Top 10 Foods That May Be Ruining Your Sex Life

Top 10 Foods That May Be Ruining Your Sex Life

When it comes to sex and food, then they have quite a complicated long history along each other. We have and heard about that how eating could have effects on sexual life, which works amongst both physiological level as well as psychosomatic level. Such beliefs or theories are supported partly by some actual science, and also mythological beliefs. Well something that turns on our mood easily is food, which excites us, and so food and sex go hand in hand.

But some foods actually ruin your sex life, as they will turn you off. Libido, which is a term used for sex drive, where our sexual longings are controlled. Libido is said to be determined by several factors such as, physiological, hormonal influences, sociological, etc. So many a times what we eat, affects our body parts and their functioning, which also includes of our ability to get aroused, be sexually satisfied, or achieve orgasms. They impact the hormone levels negatively, which definitely kills the energy level. Some foods which are high on carbs or sugars, would make you feel gassy and bloated, which would definitely ruin your sex life. Also there are some food that would have you smell weird down there which is obviously the kind of thing you would want to avoid. So let’s look at the list below of the top 10 foods that may be ruining your sex life:

10 Beans

Top 10 Foods That May Be Ruining Your Sex Life
Top 10 Foods That May Be Ruining Your Sex Life–Photo via

Beans are one of the most nutritious food, as well as the healthiest one. They are full of antioxidants as well as fibers, which would help you in maintaining that healthy body weight and make you stay fit. But they are also called anti-aphrodisiac, which is because of their ability to cause gas in stomach, this is said by Rene Ficek, who is registered dietitian and also lead expert in nutrition at SSHE (Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating).

Beans actually consists of indigestible sugars which will make it all down to the colon, along with this it will work as prebiotics that feeds the good bacteria, and makes your colon healthier. So as mentioned earlier, as it goes down in the colon, such sugars could reach your stomach, causing you to have floating stools which are trapped with gasses, that would make you feel gassy as well as bloated. So obviously with this sex is out of the picture.

9 Meat

Top 10 Foods That May Be Ruining Your Sex Life
Top 10 Foods That May Be Ruining Your Sex Life–Photo via

Some of the meats, including of fish and poultry, have antibiotics, chemicals, and hormones added, which could create that imbalance of hormones. Worse than this, those fatty meats, that consists of high levels of cholesterol, and saturated fats, are known to block and clog the blood vessels and arteries, so this makes it hard to achieve that orgasm, as well as maintain arousal.

So if you compare to vegetarian women, who eat more of rich chlorophyll foods, like wheatgrass, watercress, parsley, along with pineapple juice, cranberry juice and pineapple, have more pleasure, then those who eat fatty meats.

8 Cheese

Top 10 Foods That May Be Ruining Your Sex Life
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Who is not fond of cheese, it something that goes along with everything, but not with sex eventually. It’s a perfect way of starting a gathering, or a party, or to get over with a serious dinner, but then when you are loaded with cheese, then sex is out of the picture.

Cheese is derived through cow’s milk, which could have been full with some of the synthetic hormones, and this could potentially ruin your body’s natural functioning, as well as, production of those hormones, that includes of testosterone, and estrogen.

7 Fried foods and chips

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Fried foods and chips are fully loaded with fatty acids, and are highly saturated, which tends to ruin your sex life. Although there is a label saying that there isn’t any Trans Fats, but they do consist of it.

There are various types of fried foods as well as chips, that includes certain trace amount, filled with those fats which lowers libido as they are the byproduct of those processing. So eventually, most probably the initial product could be free of trans fat, but when the processing is done it creates those unhealthy fats, that clogs and blocks the organs and ventricles of our body, along with limiting egg health and sperm.

6 Fatty cheeseburgers

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Well we all love having cheeseburgers for sure, they are delicious, and drives you crazy but just not in bed. Cheeseburgers, when you hear it, you obviously think of those fatty acids, and saturated fats, which ruins your body weight, metabolism, as well as sex life.

They are loaded with fats which ruins our waistline, as well as clogs and blocks our arteries. So the consumption of cheeseburgers would surely be pleasurable, but would ruin your sex life and mood.

5 Soy and soy products

Soy and soy products–Photo via Janella Purcell

Soy tofu or milk or any soy based products, have the tendency to lower the sexual drive or libido. Soy products are very high and enriched with phytoestrogens, and they are like natural estrogens only, which acts adequately and exactly as those naturally occurring estrogens in women.

But when a man intakes phytoestrogens, then that would lower his sex drive as well as sperm count. So if you are planning to becoming a father anytime soon, then soy would make it difficult, if there is consumption of soy and soy based products on daily or regular basis.

4 Menthol

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Mints are supposed to be refreshing, but it certainly isn’t when it comes to sex. So if you are consuming any amount of mint, simply in the form of it or have it as a food which consists of mint, it is necessary to know and understand that any menthol has the tendency to lower the usual testosterone production.

Testosterone, also referred by male hormone, is found in both men as well as women, however, in men it is there in considerably more amounts than in women. It is directly in connection with libido, so the higher testosterone you are having, then there would be higher sex drive as well. So if you would want to secure that sex life and not ruin it, then lower the ingestion of menthol.

3 Pasta

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They are delicious and we are all fond of having those amazing pasta cooked in mouth watering sauce, but they are eventually very high on carbs, which could be the reason why your sex life is ruined.

So when you go on a date, and substitute your protein dish for that large plate of pasta, then they will be killing your libido, as they are high on carbohydrates which may cause you with insulin spike, that could have you feel tired as well as bloated. So eventually this would kill that mood further, ruining your sex life.

2 Caffeine

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Well drinking coffee is refreshing at times, and that gets you through the day. Many people can’t stay without coffee, even for one day. Sometimes consumption is very high, per day 4-5 cups of coffee, which you believe gets you refreshed and energized, but that is not the case.

Caffeinated beverages ruin your libido, by causing you with adrenal fatigue. So if your adrenal glands are not producing that right amount of hormones, then you could suffer through that lowered sex drive, as it will also lower the energy level. So too much intake of caffeine would ruin your sex life, and that mood.

1 Cereals

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Well cereals are the one meal, through which you begin your day with, and it is one of the most necessary and required meal to start the day. For example, corn flakes, which many of love to have in the morning, have anti-aphrodisiac eminence, which may be a surprise to many. These cereals would get you energized and give you great metabolism to start your day with, but not when it comes to libido.

So many people don’t know this but creator of corn flakes, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, had produced it, in order to lower the libido in patients, it was a bland type of diet, he came up with. So if you are planning to have a romantic snack or breakfast before your bed time, then cereals should be avoided. So if you don’t give proper amount of nutrients to start your day, then your entire day would be tiring, but corn flakes should be avoided as it will lower the sex drive.

Top 10 Foods That May Be Ruining Your Sex Life

No.  Foods That May Be Ruining Your Sex Life
1 Beans
2 Meat
3 Cheese
4 Fried foods and chips
5 Fatty cheeseburgers
6 Soy and soy products
7 Menthol
8 Pasta
9 Caffeine
10 Cereals

Well when almonds and dark chocolates are good aphrodisiac, but with this there are some of the foods that could just have the opposite effect, then you expect on your libido, and ruin your sex life. So it is necessary to have some knowledge about what kind of food is ruining your sex life, and killing the mood. So below is the top 10 such food which could be ruining your sex life:



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