Top 10 Facts about the Psychology of Tattoos

Facts about the Psychology of Tattoos

Tattoos are not the new fashion but they have their origin far before thousands of years. In ancient times, the tattoos were done with the natural ingredients. Now, they are done with colors and other items. The trend of tattoos is growing day by day among the people of every age group. It is a way to describe your feelings in the world. Tattoos are not simply a thing of fashion but also an art.

Nowadays, the tattoos have become quite popular among sportsmen, celebrities, and many other famous personalities. Many designs of tattoos are repeating over years. But there are some of the Top 10 Facts about the Psychology of Tattoos which seem to be interesting and we will discuss about them in this article.

10 Connect With Others

Top 10 Facts about the Psychology of Tattoos
Connect With Others — Photo via Pinterest

Tattoos increase the feeling of equality in groups. This is the reason why the tribes and some of the military men use same tattoos in groups. It shows that they are together and ready to fight against any difficulty.

During the 19th century, the tattoos were done by the members of the Navy. From certain studies, most of US soldiers have one tattoo on their body. They actually feel pride by having a same tattoo in the group.

9 Challenging Life

Top 10 Facts about the Psychology of Tattoos
Challenging life — Photo via

The tattoos were earlier done for recreation by the people at the circus. The tattoo artists used to design the tattoos for a fee. There were certain studies taken up by researchers and it proved that people who love tattoos take more risks in their life. They are more challenging in life and do not fear from hurdles and obstacles who come on their ways to success.

Doing a tattoo on the body itself is no less risky thing as it includes a sharp needle which penetrates on the body. These days we see many people doing tattoos on various parts of the body.

8 Being Fearless

Top 10 Facts about the Psychology of Tattoos
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The tattoos give a reason to live in life. It brings positivity in the mind of the man who has lost interest in his life. The tattoos were also useful in reducing the depression and stress in human’s life. The persons who had a tattoo in their hands don’t commit suicide.

A person named Amy Bleuel founded an organization named as Project Semicolon where she taught the people not to commit suicide by drawing a semicolon on their wrists. She told the people that life should go on in any situation and this technique helped to many people with suicidal thoughts.

7 Past Connection

Top 10 Facts about the Psychology of Tattoos
Past Connection — Photo via Pinterest

The tattoos have an origin somewhere around 3200 BC. The tattoos were found for the first time on the body of a man named “Otzi” who lived in cold regions. He had 61 tattoos on whole of his body. His body was found in Chile and believed to be of 4000 BC. Otzi had done a permanent mustache tattoo on his upper lips.

In those days, tattoos were used to cover the skin and also heal some injuries on the body. Tattoos had some of the most beautiful designs in those times also. Many researchers have studied the reasons why people used the tattoos and concluded that tattoos in those days were done for need rather than fashion.

6 Makes You More Interesting

Top 10 Facts about the Psychology of Tattoos
Makes You Interesting — Photo via

The next reason why tattoos are preferred by some of the people is it makes the person more important and interesting. The people who apply tattoos on their bodies actually feel special about themselves. We often glance at the people with different designs of the tattoos on the body.

The tattoos will make a person stand apart from the crowd. The vibrant colors and the artistic designs add to the beauty of a person more and more.

5 Being Different

Top 10 Facts about the Psychology of Tattoos
Being Different — Photo via

Many people do tattoos on their body for feeling unique and special. The women with tattoos feel relief of mind by applying tattoos on their body. The tattoos decrease the anxiety and depression and give a feeling of joy.

Many studies have proven that people who once put the tattoos on their hands wanted another tattoos too as they give them happiness. Both men and women feel good by having various artistic designs of the tattoos on their body with beautiful colors.

4 Aggression

Top 10 Facts about the Psychology of Tattoos
Aggressive — Photo via

The studies have shown that people applying tattoos are more aggressive in nature. They are violent and can’t handle the false things around them. The more number of tattoos on a person’s body shows that he is angry and ferocious person and can apply violent means to get the thing done.

They can yell on anyone even in public. The tattoos actually are a sign of anger and violence in a person and they maintain the fire and spirit in the person burning.

3 Addiction

Top 10 Facts about the Psychology of Tattoos
Addiction — Photo via

There is a wrong belief that tattoos are addiction for people who apply them once. Many famous psychologists have proven this thing wrong. They state that getting a tattoo is both painstaking and costly and the person needs a long time gap between the two tattoos.

In Thailand, people apply tattoos to come out of the problems and sufferings which surround their life. Tattoos are in fact a way to feel oneself special, better and higher. It is a symbol of independence in some of the countries.

2 Being Sexy

Top 10 Facts about the Psychology of Tattoos
Being Sexy — Photo via Pinterest

Tattoos work best between the couples. Most of the people love when their partners get different tattoos on their body. The people find it sexy when their partners have tattoos. The tattoos are sexually attractive for many people. They are a way to increase the love among the couples.

1 Taboo

Top 10 Facts about the Psychology of Tattoos
Taboo — Photo via

The tattoos are the sign of deviancy in any person. It was believed earlier that people with character dysfunction applied tattoos. But it is actually not so as the people who applied tattoos on their skin are different from the rest of people and even the tattoo artists are more artistic and intelligent than most of common people.

So now, it is up to you whether you love doing tattoos on your skin or not.

Top 10 Facts about the Psychology of Tattoos

1. Taboo

2. Being Sexy

3. Addiction

4. Aggression

5. Being Different

6. Makes You More Interesting

7. Past Connection

8. Being Fearless

9. Challenging Life

10. Connect With Others


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