Top 10 Foods For Glowing Skin

Foods For Glowing Skin

Fairness is the biggest concern of each woman nowadays. To keep skin shiny and healthy is what every girl wants but due to pollution, our skin often gets deteriorated. Beauty is the natural gift to each of us but to maintain it forever is a bit tough thing. Food is the basic source for keeping your body fit and perfect. It is only through food that we can stay young and energetic. Skin is the most delicate part of our body which needs regular treatment and care.

Artificial beauty products and cosmetics make the skin dull at a very early age. Due to lack of time, we normally do quick things to look beautiful and in that process, our skin gets totally damaged. The skin gets the tonic from the foods which we consume in our daily life. You must consume the Top 10 Foods For Glowing Skin.

10 Dark Chocolate

Top 10 Foods For Glowing Skin
Dark Chocolate — Photo via YouTube

Dark chocolate has thousands of benefits for human body. By reducing the chances of heart attacks, it also keeps your skin good. There are many antioxidants present in the dark chocolate which work best for the shiny skin by removing radicals from it.

If you eat dark chocolate regularly, your skin gets protection from dangerous UV rays of sun. So, you don’t need a sun screen lotion if you eat dark chocolate. It makes your skin soft and gives moisture to it to remain healthy and young even at a later age.

9 Turmeric

Top 10 Foods For Glowing Skin
Turmeric — Photo via

The next on the list is one of the most popular beauty products of India, Turmeric. It is of great benefit to skin and can be used in thousands different ways for making skin perfect. Turmeric consists of cur cumin which removes the radicals and other impurities from the skin.

It also removes dark spots and acne from the skin. If you apply turmeric daily on face with water, milk or cream, it will remove wrinkles and stop ageing at an early age. Apply the face pack of turmeric on regular basis and your skin will remain young forever.

8 Yellow Peppers

Top 10 Foods For Glowing Skin
Yellow Peppers — Photo via

Yellow Peppers are rich source of vitamin C which is essential for glowing skin. It removes the wrinkles from the skin keeping it young forever. Yellow peppers make your muscles strong and give stamina to your body.

Japanese women consume yellow peppers on regular basis due to which their skin is so attractive and young. They don’t have wrinkles on the skin and at an old age, these women look so beautiful and fresh.

7 Green Tea

Top 10 Foods For Glowing Skin
Green Tea — Photo via

Along with green vegetables, you should consume green tea daily. It has numerous health advantages such as weight loss, healthy heart and also glowing skin. It removes toxic particles and radicals from the skin and you will not get wrinkles at an early age.

It stops the ageing factor which is the curse to your skin. If you have pimples, dark spots and acne on your face then drink green tea daily in order to have a clear, glowing and healthy skin.

6 Spinach

Top 10 Foods For Glowing Skin
Spinach — Photo via

The next on the list is green and beautiful looking spinach. If you eat spinach daily, you will surely live for long years without any single complain in your body. It reduces the chances of getting heart attacks and fights against many kinds of cancers and tumors. It purifies the blood and gives the glowing and shiny skin.

It has vitamin B which stops the growth of cancer cells in human body. You can consume spinach in a number of ways such as by preparing its juice or soup or by cooking it with many other vegetables such as potatoes or tomatoes.

5 Blueberries

Top 10 Foods For Glowing Skin
Blueberries — Photo via

Fruits are good for both body as well as skin. Blueberries stop the ageing from an early age and remove radicals from your skin making it ideal looking. They increase the strength of collagen fibers as they contain anthocyanins in higher amounts.

Blueberries also improve your immune system and solve various stomach disorders. They have good amount of fiber which are essential for glowing skin. Eat a bowl of berries often for beautiful and shiny face.

4 Almonds

Top 10 Foods For Glowing Skin
Almonds — Photo via

The next on the list is one of the best foods for overall growth of body, Almonds. They are good for almost every skin and hair problem. They are rich source of vitamin E which will protect you from UV rays of sun and also repair the damaged cells in the skin making it young and healthy.

Almond oil helps to remove black circles under the eyes which spoil your beauty. You can also apply almond oil daily for treating various hair problems such as dryness and dandruff.

3 Red Wine

Top 10 Foods For Glowing Skin
Red Wine — Photo via

Red Wine is not just for romantic nights but also for good and healthy skin. Doctors have suggested drinking little red wine daily for a healthy heart. There are many antioxidants present in red wine which are good for your healthy and shiny skin.

It also stops premature ageing which destroys the skin. So now that you know that red wine is good for healthy body, drink it daily.

2 Eggs

Top 10 Foods For Glowing Skin
Eggs — Photo via

The next on the list are healthy and wholesome food, eggs. Eggs are the best source of stamina and energy to your body. The egg yolk repairs the damaged cells of the skin and keeps it healthy and shiny. Eggs are used in preparation of many health products and they are good for good hair. They protect the skin from dryness and rashes.

1 Water

Top 10 Foods For Glowing Skin
Water — Photo via

The most important food for healthy and glowing skin is water. Water keeps your skin hydrated and removes wrinkles from the skin. Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water daily in order to remove toxic particles and radicals from the skin. Water also keeps your digestive system good which results in the good and healthy.

So, stop buying costly beauty products for keeping your skin shiny and eat these foods daily which will best on any type of skin.

Top 10 Foods For Glowing Skin

1. Water

2. Eggs

3. Red Wine

4. Almonds

5. Blueberries

6. Spinach

7. Green Tea

8. Yellow Peppers

9. Turmeric

10. Dark Chocolate



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