Top 10 Deadliest Video Game Weapons of All Time

Top 10 Deadliest Video Game Weapons of All Time:Video games have become very popular, with the advance in technology. Once you start playing, you won’t be able to stop yourself, they are that addictive. In reality you don’t get to do such amazing, cool things, that you are able to while playing such games. You can beat a buck load of zombies, kill enemies, fight aliens, etc. Not all video games are considered violent, as some are just simply nice, where you can enjoy and have fun with a simple game of driving, racing, playing soccer, etc. but many of these games are also about stabbing, killing, bombing, and shooting, and it gives that arousal and spice to many people.

With such games and advance in technology, you also get to use so many cool weapons, and such games won’t be so much fun, without having these amazing deadliest weapons of all time. So let’s look at the list of the 10 deadliest video game weapons of all time, which will most certainly excite you, and encourage you to play video games:

10 RPG

Top 10 Deadliest Video Game Weapons of All Time
Top 10 Deadliest Video Game Weapons of All Time–Photo via

Most of the Games which are based on fighting such as Battlefield, Medal of Honor, upcoming Homefront, or Call of Duty (COD), have had RPG which means a lot in all these games. It is considered as one of the extreme deadliest weapons used in a video game, that you can think of.

Such video games probably have a mission to fulfill, and in order to that you need certain types of weapons, and these weapons’ deadliness keeps increasing by crossing each level. Here in such games you can also shoot a chopper off with the use of this deadliest weapon RPG. Although it is not the greatest weapon but surely is fun and cool to use.

9 Blades of Chaos

Top 10 Deadliest Video Game Weapons of All Time
Blades of Chaos–Photo via youtube

Blades of Chaos in the game “God of War Series” is strikingly a deadliest weapon of all time. So with this weapon any of the heroes can go through a group of large enemies by swinging sword and killing them or even use an axe or fro. But this requires a lot of coordination along with dexterity to kill with this weapon.

In order to swing 2 blades which are connected with a chain look plus feel like visceral same as it is in the God of War series, does require a lot of effort and synchronization. But it is great fun to use this weapon and kill the enemies, and whoever built such weapons does deserve a medal.

8 Lightstaber

Top 10 Deadliest Video Game Weapons of All Time–Photo via Tech

This is a drop dead the coolest weapon to have, period, it is one of the best weapon for video games ever. It has that plasma blade, which look-wise is just stunning. When you get to swing by this blade against a group of enemies, is just the most pleasant experience and just amazing.

This plasma blade certainly can slice itself through metal, and can also deflect the incoming fire blaster, which makes it the coolest, and deadliest weapon of all time. You have to try this weapon once because the pleasure you will feel is just incredible. This weapon is not available and applicable in all types of video games, but if that was made possible then that would be simply the coolest thing ever. Imagine this, if you are able to run around like senselessly in a game like Call of Duty (COD) with such weapon, slicing through everyone, instead of a knife, then how great would that be? Lightstaber is simply the coolest and deadliest weapon to play with.

7 Spread Gun (Contra)

Photo via caveofpixels – DeviantArt

If anyone has ever played Contra, would know the pleasure of having this weapon. This game is super fun to play with, and this weapon was the greatest to have. It has the ability to demolish almost everything that got in the way while playing. So the access to this weapon will just leave you excited to kill all the thing that comes in your way.

It requires a lot of effort, in order, to get through this gun, people would spend hours and hours non stop to achieve this weapon. It is a very over powering weapon to have, which will make the barriers ahead in the game look like nothing in front of this weapon. You could destroy all the machines as well and it would make the game 30 times easier comparatively.

6 Barret M-82 AKA The Barret.50 Cal

Top 10 Deadliest Video Game Weapons of All Time
Barret M-82 AKA The Barret.50 Cal–Photo via

The Barret M-82 is considered to be one of the most powerful snipers of all till date. If you have got this, then it is simply coolest thing ever. Every fan of video games would know the pleasure of having this deadliest weapon. It is available in both games, that is Battlefield as well as Call of Duty (COD).

Video gamers love to abuse this weapon like crazy, it was such a strong weapon to have. In Call of Duty, especially, this Barret .50 Cal was so over powering, that it was the one and only sniper that would shoot down the whole helicopter from a great distance. It is a terrifyingly amazing weapon. There are also a couple of such videos of this gun in real life, which will just leave you shocked and crazed up, that you would wish to play with this weapon at the moment. This gun can also go through a bullet proof window but costs a lot.

5 Portal Generator, Half Life (And Later Portal)

Top 10 Deadliest Video Game Weapons of All Time
Photo via Half-Life Wik

this deadliest weapon was first featured ever in Half Life and having this Aperture Science Portal Generator was the coolest thing to have, and it began a branch of its own games with this weapon in particular, along with Portal 2 and Portal.  The main game changer was to see how physics was working in such games whenever this deadliest weapon was being used.

When this weapon was used, it would allow things to take place in real time with two areas of this game, plus for multiple game players in Portal 2. Many criticized this weapon saying that, when a weapon creates portals, it is not technically considered to be a weapon. But this weapon can be used for both good and evil. The strategic creation of Portal has its own importance, about which anyone would know, who has played with this game before.

4 Hidden Wrist Blade (Assassins Creed Series)

Photo via

This is such a clever weapon and the coolest one to have, and surely after looking at the other deadliest weapons, this may not come as so powerful and strong. It would not feel like too exciting for mass destruction but based on this particular game, you can say that it was comparatively deadliest weapon to have, because the entire game is built around this.

It is the key weapon that gets the job done, you would definitely like to kill the enemies with this secretive weapon, as anything secretive is always exciting, and fun. This weapon is something different and unique from others, which is why it is so amazing and deserves to be on this list.

3 The Hammer of Dawn, Gears of War

Photo via youtube

This weapon would definitely create a mass amount of demolition and damage, by calling out a beam that would bring death from the sky. It was a godlike weapon, and was just amazing to have. For this weapon particularly you would wish to play this game, rather than the other way around.

It was very much restricted in the terms, that how would you use this type of weapon in such a game, for example, you would have to be outdoors to use it. This deadliest weapon was always highly satisfying to use and fire off and create a mass destruction.

2 Fat Man, Fallout 3

Photo via youtube

There are several amazing and coolest weapons available in both Fallout New Vegas along with Fallout 3. A Fat Man is certainly a shoulder attached nuke launcher, and is absolutely fun to use, but hard to carry around because of its heavy weight and limited ammo.

But it is one of the deadliest weapon and fun to strike a launcher, and is spectacular. This weapon is the coolest to use and you should definitely give it a try.

1 Flamethrower, Halo

Photo via

This is simply amazing weapon to use and so deadly. The name itself suggests, what this weapon is capable of doing. They are an absolute joy, to throw flames, and kill the enemy. But this weapon was only available in Halo, not in Halo 2, and every player of this game were looking forward desperately to have this, but it was a no show.

This weapon would take out a flood load of enemies. It was very effective and absolutely powerful. When this weapon is used, it would attack a wide range of area, and that area would stay on fire for some time.

Top 10 Deadliest Video Game Weapons of All Time

No  Video Game Weapons of All Time 
2 Blades of Chaos
3 Lightstaber
4 Spread Gun (Contra)
5 Barret M-82 AKA The Barret .50 Cal
6 Portal Generator, Half Life (And Later Portal)
7 Hidden Wrist Blade (Assassins Creed Series)
8 The Hammer of Dawn, Gears of War
9 Fat Man, Fallout 3
10 Flamethrower, Halo

People spend hours playing video games, and this top 10 deadliest weapons of all time, are just amazing to use:

Top 10 Deadliest Video Game Weapons of All Time

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