Top 10 biggest hurricanes ever

Top 10 biggest hurricanes ever

A tropical storm in which the winds have a speed more than 119 kmph is said to be a hurricane. They occur in many places of the world and each place has different names. For example, the Western Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Oceans know these strong wind blows as Hurricanes. The Indian Ocean and South Pacific term them as cyclones and Western Pacific is familiar with it with the name of typhoons.

Some people have seen the real hurricane in their life more than once and they are well known the dreadful condition it creates. They are fairly familiar to the destruction it causes and the lives it takes. A natural disaster so dangerous that flattens out every structure it comes across an takes all the lives it catches.

Hence, the world has faced some dangerous hurricanes which caused the world huge loss of lives. Regarding this, below is a list of top 10 biggest hurricanes ever.

10  Andrew

Top 10 biggest hurricanes ever-Andrew
Florida Hurricane Andrew (DR-955 Photo via

Andrew was a category 5 hurricane that occurred in the area of Miami in the south. This happened on August 1992. The season of storms was low for a while and even Andrew was considered to be a low profiled one when it was developing from the Atlantic Ocean. However, to everyone’s surprise, it was something devastative enough to bring mass losses.

Till the point it reached the Bahamas, Andrew was the first storm to horrify everyone in the season, well sure it earned this because the speed of the wind was whooping 257 kmph.  The death caused by Andrew was 15 and around 10,000; basic poles and traffic signs and signals were destroyed. The loss it did calculated to around $26 Billion and Andrew was named as the costliest hurricane in US history back in those days. However, that hurricane brought a good change that the homes were created hurricane proof in such a way that it could be saved from these strong winds.

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9 Hugo

10 Worst Hurricanes of All Time
Hurricane Hugo damaged South Carolina’s beaches Photo via

The Gulf of Mexico and Florida mostly are the ones to suffer from official hurricanes. The hurricane Hugo has been named in the history to be one of the most dreadful hurricanes which caused the death to 50 people and losses of properties of around $8 billion in US and Carribean.
Hugo was a category 3 hurricane and it approached the areas of Charleston from Puerto Rico.  This hurricane occurred in September of 1989. After that it reached to the Islands of Sullivan and till then it was a category 4 hurricane.

The speed of this hurricane was recorded to be 217 kph and it is said to be the strongest one to  hit the north of Florida, before that it was the Hurricane named Hazel which occurred in the year 1954.

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8 Sandy

Hurricane Sandy 2012—–Photo via

Sandy was the one which passed through Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti. That time it was a slow moving storm but yet a huge one that occurred in October 2012. Be it slow but was strong enough to bring damage on the New York and Jersey Shore. Because of the damage the people of Manhattan did not have any electricity power for some days.

Also some parts of beaches in Queens and Staten Islands were so badly ruined that now we do not have their named over the map. The homes destroyed by Sandy numbered up to 650,000 and the lives it took with the winds numbered up to 120 in the US and 70 in Canadian and Caribbean cities. The losses brought by Sandy were around $65 billion.

This hurricane is also known as the Superstorm Sandy because till the time it hit New York it appeared like a winter storm instead of a tropical one.

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7 Camille

Camille hurricane Photo via

There are three hurricanes which have categorized themselves to the category 5 since 1900 in United States, the first one was Andrew, the second one to make it to the Category 5 and hence to this list is the hurricane Camille. Well Camille was really nasty which brought heavy flooding and winds of the speed 320 kmph in the areas of Virginia.

Camille happened to be in the August of 1969, the storm began hitting from Cuba and that time it was at category 3. Soon enough, its intensity kept on increasing and then it hit Mississippi. It became a tropical storm till it reached Virginia.

The rains caused by it measure  to 20 inches and brought floods and mudslides just 193 kilometers away from the capital of the nation. The deaths caused by this hurricane were 256 and property losses of $1.4 billion. Camille is considered as one of the worst Hurricanes ever occurred and is positioned on the seventh number of the list.

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6 Gilbert

Photo via
Photo via

Any hurricane is measured up on the speed of the wind or the rain it causes or the eventual one which is even worse, that the losses of lives it brings. Apart from this, what counted for the first time was the size. With the diameter of 926 kilometers, Gilbert is said to be one of the largest hurricane to occur in the Atlantic region. Started from the coast of Africa in the Cape Verde Islands, it has been a mother to the worst hurricanes over, and that includes Andrew too.
On September 1988, Gilbert was considered as a Category 5 hurricane because it damaged Entire Island in Jamaica and 80 percent island’s homes. After that Gilbert travelled to Cayman Islands and also to Mexico. However, it weakened a little till it reached Texas.

The storm brought deaths numbered up to 320 and the losses of property when measured in monetary numbers went upto $5.5 billion.

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5 1935 Florida Keys Labor Day Hurricane

1935 Florida Keys Labor Day Hurricane
Photograph of Veteran’s Camp before the Labor Day Hurricane.

This storm was of Category 5 and is considered to be the strongest one in 20th century to hit the US. The speed of this hurricane was 320 kmph and took lives of more than 400 people. It is reported that more than half of the people who dies were the ones who have been building highway from Key West to Key Largo and were World War I veterans.

The US faced a damage of $6 million. This hurricane is known as the Labor Day Hurricane that occurred in Florida in 1935. The reason behind this is name is that back in those days, the trend of naming hurricanes was not there. Also the storm struck in those days where weather tracking techniques were not that highly efficient as that of now.

The people were not at all acquainted of the information when the storm will end and they kept on waiting for a train to escape which never came.

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4 Katrina

harricain katrina
photo via

Katrina apart from the name of a popular Indian actress, is also a name of a hurricane that was something very devastative and human made, it is known as man-made because of the faults done by human race by depleting the nature in order to make big infrastructures and easing the facilities for himself on the cost of the depletion of the nature. Occurred on August 26 the Katrina happened to be like a low profile storm but soon enough it became a hurricane of category 5.

It took lives of 1850 people and damages if calculated in monetary terms went up  to a heavy loss of $108 billion and is considered to be one of the most expensive and dreadful hurricane in US. It made 400,000 people homeless.

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3 Galveston Hurricane of 1900

Galveston Hurricane of 1900
Galveston Hurricane of 1900—Photo via

The Galveston Hurricane which happened in the year 1900 took lives of 10000 people and most of them were from Texas. This Hurricane happened in September 1900 and is considered as the most deadly hurricane in US history. The losses in monetary terms went up to $30 million.

The government of Galveston and people took great steps to prepare themselves from any hurricane so that the loss it had to face back in the year 1900 does not happen again ever. So, to ensure that, Galveston had made a 5 kilometer seawall and increased the level of the city to 5 meter. Later they extended the wall to 16 kilometers.

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2 Mitch

Mitch hurricane
The residents of Tegucigalpa, Honduras clean the streets of the capital after Hurricane Mitch unleashed deadly mudslides. © Bernard Bisson/Sygma/Corbis

The Hurricane Mitch might not be the one as popular in the Unites States as Sandy and Katrina, but Mitch was one of those storms which had made a record of death more than many of the better known popular storms.

It took the lives of around 11,000 people and is considered to be the second deadliest hurricane and the first one and the worst one to hit the Western Hemisphere in 200 years. The loss made by this storm is $5 billion.

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1 The Great Hurricane of 1780

A beach with mainly palm trees and destroyed buildings photo via

The Great Hurricane tops the list of the biggest Hurricanes ever. Occurred in the year 1780, this hurricane took lives of 22000 people. The people who died were soldiers from Britain and America. However, there is not much data available for this hurricane as it occurred way long back ago than the present time, and the technologies, facilities and measurements were not just enough to record various things or to protect the country from huge losses. The speed recorded however claimed to be 320 kmph.

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Top 10 biggest hurricanes ever

Sr No. Top 10 biggest hurricanes ever
1 The Great Hurricane of 1780
2 Mitch
3  Galveston Hurricane of 1900
4  Katrina
5 1935 Florida Keys Labor Day Hurricane
6 Gilbert
7 Camille
8 Sandy
9 Hugo
10 Andrew

These were the top ten hurricanes in history. Many more occurred but yet these were the most dreadful ones.


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