Top 10 Interesting Facts About Eyes

Interesting Facts About Eyes

The study of human body is really interesting with different facts. Our body has innumerable small organs on which we survive. Every organ in the human body has its own functions which help the body to keep moving. The nature has gifted with a beautiful body which is unique it itself and much different from the structures of other living beings on the planet.

Eyes are one such amazing feature of human body which has much importance for us. Eyes differ in color, shape and size from person to person. They are the base for performing every activity in our life. There are so many interesting facts behind these beautiful and round eyes of human of which Top 10 Interesting Facts About Eyes we have mentioned below.

10 Quick heal

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Eyes
Quick heal — Photo via

If you have certain eye infection or disorder, it does not take longer time to heal. You must have notice when you get sore eyes or some other infection in the eyes; it takes only 2 days to get back to normal. Similarly, when your eyes burn due to some pollution or harmful particles in the atmosphere, it takes some minutes for your eyes to get back to normal. Eyes are such organs in the human body which can be easily maintained.

9 Complex Organ

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Eyes
Organ — Photo via Wikipedia

Eyes have very complex working system. It is the second most complex organ of the human body after brain. The eyes have iris, eyeball, retinas and many other small tissues which have different functions in the working of eyes.

The total working parts in an eye are about 2 million and it is very tough to study about all of them. There are more than 1 million nerve fibers which are the connection between the eye and the brain.

8 Microsaccades

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Eyes
Microsaccades — Photo via Wikipedia

You must be unaware about the microsaccades. They are the small jerking movements which your eyes make every moment. These microsaccades stop any object to fade from your eye vision. There is a process known as Troxler’s phenomenon. Many a time, you must have seen certain blur objects in a game or in some images that certain objects seem to fade away.

The objects disappear from our vision doe to the process of Troxler’s phenomenon. Microsaccades will stop the objects from getting disappeared and you can see those blur objects.

7 Eyes and eyelashes

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Eyes
Eyes and eyelashes — Photo via Pinterest

The next fact on the list is about the position of our eyes. Eyes are placed in a hollowed eye socket just to give them protection. Our eyes have beautiful cover of eyelashes which protect them. Eyelashes work similar to eyebrows and protect the eyes from mud, dirt and harmful pollutants present in the atmosphere which can harm the vision of the eyes.

Whenever we visit to some place like a construction site, the continuous released particles stick on your eyelashes thereby protecting your eyes.

6 Blindness

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Eyes
Blindness — Photo via

Do you know that there are about 39 million people in the world who are blind? As per the research done, many people have eye disorders and problems. Nearly 6 times of 39 million have some or the other type of vision impairment. The reasons may be hereditary or the increasing exposure to highly advanced gadgets and other appliances.

But more than 80% of eye vision problems such as cataract can be solved by various treatments. A proper care of the eyes can avoid numerous eye problems and can be cured too if dealt in proper time.

5 Sight

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Eyes
Sight — Photo via

Can you see short distance objects clearly or long distance objects? If you can see short distance objects clearly then your eyeball is bigger than the normal size and if you can see far distance objects clearly then your eyeball is smaller than the normal size. The capacity of your eyesight depends on the size of your eyeballs. This fact is very unusual and we were not aware surely until today about the size of our eyeballs.

4 Heterochromia

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Eyes
Heterochromia — Photo via Quora

Do you know about the condition called heterochromia? It is the condition in which the person is born with two different colored eyes. It is not only seen in case of eyes but also in hair and skin colors. This condition occurs due to more or less melanin and it causes due to many factors such as hereditary, disease or due to some injuries.

Heterochromia is often seen in any breeds of cats, dogs, ferrets and many other species. It is also seen in horses and buffaloes. In this condition there may be a spot in the eyes.

3 Characteristics

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Eyes
Iris — Photo via

A fingerprint of the humans has 40 different and unique characteristics. Do you the iris of a human eye have 256 characteristics? Just like the police or investigation team takes the fingerprints of criminals and culprits; similarly, the retina is scanned at many places for security purposes.

Retina can tell about many things in case of difficult cases and the retina scan is also very useful when there is a theft or stealing in any of the building or residential buildings. Retina is scanned today in almost the government offices and many other commercial places.

2 Blue Eyes

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Eyes
Blue eyes — Photo via

Blue eyes are the most beautiful ones in the world. But the fact is the people who have got blue eyes have some ancestor with the other people who have blue eyes too. Originally, all the human beings had brown eyes but as a result of process of mutation, the blue colored eyes appeared. This process took place before 6,000 years.

1 Retinas and Brain

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Eyes
Retinas and Brain — Photo via

The retinas in our eyes actually see the world upside down but it is our brain which shows us the proper image by changing the image. You can do an experiment by looking at prism glasses and you will see all the objects, places and people around you upside down. This is how our retinas work.

Eyes have some totally different working patterns and there are many more facts like these which we have never learnt about our eyes before but then they are the only one boon to humans by which they can watch this wonderful globe.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Eyes


1. Retinas and Brain

2. Blue Eyes

3. Characteristics

4. Heterochromia

5. Sight

6. Blindness

7. Eyes and eyelashes

8. Microsaccades

9. Complex Organ

10. Quick heal



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