Top 10 of the Most Deadliest Big Cats

Top 10 of the Most Deadliest Big Cats

Here are Top 10 of the Most Deadliest Big Cats Big Cats are one of the amazing animals and are amongst the best creations of the God’s natural habitations on earth. Earth consists of various forests and here in these forests there are having an amazing wild life that has always been hidden by the normal human crowd. They have one of the best abilities to endanger their lives behind many animals that hunt each other for food.

They usually have a fur, a creative ways of hunting amazing coat patters or they are simply dreadfully inspiring.
Even though, they are amongst the dangerous animals,there are still some great qualities and alluring beauty that shows their innocence. Nevertheless, you must never get mistaken by their lovely furry hairs, they are amongst the terror spreading species of big cat animals that have eaten millions of human since their existence. Most the animals are deadly to other animals.

10 Cheetah-(Acinonyx jubatus)

Top 10 of the Most Deadliest Big Cats
Cheetah–Photo via thinglink.com

Cheetah is identified as the World’s Fastest Land Animal that has a huge ability to reach up to 70 miles that too in an hour. Each body part of the animal has an extensive and incredible ability of keeping up with speed. By looking at the animal Cheetah and his speed many automobile companies have come up with the similar range of speedy cars and motorbike such as Yamaha R1. However, the speed does not actually match up with the speed of this deadliest animal. Even though being faster than ever Cheetah’s are usually having a light mass that lacks their strength for catching up with the bigger preys. Eventually, when he attempts for 20 times he gets its prey once in these attempts. There are round black spots on the Cheetahs that benefit them to camouflage while hunting.

The head is the Cheetah is smaller, while we compare him with the other big cats. Mostly, the cheetah eats the mammals that include gazelles, wildebeests and zebras. During the time of hunting its prey, the body temperature of the Cheetah increases that can also, make him fatal. At the same time while running, his body becomes as aerodynamic as possible to extract some maximum amount of speed. Cheetah family moves together for hunting whereas there are not much efficient as Tree-Climbers.

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9 Fishing Cat

Fishing Cat
Fishing Cat–Photo via www.flickr.com
Fishing Cat1
Photo via www.pinterest.com

Fishing Cat is recognized as one of the medium sized cat. The cat has a disjunctive global range that already extended towards through the South East Asia. The body of the Fishing cat consists of a fur that is of an olive-grey colour along with some dark spots that are arranged as a stripe-like while running along with his length of the body. Mainly, it has a flat nose appearance, manifestly. Mainly, the fish cats stays along the rivers, mangrove swamps and brooks. This fish is well-adapted habitat that can hunt the aquatic animals where as fish is the main prey of this cat. He is known as one of the skilled swimmer, who enjoys water.

It hunts down 10 of the different species of fish. Every of the aquatic animals are being hunted by the Fish Cat. There are some inter-digital  webs on the paws of the cats help them to get a better tracing systems even in the muddy water and environments, it is just like the other mammals that are living in the semi-aquatic environments. Thus, the Fishing Cat is endangered as he can hunt down humans, other animals and aquatic animals. Thus, an amazing eye make contact with the prey makes him want them for more.

8 Wild Cat

Wild Cat
Wild Cat–Photo via wild-scotland.org.uk

From millions of years wildcat are known as one of the hunter cats that has small mammals, birds and other creatures of their similar size as its prey. There are several sub-species of the wild cats are eventually distributed at various regions that have a spanning area around the Asian, African and European forests. There are some amazing facts about the wildcat as it is extremely timid and it avoids having some human settlements. It is amongst those animals that stay as a solitary it cling to a territory of about 3kms. Such wild cats are chiefly a carnivore that avoids insects and plants, as they are unimportant parts of its diet.

They frequently hunt rodents and rabbits along with some lizards that are amongst the most common prey along with some birds that are least common. ‘Serval’ is amongst the sub-species that is an African Wild Cat that can jump over 8-16 feet vertically to the upwards to catch the flying birds. Some of the Servals are very much friendly animal, they try to be domesticated, and it serves well as a wonderful pet. They try to share an emotional bond with any one of the human family. There are some rules and the government before keeping them as a pet strictly imposes regulations that must be followed.

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7 Puma-(Puma concolor)

Puma–Photo via umapedias.blogspot.com

Puma is one of the amazing and deadliest cats that are also known as the Cougar, Mountain lion Catamount or El Tiger. Everything about this animal is incredible as it has an amazing forte of hunting its prey that are often twice than its size. They are the natives to the American countries that they are large and solitary cats that have a greatest range of any of the large wild earthly mammal. It extends from Yukon in Canada towards the southern Andes of the South America. They are an adaptable, generalist species of the Puma that are found in every of the major American habitat type.

These cats are known for being one of the heaviest cat in the American continents. There are certain primary food sources which they include the ungulates such as a deer, bighorn sheep and elk. They also hunt some domestic cattle that are being found at the northern part of the range. They also hunt small insects and rodents.

They are strictly carnivore and they prefer to be the habitats with the dense, underbrush, and rocky areas for stalking but like staying in the open areas. Because of the excessive hunting that has a European colonization of the America and continuing the human development of the cougar habitat. There are some dropped in the population in most of the parts of its historical range.

6 Lion-(Panthera leo)

Photo via en.wikipedia.org

Lion is one of the four big cats that with the same genus Panthera. They are members of the family Felidae. They have some exceeding weight that reaches around 250lb that means 550lb and is one of the second largest cats after the Tiger. These Lions are usually found in Asia and Africa only. The male lions occasionally that causes injuries under the seldom of the Lions seldom so that they can live longer for more than ten years as fights with rivals.

They are a native of savannas and grassland although they may take to bush and forest. They are usually known as a social compared with other cats. Their pride of lions that consist that are related to females and the offspring’s and a small number of adult males. In which groups of female lions those who typically hunt their prey together.

In rare cases, the lions hunt human and seek them as a prey. Lions are known to attack and kill the large preys. Whereas, the lioness does most of the major jobs of hunting for their pride,swifter and more agile than the males. There are most of the widely recognized animal symbols in the human culture.

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5 Snow Leopard

snow leopard–Photo via 7-themes.com

The snow leopards are one of the species of the leopards. The snow leopards are sometimes known as an ounce. Moderately a large cat is native to the mountain ranges of the Central Asia and the Himalayan region. They are amongst the smaller than the other big cats but akin to them. They exhibits a range of sizes who generally weight between 27 and 54 kilograms that is around 60 and 120lb. The length of the body ranges from 75 to 130 cm i.e. 30 to 50inches. That has a tail of nearly the same length. These snow leopards have a long thick hair or fur to keep them warm in the extreme cold conditioned.

They have a well-based colour, which varies from the smoky grey to yellowish tan. They also have whitish under parts. They also have some dark grey to black open rosettes of their body. They have some small spots that of the same colour on their heads and have a larger spots towards their legs and tail. Snow leopards are carnivores and thus they energetically hunt their prey. They kill their preys that are three times of their sizes. They are also called as Himalayan blue sheep.

4 Tiger

Tiger-Photo via advocacy.britannica.com

Tiger is the largest of the Big Cats that has an apex predator and an obligate carnivore. They are around 4meters and 13 feet tall in length and that weighs up to 300 kg. They have a great bulk of power that can be recognized by its feature of the pattern of those dark and vertical lining stripes that eventually overlays a near white to reddish-orange fur. Most of the species of the tigers are found to be in Bengal and that their subspecies are found in the Siberian Tiger. They are amongst the deadliest animals that are efficient hunters along with some mixing speed, tree-climbing, swimming ability, stealth and supremacy to the overwhelming effects.  These big cats look amazingly beautiful because of their stripes, are known to be rare, and are well known for its stealth yet powerful attacks. They also have a Royal Life style that doesn’t care about their attitude. They are known for being the territorial’s and generally, there are solitary animals that often required large contiguous areas of the habitat that supports the demand of their prey.

The tigers are perhaps one of the most recognizable animals amongst all of the cats. They have an excessive poaching and hunting is been done by the Humans and are delivered Tiger to become an in danger of extinction species. They are comfortably known as the 4th greatest Killer cats.

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3 Jaguar-(Panthera onca)


Jaguar is an ultimate all rounder big cat that is devilishly stealth and is exceptionally swift and is an efficient swimmer that can climb the trees. The Jaguar is recognized as the third-largest feline after the Tiger and Lion as they are the largest and they are most powerful feline known to be in the Western Hemisphere.

They present to be in large ranges that to from Mexico to Central America even towards the Paraguay and the northern Argentina. Some amazing black spots are found largely over this big cat. The jaguar enjoys swimming. It has developed some marvellous powerful bite that is even relative from most of the other big cats. This allows them to pierce the shells of the armoured reptiles.

The Jaguar hunts by biting on the skull of the prey between the ears to deliver a fatal blow towards the brain. The jaguars are a stalk and ambush type of animal rather than just a chase predator. The Jaguar is a much capable animal that has the quality to kill large also while swimming and that its strength is such that they carcasses as a large as a heifer that can be hauled up a tree to avoid flood levels.

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2 Leopards-(Panthera pardus)

Photo via en.wikipedia.org

Leopards are amongst the Felidaie family and that they are the smallest of the four big cats that are to be found in the genus of the Panthera. Leopards are found in large numbers and over a wide range over Asia and Africa that are greater than the other Panthers species. The Leopard consists of small legs and they consist of a long body along with a large skull.

Mainly it resembles just like the jaguar even though it is one of the smaller and the slighter build. Their fur is marked with some rosettes that lack some internal spots distinct from those of the jaguar. The leopards can hunt down any animal whether it is of its own size, smaller or triple to its size or height.

These Leopards, preferably found at the habitats that range from the rain-forest along with the desert terrains. It plays an ecological role that is similar to those of the American Puma. They are said to be agile and a stealthy predator. They are smaller than the other genus they still take a large prey that has a massive skull along with some powerful jaw muscles that can be utilized quite exceptionally.

1 Domestic cats

Domestic cats
Photo via animals.mom.me

Yes, it is quite surprising that such cute and cuddling cats can be preferably known amongst the deadliest cats. They can be easily converted into the greatest killing cat. The above-mentioned variations of the cats are similar to our house cat.  They have a huge split when it comes to hunting the other animals. A domestic car on an average kills over thousands of animals and insects that majorly lie in 200 different species. They can kill any animal either if their size of if they are hungry. Many times the cats do hunt but they do not eat it. They hunt and the play with their prey. Hunting is one of the fun activities for these domestic cats. They have an excellent night vision quality. They can hear and detect in broad ranges of frequencies.

They have an acute sense of smell. It is been said that the cats can eventually survive under the danger that is to be found in the forest and that they also have an inbuilt survival skills that no other domestic animal could do. The hunting capabilities of this cat is natural.  Their terror has already been spread amongst most of the animals. Along with such a natural talent with a tremendous killing skill might make the house cat amongst the Ultimate Killer Cat.

 Top 10 of the Most Deadliest Big Cats

Sr no.Names
1Domestic cats
2Leopards-(Panthera pardus)
3Jaguar-(Panthera onca)
5Snow Leopard
6Lion-(Panthera leo)
7Puma-(Puma concolor)
8Wild Cat
9Fishing Cat
10Cheetah-(Acinonyx jubatus)

These wild cats are deadly to their prey and that sometimes to their predators as well. They all have amazing qualities that each of their generation has developed since the thousands of years. Their behaviors and features to find food, to defend themselves from, their predators and even when they need to protect their young ones. Along-with their razor-sharp teeth and strong jaws they have been injecting venom into their prey. This is how the deadliest cats behave.

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