Top 10 Deadliest Man Eating Animals in the World

Top 10 Deadliest Man Eating Animals in the World

The term man eaters are used for animals that eat humans. But it’s not always like only man eating animals attack humans, they can be attacked by any kind. The animals that incorporate flesh of humans in their diet are called man eaters. The commonly known man eating animals include lions, tigers, crocodiles and leopards etc. Every year many lives are claimed by these animals, although the toll has decreased over the years and so is the population of these animals as they are getting extinct. But the thought of being eaten alive by an animal can surely give anyone goose bumps and is obviously one of the ugliest deaths anyone can die.

Here is a list of Top 10 Deadliest Man Eating Animals in the World:

10 Komodo Dragon Lizard

Top 10 Deadliest Man Eating Animals in the World --komodo-dragon-lizard
Komodo Dragon Lizard–Photo via wikispace.com

Also called as Komodo monitors, is huge specie of lizard and is found in Islands of Indonesia like Rinca, Komodo, Flores, Padar and Gili Motang. The animal’s prey majorly includes birds, mammals and invertebrates. A big size Komodo dragon’s diet comprises mainly of deer, but also eats a lot of carrion and sometimes attack humans also.

An adult dragon usually has a weight of 70kgs. According to Guinness Book of World Records, a male Komodo weighs between 79 to 91kg and has a length of 8.5ft, whereas a female weighs around 68-73kg and has a length of 7.5ft. The tail is almost the equal length of the body with 60 teeth that replace frequently. These animals prefer more of a dry and place and lives in open, dry grassland, tropical forest and savanna. They are usually solitary and come together only for food or to breed. The Komodo dragons mate from May to August and lay eggs in September. The incubation takes about 7-8 months and eggs hatch in April. The young dragons take 8-9yrs to mature and can live for approx 30yrs.

9 Pythons

Photo via flickr.com
Photo via flickr.com

Pythons are from non venomous snake family and are found in Asia, Australia and Africa. The members of the family include some of biggest snakes in world. In non venomous family, 8 genera and 31 species have been recognized to date.

Pythons are ambush predators and then attack suddenly at the prey. They normally don’t attack humans unless provoked or startled, but female pythons protecting eggs are comparatively more aggressive. Earlier, the incidents of python attacking humans were more common in southeast and south Asia, but are rare now. The preying style of python is quite unique, as soon as it catches the prey; they wrap themselves around it like a coil which causes suffocation and ultimate death of it. Unlike any other carnivorous, they don’t even deform their prey before swallowing it. In pythons, females are the once that lay eggs and doesn’t eat anything and concentrate on increasing body temperature.

8 Sloth Bear

Top 10 Deadliest Man Eating Animals in the World
Sloth Bear–Photo via ahwmrc.com

Also called as labiated bear, is nocturnal insectivorous specie of bear and are found in subcontinents of India. Their ancestors are brown bear of Pleistocene and also have features similar to mammals that eat insects.

The appearance of the bear is different from black bear by lankier builds, long, shaggier coats, white claws and pale muzzles. A bear of medium size weighs around 130kgs on an average, but can range from 55-124kgs in females and 80-192kgs in males. The height above the shoulder is 60-90cm and body has a length of 4.6-6.2ft. Females are comparatively shorter and have dense fur between shoulders. Bears walk slowly in shambling motion and feet in flapping, noisy motion. Although they look clumsy and slow, they are excellent when it comes to climbing. Their breeding season is spring season and start of summer and birth happens in early winters. The diet of a bear normally comprises of honeybee colonies, fruits and termites. They also attack humans, especially the ones encroaching on their territories.

7 Tigers

Top 10 Deadliest Man Eating Animals in the World
Tiger–Photo via Inhabitat.com

The largest species of cat are called tigers. They are recognized by their black vertical stripes with reddish-orange colored fur and underside is lighter. They belong to the Panthera genus along with leopard, lion, snow leopard and jaguar.

They are generally solitary yet social animals. They require habitat that is large and support their needs of the prey. Tigers were once found widely in Asia, turkey in west to Russia on the eastern coast. In past 100yrs, 93% of the population of tigers have been lost from central and southwest Asia, islands of Bali and Java and from huge areas of eastern and southeast Asia. They normally feed on medium to large sized animals weighing at least 90kg. Their preferred preys include chital, sambar deer, wild boar, barasingha, nilgai, gaur, water and domestic buffalo in Tamil Nadu in India.

6 Leopards

Top 10 Deadliest Man Eating Animals in the World-leopards
leopards photo via getbg.net

Leopards belong to the Panthera genus and are one of 5 “big cats”. They are found in sub-Saharan parts of Africa and in some parts of Asia. According to the fossils found in parts of Italy, suggest they were also in Europe and Japan.

Compared to the other family members, leopards have large skull, long body and short legs. They resemble a lot to jaguars but have lighter and smaller physique. They have rosettes all over their body like jaguars but smaller in size and denser. They are distinguished by their camouflaged fur, broad diet, opportunistic behavior in hunting and strength. They can also adapt to different habitats from steppe to rainforests, including montane and arid areas and is known for its speed that can go up to 58km/hr. Leopards are carnivorous and prefer preys with a medium size and body mass of 10-40kgs. Their range of prey is wide and can feed on deer, antelopes, rodents, chital, dung beetle, impala, nyala, reedbuck, waterbuck, warthog etc.

5 Gray Wolf

Top 10 Deadliest Man Eating Animals in the World---gray-wolf
Gray Wolf–Photo via nationalgeographic.com

Also called as timber wolf, is canid native of remote and wilderness areas of North America and Eurasia. They are largest in family, having males of 43-45kg of weight and females of 36-38.5kg. They can be differentiated easily by their large size and not that pointed features, mainly muzzles and ears. The winter furs of wolf are bushy and long and are mainly of mottle gray color, but they also occur in white, brown, red or black color.

Gray wolf prey on herbivorous mammals and the mammal should have an approx mass equal to the group of wolves attacking it. The animals they attack include reindeer, mouflon, saiga, chamois, deer with white tail, bighorn sheep, American Bison etc. They can also feed on berries, Lily of valley, blueberries, cowberry, bilberries etc. They hunt humans occasionally.

4 Lion

Top 10 Deadliest Man Eating Animals in the World
Lion–Photo via Quora.com

Lions are big cats of Panthera genus and belong to Felidae family. The different species found in Africa is collectively called African lion. The males weigh approximately 250kg and it is 2nd largest of cats after tiger. They are found in India and sub Saharan Africa and were earlier found in North Africa, across Eurasia to India.

A lion mainly prefer scavenge and consists 50% of diet. Most of the dead prey, lions feed on are killed by hyenas and not by lions. All the hunting is done by the lionesses and lions stay back to look after the cubs. The attack is usually in fast rush & then final leap. The animal is killed due to suffocation as the lion encloses its nostrils and mouth in their jaw. Lions don’t hunt humans usually but few seek out on human pray.

3 Shark

Top 10 Deadliest Man Eating Animals in the World
Shark–Photo via coralworld.co.il

Sharks are characterized for having cartilaginous skeleton, 5-7 gill slits and fins, which are not attached to the head. They are a part of clade Selachimorpha and sister to group rays. Sharks have over 500 species and its size range from dwarf lantern sharks of 17cms in length, to whale shark of 12mtrs in length. They are natives of all seas and common to seas with depth of 2000mtrs.

The sharks are mainly carnivorous and have different strategies for feeding like ram feeding, suction feeding, luminescent etc. The teeth are usually small as they don’t need it for feeding. According to a study, between 2001 and 2006, on an average 4.3 humans were attacked by sharks. Although, it is believed that out of 470 species, only 4 are involved in human attacks: Oceanic white tip, great white, bull and tiger shark.

2 Brown bear

Top 10 Deadliest Man Eating Animals in the World
Brown Bear–Photo via Huntingbg.eu

It is a large bear and is the only living ursid with widest distribution. They are found mainly in North America and north Eurasia. The range includes Central Asia, Russia in some parts, Canada, China, United States etc.

The brown bear is not completely brown and have thick, long fur, long mane on the backside of the neck. The color of the bear might differ according to the region they live in. The claws are curved and have a length of 5-6cms. Normally, a bear has length of 4ft7in- 9ft2in measured from head & body. They seldom attack any human and are known for avoiding them. But they are extremely dangerous and can attack humans if provoked.

1 Crocodiles

Top 10 Deadliest Man Eating Animals in the World
Photo via –AnimalsTime.com

One of the Most Deadliest Man Eating Animals on the list is Crocodile. They are known for attacking humans for years now. They are aquatic reptiles found in tropics in Asia, America, Australia and Africa. Although alligators, gharials and crocodiles look similar, they belong to different biological families.

They are ambush predators and mostly their diet consists of amphibians, fish, mollusks, reptiles, birds, crustaceans and mammals. Their stomachs are extremely acidic and can digest bones easily. They are considered dangerous to human race as they strike even before the human reacts.

Top 10 Deadliest Man Eating Animals in the World

Sr No. 10 Most Deadliest Man Eating Animals
2Brown bear
5Gray Wolf
8Sloth Bear
10Komodo Dragon Lizard

All the above mentioned Most Deadliest Man Eating Animals are known as a threat to human race and few incidences time and again have also proved it. So better be careful when around them or in areas where they are found.


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