Top 10 Countries with Most Powerful Navy in the World

Navy is one of the armed forces of any country. It is as important as air force and military. It conducts operations at the sea. Their duty is to protect the country from any type of marine attack. The strength of a country is usually measured by how strong their armed forces are.

So, here is a list of top ten countries with most powerful Navy showing their strength:

10. Republic of China Navy

Republic of China Navy
Republic of China Navy – via image link

Republic of China Armed Forces has a maritime branch called Republic of China Navy. The main mission of the navy is to defend the territories and sea lanes of ROC against any attack, blockade, or invasion of People’s Republic of China by People’s Liberation Army.

The Chinese Navy was established in 1911, by the provisional government of Republic of China. Since a very long time, the equipments of the force are purchased from US, though few of them were produced domestically. It has purchased frigates of Lafayette-class from France and from Netherlands they purchased submarines of Zwaardvis-class. The operations of ROC include maritime patrolling at Taiwan Strait along with neighboring waters and counter invasion and counter-strike operations during war. The Taiwanese navy consists of 38,000 personnel, 117 ships, 4 destroyers, 24 frigates and 4 submarines.

9. Italian Navy

Italian Navy
Italian Navy – via image source

Italian Republic has a maritime force called Italian Navy. Italian Republic has 4 forces and Italian Navy is one of them. The Navy was established in 1946 from the remains of Regia Marina after the end of World War II.

Regia Marina came into existence on 17th March, 1861 after Kingdom of Italy was proclaimed. After World War II, the Regia Marina went in to the process of rebuilding as the war devastated the country. According to 2014 statistics, the navy has 30,923 personnel, 184 vessels and 70 aircrafts. The equipments include: 2 aircraft carriers, 4 destroyers, 15 frigates, 6 attack submarines and 3 amphibious assault ships. The littoral and patrol units have 5 corvettes and 10 offshore vessels. 10 mine counter measure vessel, 4 coastal boats for patrolling and numerous types of auxiliary ships are there at service.

8. Republic of Korea Navy

Republic of Korea Navy
Republic of Korea Navy – image source

South Korean armed forces have a naval welfare division called ROK Navy or Republic of Korea Navy.  ROK was formed in 1945 and is the oldest division of armed forces of South Korea.

The navy is responsible to conduct amphibious landing and naval operations. Since 21st century, they are also involved in various peacekeeping operations. The ROK navy bases are situated in Busan, Jinhae, Pyeongtaek, Donghae, Jeju-do, Mokpo, Pohang and Incheon. One of the major ports for ROK has been Jinhae. At present, there are 70,000 personnel in ROK, of which 29,000 are part of ROK Marine Corp, 11% commissioned officers, 32% non-commissioned. One of the interesting facts states that, for all men in South Korea, Military services are compulsory. As stated by navy in 2015, it has 160 commissioned ships comprising of 10 submarines, 10 amphibious warfare ships, 120 patrol vessels and surface combatants, 10 mine warfare ships, 10 auxiliary ships. The motto of the navy is “to the sea, to the world”.

7. Indian Navy

Indian Navy
Indian Navy – image source

Also known as Bharatiya Nau Sena, is naval division of Indian Armed Forces. Indian President is the supreme commander of the navy. It is 5th largest in world and played a significant role in Indo-Pakistan war in 1971.

The force can trace its connection back to East India Company’s Marine, founded in 1612. In 1830, it was named as Her Majesty’s Indian Navy. In 1947, India got independence and in 1950 it became republic and it was then that it was renamed Indian Navy from Royal Indian Navy. Maratha emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is the ‘Father of the Indian Navy’. At present, it has strength of 79,023 personnel and equipments include 2 aircraft carriers, 9 landing ship tanks, 14 frigates, 1 amphibious transport dock, 10 destroyers, 14 attack submarines, 1 attack submarine with nuclear powers, 6 countermeasure vessel mines, 24 corvettes, 4 fleet tankers, 27 patrol vessel and several auxiliary vessels.

6. French Navy

French Navy
French Navy – image source

Informally known as La Royale, is a naval division of French Armed Forces. It is one of the oldest maritime forces and has played a significant role in formation of French Empire.

The roles or duties of the force include protecting population, maintaining intelligence, preventing cries, intervene whenever required and reestablish peace. It has got four divisions namely: Forces Sous-marines, Fusiliers Marins, Force d’Action Navale and Áeronavale. It has a wide range for fighting vessels like aircraft carrier with nuclear powers, submarines with nuclear powers, patrol boats, frigates and some support ships. According to the statistics available from 2014, there are 36,776 personnel who are permanent and 4827 personnel are operationally reserved. The list of equipment include 1 aircraft carrier, 3 amphibious attack ships, 4 destroyers, 2 landing vessels, 19 frigates, 15 patrol vessels, 18 anti-mines, 4 missile submarines and 6 assault submarines. The motto of the navy is “Honneur, patrie, valeur, discipline” or “Honour, Fatherland, Valour, Discipline”.

5. Royal Navy

Royal Navy
Royal Navy – image source

Royal Navy is UK’s main naval force. The modern force has its roots traced back to 16th century; UK’s oldest armed force and was known as Senior Service back then.

Till 18th century, it was the strongest but was surpassed by the navy of United States during World War II. It has 3 bases in United Kingdom namely Clyde, Devonport, and Portsmouth. Its staff office is situated in Whitehall, London. In 2016, it has 32,880 regular personnel, 3,040 Maritime reserve personnel, 7,960 Royal Fleet Reserve personnel with 77 commissioned ships and 174 aircrafts. The list of equipments include 1 amphibious assault ship, 2 amphibious transport docks, 4 submarines with ballistic missile, 7 nuclear fleet submarines, 6 destroyers with guided missile, 15 vessels with mine-countermeasure, 22 patrol vessels and 13 frigates.  The motto of the navy is “Si vis pacem, para bellum” means “If you wish for peace, prepare for war”.

4. Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

JMSDF, the naval division of Japan Self-Defense Forces was founded on 1st July, 1954 and has its headquarters in Yokosuka, Japan.

The main function of the force is to have control over sea lane of the nation and patrolling of the territorial water. JMSDF was formed after dissolution of Imperial Japanese Navy. It is also a part of Maritime Interdiction Operation (MIOs) and peacekeeping operation (PKOs) led by UN. At present, it has 50,800 personnel and the equipments include 124 ships which consists of 4 helicopter carriers, 11 frigates, 26 destroyers, 6 corvettes, 17 attack submarines, 29 vessels with mine countermeasure, 3 landing ship tanks, 6 patrol vessels, 8 training vessels etc.

3. People’s Liberation Army Navy

People’s Liberation Army Navy
People’s Liberation Army Navy – image source

Often abbreviated as PLAN or PLA Navy, is People’s Liberation Army’s naval division, Communist Party of China’s armed wing and People’s Republic of China’s national force.

The PLAN was formed in 1950 and its roots can be traced back to Chinese civil war. The PLAN has 5 division; People’s Liberation Army Navy Surface Force, People’s Liberation Army Navy Submarine Force, People’s Liberation Army Naval Air Force, People’s Liberation Army Navy Coastal Defense Force and People’s Liberation Army Marine Corps. It has strength of 255,000 personnel men and women consisting of 26,000 naval airforce and 10,000 marine personnels. It is 2nd largest in tonnage and largest in the number of combatants. The equipments owned by them include 1 aircraft carrier, 32 landing ship tanks, 4 amphibious transport docks, 27 destroyers, 47 frigates, 27 corvettes, 109 boats with missile, 17 gunboats, 70 submarines, 94 submarine chasers etc.

2. Russian Navy

Russian Navy
Russian Navy – image source

It’s the naval branch of Russian Armed Forces. It was formed in 1696 by Peter the Great. The recent force was established in 1992 which succeeded Commonwealth of Independent State’s Navy which itself succeeded Soviet Navy.

Presently, the navy comprises of Russian Pacific Fleet, Russian black Sea Fleet, Northern Fleet, Russian Baltic Fleet, Naval Aviation, coastal troops and Russian Caspian Flotilla. In 2014, the navy had strength of 130,000 personnel, 271 ships and 359 aircrafts. The fleet of equipments includes 1 craft carrier, 15 destroyers, 1 battle cruiser, 6 frigates, 32 landing crafts, 81 corvettes, 24 patrol boats, 62 submarines etc. The headquarters are located in Saint Petersburg and its motto is God and St. Andrew’s flag are with us!

1. US Navy

Powerful Navy
US Navy

United States Navy or USN is naval branch of United States Armed Forces. It is the biggest and the most powerful navy in world and highest tonnage of combined fleet.

The navy is as old as American Revolutionary War and was made a separate entity soon after. It played a vital role in World War II and defeated Japan. The force is headed by Secretary of the Navy and is managed by Dept. of the Navy, which is a subdivision of Dept. of Defense. It has the highest number of fleets of aircraft carrier, with 2 reserve fleets, 3 under construction carriers and 10 serving. The force has strength of 328,194 active personnel and 101,199 on reserves with 272 vessels and 3,700 aircrafts. Its headquarters are located in Virginia and has a motto of “Not for self but for the country”.

Top 10 Countries with Most Powerful Navy in the World

Sr. No.Names
1US Navy
2Russian Navy
3People’s Liberation Army Navy
4Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
5Royal Navy
6French Navy
7Indian Navy
8Republic of Korea Navy
9Italian Navy
10Republic of China Navy

Think out of the box, join one of these forces and it will give you a dignified job which will help you serve your country.

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