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Top 10 Expensive Brand Hotels in The World

Top 10 Expensive Brand Hotels in The World

From the past decade there has been a great emphasis on high end hospitality buildings, in hotel markets such as London, Paris, China, Southeast Asia, Morocco, Spain, India, New York, etc. There are more expensive luxurious hotels around the world like never before, that offers the best hospitality, like the feeling of living life king size. As the market is increasing rapidly the standard of such branded, prestigious hotels have to be maintained accordingly, to be in the top 10 list.

Thus, with such expansion, and standard the price of the hotels is definitely going to be more in order to deliver that excellence, and luxury for which people come. While considering such branded hotels, it also has to be spread out and accessible, like the hotel Leela in India, is a fantastic hotel but is only limited to India, as it doesn’t have any other branch outside India. Such hotels require precise selection of the staff, for that very detailed standard, for its reputation, properly trained staff has to be there; the management of the hotel has to be at its excellence as for sure when you are paying such high price you are going to expect the same service. Some of the hotels at first just started in one country or let’s say city, but now has expanded its business throughout the world. For sure there are more than 10 expensive brands of hotels in the world, but some have maintained their name high, to be in the list for the time being, which will keep changing overtime. Following are The Top 10 Expensive Brand Hotels in The World:

10. Burj Al Arab (Dubai)

Burj Al Arab (Dubai)-Photo via Wikipedia

Burj Al Arab is the fourth tallest hotel in the world, it is more than just a splendid hotel, but it symbolizes Dubai. It is one of the phenomenal property, the way it is designed is the most noticeable thing of all, with that the service provided within makes it so extraordinary. It’s been voted repeatedly as the most luxurious hotel of the world offering you the finest experience of all.

This hotel provides you with various luxurious experiences like mind blowing terrace with pools, Chauffer driven Rolls-Royce, Helicopter trips with helipad, best dining venues, a personal butler and what not. It is priced at $17,500 per night, designed by Tom Wright, depicting the shape as sail of the ship, and is also referred to as a Pregnant Building.

9. Hotel Plaza Athenèe (France)

Top 10 Expensive Brand Hotels in The World
Photo via Dorchester Collection

This hotel Plaza Athenèe like many luxurious hotels in the world is priced really high at $27,000 situated in Paris. It is one of the most luxurious historic hotels near the Champs Elysèes and Eiffel Tower.

This hotel was renovated with the expansion of new buildings, eight suites, six guest rooms, two spaces for events, and a ball room, in August 2014. Being in France it has very French décor, except for the seventh floor and the eight floors that has art décor. During 2008 a Dior suite was also added here, with this it also has steam room and sauna installed.

8. Palms Casino Resort, Hugh Hefner Sky Villa (Las Vegas)

Palms Casino Resort, Hugh Hefner Sky Villa (Las Vegas)
Palms Casino Resort, Hugh Hefner Sky Villa (Las Vegas)-Photo via Weklub

Palms Casino Resort just like other hotels is the most luxurious and the most expensive hotel in the United States. In this hotel based in Nevada, Las Vegas, the sky villa suite is highly expensive that is $35,450 per night.

The hotel has an inbuilt casino and on the sixth floor there is Hugh Hefner Sky Villa. This hotel has 653 rooms, a recording studio, indoor waterfall, indoor playboy pool, concert theatre, poker table, and a Michelin starred restaurant. This hotel offers several events like on Friday evening there is pool party with live DJ’s, rain night club, moon night club, etc. The concert theatre which is a three level concert place in this hotel can seat up to 1000-2500 people.

7. (France) – Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez

Top 10 Expensive Brand Hotels in The World
Photo via Limelight Escapes

It is located in Croisette Cannes, France. This hotel has the most splendid rooms, with the beautiful scenario of the Southern part of this city of France. The lavish Penthouse Suite on the seventh floor consists of two marble bathrooms, a dining room, 2 master bedrooms, a spa bath, and a living room.

This hotel is priced at $35,700 per night and is known for its art décor, and established by an Italian family in 1929, February 20th. The hotel was originally called Martinez but got sold to Hyatt in 2013 and was renamed.

6. (Greece) -Lagonissi Royal Villa – Grand Resort

Top 10 Expensive Brand Hotels in The World
Photo via romanoscostanavarino.com

This hotel has a very prestigious name and is located in Anthenian Rivera, priced really high at dollar 40,000 per night, which is quite expensive, but for sure offers the best service.

There are among 10 amazing restaurants in the Anthenian Rivera, the place itself is very relaxing like the sandy coves which are private near the hotel. This hotel consists of 76 suites, 197 rooms with other facilities like limousine, wedding chapel, helicopter, and yacht hire.

5. (Fiji)- Resort Hilltop Estate – Laucala Island

Top 10 Expensive Brand Hotels in The World
Photo via Hotels in Heaven

This hotel located in Laucala Island, Fiji is also very expensive, priced at dollar 40,000 per night. This resort consists of several leisure amenities and activities like free wifi, jet skis, swimming pool, gourmet dining, bar, beaches, kitesurfing, horseback riding, golf, etc.

This resort is located on 3,500 acres on the island, and whoever would like to stay here can write an application to the owner of this villa and owner of Red Bull Dietrick Mateschitz.

4. Raj Palace Hotel, Presidential Suite (India)


Raj Palace is the most prestigious and ancient palace which is more than 2.5 centuries old that is transformed to a very heritage hotel, inbuilt in the year 1712. It is the most expensive hotel of Asia that is $43,000 per night, but is the most luxurious hotel.

The present owner of this palace is Princess Jayendra Kumari and the present manager of the hotel is Mrs. Ankur Rara Jethila. This hotel has luxurious suite that is 1500 square meter long, and also the suite consists of stucco, mirror work and gold leaf. This palace hotel also has a Museum of Indian Heritage.

3. Four Seasons Hotel (New York)

Top 10 Expensive Brand Hotels in The World
Top 10 Expensive Brand Hotels in The World-Photo via eMercedesBenz.com

The Ty Warner Suite of this hotel is the most expensive priced at $50,000 per night. This hotel started in 1989, with 400 rooms, a small tower consisting of 20 stories, and 46 stories main tower.

The rooms of this hotel are gorgeous, well furnished and designed, and have amazing Chandelier. There are about 98 Four Seasons Properties all over the world like Los Angeles, Paris, Toronto, and Seychelles. Many of the properties of Four Season offer beaches, skiing, golf, spas, sailing, diving, etc.

2. Hotel President Wilson (Switzerland)

Hotel President Wilson (Switzerland)-Photo via ludlumdrive.com

Hotel President Wilson is located in Nevada, and Geneva. This hotel was made as prestige to President Woodrow Wilson, and the Royal Penthouse Suite of this hotel is considered to be the world’s most expensive and largest suite in the world priced at $65,000 per night.

This suite has 12 rooms within with marble bathroom and occupies one whole floor and all the windows are bulletproof, and also have a private lift that helps guest to reach directly to their rooms. When here you can visit Lake Geneva, it has different amenities as well like billiard room, private gym, grand piano, library, and an amazing plasma TV.

1. Lover’s Deep (Coast of St. Lucia)

Top 10 Expensive Brand Hotels in The World
Photo via oliverstravels.com

Oliver’s Travel Lover’s Deep Submarine is the most luxurious and enormous experience and the most expensive of all priced at $150,000 per night. It’s a one in a lifetime experience worth every penny.

This submarine passes through different islands such as the Martinique, Barbados, Montserrat, and St. Lucia, along with the Caribbean Sea. This is the best experience and travel journey for couples as the luxurious menu here that includes of chocolate fondant, oysters, caviar, etc. is free of cost who books it as their honeymoon package.

There are three care takers in this submarine for the guest that is the chef, personal butler, and the captain. The submarine has many luxurious amenities like the minibar, hardwood leather sofas, bathroom for two, eachBedroom has phenomenal view of the underwater habitats, and fine dining. It is very heavy on the pockets but an unforgettable experience.

Top 10 Expensive Brand Hotels in The World

Sr No. Top 10 Expensive Brand Hotels in The World
1 Lover’s Deep (Coast of St. Lucia)
2 Hotel President Wilson (Switzerland)
3 Four Seasons Hotel (New York)
4 Raj Palace Hotel, Presidential Suite (India)
5 (Fiji)- Resort Hilltop Estate – Laucala Island
6 (Greece) -Lagonissi Royal Villa – Grand Resort
7 (France) – Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez
8 Palms Casino Resort, Hugh Hefner Sky Villa (Las Vegas)
9 Hotel Plaza Athenèe (France)
10 Burj Al Arab (Dubai)

So here are the Top 10 Expensive Brand Hotels in The World, as expensive the hotels are more the comfort and luxury is offered. All the hotels are important in our enjoyment of any trip we plan, if the hotel is not up to what we had expect then the enjoyment in a way sure drops down.

So even if it is expensive make it is worth the price. Many movies and series are recorded in such luxurious hotels so that there is that privacy and comfort. Some people just love to travel all around the world and they want their stay to be the most comfortable and worth the while and thus the hotel business is flourishing time by time.


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