Top 10 Best YouTubers of India

Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017

Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017

YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms for a number of budding talents today. This internet platform has provided an opportunity to all those interested people to showcase their talent in the form of videos. The YouTube culture is hence taking everyone by storm. A number of people are striving towards creating their own respective channels and posting different kinds of videos on to them. The story doesn’t end here. These people have become overnight celebrities and are earning huge money out of their talent of making videos on different topics.

YouTubers in India are very active these days. You subscribe to their channel, hit like on their videos and enjoy their amazing video clips made on one topic or the other. These Indian YouTubers are earning pretty good out of their channels. Here is the list of top ten Indian YouTubers of India.

10 Vikram Yadav:

Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017
Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017-Photo via

He was studying medicine in the year 2007 and suddenly a wonderful idea came to his recognition. Vikram Yadav would often make the use of internet as well as other online forums I order to seek answer and understand medical issues from all the global experts. Thus, after gaining a lot of knowledge, this man successfully created a channel for himself and to educate all other aspiring medical students.

Today, Vikram Yadav has made a number of videos on this platform which are related to operations and surgeries and which contains all the ways and means in regard to the conduct of surgical students. Nobody had thought that this platform could be used for this purpose, but the intellect of Vikram did. Today, he is considered as the tenth best Indian YouTuber. He has followers from all rounds of world.

9 Ranjit Kumar:

Ranjit Kumar-Photo via

Want to know about the latest phone in the market? Want to know about the latest technical upgrade in your phone? Planning to buy a new phone and cannot decide for yourself? Geekyranjit is all set to help you out. Ranjit Kumar with a YouTube channel called Geekyranjit gives the answer of all your technical problems and questions. Thus, from a small smartphone to some of the most technically advanced electronic devices – you can know about anything and everything you want.

This man reviews all kinds of technology-oriented products so that you could know in and out about all of them. Whether it is a headphone or any newly introduced technical device – Ranjit is happy to help. He has 864,690 subscribers and is considered as the ninth best Indian YouTuber.

8 Kanan Gill:

Most popular top 10 youtubers in India
Most popular top 10 youtubers in India

YouTube is the best place for entertainment especially if you are searching for someone or a channel the videos of which always put you in splits. One such perfect stand-up comedian who is considered as the eighth best YouTuber in India is Kanan Gill. This stand-up comedian is highly talented and is sure likely to make you roll on the floor. He is majorly famous for reviewing all the Bollywood movies in his own comic skill and style.

Kanan has the perfect timing and he is the best in the business. Earlier serving as an engineer, he soon discovered his passion in stand-up comedy and joined YouTube in the year 2008. Since then he has successfully entertained 458,538 subscribers.

7 Actor Varun Pruthi:

Actor Varun PruthiPhoto via youtube

He has defined the concept of a YouTube channel in his own inspirational way and is considered as the seventh top YouTuber from India. Actor Varun Pruthi is known for making social experiment, motivational as well as inspirational videos of YouTube. If you ever visit his channel, the videos that he creates are mostly about helping the weaker section of society, especially the senior citizens as well as the kids and thus, motivating all of us to do the same.

Thus, Varun Pruthi brings all the suffering faced by these poor people into light and motivates us that serving mankind is equal to serving God. All his philanthropic deeds make him one of the topmost YouTubers from India. Currently, he entertains 836,808 subscribers on his channel.

6 Sanam Puri:

Photo via youtube

His charming looks, amazing appearance and a breathtaking voice will surely make any girl go gaga about him. Sanam Puri is an Indian singer who leads Sanam, a pop band based in Mumbai and his channel Sanam is considered as the sixth best YouTube channel in India. A college dropout Sanam, has always been passionate about singing and making music. Interestingly, he doesn’t entertain any kind of formal training.

Today, he happens to be one of the most sought-after YouTubers in India whenever the regard of Indian music scene on YouTube is taken into consideration. He joined this circle in the year 2012 and since then he has entertained a huge fan-base. His subscribers have reached a total of 2,084,326 along with 391,621,179 views.

5 Shruti Arjun Anand:

Photo via ThatSoWittyShruti Arjun Anand youtubers-

If the regard of fashion and beauty is taken into consideration, this name must not be forgotten for Shruti Arjun Anand happens to be the fifth topmost YouTuber from India. This lady started posting video about fashion and beauty on her channel when she was in the US. She would upload a weekly video involving fashion along with various beauty and skin tips.

Thus, if you are looking for any kind of suggestions as to your skin, makeup and hair – forget not to subscribe to her channel. She is a highly talented woman who has gathered around 724,754 subscribers on her channel along with 136,263,735 views.

4 Sanjay Thumma:

If you are into cooking and wish to explore a variety of delectable recipes, don’t forget to hit like on his video and subscribe on to his channel. Sanjay Thumma, a professional chef happens to be the fourth best Indian YouTuber who posts videos about cooking and the like. His channel is called Vah-Chef and he also has a running website.

What’s interesting about his recipes is that all of them are purely vegetarian in nature. Thus, the next time you are inviting all your vegetarian friends for lunch or dinner, do not forget to explore a number of scrumptious dishes suggested by Sanjay Thumma. His channel has 1,119,508 subscribers.

3 Nisha Madhulika:

Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017
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Another chef on the list the channel of whose is considered as the top third channel of YouTube India is Nisha Madhulika. The most impressive thing about her videos is that all her cooking manners are very simple and could be followed by almost everyone at home. She started blogging in the year 2007 and later created her own YouTube channel.

Today, she entertains a team of five members who also help her out during her cooking videos. Her recipes are not just easy, but very scrumptious as well. Today, she entertains a huge number of subscribers extending up to 1,705,765.

2 Tanmay Bhat:

Tanmay Bhat-Photo via

Who doesn’t know All India Bakchod? The co-founder of AIB, Tanmay Bhat is considered as the second best Indian YouTuber of the country today. In fact, he also sees himself in the list of the richest Indian millionaires in the present times. Tanmay Bhat has become a celebrity today. His work is very popular among the youth, however the same has become a matter of controversy time and again.

He along with his team of AIB keeps posting funny videos on YouTube. AIB has also collaborated with a number of celebrities in its videos. His channel makes sketches, podcasts, web shows as well as other things as to their entertainment of the pupils. Today, AIB has 1,876,404 subscribers.

1 Bhuvan Bam:

Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017
Bhuvan Bam-Photo via Dailymotion

Who doesn’t know about BB ki vines? In fact, the same has become the topmost YouTube channel in India today, thereby making this name a celebrity in the present world. Bhuvan is mostly famous for all his 18 plus comedy videos. From the script to the characters involved, everything about BB ki vines has taken everyone by storm, thereby leaving everybody in splits. Today, BB ki vines has become the fastest growing channel on YouTube India.

His fans belong to not just India, but Pakistan as well. Bhuvan started off his journey in the year 2015 and since then his subscribers have reached to a total of 1,721,080 along with 46,596,685 views. He posts some of the funniest and satirical videos that are funny to the extent that they could make almost anyone and everyone laugh out loud. His channel BB ki vines is about BB and some of the funniest incidents that keep happening around him as well as his family. Interestingly, all the characters of his videos are portrayed by Bhuvan himself in different disguises which make these clips funnier and more enjoyable. He is undoubtedly the best in the business.


Now that you are well-versed with these YouTubers and their channels, which channel have you planned to subscribe to?

Top 10 Best YouTubers of India 2017

  1. Bhuvan Bam
  2. Tanmay Bhat
  3. Nisha Madhulika
  4. Sanjay Thumma
  5. Shruti Arjun Anand
  6. Sanam Puri
  7. Actor Varun Pruthi
  8. Kanan Gill
  9. Ranjit Kumar
  10. Vikram Yadav





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