Top 10 Facts About Human Bones

Facts About Human Bones

Human body is made from many elements. It has been an important topic of study for many scientists and medical practitioners. Human body has many internal organs due to which it keeps on going. The human body consists of heart, lungs, kidneys, arteries, veins and many other organs for various functions. Each of the organs is necessary for good and strong human body.

The bones are one of the most important organs in human body. They maintain the balance of the body and keep the muscles strong. The bones prevent our bodies from fatal injuries and wounds. Vitamin D is an essential element for strong bones. The healthy bones are important to live a long and healthy life. There are many facts of which we have listed Top 10 Facts About Human Bones.

10 Gorham’s Disease

Top 10 Facts About Human Bones
Gorham’s Disease — Photo via Wikipedia

There is a weird disease of human bones known as Gorham’s disease. In this disease, if a person gets a fracture in some accident, then the bone disappears rather than regenerating. If a person is suffering from Gorham’s disease then he will have overgrowth of lymphatic vessels.

There may be pain and swelling in the areas affected with this disease of bones. Gorham’s disease may occur in ribs, spine, skull, pelvis, collarbone and jaw. There are also many other symptoms of this disease such as weakness, pain or trauma in the whole body.

9 Osteoporosis

Top 10 Facts About Human Bones
Osteoporosis — Photo via

Do you know about Osteoporosis? It is a most commonly found disease of bones in many people. In this disease, the mass in the bones gets reduced and the bone structure starts to get deteriorated over the time. The reason for Osteoporosis is the loss of minerals in the bones.

These minerals are very important are calcium which are necessary for the healthy bones. The person with less bone mass in the body gets more injuries and fractures with a crack in the bones.

8 Hyoid Bone

Top 10 Facts About Human Bones
Hyoid Bone — Photo via Pinterest

Although hyoid bone is separate from other bones in the human body, it plays an important role. This bone is necessary for tongue and mouth floor muscles. The hyoid bone has 3 parts- the body of the hyoid, less cornua and greater cornua. Hyoid bone is separate from larynx but also supports it.

The working of hyoid bone and larynx is the reason of complex sounds in humans. If the larynx is dropped in small kids then it results a drop in vocal pitch due to which speech becomes possible.

7 Automatic Bone Replacement

Top 10 Facts About Human Bones
Automatic Bone Replacement — Photo via

Do you know that human skeleton changes in human’s life? The bones in the human body replace in every 10 years. The size, strength and mineral content in the human skeleton keep on changing during the entire life span of a person.

There are modeling and remodeling processes in the life of a human being which involve replacement of the skeleton. Bone metabolism has 5 stages of biochemical activity which includes digestion of bone material and building of new bones.

6 Arthroscopic Surgery – Common Bone Surgery

Top 10 Facts About Human Bones
Arthroscopic Surgery — Photo via

The next fact on the list is about Arthroscopic surgery. In arthroscopy, the internal structures of the human body are checked by an instrument known as arthroscope. This procedure of checking internal structure by arthroscope is called arthroscopy.

This procedure is also useful in examination of many inflammatory and other diseases such as arthritis as well as in treating them too. Arthroscopy also examines various injuries in the joints and other parts of the body. Then it becomes easy to treat these injuries and diseases within the body.

5 Melorheostosis

Top 10 Facts About Human Bones
Melorheostosis — Photo via

One of the most unusual diseases of human skeleton is melorheostosis. It is a very rare disease found in humans and affects only 1 percent of population. In this disease, a very hard bone is grown on top of already existing bone in irregular manner. This growth of the bone looks like a candle wax when seen in an X-ray study.

The reason of this disease may be genetic but then environmental factors worsen the symptoms of this disease. The symptoms of melorheostosis are extreme pain, functional limitation of body areas, deformity and many others.

4 Osteosarcoma

Top 10 Facts About Human Bones
Osteosarcoma — Photo via

There are few bone cancers which are commonly found in humans. One is Osteosarcoma which is often found in youngsters. It affects the bones of the knee and upper arm.

The other cancer is Ewing’s sarcoma which affects the ribs, leg, upper arm and pelvis and it is commonly seen in people between the age group of 5 to 20 years. The third one is Chondrosarcoma which affects the hip, leg, arm, pelvis and shoulder and it is seen in adults and old aged people.

3 The Pelvis Bone During Birth

Top 10 Facts About Human Bones
The Pelvis Bone During Birth — Photo via

The female body changes a lot during pregnancy. There are some skeletal adaptations in pelvis joints affecting the laxity. A hormone named relaxin has much importance in females on the cervix and on also on muscles, ligaments and joints of pelvis. Due to relaxin, the pelvis joints become more stretchable during the delivery of the baby.

From the studies, it is found that the rate of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries is higher in female athletes. With the elevated relaxin levels, there is a pelvic instability and weakness in joints.

2 Ankle Bone – Broken Bone

Top 10 Facts About Human Bones
Ankle Bone — Photo via

The most affected bone is your ankle. Your ankle may be broken while playing on the playground or hiking or simple collapse on the hard floor. Ankle fractures often lead to tendon damage. Spraining or breaking of ankle is very common problem in children.

1 Reason for Bone Fracture

Top 10 Facts About Human Bones
Bone Fracture — Photo via

Smoking is one of the reasons of Osteoporosis in which person gets a fracture. The smoking increases the chances of getting this disease often by malnutrition of the bones.

The regular smoking decreases the content of calcium and other minerals in the human body which result in fragile bones. It affects the estrogen production also. The bone mass is also reduced by smoking frequently.

The bones are important organs for healthy life and so, one must take care of them regularly.

Top 10 Facts About Human Bones


1. Reason for Bone Fracture

2. Ankle Bone – Broken Bone

3. The Pelvis Bone During Birth

4. Osteosarcoma

5. Melorheostosis

6. Arthroscopic Surgery – Common Bone Surgery

7. Automatic Bone Replacement

8. Hyoid Bone

9. Osteoporosis

10. Gorham’s Disease


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