Top 10 Most Dangerous Game Animals to Hunt

Dangerous Game Animals to Hunt

Top 10 Most Dangerous Game Animals to Hunt

Animals is considered to be one of the most interesting creation of God. Apart from varying in terms of their appearance, they vary in terms of their habits as well. Some of them are domesticated while the other roam freely in the jungles. Various animals from the latter category happen to be the game animals that are hunted by the professional hunters. These professional hunters mostly hunt on these game animals and pursue their hobby and profession of hunting, thereby taking it to another level of excitement, adventure as well as a lot of thrill.

Professional hunters find hunting on these game animals very risky as well as these animals are not easy to catch nor easy to tame. Thus, even when you plan hunting on them or actually hunt them, they go on becoming very aggressive and furious in nature. These game animals are the deadly animals which come with all kind of defenses when hunted by their intruders or predators. They are large as to their size and have sharp claws and teeth. They hate humans and leave no stone unturned in harming them on the account of being intruded. Following are considered as top ten most dangerous game animals to hunt.

10 Leopard:

Leopard – image via

We all are well-acquainted with the fact that leopard is considered as the fastest land animal present on the planet. Thus, this fact itself make this animal the tenth most dangerous game animal to hunt. Firstly, you can never catch a leopard so easily for you can never reach the extreme high speeds that a leopard runs with.

When the regard of hunting this cat is taken into consideration, you must also keep in mind that hunting it may endanger your own existence as leopard is a very shrewd attacker as well. If not death, this animal will sure cause a number of bodily injuries to your body. This is the reason why a number of hunters don’t prefer hunting on this member of cat family.

9 Grizzly Bear:

Grizzly Bear - image via
Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bear is considered as the ninth most dangerous game animal to hunt. These bears are popularly known as brown bears and are considered to be extremely protective whenever it comes to their own self as well as their cubs. They are also considered to be very efficient predators and can kill other animals like the back of their hands.

These bears are very powerful and their attacks are more than fatal to both the animals as well as humans. If attacked, the grizzly bear can cause serious bites as well as injuries on to your bodies. They are very forceful and bulky in terms of their size.

8 Hippopotamus:

Hippopotamus image via

Hippopotamus or Hippo is considered as the eighth most dangerous game animal to hunt. Hippo is usually considered as the vicious and aggressive man-killer. In fact, a number of surveys have stated that hippos have killed more humans than any other animals in the regions of Africa. Their mood is mostly unpredictable which makes them all the more dangerous.

These hippos are highly notorious. Sometimes they decide to stand and fight with their attackers while the other times they just decide to play a ‘hide-and-seek’ game with the hunters. The bite of the hippos is considered to be very deadly that if bitten by its enormous teeth, this bite can easily cut you into half.

7 Rhinoceros:

Rhinoceros – img via

Rhinoceros or Rhino happens to be the seventh most dangerous game animal in the world whenever it comes to hunting. The giant appearance of a rhino itself makes it dangerous for all the hunters to attack and hunt on this animal. This animal is mostly known for its ferocious nature and belligerence. Also, a rhino is very fast and can easily run up to a distance of 30 miles in an hour.

You cannot attack on a rhino so easily as these animals are considered to be highly protective in nature. A mother rhino is more protective towards all its children and happens to be highly intolerant if a hunter attacks on them. If a rhino ends up attacking a human, it could cause a number of fatal injuries to a human body.

6 Polar Bear:

Polar Bear
Polar Bear img via

Although polar bear is not hunted much by the hunters because of the restricted presence of this animal, yet this animal happens to be the sixth most dangerous game animal that any hunter would want to hunt. This king of ice-laden arctic is dangerous whenever it is being hunted. When attacked this bear can become very furious as well as defensive.

These bears are generally very furious in nature and their giant appearance is enough to threaten the poachers and hunters. They feed on seals, fish and muskox which make them very strong as well. They are often found stealing scraps of food waste and carcasses when their normal diet is not abundant.

5 Saltwater Crocodile:

Saltwater Crocodile
Saltwater Crocodile – img via

The saltwater crocodile is considered as the fifth most dangerous game animal which becomes more than furious on being hunted. This animal is considered as the largest reptile in the world and it easily weighs up to 2,200 pounds and over 6 meters as to their length. This reptile is considered to be very aggressive in nature and also happens to be agile at the same time.

Hunting on the saltwater crocodile is not so easy because this animal can cause fatal injury when being attacked by the human. Thus, it is to be done with extreme care and you must maintain a safe distance if you are looking forward to hunting on this animal. The sharp teeth of a crocodile can cut a human organ into parts.

4 Cape buffalo:

Dangerous Animals
Cape buffalo img via

The fourth most dangerous game animal that a human would want to attack is Cape buffalo. In fact, a number of poachers consider this animal as the most dangerous game animal that they would prefer hunting. This animal is known as the Black Death throughout the regions of Africa and it surely justifies the name that has been provided to it.

The attacking spree of a Cape buffalo is more than dangerous. The most dangerous thing that this animal embraces is its sharply hooked horns. Thus, when attacked, these horns can cause severe injuries to the humans. These buffaloes are not only aggressive, but very speedy in nature as well. Thus, they can run miles with a great speed. Poaching on them must always be done with a due care.

3 Wild Boar:

Wild Boar
Wild Boar img via

A wild boar is considered as the third most dangerous game animal on the planet. According to some of the experienced hunters, hunting on wild boar is the most dangerous thing that they would ever come across. The full-sized wild boar when hunted can even lead to fatal injuries and in some of the most extreme cases, even death.

Wild boars are very active and agile. They are very speedy in nature and comprise of a razor-sharp tusk. Their mind is quick and this factor also makes them the fourth most intelligent species of animals in the world. When they attack the human beings, they can cause severe injuries. Thus, it is always recommended to poach on these animals with extreme care and under the supervision of a well-experienced and a veteran poacher.

2 Lion:

Lion via

The king of the jungle happens to be the second most dangerous animal to poach. This animal spends most of its time wandering here and there in the jungles and hunting on the animals for food. Lion is a seasoned predator and it can easily kill all the animals that are five times the weight of itself. This animal is a highly fearless animal and therefore justifies the title of being a king of the jungle very well.

All these characteristics of a lion automatically makes it the second most dangerous game animal to hunt on. In fact, hunting on a lion is not easy at all. If a lion attacks a human, it can cause some of the most severe injuries. Not only this, a lion can even kill a human by biting his neck.

1 African Bush Elephant:

African Bush Elephant
African Bush Elephant via

African Bush Elephant beats lion in becoming the most dangerous game animal which is almost impossible to hunt by the poachers. This animal is considered as the largest mammal on the planet and has zero natural predators. The bulky and giant appearance of this animal makes it impossible for all other predators to attack an elephant or to kill him.

These elephants usually remain calm and docile in the jungles and they do not usually attack on the human beings unless they are being intruded. When attacked, these elephants can become highly defensive in nature and can lead to some of the most fatal injuries. They can break human bones like the back of their hand and can also cause human death.

These animals are not easy to hunt on. However, if you are trying, you must always be careful while hunting on them.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Game Animals to Hunt

  1. African Bush Elephant
  2. Lion
  3. Wild Boar
  4. Cape Buffalo
  5. Saltwater Crocodile
  6. Polar Bear
  7. Rhinoceros
  8. Hippopotamus
  9. Grizzly Bear
  10. Leopard



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