Top 10 best Vodka Brands

Top 10 best Vodka Brands

Top 10 best Vodka Brands

Vodka forms one of the most integral parts of any kind of alcoholic celebration. Yes, whether it is your birthday party or a weekend night out in a club – vodka always serves as your partner in crime wherever you go or whenever you are in an extreme party mood. What follows next is a moment full of fun, joy, crazy dances and what not! A number of people don’t shy away from trying out vodka in different forms. From going total neat to mixing it with various sodas and cocktails – vodka is anywhere and everywhere.

Thus, considering the growing popularity of vodka, a number of brands have established their businesses in selling vodka throughout the world. These vodka brands are selling their drinks like hot cakes in the market, thereby earning some real huge profits. Some of these brands are highly overrated, while others do total justice to their popularity. Also, some of them are not so looked upon while others are total worth it.

Following are referred to as top ten vodka brands in the recent times:

10 Belenkaya Vodka

Top 10 best Vodka Brands
Belenkaya Vodka-Photo via

This brand belongs to the famous Bayadera Group and is considered to be the tenth best vodka brand that you would want to have a shot of vodka from. Belenkaya has been further owned by Synergy that is considered to be one of the best functioning groups in the business. The domestic market of Belenkaya is Russia and thus it is needless to say that this brand is doing super good in its domestic market where almost majority of people look forward to sipping vodka on all the eventful times.

The brand has earned a great customer confidence over the years. In fact, the same is considered to be the largest group of spirits in the history of Russia. Today, this brand has made way to the international market of vodka and is making some real good profits.

9 Kauffman Luxury Vintage Vodka

Top 10 best Vodka Brands
Kauffman Luxury Vintage Vodka-Photo via A1 Liquor

This brand is an answer to all the vintage tastes and flavors and is considered as the ninth best brand of vodka in the preset times. Apart from being highly popular, this brand is also considered to be the most expensive brand of vodka which cannot be afforded by any random person. Thanks to the vintage properties of this vodka. This vodka is produced wholly from the wheat only when the crop shows the best of its properties.

If the quality of wheat by any chance is lesser than anticipated, the makers of this vodka don’t produce vodka at all. Thus, this proves that this brand is very particular about its taste and therefore buying and tasting a Kauffman would totally be worth the hefty price.

8 Effen Vodka

Effen Vodka-Photo via

Effen vodka is considered to be the eighth best brand of vodka in the recent times. This vodka is the product of Netherlands, but the same has become more than popular throughout the world. Unlike most of the vodkas, the preparation of this vodka is pretty different and amazing. This vodka is filtered via peat and not charcoal, that gives it a grassy and a mellow flavor.

The entire distillation process of this vodka further makes it all the more amazing and rich as to its taste. The presentation of this vodka further adds cherry to the cake. A bottle of Effen costs you at around $40 and this vodka is worth tasting.

7 Smirnoff Vodka

Smirnoff Vodka-Photo via

Smirnoff has always been a favorite of a majority of people and the same is considered as the seventh best vodka brand in the recent times. The best thing about this vodka is the variety of the flavors that this brand presents to all its people. Thus, whether it is a neat shot of Smirnoff or a cocktail – this vodka is equally tasteful.

The craze of Smirnoff is not just restricted to its homeland, but the same extends to whole of the world. This brand is the most preferred brand in the countries like Korea, South Africa and America where people often look for Smirnoff to get high. Smirnoff certainly forms the essence of any party.

6 Skyy Vodka

Skyy Vodka-Photo via

Skyy is considered to be the sixth best vodka brand in the recent times. The recent introduction of a number of varieties and flavors by this brand has made it all the more popular among the people. The flavor variants of this vodka brand are seemed to be enjoyed by the people at large. This vodka brand is one of the most preferable vodka brands of the recent times.

The core market of the Skyy vodka is taking an intense turn with each passing day. The brand has also involved itself in a number of campaigns which are further helping this brand to improve and increase its popularity all throughout the world.

5 Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose VodkaPhoto via Morrisons

Grey Goose vodka is a French product and the same is considered to be the fifth best vodka brand in the recent time. This is in fact considered as the best thing that the French did to the vodka business. This vodka is prepared out of the freshly found wheat and spring water that is further filtered naturally by the way of limestone. The entire process is carried out in a champagne region and the resulting taste is something that you would want to relish for life.

The only thing that will make you think twice before sipping this vodka is its bitter taste. However, the same tends to become subtle as you get used to it. The newly introduced flavored versions of this vodka by the brand are making a lot of buzz not only in the French markets, but throughout the world.

4 Zubrowka Vodka

Top 10 best Vodka Brands
Zubrowka Vodka-Photo via Morrisons

The unique flavors as well as amazing taste of this brand has made it the fourth best brand of vodka in the recent time. Zubrowka is also addressed as the Bison Grass Vodka and the same has become more than famous among all the vodka lovers. The best thing about this vodka is that this is a dry as well as herb-flavored vodka the taste and flavor of which is very unique if the same is compared with all other brands serving the same.

The different flavors that this brand sells are that of coconut, vanilla, woodruff as well as almond and guess what, all of them are equally tasteful. The beautiful yellow-colored appearance of this vodka is something that attract all the alcoholics and vodka lovers at the first place.

3 Svedka Vodka

Svedka Vodka

The amazingly delicious and flavorsome Svedka Vodka is considered to be the third best brand of vodka in the recent times that any vodka lover would want to have. A number of positives altogether make this brand as one of the most sought after brands as far as the taste of this vodka is concerned. The overall taste of the vodkas produced by this brand is highly indulging in terms of its flavors.

This vodka is a product of Sweden and the taste of this vodka is often described as very crisp and clean which further makes people relish it. The happy combination of the winter wheat of Sweden along with its glacial waters together enhance the overall taste of this vodka and take it to a different level of savory. It comes in a number of flavors to choose from and therefore it is considered as a highly versatile brand of vodkas.

2 KU:L Vodka

Vodka-Photo vi a D’Marge

KU:L Vodka is considered to be the second best brand of vodka these days. In fact, this brand of vodka happens to be one of the most preferred and picked brands of vodka among the people. The reason behind the increasing popularity of this brand is nothing but its inexpensive price. Yes, this brand is undisputedly cheapest selling vodka brand of the world.

However, if you think that the cheap price of this vodka has a degraded quality of taste, you are absolutely wrong and unfamiliar for the taste of this vodka is as smooth as all the other vodka brands of the world. This brand is the product of Poland and today it has paved a way for itself on an international level. The taste of this vodka is simply everlasting.

1 Pyat Ozer Vodka

Pyat Ozer Vodka-Photo via

Pyat Ozer Vodka happens to be the best brand of vodka in the recent times. The popularity of this brand among all the vodka lovers can be figured out considering its huge sale throughout the world. This vodka brand is owned by the Alcohol Siberia Group and the same has been in the buzz for quite a time now.

Everything about this vodka is just the perfect. Thus, from its very amazing taste to the richness of its flavor – everything about this vodka is on point. This brand is very popular among all the celebrities as well. Pyat Ozer is certainly your thing if you look forward to getting high on vodka.

Which vodka brand is your favorite?

Top 10 best Vodka Brands

  1. Pyat Ozer
  2. KU:L
  3. Svedka
  4. Zubrowka
  5. Grey Goose
  6. Skyy
  7. Smirnoff
  8. Effen
  9. Kauffman Luxury Vintage
  10. Belenkaya





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