Top 10 Most Expensive Fountains

Most Expensive Fountains

The architecture is the base of any structure and building. Without proper architecture, the structures seem to be dull. The structures are not made alone by stones and bricks but also with artistic ceilings, entrance gates, doors and windows. The architecture fills the life in various structures by means of exquisite designs and bright colors. The fountains form the centerpiece of any royal buildings and structures.

They have remained the favorites of kings, emperors and members of royal family for their palaces and gardens. The fountains are symbol of respect for guests who enter in the royal buildings and palaces. In today’s article, we will discuss about the Top 10 Most Expensive Fountains. They are made by spending a lot and the construction took long period of time for completion.

10 Buckingham Fountain- $750,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Fountains
Buckingham Fountain — Photo via

This unique fountain was built in the year 1927 and it has the shape of a rococo wedding cake. It comes in Grant Park, Chicago. The 4 sets of sea horses in this fountain represent the 4 states of Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana. This fountain was created by architect Marcel F. Loyau from France. There are regular light and water shows for visitors.

Buckingham fountain has appeared in many TV shows and also in movies and one of the video games. This fountain is open from April to October. The idea of this fountain is taken from Latona Fountain in the Palace of Versailles.

9 Multimedia Fountain Roshen- $1.5 million

Top 10 Most Expensive Fountains
Multimedia Fountain Roshen — Photo via

The next on the list is Multimedia Fountain Roshen which is situated in Vinnytsia City in Ukraine. It is designed by Emotion Media Factory. The hibernating technology is the main reason for the sinking of the fountain under the ice.

The multimedia shows are organized here with music, lasers and 3D projection of the water screen. The powerful LED lights are used for backlighting. The other shows are Swan Lake Fantasy Show, Little Prince Show and many other shows or tourists.

8 The Fountain of Wealth- $6 million

Top 10 Most Expensive Fountains
The Fountain of Wealth — Photo via Flickr

The largest fountain in the world, the Fountain of Wealth is next on the list. It is part of largest shopping mall of Singapore, Suntec City. The construction of this fountain took place in the year 1995. It contains silicon bronze and covers an area of about 1683.07 square meters.

The fountain has water flowing in the inward direction representing the retention of wealth. There are laser shows and live song performances near this fountain for tourists. The Fountain of Wealth has appeared in many shows and movies.

7 Jet d’Eau- $800,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Fountains
Jet d’Eau — Photo via

The Jet d’Eau is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Geneva, Switzerland. It flies at a height of 33,000 ft. Around 500 liters of water are sent into this fountain from two 500 kW pumps. Earlier, this fountain was used as a safety valve.

Jet d’Eau looks all the more beautiful at night when bright lights of the entire city fall on it. This fountain can be seen from any place in the city. It was constructed in the year 1891. There are also special cruises on Lake Geneva to view this amazing fountain.

6 King Fahd’s Fountain

Top 10 Most Expensive Fountains
King Fahd’s Fountain — Photo via

At number 6, it is King Fahd’s Fountain which is situated in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is tallest fountain in the globe with a height of 1024 ft. Due to its tall height, this fountain can be viewed from any part of the city and it is the most popular attraction in Jeddah.

The speed of the water coming from the fountain is 375 km/h. The salty water of Red Sea is used to pump in the fountain. More than 500 spotlights are used to make this fountain more elegant and attractive at night for visitors.

5 Archibald Fountain

Top 10 Most Expensive Fountains
Archibald Fountain — Photo via

Archibald Fountain is situated in Hyde Park, Sydney. The name of this fountain is kept from the name of editor of The Bulletin magazine, J.F. Archibald. The fountain has the touch of Roman and Greek culture and tradition in it with different statues.

There are many political rallies and meetings organized at this fountain. The fountain has beautiful and colorful flowers with park benches in the surroundings. Many workers from the nearby places gather here for lunch.

4 Bellagio Fountain- $40 million

Top 10 Most Expensive Fountains
Bellagio Fountain — Photo via

If you love operas and classical music concerts the visit Bellagio fountain. There are many performances of light and music which take place here regularly. There are many lights in beautiful colors such as purple, blue, red, white and many more.

The fountain displays the shows on various songs such as “Time To Say Goodbye”, “My Heart Will Go On” and many others. The total cost of these fountains is estimated at $40 million.

3 The Dubai Fountain- $218 million

Top 10 Most Expensive Fountains
The Dubai Fountain — Photo via

The Dubai Fountain is situated on Burj Khalifa Lake. The height of this fountain is about 902 ft. It has 6,600 lights and 25 colored projectors and there are various shows displayed on different kinds of music such as Arabic and English. About 83,000 liters of water is ejected from this fountain. There are many high-pressure water jets shooters which are the reason for the movement of water.

2 Grand Cascade Fountain

Top 10 Most Expensive Fountains
Grand Cascade Fountain — Photo via

This magnificent fountain is the part of the Palace of Peterhof, Russia. There are golden structures all around the fountain and the water ejects from all the directions taking the shape of a beautiful flower. Grand Cascade Fountain is one the most popular tourist attractions of Russia. The palace looks all the more allure with this awesome and artistic fountain.

1 Moonlight Rainbow Fountain- $20 billion

Top 10 Most Expensive Fountains
Moonlight Rainbow Fountain — Photo via

At number 1, it is longest bridge fountain in the world, Moonlight Rainbow Fountain. It is listed in the Guinness Book of World Record. There are 10,000 LED lights on both the sides of the fountain. Around 190 tons of water is ejected per minute from this rainbow. The water is supplied from the river into this fountain.

These fountains are really the ideal examples of the brilliance of the architects who gave the design.

Top 10 Most Expensive Fountains

1. Moonlight Rainbow Fountain- $20 billion

2. Grand Cascade Fountain

3. The Dubai Fountain- $218 million

4. Bellagio Fountain- $40 million

5. Archibald Fountain

6. King Fahd’s Fountain

7. Jet d’Eau- $800,000

8. The Fountain of Wealth- $6 million

9. Multimedia Fountain Roshen- $1.5 million

10. Buckingham Fountain- $750,000


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