Top 10 Most Expensive Apps

Most Expensive Apps

The world is reforming at a faster rate and each day we get a new technology surrounding us. Our life is becoming smoother and easier than before with the invention of smartphones and tablets. These gadgets serve as the base in today’s era for performing any task. The world is gradually getting its digital image with new appliances, gadgets, and technologies.

There are limitless words to describe a smartphone and its uses in the current period. Earlier, we used to go in the vegetable market to buy vegetables but now, various apps get those veggies at our doorsteps. The different apps are designed to entertain us as well as provide us comfort. The Apps have made our life an easy going one.  We have listed Top 10 Most Expensive Apps.


Top 10 Most Expensive Apps
DDS GP — Photo via

At number, it is one of the best iPad Apps, DDS GP. It is specially created for dentists to discuss the various dental problems with their patients. The dentists answer to the questions of the patients and suggest treatment for the dental problems.

It is a very easy and convenient App to use both by the dentists and the patients. More than 13,000 dental offices in the globe use DDS GP and it is available in 13 various languages. The price of this app is $399.99.

9 Alpha- Trader

Top 10 Most Expensive Apps
Alpha- Trader — Photo via Google Play

If you like online trading, then Alpha-Trader App is certainly for you. It is one of the most expensive apps with price $999 which is developed for traders who want to invest their money in stock market. Alpha-Trader shows the different conditions of the stock market and mentions many other details such as portfolio overview, portfolio probable return and the type of project.

The reviews of many users are positive about this app and the information of the stock market is also perfect. You can also check the other factors like asset risk and portfolio risk on this app.

8 MobiGage NDI

Top 10 Most Expensive Apps
MobiGage NDI — Photo via

The next one is MobiGage NDI which is an App for all businessmen. This App gives the detailed results of inspection of various manufacturing parts and assemblies. It edits and makes measurement plans and it developed especially for industrial measurement systems.

This App combines all measurement tools and gages such as calipers, height gage, radius gage and many others. MobiGage NDI is used by many businessmen in various countries of the globe and it has a price of $999.99.


Top 10 Most Expensive Apps
Agro — Photo via

AGRO App is another one of the best Apps for agro business. You can connect with your clients to discuss various aspects of your business on this App. Many farmers gain the benefits from this App as they get the detailed information about the various crops, insecticides, pesticides and financial sector.

AGRO App helps the farmer with the growth of the crop in a particular season. This App does not have much paperwork and offers an automatic filing system. The price of AGRO App is $999 making it 7th most expensive app in the world right now.

6 QSFFStats

Top 10 Most Expensive Apps
QSFFStats — Photo via

If you are fan of flag football, this App is definitely developed for you. QSFFStats will keep you updated about the live score of flag football and the various teams. You can also know of various other factors such as games, plays, scores and stats.

This App is developed specially for Apple devices and runs smoothly on all of them. The price of QSFFStats is $999.999 making it one of the costliest Apps in the globe.

5 Cybertuner

Top 10 Most Expensive Apps
Cyber-Tuner — Photo via

Cybertuner is a smart piano tuner’s App designed by the professional and piano experts. It has sophisticated design and very easy instructions for use. Cybertuner works smoothly with all pianos. It helps to a large extent to the professional piano players to gain accuracy while playing piano.

There are also scores of RPTs. You can now master in playing the different tunes on the piano with the help of Cybertunes App. You can download this App on any Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. The price of this app is $999.99.

4 APP Cash

Top 10 Most Expensive Apps
Cash — Photo via

It is very tough as well as risky task to pay cash each time at hotel or restaurant. So to solve this problem, one of the best Apps has been developed, APP Cash. With the help of this app, you can pay money directly from your bank to your friends or relatives.

It also has free Visa debit card which you can use anywhere such as hotel, pub, cafes, multiplexes or any other shops for payment. This App has 128-bit encryption and so it is very safe to use. It works perfectly on all Apple devices and its price is $999.99.

3 BarMax Bar Exam and MPRE Review

Top 10 Most Expensive Apps
BarMax Bar Exam and MPRE Review — Photo via

Law is very boring subject as such to study and so if there is some interesting way to study law, it sounds great. BarMax Bar Exam App is specially designed for all law students who have a large syllabus.

This App gives answers to all the questions of the law and you can also get much information such as Harvard Law School lectures and many other law notes. The cost of this App is $999.99 making it one of the costliest Apps.

2 Ignition

Top 10 Most Expensive Apps
Ignition — Photo via

We need our mobiles each minute for our office work. Ignition App will help you to access any of files and folders anytime and anywhere on your devices. You simply download this App to your any of the device and open any files, documents and folders for undisturbed flow of work. The cost of this app is $999.99 making it 2nd costliest app in the globe.

1 VIP Black

Top 10 Most Expensive Apps
VIP Black — Photo via

The most expensive app on the list is VIP Black. As the name suggests, this app provides information about the VIP hotels, limo service, Gordon Ramsey restaurants and much more. There are many exclusive deals and gifts with this App. The cost of this App is $1199.00.

These Apps are developed with a view to provide maximum benefits to users in each sector.

Top 10 Most Expensive Apps


1. VIP Black

2. Ignition

3. BarMax Bar Exam and MPRE Review

4. APP Cash

5. Cybertuner

6. QSFFStats


8. MobiGage NDI

9. Alpha- Trader

10. DDS GP



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