Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands of World

Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands of World

Clothes is a way that reflects an individual’s personality, preferences and culture, it enhances a person’s appearance. People make first impressions based on what type of clothes you wear and brands are one important criterion here as well. All branded clothes are high on prices compared to the ones without brand tag.

Brand name adds a prestige, luxuriousness, and exclusivity to any clothes, the same clothes you can have with a lower price but without a brand tag, though one thing is sure that with a brand tag you will get the best quality and that elegant classy feeling.When anything is more expensive, more desirable, exclusive and appealing it is, and that is the power of a brand name. Some brands increase their prices to make it more appealing to the upper class, wealthier customers; it’s in order to attract them, like the brand Burbery. It is a prime concern for people to dress up classy and elegantly, all of us are concerned with fashion and a desire to have clothes from famous designers to wear that stunning, gorgeous dress. Where clothing can be attractive at any price, brand name adds luxuriousness, elegance. Below are the 10 most expensive brands for clothing:


10. Valentino (Italy)

valentino-Photo via logos.downlaod.com

Valentino brand was founded originally by Valentino Garavani hence the name. This brand founded in the year 1959 in the Eternal City Rome. Valentino SpA is an internationally known brand ran by Valentino along with Giammetti. This top most expensive brand has its outlet in Atlanta, Boston, Las Vegas, New York City, Palm Beach, Beverly Hills and many other locations. It gives a high variety of exclusive collections in Rome where forty dressmakers are fully dedicated to creating that stunning precious dress for you. This brand has become world famous, with its elegant and beautiful designer clothes which all woman of this century will definitely fall in love with this brand, with such exclusive clothes it is going to be highly priced. All fashion lovers praise this brand so for such audience this brand is not going to be that expensive following how high priced it is. This brand focuses mostly on evening clothes so it works well for those rich women who are looking forward to that gorgeous and stunning dress, being the only highlight of the event.

9. Versace (Italy)

Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands of World
versace-Photo via Logok.org

Gianni Versace launched Versace in Milan in the year 1978. This brand focuses on both men and women, known for the splendid styles having an array of siren dresses that became the trademark. His styles were unique always, using different materials such as cutting-edge method like for fusing rubber and leather he used laser technology or aluminum mesh for say. On many of the accessories and clothes by this brand there is a frequent image of the head of Medusa.This brand had also added two lines of clothing in the 90s called Instante and Versus which is a gift to his sister Donatelle Versace. The clothes by this brand are quite expensive due to the innovative techniques used and have its own trademark; also, it is very famous all around the world. A seasonal clothing brand is there is new collection designed by focusing on each season.

8. Guess (United States)

Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands of World
guess-Photo via Pinterest

Guess brand founded in the year 1981 in America. This American company is famous for its not only clothes but also watches, perfumes, shoes and jewelry. It not only focuses on women, but men also desire clothes by the brand as equally as women do. It is famous all around the world, especially for its jeans, which are of excellence; it also is very famous for its denim jeans, which said to be the sexiest jeans of all. This brand is the biggest in the world with a turnover of 1.19 billion dollars thus also being very expensive which works best for those fashion lovers who are ready to pay any price.

7. Dior (France)

Dior (France-Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Dior (France-Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Dior is the most famous brand of this era that has the most exclusive, glamorous, splendid, modern, classy, and elegant designs of clothes. This brand was founded in the year 1946, by Christian Dior in Avenue Montaigne, Paris, is the oldest brand among all the others in the world, and has held its prestige until the time. This company is just not popular in Paris but all throughout the world. It is famous for various products along with clothes like skin products, footwear, sunglasses, perfumes, watches, etc.

6. Marc Jacobs (United States)

Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands of World
Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands of World

Marc Jacobs is an American brand that was establishes in the year 1997 and this brand is the most popular brand holding its prestige towards more than 80 countries today with around 200 retailers. This brand offers various seasonal clothing that is stunning and gorgeous like ever. It has also started creating products like bags, shoes, and jewelry. Being one of the high priced brands there is no hesitant towards the price for the ones who love this brand.

5. Armani (Italy)

Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands of World
Photo via Logok.org

The very brand is also the most well known clothing fashion line in the world, and the most expensive all together. It was founded by Giorgio Armani, in the year 1975 and is an Italian Company. Not only is famous for its clothes but sunglasses, cosmetics, watches, shoes and perfumes as well. This company offers good range of clothes for kids also, and is very much recommended by the most by all fashion designers as being available throughout the world. It is a very high-end profile brand for the ones who can afford to buy at any price. The signature label of this brand Armani is the very expensive that is available in 75 boutiques around the world, where as it’s another label Emporio Armani is a little cheaper, there also other labels like Armani Collezioni, Armani Exchange, and Armani Jeans.

4. Dolce and Gabbana (Italy)

Top 10 Luxury Clothing Brands of the World
Photo via LogoDatabase.com

Dolce and Gabbana the name itself is so fancy as the clothes are. It is commonly known as D&G that stands for Dolce and Gabbana which offers the best quality that words can’t define, it’s the most popular brand of all. It was founded in the year 1985 inLegnano by the Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, but is famous all over the world. Like others, it also offers other products like shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, etc. but the best of this brand are the clothes being the most expensive, having its exceptional tailoring, and unique styling.

3. Prada (Italy)

Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands of World
Photo via RahLegal.in

It is also one of the best fashion brands for clothes. Being an Italian Company, it is popular all around the world, which has in the fashion industry since the last 103 years in 1913 that is the oldest among all the other brands and still holds its standard and prestige along with others. This brand is very appealing to the youngsters as it offers gorgeous clothes along with other products like Bags that are incredibly famous, shoes, perfumes, etc. It is the most expensive brand for clothing, targeting the ones who can afford to pay any money. It is the most luxurious, simple, elegant, and attractive brand.

2. Chanel (France)

Photo via Wikipedia
Photo via Wikipedia

This brand has been in the industry since 1909, more than hundred years and is the most popular brand of France. It’s the brand that is highly in demand, most praised and loved by everyone. Nevertheless, at the same is the most expensive brand in the world among others aiming at the upper society and rich people. Hence highly recommended by known big stylish designers, it offers a huge variety of clothes, which are the most elegant, and gorgeous that ever will be. It’s the one of its kind brand, its uniqueness stands for its one and only design as it doesn’t follow any other fashion around the world which is the reason of its popularity. Being such an old brand, it has still maintained its name and prestige.

1. Gucci (Italy)

photo via www.jrmcm.com
photo via www.jrmcm.com

Gucci stands on No.1 in the list, being the very expensive and the brand that offers the best quality, founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence in the year 1921. We can say that this brand is the most expensive among any other in the world, which designs items for both men and women. Along with clothes, it also includes luggage, shoes, ties, skirts, and handbags. Having so many rivals, it still holds its name in the top 1. It is the most luxurious and stylish Italian brand, which is used by many celebrities of the world, thus offers the world best quality.

Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands of World

Sr No. Expensive Clothing Brands
1 Gucci (Italy)
2 Chanel (France)
3 Prada (Italy)
4 Dolce and Gabbana (Italy)
5 Armani (Italy)
6 Marc Jacobs (United States)
7 Dior (France)
8 Guess (United States)
9 Versace (Italy)
10 Valentino (Italy)

These brands are the most expensive but yet not so expensive to those who are fashion lovers, for them the price is nothing to the quality of the clothes that are splendid, elegant, and gorgeous. These brands make the celebrities shine like stars. Many people love wearing clothes that are unique and highly fashionable even if the price is high, where as there are some who are looking to just cover their body. Hope this helps you select the best brands for yourself from the top 10 most expensive brands.




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