Top 10 Most Expensive Billionaire Homes in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Billionaire Homes in the World

Shelter is considered as one of three fundamental necessities of life. Most of us invest a major part of our hard earned money into our homes. Lately people have started to build and customize their homes to reflect on themselves, giving them a personal and “homely” feel, and with increasing cost of land and other construction materials, having a house of our own usually becomes a huge burden on a common man. But still, it’s always a great feeling to end a busy day in the comfort of your own house.

Houses these days have become a social status of a person and people often spend a lot on their house to make it more appealing and eye catching. The people who actually took this ideology to the next level are the many millionaires around the world. Their house truly is a dream come true, and in some cases these houses are often considered as an iconic structure of the city. So here is a compilation of homes of some of the richest people on earth, they have built some marvelous and spectacular homes that portray and illustrate their wealth.

Here‘s a list on the Top 10 Most Expensive Billionaire Homes in the World:


10 U.S.A ,Woodside, California, – Mountain Home Road

Top 10 Most Expensive Billionaire Homes in the World
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U.S.A ,Woodside, California, – Mountain Home Road

Owner: Masayoshi Son

Cost: $117.5 million

This 11 bedroom mansion consists of a 9000 square foot neoclassic house, a detached library, 1200 square foot indoor pool house, a swimming pool, guest house, formal gardens and a tennis court. Masayoshi Son, a Japanese businessman, founder and CEO of SoftBank Mobile, is the second richest man in Japan and bought the single family home on November 27, 2012.

9 Seattle, Washington, U.S.A- . Xanadu 2.0

Seattle, Washington, U.S.A- . Xanadu 2.0–Photo via iDesignArch

Seattle, Washington, U.S.A- . Xanadu 2.0,

Owner: Bill Gates

Value: $120.5 million

The Xanadu 2.0 comprises of 66000 square feet on 500 sq feet water front. It is often referred to as a techno-marvel. It has only 7 bedrooms but 24 bathrooms and 6 kitchens. It also has a 4000square feet swimming pool with underwater music system and a 2100 square feet library. Almost everything electrical is automated, guests are given a “techno-pin” which they have to where around, this pin connects them to the electrical services such as music, light and climate which adapt to their taste.

8 U.S.A, Palm Beach, Florida, – Blossom estate

Blossom Estate, Palm Beach-Photo via

U.S.A, Palm Beach, Florida, – Blossom estate

Owner: Ken Griffin

Value: $130 million

Ken Griffin, the hedge fund titan purchased 4 side by side properties together having 8 acres on the beach in 2012. The 14,000 square feet house sits on 50 Blossom way. Three of the four lots have houses while the last is currently an empty lot. This is located near the Blossom state subdivision nearby Tennis club and Palm Beach Bath. The entire row of four properties is considered to be a single estate.

7 London, U.K, Kensington Palace Gardens, Roman Abramovich

London, U.K, Kensington Palace Gardens–Photo via Favista

London, U.K, Kensington Palace Gardens,

Owner: Roman Abramovich

Value: $140 million

This palace Garden obsessed by Roman Abramovich , the Russian business Tycoon and an owner of Chelsea Football club. Mr. Abramovich also owns several other huge estates in London, one of which is a Row mansion on Billionaires row, which is the most expensive area. He bought this house in the year 2011 for £ 90 million. It has 15 bedrooms and extensive gardens. And apparently, he has plans to build a profound extension that includes a private museum, a health centre and an auto museum which was approved by the city administration.

6 California, U.S.A, Ellison Estate, Woodside

California, U.S.A, Ellison Estate, Woodside–PHoto via

California, U.S.A, Ellison Estate, Woodside,

Owner: Larry Ellison

Value:  $200 million

Larry Ellison, the world’s highest earner and co-founder of Oracle owns Ellison Estate. The estate was built in 2004 with 10 Japanese style building sitting on 23 acres of land. The estate consists of a bath house, two bridges, gymnasium, two waterfalls, a koi pond, a tea house, a 5 acre man-made lake and a swimming pool. The house is surrounded by hundreds of trees such as maple, oak, pine and redwood to give it a beautiful and authentic Japanese estate feel.

5 London, UK,One Hyde Park

London, UK,One Hyde Park–Photo via World Property Journal

London, UK,One Hyde Park,

Owner: Rinat Akhmetov

Value: $221 million

The One Hyde Park is the world’s most expensive apartment and is located in Knightsbridge. It was purchased by Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine’s richest man. In total it covers an area over 25000 square feet. It is also equipped with bullet-proof glass and has 24 hrs hotel concierge services. This penthouse has a tunnel to it from Rinat’s residence and is within walking distance from Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The security guards are all former SAS(Special Air Service) members.

4 London, UK,Kensington Palace Gardens, Lakshmi Mittal

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London, UK,Kensington Palace Gardens,

Owner: Lakshmi Mittal

Value: $222 million

London is the most expensive city in the word and the central attraction point of the UK. Indian steel magnate Lakshmi mittal owns the Kensington Palace gardens along with three other properties in the Billionaires Row, one of which is the mansion built in Georgian style architecture near the Israeli embassy. Mr. Mittal is rumored to have bought the house for his son, from another billionaire Noam Gotteman, who is a hedge fund giant. The total worth of the Palace gardens is around 117 million pounds in 2008 and is reportedly up for sale now.

3 New York, USA, Fair Field, Sagaponack

New York, USA, Fair Field, Sagaponack-PHoto via

New York, USA, Fair Field, Sagaponack

Owner: Ira Rennert

Value: $248 million

This possibly the most expensive house in New York America. Built by the first industrial billionaire Ira Rennert, it consists of 21 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, 39 bath Hamptons, not one but three swimming pools along with its own power plant on premises.

Construction of this Hamptons estate began in 1998and finished in 2003. The compound includes luxuries such as a 164 seat screening theater, two squash courts, jogging track, tennis courts and Basket Ball court, two bowling alleys.

2 France ,Villa Leopolda, Villefranche-sur-mer

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France ,Villa Leopolda, Villefranche-sur-mer,

Owner: Lily Safra

Value: $750 million

This villa was owned by Lily Safra, a Philanthropist and social figure from Brazil. Reportedly King Leopold 2 built this French state and a series of water side homes for his many mistresses. It was owned by Gianni Agnelli, the Fiat tycoon before Mrs. Safra’s husband Edmond Safra. Lily inherited the villa after her husband’s death.

The villa sits on 20 acres of land and is considered one of the most marvelous and spectacular homes ever built.

1 India, Antilia, Mumbai

antiliahome–Photo via

India, Antilia, Mumbai,

Owner: Mukesh Ambani

Value: $1 billion

Mumbai is nicknamed the city of dreams, and this billionaire made his dream house come to reality in this very city. Named after a mythical island in the Atlantic, the Antilia is true marvel. It belongs to Indian Industrialist and one of the richest man on earth, MukeshAmbani. Located in the economical capital of India, it sits on one of the most expensive real estate in India.

This twenty-seven-storey building is a 400000 square foot superstructure residence and has six levels of underground parking, not one, not two but three Heli-pads, a ‘health’ level, and requires a crew of 600 staff to just keep the place running. With construction costs topping $1 billion it is by far the world’s most expensive home.

Top 10 Most Expensive Billionaire Homes in the World

Sr No. Expensive Billionaire Homes Lists Owner Cost/Value
1 India, Antilia, Mumbai,  Mukesh Ambani  $1 billion
2 France ,Villa Leopolda, Villefranche-sur-mer, Lily Safra $750 million
3 New York, USA, Far Field, Sagaponach, Ira Rennert $248 million
4 London, UK,Kensington Palace Gardens Lakshmi Mittal $222 million
5 London, UK,One Hyde Park, Rinat Akhmetov $221 million
6 California, U.S.A, Ellison Estate, Woodside, Larry Ellison $200 million
7 London, U.K,  Kensington Palace Gardens, Roman Abramovich $140 million
8 U.S.A, Palm Beach, Florida, – Blossom estate Ken Griffin $130 million
9 Seattle, Washington, U.S.A- .  Xanadu 2.0, Bill Gates $120.5 million
10 U.S.A ,Woodside, California, – Mountain Home Road, Masayoshi Son $117.5 million

It’s true to say that your house is a true reflection of the wealth you have. It’s a social status that defines who you are and where you stand among the fellow members of your society. But more often than not people spend recklessly on building a good house they end up sacrificing many other amenities in life.

Real estate is a good investment, but if u want to build a house always make sure it’s small, happy and cozy. There is no good reason why a family of 3 might need an enormous villa to live other than the reason that they can.

Anyways, the list might make your house look a bit small, but it’s the family that always comes first, and a house becomes a home only when you are surrounded by the ones you love.


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