Top 10 Health Magazines In World

Health Magazines In World

To remain fit and healthy is one of the most desired wants of any man in the world. To keep pace with the fast moving world, health is absolutely a necessary factor. Our lifestyle has changed so much that every day unknowingly we eat junk foods due to lack of time. These quickly prepared meals often harm us in several ways. They cause health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and cholesterol in the body.

We spend a lot of money for routine checkup with our family doctors and dieticians. The best way to keep your health good is to have a well-balanced diet each day. Some of the best health magazines provide worthy information and article on health factor. Top 10 Health Magazines In World are as follows:

10 ADDitude

Top 10 Health Magazines In World
ADDitude — Photo via

Starting on number 10, it is ADDitude magazine which has the articles about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is distributed by New Hope Media. ADDitude is distributed in every quarter. The other sections of articles are about ADD, dyslexia and ADHD.

There are various articles about school challenges and living with adult ADD. This magazine was started in the year 1998 by Ellen Kingsley (TV journalist) and after some years, he also created ADDitude website. It is regarded as one of the best health magazines in USA.

9 Weight Watchers Magazine

Top 10 Health Magazines In World
Weight Watchers Magazine — Photo via

The next magazine on the list is Weight Watchers magazine which gives articles on many health problems and provides solutions. There are many diet recipes in this magazine which are good for health.

The magazine provides the proper diet plan of food items which should be consumed and which should be avoided. It contains articles on weight loss and the ways by which you avoid health issues. There are various programs on diet for people who have more weight.

8 Shape

Top 10 Health Magazines In World
Shape — Photo via

Shape is an English fitness magazine started by Christine MacIntyre. This magazine contains articles on the ways to keep oneself healthy. There are also sections of different topics such as travel, work, beauty, home and mind/spirit.

Shape magazine is mainly focused on the problems faced by women and provides solutions to remain beautiful and fit even amidst many work and social problems. It provides the different ways to dress oneself and various makeup and hair styles.

7 Health

Top 10 Health Magazines In World
Health — Photo vai

The next on the list is one of the most popular women’s health magazines in USA, Health. This magazine has articles about the women’s diet and discusses topics about various relationship issues. It gives the tips on beauty and health. There is a separate section of various recipes which are tasty as well as health conscious.

It has many articles on the latest fashion trends and makeup styles. The new hairstyles and many other tips to keep beautiful skin and hair are given. Health magazine also contains stories of famous celebrities.

6 Runner’s World

Top 10 Health Magazines In World
Runner’s World — Photo via

Runner’s World is published monthly in the world. It was started in the year 1966 by Bob Anderson. The writer of the magazine is Hal Higdon. The magazine got a new design in the late 19th century. Runner’s World has got many notable awards and accolades.

The circulation of this magazine has increased from 525,000 to 650,000. This magazine is circulated in many countries of the globe such as Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, Sweden and many others. There are different local content in various countries in this magazine.

5 Natural Awakenings

Top 10 Health Magazines In World
Natural Awakenings — Photo via

The next on the list is Natural Awakenings which is a magazine about health and fitness. It has articles on various sections such as health, travel, pets, inspiration and many more. The magazine gives you tips for indoor gardening.

You can get various articles about your pets, their food and many things about the maintenance of pets. You can get many tips for remaining fit and fine with various diet plans and recipes. The magazine has articles on how to maintain the beauty even in an old age. It is one of the best magazines for women.

4 Cooking Light

Top 10 Health Magazines In World
Cooking Light — Photo via

Cooking Light magazine was started in the year 1987. It is circulated monthly in many parts of United States of America. It contains many healthy and tasty recipes and also articles on various issues such as health and fitness.

You can find many recipes by which you can be fit and fine. Cooking Light magazine also covers articles about other cooking tips. You can prepare some of the most delicious recipes for your entire family by applying some different cooking tricks.

3 Men’s Health

Top 10 Health Magazines In World
Men’s Health — Photo via

On number 3, it is Men’s Health and it is largest men’s magazine brand in the globe. It is distributed in about 59 countries of the world. The magazine had only articles about men’s health but later, it started other topics such as men’s lifestyle, fitness, nutrition and fashion.

As per the year 2011, the circulation of this magazine was 1.89 million in the whole world. Mike Lafavore got the title of “Editor of the Year” as well as International Herald Tribune Award. This magazine won the award for the section of Personal Service in the year 2004 and also “General Excellence” award.

2 Psychology Today

Top 10 Health Magazines In World
Psychology Today — Photo via Pinterest

The next on the list is Psychology Today which is a bimonthly magazine distributed in United States. It was started by Nicolas Charney in the year 1967. The magazine contains articles on topics such as parenting, health, neuroscience, work and many other psychological factors.

Psychology Today contains many articles and blogs by best psychologists, social workers, medical doctors and science journalists on various therapies of psychology.

1 Remedy’s Healthy Living

Top 10 Health Magazines In World
Remedy’s Healthy Living — Photo via

On number 1, it is Remedy’s Healthy Living which is the most popular health magazine in the globe. It covers articles on health and suggests proper diet plans for weight loss and healthy living. This magazine also covers articles about newly born babies and their health. It gives various tips on various baby foods also.

Read these magazines if you really love reading. These magazines regularly update information on health and fitness.

Top 10 Health Magazines In World

1. Remedy’s Healthy Living

2. Psychology Today

3. Men’s Health

4. Cooking Light

5. Natural Awakenings

6. Runner’s World

7. Health

8. Shape

9. Weight Watchers Magazine

10. ADDitude


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