Top 10 Most Modern Engineering Marvels

Most Modern Engineering Marvels

Science is the nerve of all the modern techniques and urbanization in the globe. It has creates so many excellent devices and machines by which a man gets comforts as well as happiness in his life. Moreover, science is the key to all problems of 21st century. Every day, an innovative and modernized device is made by combining technology and the minds of engineers.

The engineering is the application of scientific tools and techniques to create some of the best structures. The tall structures, buildings and towers take numerous years to get finished. Today, we will discuss about Top 10 Most Modern Engineering Marvels which are created as a result of true engineering knowledge and experience. These marvels state the intelligence of the engineers.

10 Chandra X-Ray Observatory

Top 10 Most Modern Engineering Marvels
Chandra X-Ray Observatory — Photo via Wikipedia

The next on the list is space observatory, Chandra X-Ray observatory which was developed in the year 1999 by NASA. It is an x-ray telescope and is one of the greatest observatories. The image from this observatory was that of Cassiopeia A. Chandra consists of 4 pairs of nested mirrors. This is one of the farthest Earth-orbiting satellites.

9 The New Valley Project (Western Desert of Egypt)

Top 10 Most Modern Engineering Marvels
The New Valley Project — Photo via

The New Valley Project is one of the biggest steps to help the people in Egypt to get more water for their daily chores. It started in the year 1997 with building several canals to supply water from Lake Nasser to Western Desert of Egypt.

This project is developed to help various sectors such as industrialization and agriculture. This project starts from north of Toshka Bay and stretches up to Baris Oasis. The total distance covered by the New Valley Project is 310 km. The Mubarak Pumping Station is main feature of this project which was built in 2005.

8 Three Gorges Dam

Top 10 Most Modern Engineering Marvels
Three Gorges Dam — Photo via Wikipedia

This dam is world’s largest power station with 22,500 MW capacities. It is situated in Yiling District, Hubei, China. Three Gorges Dam has benefited in a number of ways by producing large amount of electricity and also reducing the chance of floods with more flood storage space. With this project, the greenhouse gases are emitted less.

This power station has 34 generators, 32 main generators and 2 plant power generators. The weight of each main generator is 6,000 tones. Three Gorges Dam also consumes less coal and it is also beneficial for environment.

7 Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge

Top 10 Most Modern Engineering Marvels
Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge — Photo via

The longest bridge in the world, Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge is on number 10 of the list. The length of the bridge is 102.4 m and it is built between Shanghai and Nanjing in Jiangsu region. Yangtze River is located at a distance 80 km from this bridge.

There are many lakes, rivers and canals which cover the surroundings of this bridge. The construction period of this bridge was 4 years and expenditure of around $8.5 billion occurred on building this bridge. It is also named in the Guinness Book of World Record.

6 Langeled Pipeline

Top 10 Most Modern Engineering Marvels
Langeled Pipeline — Photo via Youtube

Langeled pipeline is situated underwater to supply the natural gas from Norway to United Kingdom. This project started in the year 2003. There are 2 sections of this pipeline, southern section and northern section. The gas is brought in this pipeline from the Ormen Lange gas process terminal. The capacity of this pipeline is 900 billion cubic feet.

Langeled pipeline project is financed by many reputed banks of the world and is it owned by Gassled. This pipeline supplies the major part of natural gas in many parts of the continental Europe. The expenditure of this project was about 1.7 billion pounds.

5 The Large Hadron Collider (Geneva, Switzerland)

Top 10 Most Modern Engineering Marvels
The Large Hadron Collider — Photo via

The next on the list is world’s largest single machine and particle collider, the Large Hadron Collider. It was created somewhere between the years 1998 and 2008. Around 10,000 scientists and engineers contributed in this project.

It is situated between the France-Switzerland borders. The goal of this project is to find the facts of physics. There are 7 detectors in this collider for different research work. This collider has been checked many a times for safety reasons and found to be safe.

4 Hoover Dam

Top 10 Most Modern Engineering Marvels
Hoover Dam — Photo via

Hoover Dam is on number 4 of our list. It is situated in the Black Canyon between Nevada and Arizona. The construction of this dam started in the year 1931 and completed in 1936. Thousands of workers were involved in construction of Hoover Dam.

This dam supplies power for many public and private purposes. This dam supplies water in many parts of Colorado and nearby regions such as California and Arizona. The name of this project is kept after the name of President Herbert Hoover who was the main person behind the starting of this project.

3 Palm Islands (Dubai)

Top 10 Most Modern Engineering Marvels
Palm Islands — Photo via

The next on the list are beautiful islands on Dubai coast, Palm Islands. They are artificial islands who construction began in the year 2001 and competed in the year 2011. These islands are made in the shape of palm trees. There are many entertainment centers and other spots for tourists.

These islands cover up to the area of 520 km of Dubai beaches. They look elegant in the light lights with the shape of the palm trees and crescent. These islands are one of the main tourist attractions of Dubai.

2 Floating Green Echo Cities

Top 10 Most Modern Engineering Marvels
Floating Green Echo Cities — Photo via

An echo city is a beautiful way to protect the environment form harmful waste and gases. It aims at producing energy from renewable sources. There is rainwater harvesting as well as water purification system in these echo cities. The water in the pools is used again for another purpose.

1 Pearl Bridge

Top 10 Most Modern Engineering Marvels
Pearl Bridge — Photo via

At number 1 it is Pearl Bridge which connects the Kobe city to Iwaya. This bridge has the longest central span in the world at 1,991 meters. It is created with dual-hinged stiffening girder system. This bridge is built in such a way that it can withstand powerful sea currents and also earthquakes. Pearl Bridge has 1,737 lights with 1,084 main cables.

These structures are truly the outcome of engineering techniques and the powerful ideas of engineers.

Top 10 Most Modern Engineering Marvels


1. Pearl Bridge

2. Floating Green Echo Cities

3. Palm Islands (Dubai)

4. Hoover Dam

5. The Large Hadron Collider (Geneva, Switzerland)

6. Langeled Pipeline

7. Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge

8. Three Gorges Dam

9. The New Valley Project (Western Desert of Egypt)

10. Chandra X-Ray Observatory


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