Top 10 Career Options When You Have No Degree

Career Options When You Have No Degree

Top 10 Career Options When You Have No Degree

Now-a-days having a degree is of upmost importance. With such high level of competition, having no degree is a big deal. Graduates these days have to work really hard, to get a degree, in order to have a high post or high paying job, which is not easy. As the best companies only hire students who have graduated with excellent marks or from world’s reputed college, and in order to study in such colleges adds up college expenses which would mount up debts. Comparatively to earlier days and to the currently working employees, who had not attended college, but they still have been making a lot of money, along with perfecting their workplace skills, with no pressure of being mounted with debts.

So the question comes up that is it worth working so hard to achieve a four year college degree with so many expenses, as in the end you don’t know if the degree is going to pay off all your debts or not. If you get hire in an amazing firm then it is just great but you never know, with the high unemployment rates and so much competition. There isn’t any simple answer to this, as you cannot generalize that it won’t pay off, it could be worth an investment and effort, which could get you in the world’s best firm, after all. But sometimes many aren’t able to afford the money and time to have a college degree, well no need to fret, there are plenty of jobs out there which you can have without a degree, out of which I am mentioning here the top 10 career options which will make you have a comfortable living:

10 Administrative assistant

Top 10 Career Options When You Have No Degree
Administrative assistant–Photo via

The job of administrative assistant is a position you can have if you have completed high school education or something equivalent to that. You are best suited for this job if you certain necessary skills like strong organizational abilities along with good communication skills.

The median salary for this job is $35,330. Administrative assistant is required to provide support to any one person in the office at least. Many a times they are required to support the entire department within the firm. The things expected of administrative assistants are to conduct a research, handling information, preparing reports, also arranging meetings and events, setting up conference calls, etc.

9 Repair Technician

Top 10 Career Options When You Have No Degree
Repair Technician–Photo via

This profession may not sound as a very glamorous one to have, but it for sure is a job which pays it off. As they are put first, if any of the appliances are having a problem. There are problems with some or the other appliances in the house, so for that technicians are put on the top list for jobs.

Whether your air conditioner, heater, refrigerator, or mixture stops working, at that time, these mechanics, installers or technicians come in handy with their amazing skills. However some non degree related post secondary schooling is many times required to fix certain machines. As they sure need some mechanical abilities and skills to solve such problems. The usual salary for such job is around $43,460.

8 Freelance photographer

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One thing necessary with this job and that is you being good at clicking pictures.  If you are good at it, just grab a camera and start exploring different skills with it. Make it a part time or full time career. As the demand for photographers are high these days. Many people love taking photos and it is their hobby so why not turn it into a career.

Learn about different techniques by watching online YouTube videos, web search, or why not take a short time certificate course to be more efficient with it. But there is one thing to consider when it comes to working as a freelance photographer, that is it requires a lot of your time and energy, you might be asked to travel around, explore some places, etc. to get those beautiful, mesmerizing pictures, so this may cut off your social life as such. Also you can earn some good pay packages which will help you have that luxurious life.

7 Modeling or acting

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This field is filled with struggles before your career starts here. But once you succeed then you will rise and there won’t be any deficiency in the financial sector, you sure will be earning a lot. Especially in India, this world of glamour has given great opportunities to a lot of people in the country.

There isn’t any fixed salary when it comes to modeling or acting as it will depend on the contracts you get. But you have to dedicate yourself fully to be in this field, as it isn’t a piece of cake. You have to work hard, polish your personality, build that body, and be bold.

6 Personal trainer

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Having this as a career option is just great, as now-a-days many people are very health conscious, for which the job demand for this profession is high, so opt for it. For this profession you are not required to have four year job as such, you can still apply for a short period certificate course which will help you be a better trainer.

You can either join as an employee or start your own training center. You can earn quite a lot in this field of work, which will help you stay fit along as well.

5 Construction managers

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They are like the eyes in the sky as it is their profession to be known with everything as well as everyone on the project site. It requires you to review blue prints with the architects and communicate with the contractors, in order to make sure that the building codes are rightfully met and that the project is running as scheduled.

It is a challenging career option but highly rewarding, once you get that grip with everyone and everything. It does require leadership qualities, with managing the whole project, by knowing what needs to be done and how. Also you could opt for a diploma course for building and construction which would refine your skills.

4 Working as a petroleum, oil, and gas planting operators

gasoline worker china–Photo via World News

This job doesn’t require any university degree. Also you don’t need to have much mechanical knowledge or strong mathematical abilities, in order to deal with the physical demands for this profession.

You are paid quite a lot with this job which is great for not having a degree. It is a nice career option to think of when having no undergraduate degree.

3 Carpenter

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Many carpenters learn at the work and many opt for the formal apprenticeship. Either way this career gives you great opportunity to earn money. Although apprenticeship may require around 144 hours for technical training with 2000 hours for on the job training period.

Carpenters are required to make cuts and repairs, build along with installing structures and furniture. They can also work outside, for example, building a bridge, or work inside, for example installing cabinets. But one thing is to note that this job doesn’t come without danger as you have to work with ladders and saws.

2 Dental hygienist

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This career requires from you to clean patient’s teeth or examine if there is any oral disease, and offer preventive care. They should also have good communication skills and have to be willing to work up close with all the kinds of people or teeth.

This job pays good amount and doesn’t require a four year university degree. But they basically require an associate’s degree in the field of dental hygiene. Every state of any country requires some dental hygienist to be certified to be in this field of work.

1 Medical records technician

Top 10 Career Options When You Have No Degree
Top 10 Career Options When You Have No Degree–Photo via

Health industry is booming day by day, which means that the medical records are also increasing, having high demand for medical records technicians to arrange and manage all the records appropriately. But this job does require you to have an associate’s certificate or degree.

Medical records are to be up to date and correctly coded for the insurance billing. This has to be done on computers or on paper with accuracy. You need to pay an extreme attention to the tiniest detail in this field.

Top 10 Career Options When You Have No Degree

No. Top 10 Career Options When You Have No Degree
1 Administrative assistant
2 Repair Technician
3 Freelance photographer
4 Modeling or acting
5 Personal trainer
6 Construction managers
7 Working as a petroleum, oil, and gas planting operators
8 Carpenter
9 Dental hygienist
10 Medical records technician

Education is not worthless but many a times for some reason, people are not able to have a graduate degree, which makes it hard for them to opt for a career. But there are many options available out there, you just need to know your skills, talents, and work on it. May be turn your hobby into a career, you just have to give it a try and put some effort. So hope this list helps you guide with the best career options when you have no degree:



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