Top 10 Most Colorful Festivals of World

Every year more than 1000 of festivals of festivals are celebrated all over the world. These festivals bring happiness and energy in people’s lives. In different parts of world like Asia, Africa, Europe etc these festivals tell about the local cultures and significance. Colors have always added beauty in our lives and mesmerized our hearts. Similarly these colorful festivals affect human’s life wonderfully. Listed below are Top 10 Most Colorful Festivals of World.

Top 10 Most Colorful Festivals of World

10 Albuquerque international balloon, fiesta, new Mexico

  Top 10 Most Colorful Festivals of World Balloon-Fiesta-Albuquerque-01

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This festival came into existence in 1972. this is the largest hot air ballooning fiesta in the world. This attracts thousands of pilots and thousand hundreds of spectators. Every year this festival takes place in the first week of October and last for 9 days.

This festival is the most photographed event in the world. The place, Albuquerque provides the best location for this festival due to its geographical Factors. In this festival hundreds of food vendors spread in the venue of fiesta and visitors got to see the beautiful scene when hundreds of different colors and shaped balloons reach together in the sky.


9 las Fallas Valencia 

fallas_valencia Fallas-sculptures-Las-Fal-031

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This festival is celebrated every year and starts from 13 March to 19 March in the town of Valencia, spain. The streets of town get covered with huge dolls and they have height of several stories. In this week of festival occurs open area concerts, social gatherings, long duration of decoration and public fervor.

On the last day, all the dolls are set on fire at midnight with the fireworks. One doll selected on public’s vote is to kept in the museum. This festival has its origin long back in century when Carpenter used to burn woods to welcome spring.


8 Spain ,Sevilla, -la feria de abril

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This festival is very colorful and famous fair festival in the world. It is celebrated every year in Seville, Spain. This colorful festival originated in 1847 and came in existence as a livestock fair. This festival begins two weeks after semona Santa. And keep up its charm for a whole week. Each day of this fiesta we can see men riding horses, clustering around building, get together of friends enjoying dances and dishes and also many beautiful faces of Seville.

Women’s usually dress up in a long, colorful flamenco dresses during this fiesta and on the similar run men can be seen dressed up in tight trousers, boots, short jackets,  and hats. The huge fair area includes casetas where music, chilled champagnes, relbeijitos and traditional Spanish drinks and foods is served. All through this festival people till the last bit of their energies.


7 The Chinese new year

chinese-new-year1 Chinese_New+Year_traditions

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The Chinese New Year begins from the first new moon of the year and last till second full moon and as a whole this festival last for about 15 days. In this festival people give offerings to their gods and ancestors, enjoy family get together, Chinese new year parade and the lantern festivals on 15th day.

This parade features ion and dragon dances, marches of band, performances of Martial arts and cultural dances. The last day shows lantern festival which is a gift to the eyes of visitors.



6 Saint Patrick’s festival, Dublin Ireland


Floats are pictured during St Patrick's Day festivities in Dublin, Ireland, on March 17, 2011. More than 100 parades are being held across Ireland to mark St Patrick's Day, with up to 650,000 spectators expected to attend the parade in Dublin. AFP PHOTO/Peter Muhly

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This festival has been celebrated across the world in resemblance of the death day of saint Patrick, he was the christian legacy who spread Christianity in Ireland. In Dublin, this festival is celebrated between March 14 to 17 and celebrated by bringing greenery to the city, have music and street performances.


5 Loy krathong festival, sukhothai, Thailand.

loy-krathong-sukhothai loy-krathong-2012

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This festival occurs every year on the full moon of 12th lunar. This festival is mainly to give homage to water goddess, remove bad luck and to seek forgiveness. Traditional small boats and raft, known as krathong are adorn with flowers and released in the water bodies of sukothai by people.

Just like other festivals this also includes great performances and functions. This festival coincides with another festival known as lamma festival xi peng.


4 Harbin international ice festival china.

Harbin_Ice_Festival harbin-sculptures_2100401i

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This festival takes place in Harbin the north east china. This is the coolest winter festival of world which commences from 5th January and last for a month and originally came into existence in 1985. This festival offers attractive lantern shows at nights, snow sculpture art expo on the island, skiing activities, romantic sleighs, polar animals and much more.


3 Carnaval de Venezia, Venice, Italy

69434europera-tickets-gmbh tumblr_m19286dooc1r1ozmno1_1280 Carnival-of-Venice-Sony-a7S

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This is the most oldest carnival which attracts about 3 billion tourists annually to Venice. This was originated in 14th century to celebrate the victory of Venice over ulrico, this fest starts after Christmas and last till before lent. Carnival features the most beautiful masks.

Other offering of this carnival are gambling clubs, music, getaways, exotic food etc. The carnival seems very royal and grand in the way it is celebrated.


2 carnival of Rio de Janeiro, brazil.

  rio-carnival-wonde_2841183k rio-carnival-wide-_2841266k rio-carnival-dance_2841299k rio-carnival--danc_2841261k

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This carnival is for six days and attracts millions of people daily. This carnival features huge parades, loud music, electric action on streets and much more. The parades are done by top samba schools and the dancers wear sexy costumes which add an extra charm in the carnival.

In this carnival the best samba school has also been selected and awarded. This could be the most amazing carnival for a partygoer.


1 Holi

Holi-Festival Holi-sexy-girl holi-festival-colours-india Happy+Holi

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Holi, the festival of colours is celebrated on the full moon of the month of March in the north India. Bonefire on the eve of holi signifies victory of good and evil. Heaps of colours, sweets and dishes are prepared in each and every house.

On this day people share greeting, dance on songs, spray coloured water, throw water filled balloons and play with beautiful colours. Also holi is associated with the consumption of intoxicants but the main theme of festival is of sharing happiness in the society.


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