With these also the stability and ease of turning is seen, that is not just consider the wheels being smooth but your posture, balance also matters while riding on. Thus Skateboarding is simply a very cool technique for travelling, performing, being creative. It requires a lot of patience and practice to ace the art of Skateboarding. But before buying a skateboard do some research in order to have the best among other and be careful while riding one to avoid any accident or a mishap.


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